40+ Silly-Looking Gadgets Made To Do One Thing Extremely Well

By Luisa K

Have you ever been faced with an object and wondered what it is supposed to be used for? There are many specialist tools and gadgets that were specially designed to make life easier for the user — if only you knew how to operate them!

While these tools are a huge help to the experts who understand how to use them properly, they can turn out to be a hindrance and completely baffling if they end up in the wrong hands. So, in order to save you any possible future embarrassment when you want to ask what in the world the purpose is for these specific tools, we’ve put together a list of specialist equipment that can be unfathomably useful when used by the right person! Some you might recognize a few of them, while others bear a strong resemblance to other tools and objects that we thought we were familiar with!

A Special Chair for People Who Prefer to Sit Cross-legged

If you’ve ever seen one of these stools before, you might have thought that they were some kind of modern design. You know, the ones that were designed to look good but are probably not that practical or even comfortable!

Image Credit: mtimetraveller

Actually, it’s not. It’s a special chair for people who prefer to sit cross-legged on their seats. When you think about it, it’s actually a pretty good idea! Many of us like to get comfortable at our desks and cross our legs, especially if the floor is cold.

Buckle Up! It’s Going to be a Bump-y Ride!

The way this seatbelt is fastened across this woman looks as though she’s getting buckled up to go on a rollercoaster. It certainly doesn’t look like your average seatbelt. We’ve never seen that kind of safety belt in a car or domestic vehicle, and to be honest, we’re not sure how we’d fasten up.

Image Credit: bluebirdbaby.co

This is actually a seat belt for pregnant women. It was invented to make traveling in cars more comfortable for them, especially when they are heavily pregnant with a growing bump. It’s a genius safety invention for both mom and baby!

A Suture Training Pad for Surgeons

At first glance, this looks like a child’s toy that might have come in a Christmas stocking as a toy. But the giveaway is the gloved hands and professional implements in hand, suggesting something a little more complex and edging towards a more complex gadget.

Image Credit: amazon.com

The reality is it is an essential piece for the kits of trainee doctors and surgeons. The reusable pad is designed to mimic human flesh and allow medical students to practice various incisions and the complex stitching of various-sized wounds.

Any Water Source Will Do

This picture really tells a story and suggests you get out the way now. It is serious. When a colossal bag resembling an oversized grocery bag is being lowered into a pool of water, it will not catch anything, only water.

Image Credit: Yoda1PositivityStar/Imgur

The fact is when smoke and fire are edging towards your home, anything that can hold water is needed urgently. Using water from a pool is going to help. Having resources like this close to hand will save time, lives, and homes.

Head-Protecting Baby Costume

At first, with this cute toy strapped to the baby, you might think this adorable baby is practicing for its first parachute jump when they’re older. Or, you might think he is just getting used to carrying a rucksack for those days out hiking?

Image Credit: Yoda1PositivityStar/Imgur

Well, this cuddly toy that resembles a sweet bumble bee is designed to protect a newborn baby’s delicate head. The soft rucksack is a head protector. It is for protection if the little one falls over suddenly, acting as a cushion.

It’s Not a Giant Sweetcorn!

These cows are having a great time scratching together with this new gadget in their field. Maybe there is nothing else to hand, and this unique toy replaces the old-fashioned method of using a tree. They look like they are having fun.

Image Credit: vidmid.com

This cow brush is the new and safe alternative to a tree to help the cows keep clean and free of parasites. Like most animals, they love to scratch, and it’s completely natural. Therefore, the cow brush helps keep cows calm and also boosts circulation. Plus, they can use it when they feel the need for a scratch.

Not Your Usual “Lift” to Work

Seeing this great conception is impressive and just great to see that even those less able can still do a complicated job. It is like having a stairlift in the home. An HGV truck or SUV can take some clambering into, even for the average person, as they are huge.

Image Credit: izismile.com

The lift in this picture is a real encouragement to all. The fact that this guy can still go to work and have independence is brilliant.  The lift designed for disabled people is an ingenious solution to get in and out of large vehicles safely.  

The New Type of Parking Clamp

When you first see this windshield device, you might think it protects the window screen from severe snow and ice. Or is the driver trying to keep the daylight out and have a nap? But, then, when you put some thought into it, there must be a more serious side to this gadget.

Image Credit: autoevolution.com

The plastic cover is called the Barnacle and is a new parking enforcement implement. It is to stop people from driving until they pay for their parking fines. The Barnacle is a plastic cover that sticks to the windshield by suction pads.

Little and Large Allen Keys

When you see this massive Allen Key, it can be hard to imagine what its use is. Typically, when you want a particular size, you can’t find one. They get mislaid because they are usually too small or they are the wrong size. This means a trip to the hardware store.

Image Credit: Locksmith/Reddit

This massive Allen Key is known as a Giant Allen Wrench and is used for driving bolts and screws into a hexagonal socket. They can come in a wide range of sizes. But, the larger ones are specially designed for industrial machinery used for harbor freight, for example.

This Helicopter Looks Suspicious, but it’s Not What You Think

Helicopters are always easy to spot in flight as they are noisy pieces of machinery. They provide an excellent service for those who need to get someplace fast. They are used widely in day-to-day life, from the rich that want to get from A to B to hospital emergencies and military action.


Image Credit: Yoda1PositivityStar/Imgur

The fact that the helicopter is being faced with an oversized fishing net looks noticeable. But, helicopters have a limited fuel capacity. So to save time, some models are designed to re-fuel in mid-air instead of returning to base. 

A Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shipper that Transports Stem Cells

Seeing a sight like this can make you think that something futuristic is going on. The dry ice and labeled bin is a giveaway and looks like a scientific experiment of some sort. The big question is, what is going on?

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

The tool plays a serious part in finding new cures for diseases. The bin is a liquid nitrogen dry shipper and is a mainstay appliance in medical and scientific laboratories. It transports cryo-preserved stem cells and vaccines safely. Pretty neat!

A Snow Cleaning Machine for Trucks

Seeing the ease of clearing snow from this truck makes you wish you had a similar gadget for your own car on a snowy day. This idea really should be copied on a smaller scale for those who live in areas with bad winters.

Image Credit: demilked.com

Here is a snow clearing machine, and it’s a practical piece of equipment for larger vehicles, buses, and trucks. It saves time and makes the work of removing snow and ice much easier. It is a fast and effortless way for places with bad winters to get on with a day’s work.

Baffle Balls for Water Trucks

When you see these balls with holes in them, you would think they are a gimmick for a new sport. Or, are they some kind of helmet for protecting the head? They look pretty useless stacked in the container, and you will be amazed at what use they have.

Image Credit: NRGpop

They are known as baffle balls and are a pretty clever idea when transporting water. The baffle balls are put inside water containers and designed to stop water from slopping from side to side. They are widely used when transporting large water containers and provide a safe passage for tons of water.

A Solution for the Great Butter Debate

New tools and gadgets are arriving on the scene all of the time, and for some, it can be hard to know what use they have. When seeing this, you instantly think of a knife of some sort but are not entirely sure what its use is.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

When you can’t make life any easier, think again. This flat knife life instrument is a titanium-coated butter knife. It has special copper alloy heat tubes inside to help to make butter spread easier on your bread. It heats up when in your hand.

So That’s How they Shape Curbs

There is nothing like curb appeal; it makes an area neat, tidy and completes a finished look. Having nice paved awesome sidewalks also means safety and separates cars from pedestrians. But, we bet you have no idea how they get that neat shape? 

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

The picture shows the construction worker making it look simple how a curb forms by hand. The handheld tool controls the shape and molds the cement mix into a perfect curb. Of course, this tool in the picture is for smaller areas and is widely available for home use.

The Sign Shiner

It is essential to keep everything clean and in good working order, and here, this picture depicts this. It is undoubtedly true on roads, simply for the safety of all users around the globe. Signs should be clear and clean!

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

The specialist cleaning vehicle here is in Germany.  It is cleaning the street sign with the proper gear, soap, water, and wax. Yes, the sign receives the same care as sending the car to the car wash. It might have held up traffic, but it’s a great job done.

It’s Not a Foldable Ruler, It’s a Carpentry Tool!

There is no doubt having a neat and smooth edge is essential when it comes to carpentry. After all, you don’t want a table to be uneven! While you might not have seen this tool before, it is an essential piece for trades’ people.

Image Credit: mtimetraveller

This valuable tool for carpenters is to make sure the edges are at a right angle. You don’t want a wonky edge on your table or coffee table. These small tools are what help make everything a perfect size in the woodwork trade.

The NASA Pistol Grip Tool

This piece of kit almost looks like it should be in the latest Star Wars film. Is it a heat gun or screwdriver for a spaceship or a laser? It seems like it is in the wrong place, and with that, you would be guessing right.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld.com

The sci-fi-looking pistol is, in fact, a cordless power drill and screwdriver. Real astronauts have used it to fix problems for the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. It really looks like space-age equipment and looks like a mean machine.

The Barrel Filling Tube

From the mixture evolving from the colossal pipeline, you know that soon, there will be a fantastic end product! This picture looks like something great is going into those oak barrels. And the technique is probably used in many industries.

Image Credit: aloofloofah/Youtube

The barrel filling bridge is the metal bridge that goes across the barrels and holds the pipe’s neck in a central position.  It helps make filling up huge containers easier and makes it a smooth process to compartmentalize the contents easily and evenly.  

An Easy Way to Dry Shoes

If you were to ask us what this was, we’d never guess if they should weren’t in the picture. But here, they are the dead giveaway! We’ve never seen anything like this before, and when you look at this picture, it looks like this is being used wrong.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

Is it a wall vacuum or a water heating system? No, it’s a shoe dryer. It was actually invented to dry shoes. Simply switch it on and insert the pipes into the shoes, and your shoes will dry quickly and effectively. This is a fantastic invention because drying shoes can be a nightmare!

How to Catch a Pedestrian in 1920

The man really should be looking where he is going, or he will get swallowed up by the big device attached to the car. Is he familiar with the green cross code? Look, left, right, and left again! Maybe not when he ends up getting caught!

Image Credit: mtimetraveller

You should not use this idea in real life. Did it really catch pedestrians?  The device was made in 1927 in Berlin, Germany, to catch jaywalkers at any time of the day! Should it be reintroduced to catch those on their mobile devices in today’s modern society?

Extreme Tire Chains

When you first look at this picture, it looks as though something bad needs to be cleared up, and this machine is the one to do it. So, if you happen to be near a volcano or need help when clearing up after a horrific fire, this appears to handle the situation.

Image Credit: neoteo.com

The tires on this industrial machinery are designed to deal with the extreme heat of steel mills. These amazing tires are part of what is needed when working with molten iron and steel, where temperatures can be 2000F and up.

When Your Friend Gives You a Label Maker

This label maker is surely a great gift if you are into bottling and want to know what contents you put inside it. While you might not be into this hobby, it could make you want to take up brewing beer or bottling your own homemade scents.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

On a serious note, a label maker is essential when you want to store food or scents. It enables you to note what is in the bottles and, even more, important keep track of the date of when you did the job. Just in case it is edible content, it could save you from getting ill.

Radius Measuring Tool

While this measuring tool can look like something from a hospital, it is a serious piece of machinery to have in a toolbox. If you need a specialist for measuring, it is likely they might need this! Ultimately, where would we be without these critical items for keeping sizes accurate for many items we use every day?

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

The radius measuring tool can measure the curvature quickly and accurately. It is certainly something that can’t be done by hand. These inventions have made a huge difference to the world. They are a critical measuring tool for tradespeople in components, bodywork, furniture, pipes, and molds. 

This Little Tool Can Move an Entire Train

When you see a service person tackling a job on a train line, you will likely not know what he is doing. After all, these people are specifically trained and get the job done quickly and accurately. But have you ever stopped to wonder what they do on a train track?

Image Credit: aloofloofah/Youtube

Well, this worker might not look as if he is doing a lot. If anything, it looks like he is clearing something from the train wheel. But he is actually moving the train. Yes, the little tool in hand allows the man to haul the massive train without any help.  

This is a Velometer. Do You Know What It Does?

The weird air balloon stuck to a ceiling is a mind-boggling piece of equipment. Ultimately, it must be there for a reason. If you were to see this in your workplace, it would cause a stir. Is it to trap insects or pests?

Image Credit: AzayakaCosplay

If you are intrigued, then this plastic balloon is known as a Velometer. The Velometer measures the airspeed in a specific area. The reason it does this is to ensure adequate airflow is in the vicinity for the safety of all.

Who Else Combs Their Air Conditioning Unit?

The first thought with this practice is, what exactly is the person combing here? It isn’t hair, but it looks like the same technique is required.  So, what exactly is this machine with all of the metal grills that requires a comb?  

Image Credit: aworkstation.com

Amazingly, this is a handy tool for those with air conditioning. The comb is a fin comb and is a unique gadget to straighten the bent fins of an air conditioning unit or a heat pump system. It is part of the maintenance to keep the air flowing efficiently.

A Stenographer Looks Like a Strange Laptop

This piece of equipment looks like a cross between a typewriter and a miniature monitor of an old-fashioned desktop computer system. If you didn’t know any better, you would think it is the first design and attempt to produce a laptop.

Image Credit: mtimetraveller,Mike Gifford

The small machine is called a stenographer, steno machine, or shorthand machine. Stenographers use it to type shorthand, and this means syllables are typed rather than letters. It is a speedy way of typing words. Skilled operators can type 300 words per minute with this machine.

The 4-Fingered Scissors

While the first thought is this pair of scissors must play a part in cutting similarly to regular scissors. The question that comes to mind is, why this design? The extra finger must be to help someone, but whom? Plus, they have a rounded blade, so safety must be in the cards here.

Image Credit: harmonyeveryday.com

The special scissors are known as children’s training scissors. They are used for young children in the early years of learning. The additional hole is there so an adult can help guide the child to use the scissors. They are a safe option to learn to cut for pre-schoolers.

Using an Autodialler to Crack a Floor Safe

At first sight, the complex wires and digital equipment in the picture could set your alarm bells off simply because it looks like something is about to be set off. Now we hope it isn’t explosive or is it? Maybe be cautious.

Image Credit: danielnitschke

Fortunately, this kit is not some bomb-making equipment that landed in the wrong hands.  But, instead, it is called an autodialer, and it cracks open a safe located on the floor. The intelligent machine scans the safe for the lost code and eventually opens the safe.

The Tree Transporter

The first thing that is wrong with this picture is that we were under the impression that trees were supposed to be rooted into the ground. The second thing that has us feeling confused is the moving contraption that the tree is sitting on and the fence around it.

Image Credit: aworkstation.com

The big clue here is the “Tree Mover” sign on the fencing. Sometimes, trees and buildings have to be relocated to a different spot, which calls for special, heavy-duty machinery. It takes a powerful vehicle and equipment, as well as careful planning to move something as heavy as a tree.

Thinning Scissors

You could be thinking these scissors are up there with making a unique shape either on paper or fabric. Maybe they should be in an art studio or a seamstresses’ sewing kit. They have a unique design, and is the idea made to leave a fancy edge on clothes or a picture?

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

They are thinning scissors and are used on thick hair to thin it out. The spaced teeth are what creates the thinning and help reduce thick hair. Hairdressers use them to get rid of excess hair and in specific areas. 

Insulated Cryo Gloves are Like the Opposite of Oven Gloves

These gloves look like they have a lot of protection. They are a nice color too. Maybe they are an excellent idea for those freezing days in the winter. The well-padded gloves look like a good investment for winter and might even be waterproof.

Image Credit: lebredd.it

As suggested, the gloves are a little self-explanatory and are insulated and specifically designed to provide protection. They are Cryo-gloves and are for use in ultra-cold environments. They are light, flexible, and keep the hands and arms warm in frigid temperatures.

The Dutch Call it the ‘Drijfbord’

Could a roofer have left one of his tools on top of the straw roof? On the other hand, maybe this implement is needed to get this neat look. Straw roofs are an old roofing method, so perhaps this is where the spade with indented holes comes in handy.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

The tool is for straw roofing and is called a Drijfbord, created by the Dutch. Straw roofs are an old tradition, also known as Thatching. The trowel is usually wooden and with a handle to provide a neat, finished look. The spade-like tool with holes ensures the correct thickness of the reed.

It’s a Lamborghini Thing!

Most of us have no clue what this is. It could be a toy for kids of all ages to make giant washing liquid bubbles evolve through the air. Alternatively, it could be one of those dream catcher gadgets. For most of us, we are sure there is no need for one.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

The funny tool does have a use and is part of the tool kit for the super-rich. The device is for oil filter removal on a Lamborghini Gallardo. It is probably not high on your list to buy one, as you need the flashy car to use it.

That Dental Saw Looks So Scary!

You might be thinking this knife-like scraper is a vegetable peeler or some new kitchen gadget. Maybe it can saw and peel something. The guesses go on. What other use could it have? When you find out, it could put you off your next visit to the dentist.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

It is an interesting tool called a dental saw and is used to shape porcelain crowns. The saw is used on patients to shave fillings between teeth as it is small enough to get into the area. Dentists need practical tools to repair teeth of all sorts.

How Do You Test Smoke Detectors? With a Spray of Course!

Even though there seems to be a spray for everything, this one is worth every dollar. When you read what this product does, it is undoubtedly worth jotting down on the list for your next trip to the store. The spray could save lives and is a worthy investment.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

The useful spray is to test smoke detectors, and what a lifesaver this could be. We all know smoke alarms sit unused for long periods, and in reality, we don’t want them to go off simply because it could be a fire. This spray tests the alarm in a few seconds.

Save Your Hands, Use this Carpet Pulling Machine!

While this could be any floor equipment, it is undoubtedly a valuable item to have when doing DIY or commercial jobs. It is worth noting if you want an even clean surface to put a new type of flooring down. It certainly takes the hard work out of getting a new floor covering.

Image Credit: aworkstation.com

The easy-to-ride machine is removing an old carpet effortlessly. It glides along, taking everything in its pat—no pulling and struggling to remove an old carpet and backing. Plus, no ripped muscle or backache. There will be nothing left on the floor when this machine has finished its job.

The Mushroom Measurer

The picture depicts a worker doing something important with mushrooms and a lot of them. The amount of mushrooms suggests it is some production line. While it is on a production line, there is no packaging yet. So, what exactly is the tool?

Image Credit: aworkstation.com

The equipment being used in the picture are scales and is an essential tool in the food industry. This measurement gadget is making sure the combination of mushrooms is the correct weight before packaging. With mushrooms being light, the scales will test the accuracy for the packaging stage.

A Christmas Tree of Bottles

The upside-down Christmas tree here speaks for itself. Plus, it looks like a great idea. Although, if you are not into home brewing, you might wonder what is going on with the upside-down empty bottles. For those who are, it is an essential bit of kit.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

This tree is for drying bottles for home brewing. A vital stage in ensuring the next batch of beer is good is ensuring the bottles are sterilized and completely dry. The sturdy, upside-down tree holds and drains excess liquid from the bottles.

Keyed Light Switches are a Must-Haves in Schools!

When you first see this small key-like tool, you will be wondering what it is and how one would keep it safe. You might think it is a key to a lock for a travel bag or case. It looks so tiny; what other use could there be?  

Image Credit: Cheeeeeeeesse/Reddit

The tiny key is a fantastic invention for safety and energy. The key is being installed in a school to stop children from switching lights on and off. An act that wastes a lot of power, plus a dangerous act, if the electrical system is not up to date.

Conveyor Belt for Lambs

When you see this conveyor belt with sheep on it, it makes you question where they are going. Luckily, it is to benefit their health and not as cruel as you think. In addition, it is probably saving the farmer from getting backache.

Image Credit: stalwart_rabbit/Reddit

The actual machinery is a conveyor table and is a safe and easy way to vaccinate the lambs. It provides safety and an easy solution to keep the lambs in tip-top health. The table is a humane method and fast. This way, they won’t get stressed.

Testing Crane Capacity Looks a Little Vulgar!

The vast, filled water bags suspended above the worker’s head look like they are about to collapse on him. If they fall, there is going to be a splash. Whatever is going on in the picture, it is something big.

Image Credit: aworkstation.com

These giant water bags are an essential invention for load testing cranes. The experiment here is to test hoist and crane systems and perform tests on how much load a crane can handle. It is to ensure safety in construction work where cranes are required.

It’s a Diamond Drilling Machine!

This complex piece of equipment looks like a type of mean drilling machine. Or is it a saw, as it has some mean-looking teeth attached to a small part of it? Whatever it is, it looks professional and doing a vital job.

Image Credit: specializedtools/Reddit

The complex tool is a diamond core drilling machine with specialized use. The diamond drill has a diamond drill bit and allows for precise measure holes to be drilled out. It is an essential tool for all materials such as glass, metal, concrete, and rock.