Perfect Patterns: 45 Visual Delights For The Lovers Of Symmetry

By Giovanni DS

Everyone has a bit of an inner perfectionist in them. A personality trait that reveals itself through people who like to clean and tidy absolutely everything to people who won’t accept anything but the utmost precision when it comes to measuring and designing things. Others, who might not have perfectionist traits such as these, can at least appreciate the symmetry and exquisiteness of things that are just perfect or hypnotic to look at. Join us as we gaze upon some perfectly designed and or arranged displays made by experts, professional perfectionists, as well as those created by nature herself. It will be impossible for you to not appreciate each and every one of these incredible pictures and the scenes and events they captured.

Bear Yogurt

Nothing makes shopping at a store more inviting than when you can see that they take care of their store and put some time into making it look as pleasant and appealing as they can. Take this store as an example.

Image Credits: Palifaith/Reddit

One employee found that having an ordinary yogurt display was far too uninspiring, so they decided to stock and rearrange the containers to create a neat bear display. Is it just us, or does it look like Winnie the Pooh?

Devouring the Sun

This stunning rock display is apparently, called Shishi Iwa or Lion Rock. It can be found along Kumanoshi’s Shichiri Mihama Beach in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. We say “apparently” because there isn’t a whole lot of information about it.

Image Credits: mikadukin_chan/Instagram

What we do know is that if you visit at the right time of day and snap a picture at the right moment, you’ll get a picture like this one. We think it looks more like a bird than a lion, but it’s still just as stunning.

The Trees Have Crows

No, these are not some kind of Dalmatian-colored or patterned trees that dot the streets of Portland, Oregon. They are actually bare, snow-covered trees with hundreds of black-winged crows resting atop of them. The picture was aptly captioned “Crows on Snow.”

Image Credits: Walker Berg, Portland Police Bureau/Facebook

The combination creates a fascinating black-and-white aesthetic that led some internet users to jokingly refer to the trees as rotten cauliflower. The scene is stunning, and the warm glow of the streets below gives it a magical air.

Paper Art

The level of humankind’s pure imagination and creativity will never cease to amaze us. Just when you think every sculptor has already carved artwork from every known material, another artist comes along and shares a new discovery and captivating creation.

Image Credits: Simon Schubert

What might look like an incredibly faint design brought to life with a fine graphite pencil is, in fact, plain paper. Yes, the German artist Simon Schubert is known for making such unique pieces by simply creasing and folding paper. Does this count as origami?

Perfect Cable Management

Speak to any IT expert or tech enthusiast, and they will describe in passionate detail the importance of proper cable management. No, we are not talking about TV cable networks, but actual physical cable cords that connect your electric devices.

Image Credits: Cyb3rworM1/Reddit

This setup is what technicians dream of. All of the cords are neatly lined up with no tangles and held together with cable ties. As an extra layer of aesthetic pleasure, they’re sorted by color. We could stare at this picture all day.

A Leafy Mosaic

When it comes to nature, it is hard not to find some beauty, no matter where you look. Sometimes that beauty grows naturally, and other times it is created by animals. For example, pufferfish create underwater crop circles to attract mates.

Image Credits: RFJamesUK/Twitter

Humans also take pleasure in creating order out of disorganization and chaos. James Brunt, the artist who made this gorgeous leaf mosaic, has an endless reserve of patience and a keen eye for art. This pattern wasn’t his first mosaic; you can check out his Twitter for more satisfying images.

Prize-Winning Dahlia Flower

When nature does decide to bring forth its creations in an orderly style, nothing beats the symmetrical beauty of flowers and the thousands of forms and designs their petals can create. A wonderful example is Dahlia flowers, native to Mexico and Central America.

Image Credits: felix_rae/Reddit

While it’s impossible to say for sure, the flower gives you the impression that each layer of its petals is the same shape and size as the ones in the same row, shrinking the closer it gets to the bright center.

Stunning Sea Glass

When we think of gems, our minds usually conjure up images of stones of every color, pattern, and size dug up from the earth. Perfectly smooth stones that dazzle and shine are found on land. But what of the sea?

Image Credits: feelinggood41/Reddit

Sadly, this isn’t purely a work of nature. These enchanting and vividly colored stones, known as sea glass, are made from discarded glass bottles. Littered bottle shards can get caught up in the currents where they are tossed around and eventually smooth out to what you see above.

A Winter Patio Design

As much as patio furniture gets used in the spring and summer, it is rarely used in the winter. Well, it may not be used for sitting or dining, but it makes for an excellent surface for snowy art. Check out this table!

Image Credits: HyperDude1905/Reddit

Obviously, manufacturers don’t produce patio furniture with wintery patterns in mind, but the result is still fantastic. Just look at how the snow fell through the gaps, giving the table a 3D geometric snowy design. Too bad it won’t last very long.

When Your Dog Matches Her Food

We all know the importance of a balanced, healthy diet. This isn’t just for humans, but our four-pawed companions, too. Although we might not think of them as being picky, it can take some time before we find the right food for our furry friends.

Image Credits: Captiansboot/Reddit

This owner had no trouble finding the right dog food — their dog was on the bag! Doggy models always look so poised and proper, so we don’t normally expect to see their spitting image at the pet store. What a good girl to sit for a picture with her double.

Too Good to be True

Now, this next picture will most likely be a bit surprising as you wonder how this cabin, completely surrounded by trees, had such a clear lake that it could create such a perfect mirror image of the cabin and the trees.

Image Credits: RampChurch/Reddit

The answer, unfortunately, is a tad disappointing. As you see, this stunning image is, in actuality, a mock-up, no doubt used in some promotional material. A fact that has been brushed away as this image has spread across the internet.

The Winter Cabin

Winter is a season people either love or hate. Although that can be said for every season, depending on which one you prefer or the nature of that season in your part of the world. This next picture is for the winter lovers who can’t get enough of that magical season.

Image Credits: asolitarycandle/Reddit

A cozy cabin in the middle of a winter wonderland is both breathtaking and a bit unsettling, with it so far removed from everything else. Nevertheless, the small pinprick of light from the lone cabin perfectly contrasts the grayscale setting.

Ice and Wind

While we’re on the topic of powering through the winter, let’s take a look at an amazing display of what happens when harsh winter winds and ice meet. Believe it or not, the object in this image is a metal fence!

Image Credits: 5_Frog_Margin/Reddit

As winds blew snow through the gaps in the fence, freezing temperatures held the flakes in place. It likely started with a thin layer of frost that built upon itself over time. We would love to see a time-lapse of the rushing winds forming this masterpiece.

Talk About a Lightbulb Idea

Have you ever heard of pareidolia? It’s when you see an image or symbol in something random and unrelated. Like when you see a face in an outlet. Need another example? Check out this picture from Praça do Comércio, Portugal.

Image Credits: Palifaith/Reddit

The plaza, known as the Terreiro do Paço, is a harbor-facing plaza in Lisbon and the largest in Portugal. This passer-by noticed that the archway looked a bit like a lightbulb, leading him to actually prove it with a picture.

Masterclass Level Wooden Stairs

Looking at this artful staircase, you cannot help but to wonder at (a) how did someone even create this magnificent spiral staircase, and (b) where even are the steps? It truly is a confusing display until you know where to look.

Image Credits: Carney Logan Burke Architects

While it is certainly stunning to look at, we cannot help but feel a little intimidated by it, namely for two reasons. One that it just looks a little steep and dangerous, and two because it doesn’t look very practical.

Perfectly Organised as all Things Should be

Ask any perfectionist or neat freak, and they will delight in telling you for hours how much they enjoy arranging the things in their homes, the kitchen being no exception. If that person is you, then you’ll love this next picture.

Image Credits: StickyMustache/Reddit

This pull-out spice rack has to be one of the neatest and most organized, and efficient storage spaces ever seen. The smart design makes it easy to access and keeps away kitchen clutter, and it looks like it would be so satisfying to open.

A Magical Rainbow Cake

Okay, we have to be honest with you. We have no idea if this next picture is of a real cake or a fake one. But either way, it certainly is absolutely amazing to look at and definitely a piece of art.

Image Credits: earthmoonsun/Reddit

This rainbow cake is not only colored in all the hues of the rainbow but is also evenly split and shaped into a series of even, perfectly smooth-spaced egg-like shapes, complete with three confectioner flower buds set atop it.

A Hypnotic Flower

Turning our eyes back to the simple mastery of nature, we have the Japanese camellia. This dazzling flower is found across South Korea, southern Japan, Taiwan, and mainland China and comes in dozens of lovely colors. Although we are big fans of the soft pink color of this one.

Image Credits: Sparklesthehost/Reddit

There is just something so hypnotic about the flower; its pleasant and soft coloration and the layered pattern design of its petals. Having a bush of these in your garden is sure to make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Amazing Ice Sculptor

When we think of artists, it’s easy to imagine a painter taking a hike in the woods with a canvas and paintbrush, ready to take inspiration from nature. We wouldn’t normally consider winter to be the time for artists to go outside and create masterpieces.

Image Credits: dittidot/Reddit

This display of solid slabs made out of snow is not only extraordinary but also mind-boggling as you try to imagine just how they managed to perfectly shape and carve such even lines and sides out of snow! Absolutely incredible.

The Eternal Lovers

In Vancouver’s Van Dusen botanical garden, you are more than likely to at some point stumble upon this enchanting metal statue. Departure, as it is known, was created by sculptor George Lundeen and was finished in 1984. Although you might not see it like this…

Image Credits: Shawneffel/Reddit

A layer of frost dusted over the figures gives the sculpture depth and shading that brings it to life. If we walked past this, we’d surely do a double-take, mistaking the couple for real people. This is a great example of how nature can enhance human artwork.

Top Quality Postal Service

As with anything in the world, some people, businesses, or offices put in more work than others. One group known for their dedication is the US postal service, and they even go so far as to show it in their offices.

Image Credits: Haelfyr_Snoball/Reddit

If you need a hint, the tiles are stylized to look like envelopes. Both back and front! The larger gray tiles have overlapping lines like a folded envelope, and the longer white tiles above them have tiny blocks that look like stamps.

A Sea of Graphite

In order to get good at something, you need to put in effort and endless hours of practice. Even prodigies, who are naturally gifted, need to practice. There’s no other way to gain mastery, but the results are worth it when you see your final works.

Image Credits: AKinderSea/Reddit

Art is a great example of this, and we can tell that this person did not skimp on hours of practice. The image in this picture isn’t a photograph but is a drawing of the sea made entirely with a pencil.

A Rainbow Room

Glass is a wonderful invention if you think about it. It has allowed us to gaze through walls without feeling the stinging wind upon our faces and mute sounds from life outside while allowing sunlight to stream through. The creation of colored glass gave us art along with this practicality.

Image Credits: Boojibs/Reddit

This living room, for instance, decided to go with a varied assortment of colored glass planes, favoring the many vivid colors they can offer over the plain transparent glaze of ordinary clear glass. Just imagine how beautiful it will look during sunset.

Master Class in Woodwork

There is something uniquely beautiful about furniture made from a solid piece of wooden furniture. Be it a desk, kitchen table, cabinet, or simply a display piece; there’s just something so satisfying about the aesthetic of a single smooth piece of work.

Image Credits: cnsolanor/Reddit

Perhaps some of the beauty comes from the knowledge that it takes a skilled carpenter to shape a wood without breaks or splinters. Creations such as this incredible wooden table with legs shaped into a spiraling double helix design give the table a unique flair.

Organizing by Color

Organizational setups take different forms and levels of complexity. While it varies from person to person based on their needs and personal designs, well-organized places such as this bookshelf are something everyone can enjoy. Even if this isn’t something you’d have in your home, it’s hard not to find this pleasing.

Image Credits: JenellesNextHusband/Reddit

This avid reader decided to employ a rather unorthodox sorting system, where they did not arrange by alphabet or author but by color. While it is eye-catching, it must be a nightmare to find the book you are looking for.

Perfect Bread

There is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a piece of freshly baked bread with a light layer of butter, breathing in its heavenly aroma all the while. For some people, it’s the smell or taste that is the most important.

Image Credits: Fuquois/Reddit

For others, it’s the texture and the shape. If you fall into the latter camp, then this is the bread for you. Not only is it so aesthetically pleasing and perfect to look at, but its slices are also perfectly sliced.

Bubble Map

Some of the coolest discoveries are often those that happen as the result of a happy accident or coincidence. Take this glass of soda as an example. A glass that at first looks completely normal until you recognize the shapes that the bubbles made.

Image Credits: Stockilytake/Reddit

If you take a closer look, you will be amazed to see that these bubbles almost perfectly aligned to create a picture of the continents of Europe and Asia. Honestly, what are the chances that something like this can happen!

Perfect Brownies

Everyone enjoys a good brownie, especially those with a slight crunch on the outside and a gooey inside. We’re just salivating at the thought. The trouble is, unless you’re a frequent baker, it can be hard to get the recipe right, and store-bought ones are hit-or-miss.

Image Credits: BrittBratBrute/Reddit

Baking at home, we struggle to get the perfect brownie texture and get it out of the pan without leaving any deliciousness behind. Of course, licking the pan clean is always fun, but we long for the perfect brownie squares. This person worked some kitchen magic and made the perfect batch!

A Photoshop Worthy Flan

Flan or crème caramel (depending on which part of the world you are from) is an overall delightful custard dessert, though admittedly, some people cannot stand it. What people love or hate generally has to do with the weird jelly-like texture and consistency.

Image Credits: tobago_88/Reddit

However, we are sure that even flan haters will be able to appreciate this gorgeously prepared dish. Everything from the flan’s smooth surface and perfect shape to that elegant cut right down its center, just makes it a marvelous photo.

That’s One Way to Mow Your Lawn

Some people hate having to mow the lawn, with many of us either being forced to endure the chore or doing it for some extra pocket money back in our youths. For other people, though, they love their yards and gardening.

Image Credits: Celt9782/Reddit

For many, gardening is their favorite hobby. Whether that means planting herbs, pruning trees, or mowing their laws as you have never seen. Just look at this pictured lawn and imagine the amount of effort and time it would have required.

Taking the Perfectly Timed Photo

A lot of expert photography ultimately comes down to timing and patience. It can take hours to wait for things to line up just right for the photo to turn out as you imagine it. Other times, your gut just tells you when to take it and hope for something amazing to happen.

Image Credits: marysmark/Instagram

This is most likely what happened for this photographer who not only captured a gorgeous sunset but also of the solitary orca who poked its head out of the waters and perfectly in line with the rays of the setting sun.

Matsumoto Castle in Winter

This next image is of Matsumoto Castle, a historical Japanese castle that dates all the way to the Sengoku Period (between the 15th-17th century) when it was still known as Fukashi Castle. It’s no surprise that it’s a national treasure and historic site.

Image Credits: kota_ig/Instagram

This captivating picture is of the castle during winter, during which layers of snow coat the roofs, walls, and stonework of the castle as well as the trees. The drifting snowflakes that scatter across the lake only add to the beauty.

A Bouquet of Dandelions

The dandelion is a simple and almost subtle flower that can be found all the way from North America to Eurasia, with the two most abundant species being the common yellow dandelion and the red-seeded dandelion (like the ones in the picture).

Image Credits: Boojibs/Reddit

While this dandelion bouquet might look just beautiful, and we applaud the dedication, we would advise anyone with hay fever to stay as far away from it as you can! That is unless you like having rashes, snotty noses, and sore throats.

Cleaning Up

Life gets busy — plain and simple. It can feel like we’re living in a whirlwind of chaos as we try to balance work, relationships, chores, and just overall living. Sometimes there are some tasks we don’t have time to get around to as much as we’d like.

Image Credits: Rosebudsi/Reddit

Like this person, who finally found the strength to fight back against a bought of depression and tidied up their garage. After weeks of work, they donated 55 trash bags of stuff and can finally use the garage as intended — to park their car.

Winter by the Seaside

Visiting the beach is a summer activity, with the sun high in the sky and a warm sea breeze blowing. Although the beach is available in winter, the freezing waters are not as inviting. But this next picture isn’t something we expected to see on the beach…

Image Credits: beersjob/Reddit

This mesmerizing picture was taken in Japan during the height of winter. The coastline is a rare merging of snow, sand, and sea that is simply mind-boggling. It almost looks fake. That said, we still aren’t going to the beach in winter!

That is Some Artful Sashimi

Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone has heard about sushi and sashimi. The delicious culinary art from Japan usually has something for everyone, even vegetarians. And these pieces are definitely works of art and a testament to the chef’s skill.

Image Credits: AgeanAir/Reddit

These don’t only look amazing, but they probably taste amazing, too! The food in the picture is sashimi, as they are made of raw fish with no rice joining it. If this was on our plate, we’d hesitate to eat it and ruin the art.

Old to New

Everything gets old; that’s just a fact of life. No matter what it is, animals, plants, or even mountains; everything feels the effects of time. Effects are worsened further when they are coupled with neglect. This is usually seen in rusty metal and abandoned buildings.

Image Credits: mrwhitedynamite/Reddit

A fine example is this unused swimming pool that fell into a sad state of neglect, most likely caused by some damage. However, the owners thought enough was enough and decided to give it some proper TLC! This picture is so satisfying to look at!

Expert Welding

Welding, or for that matter proper welding, is an often-underappreciated art and trade that possibly doesn’t always get the recognition that it deserves. You can very quickly tell the difference between cheaply done welding jobs and the work done by professionals.

Image Credits: AffectionateLet3115/Reddit

Professionally done metalwork can withstand almost anything, and there is no fear of breakage. And, of course, smooth and/or even metal layered at the joints can only be the work of a master. This picture might be really cool to look at, but it seems quite divisive with the welding community.

Golden Hour

Animals aren’t the only artists. Nature, too, can create beautiful displays. Sometimes the works are so perfect and orderly that we would think that it is a work of Photoshop. A fine example of this is this beachside picture at sunset.

Image Credits: thomasfotomas/Instagram

Looking at this picture, it’s no wonder why the time before the sun sets is referred to as the golden hour. The multitude of colors in the sky reminds us of the paint strokes of a master painter. The streaks reflected on the smooth sand give it perfect balance.

Perfectly Symmetrical Henna Tattoos

Henna is most commonly associated with the practice of henna tattooing, most often shown in Indian-themed traditions or programming. While it might be primarily associated with Indian culture, the practice was common in much of the Middle East. Take a look at this fantastic henna tattoo.

Image Credits: Fluid-Daydreamer/Reddit

Getting henna tattoos as good as the ones in the picture takes some serious skill and patience. People often comment that it took their henna practitioner anywhere from 6 to 8 hours, including drying time, to create designs like these.

What is Happening

The weather can do some weird things at times, and some places in the world are subject to this more often, with weather patterns feeling like all four seasons occurring within a single day. Other times, it does stuff that makes you wonder if the world is about to end.

Image Credits: Adiaz11/Reddit

Like this shot of some highway where the skyline is neatly divided into two sections. One, a perfectly clear sky, the other, completely overcast with thick clouds. A sight that is both bizarre but also really cool to look at.

The Perfectly Organised Kitchen

The state of anyone’s kitchen should always be a testament to someone’s dedication to keeping their home clean and organized. After all, the kitchen and bathroom are two frequently used spaces that you want to keep as clean and tidy as possible.

Image Credits: devcmacd/Reddit

Well, this homeowner took everything to the next level with their exquisitely arranged and organized shelves with their tea and other oddities section. The real icing on the cake was the fact that their mugs were also arranged by color.

City Planning Done Right

This is La Plata, the capital city of Argentina’s province of Buenos Aires, a fact which might be a bit confusing. The city of Buenos Aires is still the capital of the country, but La Plata is the capital of the province.

Image Credits: Carlosabia/Reddit

Buenos Aires used to be the capital until it was federalized in 1880 to become the capital of the country. In any case, La Plata is often noted as being one of the best-planned and organized cities in the world.

What are the Odds?

It is always a shame when things break, especially a favorite plate, bowl, or mug, that you will inevitably have to throw away as you can never properly fix them. That said, sometimes, these same items break in the most unusual fashion.

Image Credits: TheBellJarHymnal/Reddit

Apparently, this person shared an image of one of their mugs after their daughter had dropped it. A story that sounds uninteresting until you notice how perfectly the mug broke into almost perfectly symmetrical pieces, as if it was intentionally done.

Music Blocks

These strange-looking things are called acoustic bass traps, which are a type of porous foam structure that is used to prevent any loose or distortion of audio waves by absorbing frequencies that might reflect off of surfaces and corners with a room.

Image Credits: Draculus/Reddit

The above picture shows what acoustic bass traps look like when they are packaged. The image on the left is the transported form, while the one on the right shows what they look like when you gently open them up.