40+ Posts That Make Us Worry About The Future Of Humanity

By Katie B

The internet is one of the most ground-breaking inventions in human history. The internet has done some truly amazing things for our society. We have—quite literally—a world of information at our fingertips. Everywhere we go, we carry a small device that somehow gives us access to more information and more knowledge than somebody a century ago could possibly have dreamed of. The internet allows us to stay in contact and forge connections with people on the opposite side of the globe. Entire careers are built online, and millions of people have received an education through the internet. It’s hard to imagine trying to live without it today. Some people could argue that our reliance on the internet means that we aren’t using our brains as much as we used to, and that people have perhaps grown… less intelligent, because of the realms of knowledge readily available to us at all times. Sometimes, we can’t help but agree. Anyone can post whatever they want on the Internet, and on the myriads of online forums built so people can ask questions, share information, and connect. Because of this, there have been a lot of incredibly strange things said online. The internet has many upsides, but there are some people that should probably not be allowed the use of a computer or smartphone. Let’s check out some of the most bizarre.

World Map

We are starting off strong here with a person who cannot comprehend the world map. In a way, we can understand how someone would forget that the Earth is a sphere when just looking at a map, but that confusion should last long enough to post about it.

Image courtesy of globalempowermentgroup.com

How can North Korea attack California, they ask, if they are on the other side of the map? Look at where North Korea is on the map. And then look at California, on the west coast of the United States. Look at the map really closely and it’ll come to you. We’ll wait.

Goodbye California

Sticking with the California theme, next up we have a student excited to leave her home state of California to head to college in… San Francisco State University? We’re not sure what part of this post is worse; the fact that this person got into college, or the fact that a person living in California somehow doesn’t know where San Francisco is.

Image courtesy of u/Elitetimeline7/Reddit

Even people who don’t live in California know San Francisco is one of the largest cities in the state. Sure, it’s a reasonably big state, but it’s not big enough that you wouldn’t know the other major cities. Let’s hope she’s not going to college to major in geography.

Geology Or Geography?

Are they even teaching high school students geography anymore? It doesn’t look like they are. It also seems they’ve neglected teaching students geology. This person was excited to leave behind America for their trip all the way to New York.

Image courtesy of r/facepalm/Reddit

Now, we might assume New York is a pretty famous American city, but this person shoots down that assumption quite quickly, because she learned about it in her… geology class? In hindsight, we can probably forgive the California/San Francisco girl, because in comparison, this is just baffling.

Art History Genius

A lot of people use the internet to boost their own egos and show off their better qualities for other people to applaud. The problem with using the internet to show off is it is just too easy to exaggerate those better qualities, or even to outright lie.

Image courtesy of studybreaks.com

This genius decided to share an amazing and inspirational story about how they usurped their college lecturer and are now the Art History Department hero. The only issue with their story is it is not in any way true, as verified by a fellow student who very smoothly shot them down in the comment section.

The Greatest American

So much of the religious world remains mysterious and ambiguous, which gives people room to fill in the blanks in pretty much any way they choose. The big issue with that is some people completely brush over the facts and make up entirely new ideas that aren’t at all based on historical realities.

Image courtesy of u/Nekofy/Reddit

One thing most Christians can agree on, no matter what denomination they are or where in the world they are based, is that Jesus lived and died in Israel. This person, however, thinks that Jesus in fact was the greatest American of all time. And that he wrote the Bible. Neither of those “facts” are true, “sweaty.”

Synonym Rolls

We all make mistakes, and spelling errors are a reasonably frequent occurrence for most people. That does not detract from the fact that they are still pretty embarrassing, especially if you make said mistake on a public post.

Image courtesy of picstame.com

This error is more amusing than it is cringe-inducing, but it still doesn’t reflect very well on the person who posted it. Synonym and cinnamon—we can see where the confusion came from. But what really makes this post great is the witty reply.

Past Tents

If you are ever unfortunate enough to make a spelling mistake somewhere everyone can see, the best thing to do if someone points it out is just admit fault and fix it. Whatever you do, don’t double down and make it so much worse for yourself.

Image courtesy of u/BoneAppleTea/Reddit

Everyone knows a person who thinks themselves to be a member of the grammar police, and a simple spelling error is forgivable. But it’s hard for anyone to look past so many errors in one post. She’s not even embarrassed. Or aware.

Disney World

Ah, Disney World. The happiest place on Earth. Well, not for everybody. This parent certainly didn’t seem to enjoy their most recent visit. And it wasn’t the endless queues or the long hours in the sun that irked them—it was the childless couples.

Image courtesy of @intothemild/Twitter

One of the worst things about the internet is that it gives people like this a platform to voice their terribly misinformed opinions. Everything about this post reeks of entitlement. Just let people enjoy things, please. Disney World is for everyone. The end.

Socks for Hands

This idea could very well turn out to be the greatest invention of the 21st century. Socks for hands? How has nobody ever thought of this before? Somebody needs to jump on this person’s billion-dollar idea immediately. And no, before you ask, they don’t mean gloves.

Image courtesy of Emile Bartow/nanoresort

They very clearly mean socks for hands. Those are two completely different things. But while we’re on this topic, gloves for feet could be another possibility, if anyone wants to look into that. We’re going to ignore the fact that mittens exist.

Plutonium from Pluto

This mother got into an argument with her daughter when her daughter said that plutonium doesn’t come from Pluto. Plutonium is a man-made element, and a by-product of the nuclear power industry. Pluto is a planet. Plutonium was named after the planet Pluto simply because scientists were naming unknown elements after planets, but that’s where the resemblance stops.

Image courtesy of Max Ilienerwise/Unsplash

The worst part about this post isn’t that the mother decided to display her ignorance online, or even that she thought it would be a good idea to air her own daughter’s supposed “mistake” to complete strangers. It’s that she finished her post off with “at least she’s pretty, huh?” Yikes.

Buying a Baby

One of the great things about the internet is online shopping. You can buy pretty much anything from anywhere in the world and have it brought to you, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. One thing you probably shouldn’t be able to buy or sell online, though, is children.

Image courtesy of myhealthgazette.com

This person was apparently selling some baby items on a Facebook Marketplace when a confused stranger messaged asking if she could purchase their actual BABY. There is so much wrong with this series of messages, we don’t even know what to say.

Pet Sitting

Running a business online must be tricky sometimes, especially when you receive messages like this. Just like the person who wanted to buy a baby, this person got a bit confused about an advertisement they saw online for a pet-sitting service. Apparently, they thought the service meant they could get a free cat?

Image courtesy of ninjajournalist.com

We are not exactly sure how they came to this conclusion. Or what they possibly could have thought pet-sitting meant. At this stage, we’re not entirely sure we want to know what they thought it meant, either. Hopefully, they figured themselves out.


Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Not only is it the first language of millions of people on several continents, but it is also a second language for plenty of people whose parents might speak it, or who learned it in school.

Image courtesy of u/Eastrider1006/Reddit

Being able to speak more than one language is an impressive skill for people to have. According to this post, white people cannot speak Spanish. Not only is this incredibly stupid, but it also ignores the very origins of the Spanish language—Spain. The hint is in the language’s name…

Vegan Weddings

We know that vegans, like all groups, cannot be lumped into one category and stereotyped. The stereotype of vegans as irrational, pushy, and unreasonable is unfair, since most vegans are just normal people minding their own business. But then you get vegans like this person…

Image courtesy of braincharm.com

Not only is this extreme, but it is also absurd. We’re sure your families would’ve been happy to stick to the vegan menu on your wedding day, even if they eat meat every other day of the year. But this person sees them as murderers, which is why they won’t be on the guest list.

Vegans Eating Meat

This next vegan is a bit of a paradox, to say the least. They are a vegan. They eat meat. And yes, they exist. We’re not entirely sure if this is a joke or not, but we really hope it is.

Image courtesy of nanoresort.com

If the person writing it was meaning it to be a joke, then they succeeded in making us laugh. But if they seriously thought it was possible to be a vegan who eats meat… they probably ought to check out a dictionary definition of what being vegan means.

Leather Car Seats

Okay, at this point it might look like we have something against vegans. We promise we don’t. What we have a problem with people like this reviewer, who left a terrible review for their Uber driver because the car had leather seats.

Image courtesy of ifunny.co

Getting a bad review can really set a business back. Even one bad review can turn some people off using that service. But when the review is something like this, your business is probably safe. Most people will probably just feel sorry for this driver. Not today, Satan. Not today.

Cousin’s Pictures

It’s a well-known thing that jealousy is a “green-eyed monster.” Jealousy is a common occurrence in a relationship when one person starts to worry that somebody else might be interested in their significant other. Sometimes those worries are reasonable. Other times, they’re a bit like this.

Image courtesy of @CowGoesRibbit/Twitter

The last thing anyone in a relationship should ever aspire to be like, is this person, who texts her significant other’s cousin to ask them to stop liking his Instagram posts. While this is slightly hilarious, it’s also a little bit terrifying. Yikes!

Girlfriend Test

Here is another post depicting exactly what not to do in a relationship. This person publicly announced that his girlfriend has failed the “girlfriend test,” as she came over for the first time and didn’t take the initiative to clean the astronomical mess in his apartment.

Image courtesy of tradingdraft.com

Unfortunately, there are plenty of people out there who do expect such things of their significant others. If you ever happen across one, get out of there as quickly as you can and don’t look back. There are far more important things to value in a relationship than whether or not someone will clean up your mess!

Women Swearing

Up next we have another person who definitely has spent little time in the company of very many women. Or any woman, ever. According to this poster, women shouldn’t use foul language, and you should retweet if you agree. We hope all those retweets were to tease him.

Image courtesy of instantlymodern.com

Sadly, many people do have such opinions about how women should act, speak, dress, and so forth. What makes this post so great, though, is the sharp and witty reply from Kaj-Erik Eriksen, which definitely succeeded in making us laugh.


Biology is a pretty underrated subject. Way too many people that go through high school now have barely any understanding of basic human anatomy, which is quite high up there on the list of things every adult should know. This baffling post is proof of that.

Image courtesy of me.me

Again, we really, really hope this is a joke. Being pregnant for 27 months straight is too terrifying a concept to even think about. Luckily, it is also physically impossible, regardless of whether a person is giving birth to twins, triplets, or quadruplets…

(H23) Animal Evolution

Just in case we needed more proof that some people genuinely don’t understand biology, this post should definitely be enough to convince us. It’s not human biology this time, however, but animal evolution. Apparently, there are two types of animals—natural animals, and unnatural animals.

Image courtesy of u/crabber88/Reddit

Have you ever seen a wild cow? This poster knows you haven’t. Cows and pigs, therefore, cannot possibly be natural animals, and were in fact created by farmers. Pigs specifically are made from combining hyenas, muskrats, and bobcats. We’re not entirely sure we see where they got that idea from…

Spy Flowers

Look, 1984 by George Orwell was a phenomenal book. But it was still fiction. Facebook and Google might very well be watching you, but we can almost 100 percent guarantee you that your next-door neighbors are not watching you through a camera installed in a garden sunflower.

Image courtesy of constative.com

We’re sorry to have to tell the person who posted this photograph of a sunflower that it is very much legal to grow tall flowers on your own property. We really hope they didn’t reach out to a lawyer over the legality of this situation…

Population 0

We wager there are a lot of questions burning in our minds that we all share, but we’re all seemingly too afraid to ask. But there are some brave people out there that aren’t afraid to seek the answers to the questions we’ve all been wondering about.

Image courtesy of francatantussi.com

Every second, one person dies. Every second, one person is born. How is the population not 0? Where did the nearly 8 billion people on this planet come from? These are the questions we should be asking, and the person who had the bravery to put this question out there into the world is a hero.

Dinosaurs and Dragons

Once again, we return to the subject of science, and how poorly taught it seems to be in the education system these days. We can forgive people who get the words ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘dragons’ confused. It’s a simple mistake. But they really are not the same.

Image courtesy of Emile Bartow/nanoresort

According to this post, dinosaurs are a conspiracy theory, and dinosaur bones are actually dragon bones. We agree that the existence of dragons would be pretty awesome, but so far, there is no evidence they ever did. Jurassic Park with dragons instead of dinosaurs would definitely make for an award-winning blockbuster movie, too.

Stem Cells

Stem cell science is an area of science not many people might be familiar with, and we can forgive that. Essentially, stem cells provide new cells for the body and replace cells that were lost. There’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s a pretty basic definition.

Image courtesy of me.me

This poster doesn’t know what stem cells are, which again, is fine. What is not fine, however, is automatically deciding that because they don’t know what they are, they are against stem cells. Fear of the unknown is reasonable, but not to this extent. How can a person decide they are against something without knowing what it is?

Flat Earth Family

People fall out with their family members and friends all the time. It can be pretty sad to see loved ones grow apart. Sometimes the disagreement is warranted, other times it is just ridiculous. This post falls under the latter, for sure.

Image courtesy of Emile Bartow/nanoresort

This post tells us that the poster couldn’t stay married to their wife or in contact with their children because they refused to see the truth about the “Flat Earth.” Because of this, they were spending their Christmas alone. We can’t imagine losing a loved one over something so bizarre.

Flat Earth Pilot

This next post follows on with the flat earth theme, and unlike the last one, which was a little bit sad, this one is just hilarious. This poster claims that they recently ran into an acquaintance who happened to be a pilot. Their pilot acquaintance then proceeded to let them in on a little secret.

Image courtesy of izismile.com

Now you can believe the post, or call them a liar, but they claim that pilots must take an oath never to reveal the secret of the earth’s correct shape. Wow, we cannot believe this secret never came out before now! This is amazing stuff.

CGI Expert for NASA

This next post is—yes, you guessed it—another one about the flat earthers! This person claims they were a CGI expert for NASA, which sounds like the coolest job ever. Now, they are afraid that the government is going to come after them.

Image courtesy of 9gag.com

Why are the government coming after them? Because they are going to reveal proof that the earth is flat. Even better, they claim they were stationed on the sun for 11 years. Surely this is a joke. It has to be a joke, right? Right?


Maybe if more people knew about the subject of this particular post, the rest of these posts would not have happened. Libraries are truly underrated institutions nowadays. Think about it—there are thousands of books on display for people to pick and choose from, and we don’t have to pay a single cent.

Image courtesy of @GreenLakeCountyReads/Facebook

Libraries are cool, and they’re probably still popular for young and old people alike. But maybe they would attract more tech-savvy folk if they promoted themselves as a book subscription on par with Netflix or Spotify. It might really take something that silly.

The Titanic

This is for sure one of our favorite bizarre posts of all time. Everyone knows the film Titanic, which was about the tragic sinking of the Titanic in 1912. One thing we would also have assumed everyone knew about the Titanic sinking, or even the film Titanic, was the name of the ship.

Image courtesy of medium.com

Asking for the name of the boat from Titanic is just jaw-dropping. We really hope they just had a brain fart, a moment of forgetfulness. We also really, really hope they know that they based the film on a true historical event…


YouTube is easily one of the most popular websites of all time. If a person wants to watch a video of some sort, they’ll turn to YouTube. If a person has a video they want to upload to the internet for others to watch, chances are, they’ll post it on YouTube.

Image courtesy of funny-answers.vidzshare.net

It’s crazy to think that there are people out there who still don’t understand how YouTube works. This poster assumed that YouTube comes out to hundreds of millions of people every day to film their videos and upload them to the website. We really can’t process this…

Ice in a Bottle

Yet again, we have another person asking the questions we are all afraid to ask. How does ice get inside a plastic bottle, when the hole in the bottle is so small? This is a true scientific mystery. Can anyone answer?

Image courtesy of onedio.com

Luckily for this poster, we just might have the answer. Ice, as it turns out, is simply frozen water. Our education system badly needs to be reformed if there are people out there who don’t know how to get ice (frozen water) in a bottle…

Sugar Daddy?

This post is a bit of a wild ride, and we are still trying to figure out exactly what is going on here. What starts off looking like a post honoring a deceased boyfriend turns out to be… a bit more complicated than that.

Image courtesy of r/insanepeoplefacebook/Reddit

He was actually her sugar daddy, and she didn’t like him very much. She was living a double life the whole time she was with him, apparently. And it sounds like his ghost has been haunting her? We have a lot of questions, but honestly, we’re not sure we want to know any more about this extremely toxic relationship post.


One of the worst things about social media is the staggering number of people who use ridiculous points to make arguments, and then stand by their points because they’re actually too stupid to argue against. This is one of those posts.

Image courtesy of Emile Bartow/hive.news

We have to agree with him—eating a vaccine could kill you. What we like most about this post is someone using this logic against the poster in the comments with the comparison to broccoli. We hope the original poster proceeded to see their own illogic after this.


It’s kind of crazy how many people get up in arms about menstruation and female hygiene products. It is a normal bodily function and yet it still manages to offend so many people… including this woman below, who just wishes the whole topic could be kept hush-hush.

Image courtesy of tradingdraft.com

The fact that this woman is reacting to a positive post about free products for school students is probably the worst aspect of this. All because she finds a picture of a tampon offensive. We really don’t understand this point of view, no matter how hard we try.

Sanding Tires

It’s important to take good care of your car. Simply solved problems can pop up if we don’t monitor things like the car’s brakes, tire pressure, and engine oil. Even the best cars will have problems from time to time.

Image courtesy of @collectiveperfectionuk/Facebook

This, though? This is bad. This is something that we definitely don’t recommend. We are almost certain this is a joke, but there is always the possibility a naïve person could see this post and decide they, too, like this look. Take care of your vehicle – this is not how your car tires should look.

Breast milk

Looks like we have another person who skipped their high school biology classes. There are a lot of people out there who have a strange opposition to the concept of breastfeeding, mostly because they just don’t want to see it in public. This person, however, is opposed to breastfeeding because they think it is unnatural.

Image courtesy of r/SelfAwarewolves/Reddit

Unnatural? It is one of the most natural human processes! All mammals produce milk and we, as humans, are mammals, too. Human milk is just as real as cow milk, or goat’s milk. Please, just once, open a science book. Please.

Jay-Z and Beyonce

A few conspiracy theories have popped up in some of the posts we have already seen, but this post refers to one of the craziest theories out there. Constantly in the limelight, celebrities and social elites frequently feature in these theories.

Image courtesy of myhealthgazette.com

A few years ago, theories spread like wildfire around online forums about different celebrities and elites, claiming they were members of the Illuminati, or Satanic Cults. According to this post, major celebrities Jay-Z and Beyonce are not only participants in these Satanic Rituals, but are cannibals, too. Scary stuff!


This is definitely one of our favorite posts. We are all of course familiar with legendary artist, inventor, sculptor, engineer, and architect, Leonardo da Vinci. This Renaissance-era genius is easily one of the most famous men of all time.

Image courtesy of hive.news

We have to be careful not to confuse this magnificent artist with award-winning actor of Titanic fame, Leonardo DiCaprio. This famous movie star is also the inspiration behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Leonardo (not – that’s after the artist, people!). We wish we could forgive this slip up, but it’s just too funny.

Tax Dollars

It is always reassuring to know that your tax dollars are going somewhere where they are of benefit to somebody. We pay our taxes to put in place better roads, good infrastructure, a sound education system, and to fix… the weather?

Image courtesy of uberhumor.com

This post complains that rainwater has the audacity to form puddles at the end of their driveway, and the local government have done nothing about it, despite all the taxes they have paid. We would love to know exactly what it is this person wants their government to do. Stop it from raining?

Women Shaking Hands

Now, we can admit that we aren’t too familiar about the origins of the handshake, but regardless of how the act of handshaking started, we no longer shake hands to show that we’re not holding a weapon. It’s just become a gesture of greeting.

Image courtesy of u/xlxz/Reddit

This poster claims that shaking hands with a woman feels patronizing, but we can guarantee the only patronizing thing we can see here is this post. It is truly baffling that there are not only people out there that think along these lines, but even worse, that there are people out there that feel the need to share those thoughts.

Healing Oils

One of the big issues with the internet nowadays is the rising number of self-proclaimed health experts. Anyone with access to the internet can self-diagnose themselves with any manner of illness or disease, which by no means should be a replacement for going to see a qualified professional.

Image courtesy of u/pfc9769/Reddit

Now, we aren’t sure why exactly this parent poured oil in their daughter’s ear, but we aren’t surprised, either, that it led to the daughter’s eardrum rupturing. Not only is this scary and extremely dangerous, but it’s also just plain bizarre. We can’t emphasize this enough—don’t take medical advice off the internet. It never leads anywhere good.