Beautiful Rainbows That Have Us Believing There Is A Pot Of Gold At The End Of Them

By Giovanni DS

Rainbows are wonderous and fascinating natural phenomena that have captured hundreds of onlookers’ imagination and interest, often associated and linked with many fantastical beasts and creatures such as unicorns and leprechauns. While rainbows are associated with mystical lore, there is a scientific basis behind them. Basically, rainbows happen when light rays (normally from the sun) are dispersed and reflected by water droplets and molecules in the air, leading to the creation of the many colors that form a rainbow. But glass and prismatic surfaces can also cause this… but that’s a bit more technical, and today we want to simply gaze at their stunning beauty. We have compiled 45 of the most beautiful rainbow formations that people have witnessed! Keep scrolling to experience these marvels!

Follow The Rainbow Brick Road

No, don’t worry, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. One lucky driver captured this amazing rainbow-coasted road while they were waiting at a freshly paved road, which the sun hit at just the right angle. They were lucky!

Image courtesy of Reddit/Kenziemonsterrawr

There was one more element at play: the cars’ windows are polarized. The light and angle of the sun were reflected against the polarized glass, which could create this rainbow display thanks to the darkness of the pavement.

A Pool of Rainbows

As with the polarized windows of a car like we saw above, we need reflections to bring a rainbow to life. And sometimes, you would be truly amazed at just how many reflections can create these multicolored and beautiful patterns of light.

Image courtesy of Reddit/brentenross

This pool of deep water nestled in the middle of the wood is a perfect example, allowing the water to reflect the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Can you just imagine how lucky the person who took this photo felt when they stumbled upon it?

A Painless Prismatic Tattoo

Rainbows can also occur when sunlight shines through a prism. Prisms are those little crystal-like blocks that most of us likely played with when we were young. How it works is a bit complicated to explain, but it certainly is cool!

Image courtesy of Reddit/SubZro432

The person who took this photo was taking a nap, only to wake up to this colorful surprise. That long rainbow strip on his arm is not a tattoo, don’t worry. Instead, his prismatic windows caused this shiny strip of rainbow!

Waggy Stardust

Speaking of prisms, they were able to provide hours of entertainment back in the day, as you would play around to see what kind of patterns and colors you could create with them. Well, suffice to say, this fluffer wanted to experience the color of the rainbow.

Image Source of Reddit/TimSPC

The light shined through the owner’s glass door at just the right angle to create a rainbow stripe across their dog’s face. When we take a second glance, it looks a lot like the famous cover of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.

Doggy Rainbow Magnet

Waggy Stardust wasn’t the only rainbow-colored pooch. Check out this endearing old chap who woke up from a lovely nap only to discover that he is actually a rainbow magnet. Judging by his face, this was a surprise for sure!

Image courtesy of Reddit/digitallandfill

The old boy is undoubtedly a bit cranky now and then, but we are sure that no one can take him seriously while he looks so colorful and dazzling. Rainbows and unicorns are out; rainbows and dogs are in!

A Rainbow and A…Garbage Bin?

Rainbows have a knack for appearing everywhere, especially in places you might expect and others you never would. Our next image is a perfect example of this, presenting you with a garbage bin (not a pot of gold) at the end of the rainbow.

Image courtesy of Reddit/NuWux

While it certainly isn’t as appealing as a leprechaun’s pot of gold, it still is a charming and hilarious sight that adds some more life and beauty to an otherwise smelly and ugly container. Well, it probably still does stink.

Rise of The Rainbow Planet

Just as leprechauns used to trick people who hunted for their pots of precious gold, rainbows themselves seem to enjoy a bit of trickery now and then, such as this image where the rainbow looks like a giant planet!

Image courtesy of Reddit/NewBeerNewMe

The line or eclipse that the rainbow makes across the cloudy skyline helps to fuel the imagination and makes the rainbow look like it is the outline of some giant hovering planet! A rainbow-ringed world doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

The Cosmic Cat

Cats are mysterious creatures who have confused us, attracted us, ignored us, and surprised us for centuries. Once you get a look at this galactic and cosmic kitty, you can see why the ancient Egyptians used to worship them!

Image courtesy of Reddit/Miraster

Oh, ok, the cat is actually a space cat with multicolored fur. What we see here is another trick of the light and glass that created this prismatic effect on the old furball. Or maybe that’s what the cat wants you to think…

Pure Creativity

Spotting a rainbow is always a rewarding experience that also makes the day feel just a little bit brighter. It’s a feeling that is only topped by being fortunate enough to spot a double rainbow! Sadly, that is a rare experience.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Twingamer25

But who’s to say you can’t make your own double rainbow, or for that matter, make your own rainbow cube? Well, that is precisely what this person did by using and placing a prismatic glass cube in line with the rays of the indoor rainbow.

Power Ranger Rainbow Cat

Here we are going back to the mysteries of cats. While the cosmic cat might have convinced us that it isn’t a space cat, this next suspicious feline makes us think again. We didn’t know that cats could conjure up energy shields!

Image courtesy Twitter/Kosuzu

Apparently, what we are seeing is not an “energy shield” and is, in fact, just a trick of the camera’s lens and sunlight being reflected from the wet ground. This cat has a convenient excuse if you ask us. What do you think?

Red Rainbow

Ordinarily, when we think of rainbows, we tend to think of curved, multicolored arches with striking colors and shiny rays of light. But sometimes, you get different types of rainbows, such as this solid red rainbow that someone captured in Finland.

Image courtesy of Reddit/junn0

It might look like they took this picture in daylight (behind the clouds), but they actually took it at midnight! The reason the rainbow is only red is because the sun is just on the horizon, meaning the other colors of light are still weak.

A Rainbow Cloud

As you should know by now, rainbows don’t always appear in the conventional manner or shape that we expect them to be. Sometimes, only a bit of light seeps through, and other times, they take on really unique shapes and sizes!

Image courtesy of Reddit/Readingislove

What we see here is a rainbow cloud (or mother-of-pearl cloud) that the lucky person who took this photo spotted one day while they were out on their balcony. They are extremely rare to see as they only form around -78 degrees Celsius!

Rainbow Vs. Lightning

If you thought the last one was rare, then take a look at this next photo. Not only have we never seen lightning striking and a rainbow appearing at the same time, but it’s also such a powerful contrast.

Image courtesy of Reddit/jerm1323

The chaotic, powerful, and energy-fuelled bolt of destructive lightning passing through the bright and calming ray of prismed light is shocking. It certainly is an image worthy of any poem. And, it certainly is one of those one-in-a-million sightings.

The Lake of Rainbows

There always seems to be something magical about lakes. Whether you are a fan of Arthurian legends, Scottish monster tales, or any other fantastical stories, lakes seem to be a source of creative inspiration used over many years and in many cultures.

Image courtesy of Reddit/j3ffr33d0m

This fact or occurrence is easy to understand when you stumble upon images such as this one. The surface of this lake provided just the right environment to perfectly reflect and bring to life the vivid colors of the rainbow.

On The Wings of A Rainbow

Birds have long been a source of fascination for us humans, even acting as inspiration for many of the brightest thinkers in history, such as Leonardo da Vinci and William Blake, capturing our imagination with their beauty and grace.

Image courtesy of Reddit/GallowBoob

Many species of birds naturally come in dozens of hues and mixes of colors, such as blues, reds, and greens. Unfortunately, you might have difficulty finding rainbow-colored ones as you see above; it’s just catching the light coming through the glass.

Dark Side of The Chair

Speaking of getting in the way, you would be amazed at pieces of visual art you can see or create by simply moving something around or changing the angle. Take this next image of a chair as an example.

Image courtesy of Reddit/RichardMcLuvin

Once again, a rainbow appears indoors thanks to the reflection and prismatic effect of the glass window. The rainbow cuts across the floor only to then be split by the leg of the chair, leaving behind only a strip of blue and red.

A Streaming Rainbow

If we can agree about one thing at this point, it is that rainbows really can appear just about anywhere. However, you wouldn’t think much about seeing them in your home, much less in your kitchen and even less in the sink!

Image courtesy of Reddit/ItsyaboyAstro

Well, that is just what this person saw one day while washing dishes in the kitchen. They left the tap running, only to then see that the sun was shining through at just the right angle to color and transform the stream of water.

A Welcoming Sight and Surprise

While rainbows can be seen in everything, they can also be sneaky when they want, only showing themselves in specific settings or situations. This couple discovered this while they were walking through the woods before stopping to take a picture.

Image courtesy of Reddit/shell-raiser

They decide to take the picture as the lady in the image said farewell to being 40. Suffice to say, they were both surprised when they looked at the snap afterward and saw that the camera lens added a little rainbow halo.

Rainbow Cheddar Anyone?

Cheese, one of life’s greatest joys for many, except for those cursed with being lactose intolerant. No matter what your preference is, cheese comes in hundreds of shapes, textures, tastes, and smells (definitely smells). What they don’t really come in is different colors.

Image courtesy of Reddit/beetlecakes

Yes, you’ve probably heard about blue cheese, but it isn’t really blue, now is it? Well, the mold is. Anyway, just imagine if they sold rainbow-colored cheese like the one above. Good thing it’s not real because that would be kind of disgusting!

Rainbow at Night

Now, when we are lucky enough to spot a rainbow, it’s generally after the rain and clouds have cleared and the sun has started its slow descent down, taking with it the day. What you don’t normally see is one at night.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Bishopdan11

This is a bizarre and unthinkable occurrence that this individual was fortunate enough to have seen in the street outside their home. It’s hard to say just how it managed to appear with next to no sunlight, but it certainly is a treat for the eyes!

Rainbow Vs. Lightning II

Okay, it was impressive enough earlier when we saw that picture of a bolt of lightning going through a rainbow, but seeing it a second time is just mind-blowing and amazing! It seems lightning can strike a rainbow twice…

Image courtesy of Reddit/DJ-C-Gill

The rainbow was waiting in just the right spot so that it looked like it was actually trapping the lightning stream under its arch. While that is a really cool thought, it sadly cannot happen as rainbows don’t have any physical mass.

Rainbow Contact Lens

So, we’ve seen a few rainbow-colored or accented pets so far. Each one was unique in its own right. Even though we have seen a few, they just never seem to get old, especially when they bring an interesting twist as this next one does.

Image courtesy of Reddit/cday119

No, this cat doesn’t naturally have two different eye colors. What happened here was that apparently, a rainbow was passing through the window of its owner’s house, landing on its face at just the right angle to change its eye color.

A Glorious Rainbow

Flying. An act of transportation that has become commonplace for many of us who live in the modern or industrial world. That said, some still marvel at it just as our ancestors marveled at the birds who dominated and soared the skies.

Image courtesy of Reddit/durkluf

While being able to travel in the skies is already amazing, it definitely got so much better for this individual who snapped a picture of a glory rainbow, a type of circular rainbow, that formed around the shadow of the plane.

La Sagrada Familia

Humans have created some truly architectural marvels over the many centuries of human history. One of the most impressive is the La Sagrada Familia basilica in Barcelona. It’s an old masterpiece that has been under construction for over 140 years.

Image courtesy of Reddit/keepa1

The architect responsible for its creation was the famous Catalonian Antoni Gaudi. The outside of the basilica is undoubtfully beautiful, and so are its interiors, which will overwhelm you with dazzling rainbow colors cast from its many stained-glass windows.

Double Rainbow At The Beach

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a day off spent at the beach. Breathing that fresh sea air, the feeling of sand all around you, and the sun on your face is like nothing else. Just make sure to put on some sunscreen!

Image courtesy of Reddit/Wingopf

Suffice to say, the person who posted this next image had an even better time. While relaxing on a beach in South Africa, they came across a little penguin who was waddling by the shore with not one but two rainbows overhead.

A Triple Threat Rainbow

Catching a double rainbow is nothing to scoff at but imagine spotting a triple rainbow! Well, this individual saw just that while in Oswego, New York, laying eyes on three rainbows that stretched across the waterfront and into the ocean.

Image courtesy of Reddit/smk_274

Two of them might be a little harder to see, blending into the cloudy background, but they are there. The spectacular appearance was most likely caused by there being plenty of water droplets hanging in the air for the sun to shine off of.

A Rainbow Spiral

Sometimes you don’t need a real rainbow to see the vivid colors they bring. Different structures and objects can do that job instead. An example is the stained glass of this small Texian church, arranged in an attention-grabbing spiral pattern.

Image courtesy of Reddit/FN543826

The sunlight that shines overhead highlights the colorful stained glass windows. This presents to the onlooker a heavenly sight to behold that they won’t find in many places. It’s a truly wondrous design you sadly don’t see that often.

The Rainbowed Lights

You don’t have to live or travel to the super cold places like the Arctic to see some Northern Lights (properly known as the Auroras). All you do need is some colorful lights and a cold climate to experience their effects.

Image courtesy of Reddit/nieman23

Voila! This homeowner was apparently a bit too lazy to take down their Christmas lights at night but woke up to see it was actually a good thing. Take about having your own rainbow-themed winter wonderland!

Rainbow Paintjob

For many people, injecting some of their personality into their motor vehicles is a must and something they find enjoyable. There is something for everyone from matte finishings, paint jobs, hydraulics. That said, we have no idea what is happening here.

Image courtesy of Imgur/OctopussSevenTwo

At first, it looks like these colors are just painted onto the car, but they are not. You might come across a video of this car on the internet that shows the colors moving about as the camera pans across it.

Rainbow Plant

We’ve seen a couple of indoor rainbows so far, most of which were caused by glass windows. But did you know that you can actually purchase little things called suncatchers? If you’re not aware, then take a look at this.

Image courtesy of Reddit/lil-moonbeam

This stunning and intense rainbow beam we see on this user’s wall was caused by a suncatcher they had in the window, which are made to capture and reflect the rays of the sun and create some dazzling effects.

A Rainbow Nebula

We have a feeling that you are really going to like this next one. What we see here would have been a regular-looking rainbow patch, but the light reflected against the plastic case of the make-up bag is causing something else to occur.

Image courtesy of Reddit/michaeljacksonsalive

The reflection against the make-up bag caused the light to become distorted, creating this mess and a chaotic splash of color. A splash reminiscent of space nebulas, which are vast bodies of interstellar dust and gases that form up into colorful clouds.

Curtain Lightshow

Ordinarily, you want to keep your curtains open for as long as you can to take in some of that beautiful afternoon daylight. That is if you aren’t this person, who every now and then is greeted by a rainbowed dining room.

Image courtesy of Reddit/nuckingfuts73

Apparently, ever so often, the sun shines at just the right angle, hitting a nearby street sign and reflecting against the glass of their windows, at which point the hanging blinds split the rainbow light. Talk about a golden hour!

A Rainbow Through The Looking Glass

Whether you need a little bit of help to see better or just something to offer your eyes some protection against the glare of the sun, sunglasses are a true-life saver. But did you know they can also show the unseen?

Image courtesy of Reddit/[deleted user]

This person’s pair of polarized sunglasses turn an ordinary and cloudy day into something a bit more exciting by revealing a rainbow that otherwise wouldn’t have been seen by the naked eye due to there being too much glare.

Rainbow Airport

Airports are an odd place. For some, they are an exciting place where one goes to continue or start a new journey or holiday. For others, they can be an incredibly stressful experience if you aren’t the biggest fan of flying.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Daraso

Some airports are also just a lot nicer to look at than others. Take the Miami International Airport, for instance, which features a series of tinted glasses windows of different colors that are able to create this beautiful display.

Heavenly Valley

It is always a good idea to get away from the chaos of city life if the opportunity presents itself to you, allowing you to get back to nature for a bit and breathe some fresh air, even if you are just driving past.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Domesticatedom

We don’t know if this person was enjoying nature, but regardless, they happened to drive past some lush scenery of hills and valleys that were graced with a dazzlingly and heavenly rainbow. This looks like something out of a fantasy story!

What Are The Chances

Whether it’s chance, fate, or probability, whatever name you call it, or whatever aspect of them you are referring to, all share a common similarity that has fascinated theorists for centuries. And this next image will no doubt add to that fascination!

Image courtesy of Reddit/WKBX

This sharp-eyed driver noticed the funny and incredible coincidence while driving on Rainbow Blvd. They saw a rainbow! Honestly, what are the odds!? Whatever it is, that driver must have definitely been pleased with their luck! We would be!


Honestly, at first, we thought seeing that first rainbow and lightning picture was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. But now, it seems that they happen more often than we ever imagined, with this next one being an awesome addition to the category.

Image courtesy of Reddit/BBBxWest

The bolt of lightning and the half-ring of the rainbow are in just the right spots so that it almost looks like the bolt shoots out of the rain or is shooting out from the tree. It’s totally bizarre but fascinating!

Who Needs an LED Keyboard!

Chances are that you have either heard, owned, or know about LED/RGB keyboards. You know, those ones with all the futuristic lights that glow and change colors. Some of them can look cool. Others, though, can look a bit tacky.

Image courtesy of Reddit/herrerarusaure

While it isn’t easy to replicate, what happened to this person’s laptop is seriously cool, with the sun hitting it at just the right spot to leave a vibrant rainbow stripe across the keyboard. Honestly, it even looks real!

Indoor Rainbow Garden

You know, some people are just too creative. It makes us non-creative people look bad sometimes! Well, this plant lover came up with the brilliant idea of installing a couple of prisms along the window that faces their plants.

Image courtesy of Reddit/mvartan

The result? The whole corner, the bed, the plants, and everything else are washed over with dozens of brilliant and stunning rainbow halos that decorate the room and give it so much life! Try giving it a go for yourself and see what happens!

Rainbow in Manhattan

Major cities have that unique perk of seamlessly being able to provide you with boundless levels of excitement and energy. With modern architecture everywhere you turn, it might be hard to see the stars at night, but try looking at the skyline during the day. It might surprise you…

Image courtesy of Imgur

This person was shocked when they looked up at the skyline and found a perfect rainbow that engulfed the city. The rainbow arches over the buildings to create a sunny, picture-perfect view that not many people see every day.

Rainbow Toast Anybody?

You know, while rainbows, or at least their colors, are capable of adding some vibrancy and life to any image, they aren’t always needed. Yes, this piece of rainbow toast might look cool, but it certainly is not very appealing because the colors don’t seem edible.

Image courtesy of Reddit/MayanWolfe

There is just something about all those colors together that just doesn’t look natural or inviting. Apparently, the light show is thanks to some sun rays shining through the prismed glass of this person’s fish tank. That’s something we haven’t seen so far.

Clouded Rainbow Sun

Now, this next image perfectly fits and deserves the definition of “heavenly,” showcasing a half pristine and blue sky and the other half dominated by thick and dense clouds just above the roof of a gorgeous and old building.

Image courtesy of Reddit/keinmehrkasse

But the sight is heightened further by the addition of a setting sun that the clouds partially veil and are surrounded by a rainbow halo, melting together into one glowing orb. This picture is definitely a piece of photographic art!

Rainbow Makeup

One day the owner of this image was sitting with their sister at home when they released that the sunlight was casting a rainbow on her, which led them to capture this wonderful scene. Talk about a natural make-up look!

Image courtesy of Reddit/Sprohi

Not only is it seriously cool looking, but it too is reminiscent of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust character and album art. If for nothing else, it’s also a really cool makeup idea for the next time you dress up for a music concert.

Hungry, Hungry Tornado

So far, we’ve seen double and triple rainbows, rainbows and lightning storms, and rainbows and suns. But who would’ve imagined a rainbow and a tornado!? Well, that is exactly what this picture is, showing a tornado that is sucking in a rainbow!

Image courtesy of Reddit/Barnopottamous

Well, sadly, it’s not real. Remember, rainbows don’t have any physical form as they are just light reflections. Instead, what we see here are some pretty good and convincing photoshop skills where someone made it to look like it was a real act of nature.

Mount Rainbow

Nature truly is capable of outshining many of the human-made wonders of the modern world, with an elegance and grace that is hard to match. An example is this fantastic shot of a halo rainbow encircling a mountain peak within it.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@tomashavelphoto

While we are not sure where this stunning photo was taken, we can all agree that it has some of the best natural scenery we have ever seen and that the photographer, Tomas Havel, certainly was lucky that day!