Some Objects Have Threatening Auras, And We Have Collected 45 Images To Prove It

By Farah J

Some things are creepy and give off certain spooky vibes. And then there are things – living or non-living – that simply surpass the level of bizarre so smoothly that their threatening aura gives us goosebumps from head to toe.

For example, you may have come across some incident at least once that just did not sit well with you, and you could not erase that image from your mind for a long time. Seeing an animate object like a stray cat or a person down the road is a pretty common occurrence too.

However, witnessing an inanimate object – it could be a daily use item like a kitchen utensil or a doll – with a bizarre aura projects a different kind of shiver down our spine. Let’s take a trip down the lane of things with ominous auras!

Hairy Halloween

We all have seen a plastic human skeleton standing in the corner of the biology labs in our schools. The first look at a fake skeleton gives us a creepy vibe. That’s why most of us try to get one every year for Halloween. They’re way too spooky!

Image Source: Clara Snow/Facebook

But seeing a human skeleton with fur on it is a torment to our eyes! It’s weird how whoever put this eerie human skeleton in the kitchen took their sweet time to make it even more threatening by handing it a knife! What’s the point of having a hairy skeleton anyway?

Button eyes

Button eyes remind us of the famous animated horror movie “Coraline,” where the evil mother wants to sew buttons to Coraline’s eyes because they all have button eyes in this universe. Whoever made these button eyes took the “buttons as eyes” concept way too literally.

Image Source: Henry Chen/Facebook

Designing buttonholes in the shape of eyes and using buttons as eyeballs may look creative and artsy to some. However, we believe the majority would agree with us when we say that the aura is a little too bizarre for a person to wear this shirt. 

Alien mascot

One question: aren’t mascots supposed to bring good luck to the people around them or something like that? Because after seeing a person wearing this repulsive oyster outfit, we have our suspicions regarding the concept of mascots. This does not look like it’s bringing luck at all.

Image Source: alangdon17/Facebook

This mascot in the oyster outfit is probably trying to promote its oysters at the Halifax Oyster Festival. Needless to say, they are not doing a very good job at attracting customers because they look like a human-eating alien rather than an oyster.

The cake is a lie

In case you are a Gen Z and do not know about this old internet slang that originated from a video game in the late 2000s, “the cake is a lie” means that you are not going to get the promised reward at the end.

Image Source: Jojo Lynne/facebook

This is the most horrifying and bizarre form of that slang, we guess. It looks like the baker used their creativity and made a revenge cake. They even added a fake jaw with plastic teeth, fangs, and a tongue! This is nauseating.

The weighted pillar

Do you know how the universe shows us little signs before the big storm hits and how it tells us to keep a keen eye and an attentive ear before we take a step forward in anything? Well, this bent pillar is a visible sign.

Image Source: Chris Holzer/Facebook

The universe could not have been more specific and clear. Plus, this is not even just a terrifying aura – a bent pillar on the first floor of a seven-story building is a threatening emergency itself. We hope the owners asked everyone to evacuate the building.


Oh! This creepy doll walks too? That’s very comforting. Well, if it walks towards us, we are running away, in case you were wondering. We have watched way too many horror movies and documentaries about creepy dolls to just stand in place.

Image Source: Doug Larson/Facebook

This doll may look slightly less terrifying than the famous Annabelle, but it gives us the same menacing, threatening vibes. We know this one thing: no one is going to spend their ten pounds on this eerie thing. It’s a no-no!

Creepy pie

This person’s brother tried making a pie. However, we can’t tell if they succeeded in making a delicious, edible one or not. Because this certainly does not look edible to us – it is giving us the creeps. What is this even made of?

Image Source: hello__caitlin/Facebook

“Cutie pie,” they say. Well, we are sure that after viewing this picture of a pie, nobody would dare call their loved ones cutie pie. This is the straight-up creepy pie. We are not even exaggerating – the aura is spooky as heck!

Fozzie bear rug

Honestly, we are not sure about modern times, but we got to see and read about people having real bear skin rugs in old times as a sign of wealth in their huge villas and palaces. Well, some habits never change, we guess.

Image Source: Jojo Lynne/Facebook

When you don’t have a real bear, you have to make do with a Fozzie Bear skin rug. Bear hunting isn’t legal or accessible in many areas of the world, so they came up with this. They must think of it as funny, but Fozzie’s rug is giving us the creeps!

The switch

This is the most horrific food switch we have ever seen. Imagine walking into your kitchen, taking out a box of mac and cheese and Swiss Miss hot cocoa, and deliberately mixing these two ingredients with milk! This is creepy and disgusting.

Image Source: Clara Snow/Facebook

It is the least to say this is an abhorrent crime and should be considered illegal. We would forgive this person if this was accidental. However, if they did it on purpose, we announce this person as a threat for bringing this sinister aura to life!

Bag of threats

If you see a bag of threats in the grocery store, run for your life. Even if your Metro supermarket has printed its price tag in bold letters under the word “Celebrations,” a bag of threats is still a bag full of threats!

Image Source: Cello Arredondo/Facebook

Okay, we know that this is a misprinted card – it was supposed to be “treats” instead of threats. But either they noticed the mistake and its clearly threatening aura and put it on anyway, or they are going to need customers to inform them.


Face-off” was a blockbuster movie when it came out in the late 1990s. The plot, the acting, and everything else were so incredible that it was hard to process it as a movie and not a real-life scenario. The iconic “face-off” scene was an eerie trauma itself.

Image Source: Kay Morris/Facebook

But that trauma is nowhere near the level of threatening aura these wax figures of John Travolta and Nicholas Cage in front of the Face-off movie poster are bringing to the table right now. It appears as if they took their faces off in front of the crowd!

Chomp shell

We have a deep respect for Brendan Fraser, especially after the actor refused to sign this horrendous conch shell with a mouth on it – as he should have. From where we stand, no celebrity would have signed this revolting chomp.

Image Source: Jojo Lynne/Facebook

Honestly, it would take some serious guts for someone to stand in a line for five hours holding this ugly thing and expecting a sane person to sign it. If it were us – the celebrity – we would have crushed it (with its mouth facing down).

Awkward smile

Do we have to smile in that creepy ‘I am having an existential crisis’ kind of way? Because the graffiti does not seem like it is happy to be alive. The smile is so awkward that even if you tried to smile, seeing this art would stop you.

Image Source: Doug Larson/Facebook

The graffiti artist did a good job of sending a message to the people, i.e., be grateful and be happy because you are alive. But their effort at making the sun smile brightly was in vain because it is haunting, not uplifting. 

Chicken monster

The Screaming Chicken, also known as the Screaming Rubber Duck/Chicken, is usually a prop used in comedy videos and shows. We should make it clear beforehand that this is not the original comedy prop that people use, in case you didn’t know.

Image Source: Jojo Lynne/Facebook

The original Screaming Chicken is basically a flat chicken. But someone made a chicken monster as if the prop hit puberty, and the sight is pretty disturbing. The aura of this built-up monster is making us quiver in fear, to be honest.

Lick the bowl

Most of us find it embarrassing to lick the bowl of food after we eat something delicious – it makes us look “immature” and “greedy,” as they put it. It’s against the manners of the table, they say. So, we usually resist licking the last bits off the plate.

Image Source: Stephani Leonardi/Facebook

Now, that is not the type of bowl we were talking about. Someone put this phrase in the washroom, suggesting that the visitors should lick the toilet bowl. We can’t decide if it is funny or simply gross. Anyway, you won’t catch us following these words.

Trippy funhouse

Do you remember when the pandemic hit, everything was shut down, and people were isolated? One good thing that came out of this isolation among all the negative ones is the creativity and innovative ideas to make everything easier for the world.

Image Source: Caitlin Rommel/Facebook

Well, when the majority of the population was trying to be kind and thinking of ways to help each other out, this person was busy making a funhouse on the top of a multiple-story building at the very edge. It does not look fun to us at all.

Sit on the pouch

People get quite creative when it comes to inventing stuff to ease their lifestyles and bring them comfort. But, sometimes, this creativity bites them in their behinds when they get a little too full of themselves and end up making a horror show.

Image Source: Daniel Little/Facebook

For example, a person made a pig-shaped couch complete with a pig head, feet, and everything! Or you could say that they made a “pouch.” This “pouch” is giving off some insanely bizarre vibes. Imagine someone asking their friend to sit on this thing…No, thank you!

Pickled nails

We have seen lots of beautifully manicured hands with gorgeous, innovative styles of nails done on them. And each one of them shows how hard this intricate work is and how it surely is a talent and not everyone’s cup of tea.

Image Source: Clara Snow/Facebook

However, this work, no matter how much effort someone put into this, is not one of the handy dandy artworks that we so adore. This is purely uncomfortable and disgusting. Why would someone waste pickles over this horrendous idea?


If the word ‘uncomfortable’ were an inanimate object, this pink wormy seat would be it. Someone probably tried to be innovative, but instead, they turned their idea into a seat with a creepy, slithery aura. Why does it look like the “worms” are moving?

Image Source: Jojo Lynne/Facebook

If you have ever watched an old action movie with a character jumping into a creepy cave full of snakes slithering around, you would be able to feel the cringe vibes this wormy seat is radiating. The picture alone can creep us to the core.

Grab the dumdum

Sometimes, grocery stores print stuff to promote their new items but fail to notice the awkward implications and bizarre aura they end up suggesting. You just have to look at this picture of a hand-crafted decor in the rack and the “grab it now” sign under it.

Image Source: Rex Raven Price/Facebook

The creepy smile of this hand-crafted stone is sending chills down our spines. Even though it is a pretty famous decor found in various styles, this stone, along with the printed sign, has a terrible aura. We would not dare grab this thing!

You’ll float too

If you have watched the horror movie It, this picture is the real-life version of “it” happening. Or at least it looks like it. This red muppet has crazy, evil eyes looking right into your soul and is peeking from a small, dark space.

Image Source: Cello Arredondo/Facebook

Its aura is so threatening that even the word “threatening” feels small and insignificant in front of this picture. We are so grateful that this did not happen at our house, or we would have fled the scene barefoot right out the door!

Creepy limbs

Hey, mom, do you know where they sell creepy limbs of random dolls? I need them as decor in my room.” “Yes, of course, sweetheart, I know just the place!” We can imagine this dialogue between two people when we visualize the purpose behind this collection.

Image Source: Samantha Mitra/Facebook

Why would someone display a huge jar of creepy limbs and body parts of plastic dolls? And the fact that they stepped up their game by putting a price tag to it – fifty cents each – as if they expect people in their right minds to come into their store and buy them?

Snail hotdog

When it comes to designing toys, hot dog toys come in a huge variety of never-ending creativity. While many of these toys are ridiculously entertaining and incredibly innovative, others just make us face-palm and haunt us for our entire lives.

Image Source: Emily Bradley/Facebook

For example, this hot dog toy with a snail head could not be more dreadful and eerie. And the huge white teeth are not making things any easier for our eyes either. The aura is threatening and fearsome, sure, but so is the toy itself.

Kneecaps coaster

Resin jewelry and other items have been a great way for people to explore their creative talents and put them to good use. Items made from resin have skyrocketed in the last few years, too. It’s amazing how people have come up with ingenious products with resin.

Image Source: Onindita Sarker Onadi/Facebook

However, in the world of innovative artists, some people make things so bizarre that their aura disturbs others. This person made a coaster with little dolls, and the sentence “your kneecaps will be mine” was spelled in it. Why is their partner obsessed with this?

Multiverse madness

Our childhood was spent watching some of the most iconic cartoons and shows of all time, which are still loved up to this day. These included Spongebob, the Simpsons, and the rest of Cartoon Network, Disney World, and Nickelodeon shows. 

Image Source: Daniel Little/Facebook

Someone had to ruin these amazing memories for us and create a maddening multiverse character: a combo of all the yellow characters. What menacing idiocy with an eerie aura is that?! We would love to see a child’s reaction to receiving this gift for Christmas!

Trash and culture

It is hilarious how this picture is posted by an account named “Trash and Culture” because, yes, darling, this car is both trash and culture. Whoever designed it and then brought their design to life should keep their thoughts to themselves from now on.

Image Source: Wendy Czarneserce/Facebook

It looks like Dolores Umbridge, the Red Queen, and Cruella created this thing together. Forgive us; these characters are iconic and have great taste. Someone ruined this amazing combo for us with their creation’s trashy interior and peculiar aura! Is it even legal to drive this?

Multi-layered drink

When we think of a multi-layered, delicious, saucy burger full of cheese and other ingredients, we imagine a double or triple-layered meal on a plate with fries on the side. And it is certainly not presented in a huge glass!

Image Source: Sapphire Sapp/Facebook

Someone came up with this mouth-watering, layered burger recipe but destroyed the whole thing – as well as the respect we had for them – by adding the layers to a beer glass. We probably would have eaten it, but its nauseating aura is keeping us a hundred feet away!

Sit on my lap

A lot of us have had the privilege of going to famous restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Wendy’s. While the McDonald’s clown is cool – a little creepy, but at least it does not give us serial killer vibes – KFC did something bad with the Colonel.

Image Source: Jackie Crespo/Facebook

In some parts of this world, there exists a certain old man bench. Literally, the Colonel is a bench! Just the sight of it is throwing offensive vibes in our faces, let alone imagining sitting there. Couldn’t they have made that without the creepy smiley, head and hands?

Clean bite

Warning: do not try this at home! This is not a drill. If you see someone accidentally take a huge bite out of a Mentos look-alike soap, you must not proceed to do the same! Soap does not clean your insides, mind you.

Image Source: Brandon Necco/Facebook

We cannot imagine walking into a bathroom and seeing a huge chunk of soap chewed off. It is a pretty “clean” bite (pun intended), but this is giving us glaringly threatening vibes – someone chewed on a block of soap and simply left the rest there!


Finger or hand puppets are only cool and funny when they are made out of little socks with googly eyes stuck on them. Kids love those; that’s a fact. However, someone had an idea to make a squirrel puppet with hyper-realistic features.

Image Source: Kent Huynh/Facebook

We hope that their mental vision for this product was not as bizarre as their creation. Because wearing the head and limbs of a squirrel on our fingers is certainly not the kind of handy dandy puppets we have always been fond of.

Grass slippers

They say that walking on the grass barefoot has amazing impacts on our health as it improves our blood circulation and boosts our mental health. So, we are guessing that someone with brains tried to find a loophole in this situation.

Image Source: Kay Morris/Facebook

However, the resulting product of their pretty idea did not come out as interesting and charming as they thought it would. They probably believed in obtaining something as magical as glass slippers, but instead, they got disturbing grass slippers! Who would pay 10 bucks for these?


If there is some living thing in this world we have come across that has the most frightening structure as well as a fearsome aura, it is this bug. It is so shiny with intricate patterns and markings on it that it may even be considered beautiful to some.

Image Source: Ashley Odom/Facebook

Honestly, the huge evil eye mark on its back is making us believe in those ancient Greek superstitions. That’s most likely where this creepy creature came from. The skeletons in the jar are not making the situation any better, either. Do not open!

Homeless Homer

Oh, poor Homer! What did they do to you? Homer ended up in the wrong universe – from a big, happy family, he’s now homeless and walking drunkenly at night on the streets. This is a frightening sight with a creepy aura, for sure.

Image Source: Christine Martin/Facebook

You cannot even envision going on a late-night drive and coming across a scary Homer costume with a doughnut in one hand and a toolbox in another. His empty eyes staring at us would make us flee the scene immediately. 

Wisdom-less choker

People can do crazy, unimaginable things when they are in love. Most of us have an experience with that, unfortunately. However, we have never done anything remotely close to making a choker out of our partner’s – or anyone’s – wisdom teeth!

Image Source: Nefset At?c?er/Facebook

This person took their boyfriend’s wisdom teeth and a crystal that he gave them and hooked them to a bunch of choker chains. What’s worse is that they wore it around their neck with pride and love. If this isn’t a threatening red flag, we don’t know what is.

Aigis toaster

Japanese anime is loved globally. Anime lovers are so obsessed with anime characters that they proceed to create random things and toys for their favorite characters. If you are not a huge fan of Aigis, an anime game character, you will find this uninteresting.

Image Source: Betty Bee Pee/Facebook

Those who are Aigis fans (to a sane limit, we should add) are going to have a meltdown over this Aigis toaster. Someone built a toaster of Aigis with her standing on four limbs. This is the kind of disturbing aura we like to stay away from!

Stoned panda

Sometimes, we go on a walk expecting to breathe in the fresh air and encounter some wholesome events on our way. You should know that the universe does not always work in your favor. Some creepy aura is often lurking around the corner.

Image Source: Chris Holzer/Facebook

The chances of you coming across a broken plastic panda at the side of the road are slim but never zero. It looks like a hit-and-run to us, but maybe the panda was bored out of his mind standing on a pump and got stoned. Either way, it’s creepy!


One thing that people are good at is making creative recipes out of the original ones by combining a few things and producing something entirely new. We can assure you that most of the creative food recipes are not as weird as this one.

Image Source: Heather Ivy/Facebook

Spaghetti and doughnuts are two different things. Both are supposed to be enjoyed separately. But someone put their spaghetti mixture in a doughnut mold and created a spaghettonut. We can’t tell if it is innovative or a cringe-worthy and horrendous idea.

Yolk replacement

This is what happens when you have various food items at home, but none of them is a good combination with the other. So, instead of starving until your pizza arrives, you settle for less and end up making a new creation out of those three products. 

Image Source: Clara Snow/Facebook

Someone probably told this “emerging chef” that their creativity level is above Gordan Ramsey. In our opinion, they need to be humbled. Replacing the yolk of the boiled egg with ketchup and peanut butter is nothing but a disgusting crime to these food items.

She’s alive!

It suffices to say that this cursed wreck emerged straight from a horror movie. We cannot even describe this unsettling sight using coherent words. The heads of mannequins are disturbing enough; why would anyone arrange them in the creepy woods?

Image Source: Kay Morris/Facebook

This figure looks like a mannequin version of the centaur. With a pile of junk, including a broken seat, poles, wooden pieces, a huge spring, and a muddy dump with a head on top, let’s just hope this threatening aura does not come to life!


When we think of a toaster, we picture it placed somewhere in the kitchen because it is one of the most used kitchen items toasts, as the name suggests. But how did this toaster end up here in the middle of the hallway?

Image Source: Brenna Doyle/Facebook

We know it is a picture of a simple toaster placed in a carpeted hallway, but for some reason that we don’t know, it is giving us major horrifying vibes. As if the toaster has come to life and is up to something terrible. Someone take it away from here!

Frozen water and Cheetos

When we boil an egg and crack the shell, out comes a white egg instead of raw, transparent albumen. But little did we know that a penguin egg, when boiled, looks like a water cup filled with mashed Cheetos! Such a mind-boggling sight!

Image Source: Clara Snow/Facebook

Our question is, where and why would a person fetch a penguin egg when penguins are already on the level of endangerment and boil it? It’s not like the boiled penguin egg is delicious to look at, never mind ingesting it. Zero out of ten!

The crazy stalker

Have we mentioned our dislike for mannequins? Even as we look at them through the windows of stores, they manage to give us the creeps. Why would anyone let them out and place them in a creepy place for passersby to bump into them? 

Image Source: Emily Suzanne Shapiro/Facebook

For example, someone put the top half of a plastic mannequin in the railings by the side of the road. Its eyes seem like they are following us. This mannequin stuck in a railing is projecting a hauntingly sinister aura that we do not like one bit!

Denim seater

Ever since denim fabric was invented, a huge variety of items have been invented that have denim covers or are made from denim material. But the worst decision of all was making a couch that was covered in denim. Even the pillows have the same design!

Image Source: Daniel Little/Facebook

This couch looks like denim vomited here. The blue jean color is sending cringe-worthy vibes our way. Even if the thought behind this couch was recycling wasted denim fabric, creating a couch out of it was not the most brilliant idea.

Creepy confession

It started with making an enormous handmade poster or a DIY gift as a proposal for their partner. To make it fancier, they began putting rings in champagne glasses. But this is the worst proposal idea we have ever seen – a red flag if you ask us.

Image Source: Stephani Leonardi/Facebook

Even though someone took their sweet time in spelling out the famous three words at the end of malleable plasticware, we are pretty sure their partner or whoever they are proposing to deserves better. This is just plain awful.


In case you don’t know, Four Loko is a company that sells malt beverages. One thing that it is well-known for is that it only sells its products in recyclable cans, i.e., it never used cartons or anything like that. So, this picture seems a little fishy.

Image Source: Grace Connolly/Facebook

This person has the correct expression on their face because the whole thing gives off a pretty threatening vibe. Maybe someone who did not know this famous fact about Four Loko started selling products under their name illegally. This person has the right to be suspicious.