40+ Odd Facts Netizens Pieced Together While Taking A Shower

By Israel O

The mind is a busy place filled with so many thoughts and ideas. It is always occupied, except, of course, when we go to bed. However, sleep is only a temporary escape from all of these weird and wild imaginings. The moment you open your eyes in the morning, those thoughts start creeping in. However, when you give it a second thought, you realize many of those wacky things are true. Albert Einstein said, “logic will take you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere.”

We’ve scoured the internet, we’ve listened to stories, and we finally have a 44-piece list of the weirdest and wildest facts that various people have thought about, but we never knew until now.

1. You Know Who 

If you receive a secret letter from “You Know Who,” your first thought would be that you have a secret admirer. However, in the world of Harry Potter, a letter with the name “You Know Who” means the recipient will probably get killed. 

Image credit: Themagicalblonde/Instagram

“You Know Who” is the most dreaded villain in the whole Harry Potter franchise. The sound of his name sends people trembling, and if anyone other than Voldermort were to sign their name as “You Know Who,” they would be playing a cruel prank.

2. Easy Tip To Stay Fit

If you are trying to stay fit and you still haven’t found the perfect routine yet, we suggest a visit to the grocery store. The number of times you have unknowingly circled the aisle looking for products is quite alarming.

Image credit: Girlofpapi/Instagram

We cover so much ground in search of a product, which can really make a dent in those 10k daily steps. So, if you’re trying to up your step count, go to an unfamiliar grocery store and don’t ask for help finding what you need.

3. Gummy Worms Equal Gummy Bones 

Just thinking of the delicious, chewy candies gives us a wave of nostalgia. Even if you don’t like worms, everyone loves gummy worms. Although no one believes that they’re made of worms, we never thought that there’d be actual animals in them…

Image credit: Houseofnasheats/Instagram

However, the shocking truth is that they indeed contain bones. Gelatin, the main ingredient in gummy candies, is made from animal bones. So, if you think about it, gummy worms actually contain more bones than real worms, which have none.

4. Elsa’s Power is Unmatched 

If you are a lover of Disney cartoons then you must have seen Frozen. Even if you haven’t, it’s unlikely that you’ve managed to escape Elsa’s influence. Rumor has it that she was intended to be the villain of the movie, but the writers had a change of heart.

Image credit: Viajandocomaceci/Instagram

If she let loose and followed in the footsteps of her counterpart from Hans Christian Anderson’s short story, The Snow Queen, she’d cause far more damage than a single snowy town. Devastating snowstorms and clouds blocking out the sun could quickly lead to worldwide chaos.

5. World’s Luckiest Man 

The Simpsons has been running for over thirty years, making it one of the longest-running TV series of all time. Homer Simpson has so many flaws that you must wonder how this man has managed to survive for so long. How is he so lucky?

Image credit: Quitate.tu.arte/Instagram

As negligent as this man is, it’s shocking that he survives all the time without any major accident. Despite all of the shenanigans and mishaps, he makes it home every night to kiss Marge goodnight. It really is a miracle that Bart hasn’t needed to step up as the man of the household.

6. The Struggles of Being A College Student 

Being a college student is tiring because this is where real-life problems begin. With so much to do, from studying to social events, students often find themselves sleep-deprived. But at the same time, college students are still in the growing phase and need those eight hours!

Image credit: Iowaadmissions/Instagram

If they sleep too much, students are laughed at for being lazy. But those clocking in only a handful of hours each night are not fully functioning when they’re “awake.” How is it that one group can have mutually exclusive stereotypes?

7. “Don’t Wake Me Up”

Speaking of sleeping, that isn’t something that just college students struggle with. No matter what changes as we grow older, our need for sleep will remain constant. Sleep is very important for everyone, it makes our bodies function well and lack of it brings terrible health issues. 

Image credit: Archaeolga/Instagram

But there is one shocking truth — no matter how many times we wake up, we never get used to it. Especially when it’s sudden or we’re mid-REM cycle. The frustration and increased heartbeat is something that is not talked about enough.

8. Reviews are Greater Than Ratings

When buying an item or downloading an app people make the innocent mistake of judging it based on the ratings instead of the reviews. This has ended up with people buying a bad product, even though it had a five-star rating.

Image credit: Lord_knop/Instagram

But it’s not just the reviews that matter, it’s how many there are. A five-star item with three reviews will be passed over in favor of a four-star item with two thousand reviews. However, people still don’t stop to think about how many of the reviews are real.

9. We Miss the Good Ol’ Days 

This one has been on many people’s minds. As a child, we all hated the idea of taking naps in the afternoons, and even if we were forced to, we ended up sleeping for only one minute and waking up the next.

Image credit: Saya_mugi_abby/Instagram

The sad reality of adulthood is you don’t even have the time for such luxury. Twenty-four hours in a day is never enough for us, and we barely have enough time to get sleep at night, much less take a nap during the day. We miss the good ol’ days.

10. Elephants’ In-built Snorkels 

There is no shortage of characteristics that people know these gentle giants for. Elephant tusks have long been a trademark of Africa, and their emotional intelligence is world-famous. But did you ever consider that they’re not just made for stomping on land, but swimming, too?

Image credit: Otis.dublin/Instagram

Their trunk is not only used for picking up food, but also as an in-built snorkel for the elephant. The two nostrils at the end aid the elephant in breathing underwater, allowing them to stay submerged for hours on end.

11. Spider-Man Was The First Influencer

The concept of social media influencers is relatively new, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been around for a long time. While your mind might jump to famous Instagrammers, the first real social media influencer was Peter Parker, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Image credit: Spidey_alex_/Instagram

Peter Parker’s job in the movie was to take photos of Spider-Man — aka himself. While the world was unaware, the reader knew that he was taking pictures of himself, though it was a bit more classy than a Kardashian taking a selfie.

12. The Absurdity of This Question 

The most ridiculous question people ask is “can you keep a secret?” When you ask this type of question, what other response are you hoping to get other than “yes, I can.” The absurdity of this question hits when you think deeply about it. 

Image credit: Manuytu/Instagram

Even if the person is a chatterbox, they would obviously still say yes because that’s exactly what you want to hear. And, if the answer is no, the busybody won’t learn that juicy gossip. Besides, responding negatively to the question is not possible, because the person who asked you this trusts you.

13. Greenland Is Not Green! 

When the name Greenland pops up, what comes to mind? For early explorers, it was luscious green lands, tall trees, and beautiful fields. We might know better today, but without the internet, would you have known the truth? Probably not.

Image credit: Angelos.photos/Instagram

Contrary to the name, Greenland is very different. The country is covered in ice and snow throughout most of the year. There are many theories as to why it’s called that, some of which are the equivalent of Viking-era clickbait.

14. Put The Blame On The Past

Here is a wild one. When a person does something bad, they always look for something or someone to put the blame on. If they can’t find one, they just blame it on their past self. Sounds pretty convenient, right?

Image credit: Srt_sherm/Instagram

As a child, that excuse wouldn’t fly. Adults would remind us that we need to accept the consequences of our actions. But as an adult, your “past self” is a valid scapegoat. And since you’re aging every minute, the excuse is always true.

15. Accept Things We Can’t Control

One sad reality about life is certain things will be totally out of our control. Once we accept that we can’t prepare for everything or have things happen exactly as planned, we will be free. We’ll feel relieved and find it easy to embrace life and its problems.

Image credit: _marvelous_fox_/Instagram

Although this approach to life is very liberating, it is actually very difficult to accept, especially when we want certain things to be under our control and they aren’t. But once you finally accept this, it comes with a surge of relief and happiness.

16. Secure That First Job

While the goal of university might be to get the highest grades, they aren’t what matters most as an adult. Securing that first job that will become an integral part of the entirety of your professional life. High grades are important too, but they don’t tell the whole story. 

Image credit: Madisonlashphotography/Instagram

This isn’t to say that grades don’t matter, but they’re not the only thing that employers care about. Future employers will be more concerned about your working experience than your university grades; which will mean next to nothing to them at that point.

17. Whichever Way 

Pronunciation is more complicated than you might think. Some words have a specific pronunciation, but regional dialects have “incorrect” correct ways of saying it. However, there are words that have a variety of pronunciations, and there is no technical “right way.”

Image credit: Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

The word “either” actually has two pronunciations, the first one focuses on “I” in the first syllable, giving us “eye-ther.” The second pronunciation focuses more on “E,” resulting in “ee-ther.” This is strange but true, so whichever way you choose to pronounce it, both of them are okay.

18. Common Sense Is Not Common

As we grow up, the idea of “common sense” becomes more important. But it’s not anything that we’re explicitly taught — neither at home nor in school. In fact, what we think of as common sense was completely unknown at some point in our lives.

Image credit: Olesia_learns/Instagram

This begs the question: at what point does something become common sense? And, even more importantly: why is it called common sense if it’s not, in fact, common? Many people do not possess it, and you wonder why they think the way they do without consideration for “common sense.”

19. With Light Exists Shadows

Now, this is something we bet you didn’t know, but we’re happy to shed some light on it. Whenever the word shadow comes up we always assume and associate it with darkness, but when you think about it, the reverse is true. 

Image credit: Cristini.n/Instagram

Shadows exist because of light, if the lights go off, the shadows would also disappear. That’s why when we turn on our flashlight, we see those huge gloomy figures. So when next you see a shadow, before you think of darkness, remember this particular post.

20. Not Baiting Is Baiting 

Baiting someone is intentionally making the person angry or doing things to make them angry by stirring up controversies, among other things, to push them to the edge. Many antagonists will say that they’re not doing anything intentionally, but trying to assuage someone without meaning is still a form of baiting.

Image credit: Luke.meehan_nt/Instagram

This means when you tell someone you are not trying to bait them, like it or not, you are in fact baiting them. Because you are definitely trying to annoy them by pretending not to annoy them. The highest level of pretense!

21. Are Anti-Balding Kits Scams? 

Here is something for you to ponder on for the rest of the day: think of all those billionaires and how they look. Why are there so many bald billionaires? And even some that don’t sport shiny domes are well on their way to going completely bald.

Image credit: lev radin/Shutterstock

This realization makes us wonder if all those anti-balding kits or hair anti-hair loss procedures actually work. If they were effective these billionaires would be using them to prevent hair loss. Are we being scammed or is this just a billionaire’s hairstyle?

22. Boomers Vs Millennials 

This one is a classic and it is not uncommon in our society. Baby boomers and millennials constantly seem to be at each other’s throats. There is a complex history that we would need a whole article to talk about!

Image credit: umarbjj2021/Instagram

Regarding education, baby boomers and millennials have a “the grass is always greener” attitude. Broke boomers believe education would have solved their money problems, and the broke millennials regret going to college because they work their whole lives to pay off college debt. So whichever way you look at it, it’s a lose-lose situation.

23. Is Mario Truly Superior?

When you think about the Mario brothers, which of them comes to mind first? Mario, of course. Everyone thinks that way too, likely because he was the default player in the original games. But why is he considered to be the superior one when he hasn’t accomplished so much as his brother Luigi has?

Image credit: Canipponmx/Instagram

Luigi, the taller younger brother of Mario owns a mansion and we don’t even know where Mario lives. So how is he superior? Or could Luigi be covering for his brother by showing off and not wanting to embarrass his big bro?

24. Money Comes Slow But Leaves Fast

The only thing comforting about working is that, at the end of the day, you earn money for your hard work. It’s no news that everyone’s favorite day is payday; we count the hours or days until the paycheck comes in.

Image credit: Sharedsupportsouth/Instagram

The painful truth about payday is that it always takes an eternity to come, but once you receive your salary, you can be left with pocket change in only a few days. The money immediately vanishes with those expenses. Life is tough, isn’t it?

25. Humans Do Shine! 

Remember when we used to say we wanted to grow up and become shining stars? This meant that we wanted to be great or successful in the future. However, little do we know that this statement is literally true. Humans do shine! 

Image credit: Elise_cazaretti/Instagram

Every human shines. An average human emits about 300 W of thermal radiation. So why don’t we notice it? Most of the radiation emitted by the human body is in the infrared region, mainly because the wavelength and power emitted depend on the temperature. 

26. The Brain And Its Wonders

There are few things everyone can relate to, but one of them is the dream of falling from a significant height, only to jolt awake. While there is no conclusive, scientific answer as to why our brains do this, that’s not even the strangest part.

Image credit: Danijelhdr/Instagram

Unless you’re a thrill-seeker, it’s unlikely that you’ve actually fallen from a significant height. So, how is it that our brains know exactly what it feels like, even though we’ve never experienced it? The way the brain functions is still a mystery even to doctors and scientists.

27. What If We Had A Great Ancestor? 

This is quite a fascinating fact if you think about it. Since the beginning of humanity, you have had an individual with whom you share blood ties. No matter when it was, you had a living ancestor living at some point in history. 

Image credit: Itrain4000/Instagram

Thanks to modern DNA sequencing and companies like 23 & Me, average people are able to learn more about their family history. Until recently, we’ve only had photo albums and tales passed on. Chances are, your concept of “ancestor” extends to your great-great-grandparents at best.

28. Tiktok Didn’t Exist In The Past

“I should have been born in the previous generation” is a very common saying. They often regret being born in this era and are always quick to argue that things were far better in the past. But that’s not entirely accurate.

Image credit: Vassofishes/Instagram

We hate to break it to you, but do you realize that the living condition of the past generation was terrible? Social media might shine a light on more of our society than what’s outside our door, but if we had Instagram back in the 1800s, things wouldn’t look so glamourous, either.

29. Shrek Made “All Star” Popular 

“All Star” is a song by the American rock band Smash Mouth. The song was a hit in the previous decade thanks to its inclusion as a soundtrack in the famous Dreamworks movie — Shrek. The recognition the song got after being included in Shrek was massive. 

Image credit: Jonathan Adato (Photographer)

However, we are very quick to forget that the actual music video was for a Ben Stiller movie. Although it has evolved past its use in Shrek, we will forever remember it as the “theme song” to our favorite ogre movie. Way to go Shrek!

30. Vintage Cars

We have seen Tesla and it is no news that in a few years’ time, electric cars will become the new norm. These electric cars are way better than fuel-driven ones because they do not emit harmful gases from burning fuel.

Image credit: Nikolabrussels/Instagram

Every industry cashes in on the sense of nostalgia we all feel for the “good old days.” So, even when everyone has an electric car, it’ll come as no surprise if companies like Toyota, Kia, and Lexus make electric models that look like vintage vehicles.

31. If X-Men Were Athletes

In movies, TV shows, and even the OG comics, we always see our favorite superheroes either saving the day or trying to live out their normal lives. In a world where mutants exist, not everyone would be part of the X-Men or Magneto’s crew. So what about the in-betweens?

Image credit: Donvavano/Instagram

The Incredibles was really onto something. Do you remember Dash’s desire to join the track team? Because of his superhuman abilities, his parents wouldn’t let him. But in a world of secret superpowers, it’s almost guaranteed that it would happen.

32. “Reality” Shows

There is nothing real about reality shows. They are simply filled with unrealistic content, most of which is scripted. It is a wonder why it is referred to as “reality shows” when in reality most of what we see is fake.

Image credit: Kimkardashian/Instagram

The producers of these shows would readily do anything to get more views. In our opinion, the best actors are those who feature in reality shows. Kudos to them because, even with how fake it is, they still get high ratings.

33. Rick Astley Rickrolling

Rickrolling is when you troll someone on the internet and utilize Rick Astley’s 1987 hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up,” especially the music video. Rick is an American singer and songwriter who has gained worldwide popularity due to Rickrolling. 

Image credit: Mick Atkins/Shutterstock

As the original artist, if Rick Astley trolls someone, he can Rickroll them. As much as Rickrolling stinks, if we got Rickrolled by Rick himself, we would have a hard time feeling upset. Come to think of it, we wonder if he’s ever done this…

34. Love is a Feeling

Have you ever been in love before? Love, as they say, is an uncontrollable feeling. Most of the time it’s unexplainable; you just look at the person you care about and feel genuine happiness. It’s almost like you’ve been charmed. 

Image credit: louisemaurisset/Instagram

They say that, when you love someone, you need to love them at their best and at their worst. But life is more than just the extremes. If you feel butterflies in your stomach while watching them doing the most mundane tasks, that’s all you need to know it’s true love.

35. That Special Feeling 

Nothing makes you feel special on the internet like when the original poster sees your comment and replies to it. And, the most popular the post, the more true this is. For example, when the post has a thousand comments the OP replies to yours, it’s impossible not to feel special.

Image credit: Puputyulli/Instagram

It may seem shallow, as though being recognized is what matters, but it’s just a part of living in a society. So, even if the random Redditor isn’t an A-list celebrity, when they comment on your comment, it’s worthy of a screenshot that you can show off.

36. Getting The Melon From The Water

Watermelon is a sweet and refreshing fruit packed with a lot of vitamins. Just a bite of this delicious fruit promises to leave your mouth savoring all that liquid goodness. The fruit is about 92% water with the rest being melon — hence the name watermelon.

Image credit: __okinu/Instagram

But if you’re in it for the sweet taste, the water can be a bit overwhelming. Since it’s mostly water, you can technically just boil away the water. Once it evaporates, you have chunks of melon, albeit very dry chunks.

37. Full Battery Means Busy Day

When you’re out on a shopping trip or hanging out with friends, it’s not abnormal to need to charge your phone in the middle of your activities. Some phones don’t seem to hold a charge, and just looking at the blank screen eats up the battery.

Image credit: Deansfishroom/Instagram

But if you clock into work with a full phone battery, and leave with 95% left, that means that you weren’t on your phone. And, in turn, that means that you were too busy with work to play on your apps or text friends.

38. When You’re Smart, You’re Smart

Even the most self-assured person can suffer from doubt and question their intellect. If you’ve ever second-guessed yourself and thought that you’re not so smart, then the opposite is true and you’re indeed smart. There are several reasons why this is true…

Image credit: Roxyinuni/Instagram

For starters, second-guessing shows that you’re thinking things through. If you weren’t smart, you would be blasting through whatever task without considering if you’re making optimal choices. This isn’t to say that you need to brag if you’re smart; just don’t beat yourself up too much over the small stuff.

39. We Need A Snooze Button 

Just like there are dog people and cat people, there are chefs and diners. Some people love cooking and it can be difficult to get them out of the kitchen when they’ve discovered a new recipe. But for those novice cooks, it can be a bit overwhelming…especially when something goes wrong.

Image credit: Handbook.sariri/Instagram

Like when the smoke detector goes off; it’s meant to warn you before a fire gets out of control. But, sometimes, they’re false alarms and it’s just burnt bread that’s setting it off. We like the idea of a snooze button for all us bad chefs out there.

40. Mind Readers Can’t Be Spies

What’s your superpower of choice? Levitation? Telekinesis? Super-speed? Some people would give anything to have telepathy, but it’s not as cool as they make it look in the comics. You might be able to read someone else’s thoughts, but comprehension is a different issue.

Image credit: Colincloud/Instagram

We’re sorry to break it to you, but telepathy isn’t as useful as our favorite superheroes (or villains) make it seem. Unless you’ve mastered several languages, chances are you’ll just be listening in on what sounds like jibberish to your untrained ear.

41. Daily Updates

Before the digital age, high school and college reunions were the only way people could catch up with their old classmates. They’d be one night every decade or so when attendees get a blast from the past and see how everyone has changed…or not.

Image credit: Beckermama13/Instagram

But with social media, if you’re friends with your old classmates, you can basically get daily updates. In fact, you probably learn more about them than you would with an update every five years. Of course, nothing will replace in-person meetings, but we live such busy lives, and reunions aren’t always feasible.

42. ASAP

We all know the famous acronym ASAP stands for “as soon as possible,” but have you really thought about which is more convenient? Saying the full phrase takes longer, and using the acronym sounds more “adult,” but there are drawbacks to both.

Image credit: Ultra_cindy/Instagram

Maybe it’s the all-caps writing of ASAP, or that it’s so concise, but ASAP seems more intimidating. There’s an implied threat of “get this done now or else.” Meanwhile, “as soon as possible” sounds wishy-washy and like it’s not actually urgent.

43. First Sign Of Maturity 

As kids, we were obsessed with the shape and color of the snacks we got. Even if every color of a candy tasted the same, we just had to get that one color. We’d dig through the pile looking for the one color/flavor we were craving.

Image credit: Weelicious/Instagram

Maybe it’s because we can now buy snacks whenever we want, instead of waiting for mom/dad to get them from the store, or because we have an expanded palate, but flavors don’t mean as much anymore. That’s how you know you’ve matured.

44. We Will Never Know

This will definitely have you thinking because, no matter how you look at it, it is 100% true. As internet users, we all get frustrated and angry when we are downloading our favorite series or games and the network is lagging. 

Image credit: Alex Photo Stock/Shutterstock

But what’s even worse is when the content we want doesn’t load, but the advertisements and pop-ups appear without fail. Funny how that works. Does this mean that our data goes first to the ads and then the content? Well, we will never know.