40+ Ice Age People Living In The World Of Technology

By Aileen D March 1, 2021

The world has changed a lot in the last 30 or so years, and many folks have needed to learn to adjust to the world of tech. In this day and age, we are surrounded by screens, AI, and blockchain technology. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to spend a day without checking their phone or using some kind of gadget. But that doesn’t seem to apply for these people. Whereas we are busy swiping on Tinder profiles and streaming our favorite shows, they are fumbling with the controls on the telly. Some have snipped off phone cables in haste. Others have burnt electric kettles. Worse yet, one covers website advertisements with cardboard paper. Guess they hadn’t heard of Ublock. It’s a wonder how these people live normal lives in this modern digital age.

Love-Hate Relationship

The worst enemy you could have is that in the mirror. After all, there’s no escaping your thoughts, emotions, and habits. Just look at this guy. He’s inclined to rush haphazardly into situations. When he had received his left-behind charger in the mail, he quickly opened the package with a pair of scissors.

Image Courtesy of Tools of the Incomptnt / Reddit

He wriggled his fingers out of the scissors and reached in the container. He felt the cord slither, and he wrung it out. That’s odd. It won’t coil around my fingers. His anticipation had been cut short as he saw that he had accidentally snipped right through the cable. Darn it. That’s another two weeks to wait for a cord replacement.

Print Replay

Someone had been hit by the last song syndrome. He couldn’t get the lyrics out of his head. This had been running the past couple of minutes – Smoke on the water. A fire in the sky. No matter what we get out of this. I know we’ll never forget. Memories of beer kegs and love rifts came to mind. He knew he had to share the song with his wife. So he had the page printed.

Image Courtesy of Tom Sawyerer / Reddit

He clicked the familiar shortcut – ctrl and p and then formatted the layout to his preferences. Let’s see how this will turn out. It had come out as he had wanted except for the video part. Guess Youtube didn’t want him to infringe copyright.

Add to Cart

When this woman had bought a new monitor, she hadn’t expected to buy a new pair of sunglasses. All she had wanted was a larger screen to view her documents on. Like most of us, she attached a bundle of wires to the ports behind her monitor and then removed the protective film covering the display.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / Reddit

It turns out that what she had removed had been the polarizing film. Remove that, and you would have a blank canvass to stare at. Not to worry, all she needs is a pair of polarizing glasses. Put that on, and you will see the actual PC output. The silver lining to the story is that she can do whatever she wants during work hours without anyone seeing what sites she’s visiting. * wink wink

The Feeling of Regret

When faced with a problem, it’s best to take a moment to assess how we should respond. The last thing we need is to react in a manner that would make things worse. Take it from this woman. After dropping her iPhone, she thought the best remedy was to peel off the cracked screen.

Image Courtesy of Ferbel / Reddit

She had been pretty successful at removing the crack. But she still found herself setting an appointment at the Apple store. There hadn’t been any tempered screen. What she had peeled off was the polarizing film. That had rendered phone usage totally worthless!

Unli Product Trial

Don’t you hate having to buy a gadget, only to find out that it’s not worth the hype? Well, this man had been unsure if he should buy a Kindle. See, he had trouble reading paperback books. He could have Kindle read the book to him, or he might have a harder time reading books on the app. So he did a trial run.

Image Courtesy of Borrow A Feeling / Reddit

He opened his iPhone’s back camera and then placed it a couple of inches from his paperback book. That should look pretty much like the text on the Kindle app. He thought to himself, is this actually worth buying? His kid walked in on him doing this unlimited product trial, and within a couple of minutes, he had come to a decision. He was sticking to a bedside lamp, a magnifying glass, and paperback books.

Patience Goes A Long Way

It seems like there can be too much of a good thing. This Reddit user prides himself on being very patient. He’s so patient that he waited 40 minutes to cook a bunch of fish sticks. As it turns out, he had forgotten to plug in the cord the first time he set the timer to the cooking time.

Image courtesy of zxvegasxz / Reddit

Now, he knows he can use those dials as a timer. Simply turn the dial and wait for the timer to go off. But if he plans to reheat a pizza slice or bake a brownie mug cake, he should check to see if he has plugged the cord. Lovers and friends can get simmering hot if you serve the dinner a half hour late!

New Scented Version

Things got hot and steamy last night. Clothes were thrown over the couch. There was wafting steam from the pizza box. And shadows danced on the wall, illuminated by the TV screen and the dim glare from the scented candle. Reddit user TomSF thought that the candle smelled the best it had ever done.

Image Courtesy of Tom SF / Reddit

Like most of us, he had a great deal of regret by morning. He ran his fingers over his head and took a sharp breath. How could this happen? His mind quipped; it had only been a few hours of “Netflix and Chill.” That’s how you know the chemistry is in High-Res.

Hot Stuff

When this woman dabbed some blush over her cheeks, she hadn’t thought she would catch the attention of a fiery admirer. She was intent on getting the winged eyeliner right. And as she stared at herself in the mirror, the sun couldn’t help but say, hot dang, you look smoking hot.

Image Courtesy of Hucuferus / Reddit

The sun bore down even fiercer. Its light cast against the mirror which shone against this laptop screen. In all the time this woman was contouring her face, this laptop was undergoing a slow and tortuous burn. Too bad it had undergone premature aging.

Multi-Purpose Tab

We had always wondered why iPads were so expensive. You could find a dozen other brands that perform on par with Apple products, so why were people in a rush to buy a dozen of these things? Well, grandma knows the answer to that! It turns out that an iPad was built to endure.

Image Courtesy of Ionna Trailer / Reddit

Her granddaughter had placed it on the kitchen top. Wanting to make something for dessert, grandma kneaded and cut this doughy masterpiece atop the tablet. It’s enough to give anyone a fright – 500 dollar’s worth of technology reduced to a chopping board!

To Each Her Own

Reddit user Lordalphax and his aunt often get into petty arguments. You know it’s a certain time of the day by the pitch of his aunt’s voice and the subject. We can tell it’s 3 pm. How come? It’s that time of the day when Lordalphax is intent on getting his aunt to buy a new phone.

Image Courtesy of Lordalphax / Reddit

She flings her hair to the side while he exhales deeply. This day had been different. This is the farthest the monitor had gone up. It’s as if his aunt was proud that she could prop the screen up with a Pepsi bottle. He starts a litany of reasonable arguments. But it always ends the same way. I like it this way. It’s convenient!

Meant to be Off Limits

There are no kids in this household. But Google seems to think otherwise. It is intent on blurring search results for this dad. After getting really irritated trying to find something online, dad asked his son to help him out. Google is doing this silly little thing where it blurs the top left part of the results. Facebook is doing it, too, actually.

Image Courtesy of unidentifies / Reddit

He had just melted the top left corner of the laptop’s screen. Google and Facebook had nothing to do with the candle placed in the back of the screen. His son had to explain the expensive reason why the screen had been blurred. Then he left to phone the comp repair shop.

Grim Realization

The people in this house had been looking for someone to blame. Swear you could heat the whole house up with the temper some of them carried around. Can’t say we could blame them. Their rears nearly froze during that hostile winter. It turns out there hadn’t been anything wrong with the HVAC unit.

Image Courtesy of bath tub / Reddit

Someone simply forgot to remove the small tab. That explained why the thermostat had hardly worked that season. Had it not been for a friend’s kind advice, Reddit user bath_tub wouldn’t have opened it up. At least, they knew what to expect for the following winter season.

Might Want To Check Yours Too

With the birth of the internet, researching something is as speedy as a snap of your fingers. Have to book a room for the weekend? Place a reservation on Airbnb. Want to watch the latest TV series? Set Netflix night with the family. Need to find a keto dessert? Simply Google it. But make sure to close those tabs when you’re done.

Image Courtesy of Mini Dude 22 / Reddit

This would make it easy for anyone to look up mum’s browsing history. All they have to do is flick through the tabs – Golden retrievers and their funniest reactions, housekeeping ideas, and Cheryl Cole’s pregnancy. But at least, this phone restricts access by lagging every couple of seconds. That is the beauty of infinite tabs on your browser. You might want to see how many hundreds of tabs you haven’t closed yet.

Googling Error Code

Besides being proficient at their jobs, people on this floor are good at decoding the code errors reflected on the photocopying machine. Error code 012 means it has run out of paper. On instinct, a flurry of hands searched for the ream of paper within the room, only to find out that the machine had been fully loaded.

Image courtesy of Darren Cax / Reddit

Management really ought to host a day or two of basic troubleshooting hacks for newbies. There’s only one person on the floor to blame for this. They called the guy to the room and explained that you had to take out the ream of paper out from the package before the machine could take a sheet to print on. At least everyone learned a new error code – 072 -210.

How’d He Manage To Get Into College

We don’t know if this kid was trying to create a new lifehack. But if he was, this was a definite failure. His phone was nearing a dead batt. So he fumbled for the portable solar battery charger in his bag, yanked it out, and then tried to find a UV light source to get energy from. Not seeing any, he decided to use his phone’s flashlight.

Image courtesy of I Know I cant Spell / Reddit

It looks like a lifehack, but really, all he’s doing is discharging his phone battery quicker than if he had placed it in airplane mode. Someone really ought to have told him that what he was doing was useless. He might have even fared better by charging his phone via his laptop’s USB port or by borrowing his classmate’s power bank. How did this kid ever get into college?

Good Quality Letterhead

If employees were asked to rate office supplies in order of importance, we’re sure that the photocopier is at the top of the list. Imagine the number of documents that whir through the machine – each square inch reproduced on a blank sheet of paper. One small jam can undo a month’s paperwork! So you would understand why the employees on this floor nearly wrung the neck of this man.

Image Courtesy of Mirrorlike Tent / Reddit

He couldn’t understand why the machine won’t load the paper, much less what the blinking lights meant. He pressed insistently on the buttons. Come on! Someone came in. Won’t load huh? It seems like it had run out of paper. She laid the documents down and drew a ream of copy paper to place inside the photocopier. She pulled the drawer, and her eyes narrowed into blade-thin slits. Swear she could have murdered that guy with her stare.

Water Not Hot Enough?

Americans wing it as the Brits do from time to time. They brew a fresh pot of coffee or tea late in the afternoon. But one particular difference is that Americans use stovetop kettles whereas the Brits prefer to use electric kettles. This guy had a hard time coping with the radical transition.

Image Courtesy of Not Sew Fast / Reddit

This quick upgrade should be a no-brainer. It would be easier for him to brew coffee when he feels like it, and he can get a steaming cup of caffeine in less than two minutes. Unfortunately, he had overlooked the need to plug. Instead of hissing steam, he got a flaming cauldron of plastic. Not to worry, it’s just another electrical glitch!

Could Have Gone Better

It seems like someone had started the day on the wrong foot. To be fair, we wouldn’t be excited to clean up last night’s load of dishes. But uglypatty got to the task. She loaded the dishes on the lower rack and the glasses on the side. Within minutes, she had a new mess to clean up.

Image courtesy of ugly patty / Reddit

The dishwasher decided that the floor needed some cleaning too. It coughed up the suds and let them pour over the grimy tiles. Uglypatty had been so distracted, that she put a laundry detergent pod into the dishwasher instead of the correct dishwasher soap.

Basic Troubleshooting Hacks

Working in customer service is a great way for anyone to work on their character. They would need to maintain composure, calmly explain the product specs, and then search through available product options that best fit the customer’s wants. Every now and then, they would have to defuse a high tension situation.

Image Courtesy of Literally Ekam / Reddit

Karen walked into the store and demanded that she speak to the manager. The clock starts. What is it that I can do for you today? Karen places the phone on the table and slides it over to him. It’s not working. Manager Dave was careful not to say the wrong word. That would have been Doomsday coming for him and the sales team. With just one question, he was able to defuse the situation – Had you tried charging it? Karen 0 – Dave 1.

Poor Connectivity

Working from home isn’t as ideal as we had imagined. You have WiFi leeches to cut off, passwords to update, and antenna upgrades to invest in. Nostrom01 had thought that someone was freeloading off the wifi connection. But after a quick interrogation, he found out that what had really caused the poor connectivity status – Saturday nights lasagna.

Image courtesy of Nostrom01 / Reddit

Mum had placed the empty tin foils atop the router. While aluminum foil can work to boost the internet connection, it can also block the signal. With at least two plies of foil between the router and the devices, the worse the signal had been for everyone in the house. Great news? His brother had a legitimate reason to be absent from class.

Good As New

Having an iPad or any type of Apple product is pretty much a luxury. So we would understand why this woman would want to make it safe from scratches or falls. She hadn’t just put a screen protector on it. In fact, she had barely taken it out of the box.

Image courtesy of Frederik Twn / Reddit

Reddit user FrederikTwn couldn’t help but stifle a laugh as he came across his mum playing on the tab. He thought he had seen wrong. That’s a bulky tablet…thought mum had bought an iPad. As he came closer, he realized that she hadn’t taken it out of its packaging. Well, at least, she can still avail of the warranty.

Wrong Port

When Yeetus Rice and his mum bought this laptop, the store owner boasted that it could last half-a-day’s work on battery. But a year in, Yeetus Rice‘s mum complained that the laptop wasn’t charging. True to her word, there hadn’t been a thunderbolt inside the battery icon.

Image courtesy of Yeetus Rice / Reddit

He quickly found out that she had mistakenly plugged in the laptop cable in the earphone port. Guess Yeetus should have figured that out when he heard the blast of music from the netbook. But the cord did the detective work for him when it fell out of the hole and onto the floor.

Add Extension

With a ton of e-mails, you force yourself to finish work. You brew yourself a cup of tea, sit yourself down before the computer, and then cruise towards the dreaded mailbox. Just when you muster all your attention to the first line of text, a couple of ads pop up before you. Ah, just the break I needed!

Image Courtesy of itswallsss / Reddit

To keep herself from getting distracted by those pesky ads, this woman had screwed on some hinges for a paper adblocker. Pretty nifty, huh? We hadn’t thought that one through. But then again, this trick would work well if you have got a 90s monitor to work with. For recent versions, it’s best to stick to Ublock.

Reason No 11

Why do so many people complain of poor WiFi connectivity? They may have placed the router in a bad location. They may have someone leeching off the connection [ and possibly downloading torrents], or they might have dysfunctional hardware such as this.

Image Courtesy of Smooth Toast / Reddit

We don’t often experience this level of self-destruction. Kudos to whoever secured the cable using this technique. We would suggest that they use cable ties or paper clips next time. It will do the job as effectively without affecting wifi connectivity. Win-win for everyone!

Mistaken Identity

One of the hottest trends this season was the wireless earbuds. People couldn’t stop placing orders online. All you have to do is plug them in. Playback time can range from three hours to a whole day! And the best part is that you can store them in charging cases which can also function as power banks for other gadgets.

Image courtesy of Mrs pea 84 / reddit

Like other people, this woman purchased hers online. She had bought a white pair and had used them for almost everything – online classes, workouts, and leisure. But once, she had some trouble placing one earbud inside the charging case. It just didn’t seem to fit! It turns out that she had grabbed one of her kid’s miniature toys instead of one of her earbuds.

Lacking Logic

There’s a good reason why computer geeks preserve the sanctity of their PC space. With a few food crumbs, it could be a cupboard for ants and bugs, or you could end up frying the CPU with spilled drinks. Reddit user DivineBanana had her own share of regret when she spilled a bottle of acetone over her desk.

Image Courtesy of Divine Banana / Reddit

She had been able to wipe most of it off. But she impatiently laid down the keyboard and mouse before it could fully dry up. Within minutes, she found it getting harder and harder to move the cursor. She tried to lift the mouse off the table and noticed it had gotten stuck. Out of impulse, she ripped it off the table. Yikes

Caught Red-handed

This dad was certain that someone was snooping on his phone. There had only been two people in the house – him and his daughter. So to catch his kid in the act, he put a lock screen app to take a photo of the intruder every time she placed the wrong display pattern.

Image Courtesy of jrminoh / Reddit

Her daughter had gone to school, and all he had gotten was a photo dump of himself trying to unlock his own phone—reality check. Daughters aren’t the type to go snooping on their dads’ phones. If anything, it’s the other way around. But at the very least, he can go to sleep unafraid that anyone will see these compromising pictures of himself.

Depends On Your Priorities

One of the things we hate is hearing someone speak loudly on the subway. They might be bristling with good news, or they might be barking orders on their phone. It seems like there’s one legitimate reason for doing so – having a busted phone.

Image Courtesy of sdyar / Reddit

This iPhone user explains it’s hard to hear people unless I’m on speakerphone. A helpful piece of advice – it’s time for a new phone. And while you’re at it, maybe it’s time to attend to some of those unread e-mails you have. We find that more alarming than your busted phone.

Squeaky Clean

We don’t know about you, but every time we purchase a gadget, we’re riddled with these two emotions – to rip the package apart and get our hands on it or to cover it up in cellophane to keep it from getting worn out or damaged. Well this man, is the type to fall under the second category.

Image Courtesy of Rap To Drew / Reddit

He had told the Apple store assistants that his iMac had no longer been powering on. It’s as good as brand new! I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work after a couple of weeks. He probably hadn’t considered that the plastic would cause the unit to overheat. And it did, predictably! Some areas of the plastic screen wound around the iMac had melted.

Small Text

You have to credit this mum for being resourceful. Having to read an e-book from a 4-inch screen is enough to cause anyone a migraine. In fact, it might even be a nightmare for someone who uses high-prescription eyeglasses. So how does she cope? She thumbs with her left hand and uses a magnifying glass with her right.

Image courtesy of always _heer / Reddit

Reddit user always_heer broke into a laugh. She walked to her mum’s side and then placed two fingers on the screen. Simply pinch. Her mum stared at her in awe. You’d think she had just performed a magic trick. Her mum laid down the magnifying glass and experimented on her own. She had zoomed in so close she could count the number of pores on her frenemy’s face.

Ask Her How It Happened

Today was a busy day for Twitter user Demon Lord Dante. She had cauldrons to stir, souls to haunt, and embers to stoke. She also had to iron freshly laundered clothes in between chores. How else would you expect demon lords to rock their goth outfits? But she had to do it before a desperate human summoned her.

Image Courtesy of @goth _ cakes/ Reddit

If there is one takeaway lesson from this, it’s that demon lords need a little help from others too. She couldn’t rely on Cerberus to iron the clothes for her, but thanks to the three-headed dog, she finally smelled the burning clump of mallows.

Find A New Girlfriend

How do you know it’s time to move on in a relationship? If you feel like you aren’t listened to, or there’s a fresh serving of disrespect, then it’s best to cut your losses and pack your bags. Another good reason is when your girlfriend turns your new iron into a boiling plastic spreader.

Image Courtesy of [unknown] / Reddit

This Reddit user couldn’t contain his disappointment when his girlfriend showed him what she had done. She tried! She was only able to ruin a couple of his favorite limited edition t-shirts. Then she smelt something odd wafting from each shirt. Must’ve been a bad laundry day, or she might have just been a really bad girlfriend.

Bluetooth: On

It seems like there’s another hidden feature to Bluetooth devices. Not only can you send files or stream music, but you can also search for misplaced items like your phone. Take it from this woman. She couldn’t find her phone, but she was sure it was somewhere in...

Image Courtesy of Schelle / Reddit

Or out of the car. It was still connected to the car’s Bluetooth system. In fact, she had been able to receive a few phone calls despite not knowing where it was. It’s a good thing that it was a busy morning. She hadn’t been overspeeding, and fortunately, that phone clung tightly to the edge of the car.

A Nice Way to Guilt-Trip You

There are a lot of things we take for granted. One thing we dont like to think about includes the number of animals who had been tested upon, or skinned alive for their suede leather skin and/or feathers. These items are then used to create bags, belts, and even feather pillows.

Image Courtesy of Black Death Zombie Swede / Reddit

To give you a visual representation, this is the number of feathers plucked and shoved into one feather pillow. If that isn’t enough to put you on a guilt trip, we don’t know what will. If you are the owner of feather pillows though, it is not advisable to stuff them in the washing machine. They need to be cleaned by a professional, case in point- refer to the crime scene above!

Poof, It’s Gone

Kimritto has a juicy secret. She’s actually a great magician. Once, when she had tried to grill a couple of pork chops, she ended up performing a vanishing trick. Don’t worry. No rabbits were hurt during this act. She didn’t need any magic words. All she had to do was forget where she had placed the drip tray.

Image courtesy of Kimritto / Reddit

How long had it taken her to realize her mistake? Just ten minutes. She had finally given up finding the drip tray. Well, the Forman Grill ought to be ready for those chops by now. She lifts the cover and discovers where the drip tray had vanished to.

Perfect for Steady Hands

With birthday celebrations and family reunions around the corner, this dad couldn’t help but feel giddy about making new memories. Lately, he had joined in on the fad of taking pictures and then posting them online. But he has an odd way of doing it. It must be because he has such steady hands.

Image Courtesy of deal droper / Reddit

When asked why he does what he does, he answered, isn’t this file transfer? His son snorted a laugh and then proceeded to teach him how it was done. Swipe down, find the Bluetooth button, and search devices. Easy peasy done in less than a minute. Now, how about you try it? Steady or unsteady hands, this dad can now share and receive a hundred pictures in over a minute.

What’s Your Status?

With a lot of time on her hands, Nancy Groves’ mum figured that she could while the hours away on Netflix. She had a list of movies and tv series that she wanted to watch. But she couldn’t, for the life of her, figure out how to get on Netflix.

Image courtesy of Nancy Groves / Twitter

She did what every mother would. She called tech support. Her neck craned towards the kitchen where Nancy Groves was busy making a sandwich. Hon, I can’t figure out how to get on to @netflix. Her kid’s brows knitted. She pointed the button with the butterknife. Did you try clicking on this button?

Friend Request Received

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, this teacher had been implementing distance-based learning in her class. After finishing her lecture, she would give out seat works for everyone to answer. Students can access the virtual library to conduct research. It seems like they could also DM her in case they have any questions. Oh, but first, you would have to seek a friend request.

Image courtesy of dstryker 120 / Reddit

She had noticed that her students were smiling sheepishly. They would look down at their desk or off to the side. Some stared fixedly at the screen, waiting for the next juicy scrap of news about office politics. If they could, they would hover the mouse over the react button and select wow.

T Minus 4

There seems to be an interesting reason behind this Reddit user’s name – half_smashed_face. He had been working on a project. The last piece would be 3D printed hardware, but it would take over 20 hours to finish. Unfortunately, his sister pulled the plug a couple of hours before the print could finish. If this had happened to us, our faces would contort in grotesque horror too.

Image courtesy of Half Smashed Face / Reddit

This is why you should restrict people from coming in and out of your room. It would have been an equally vain effort if he had hung a sign that said, ” do not disconnect this plug.” His sister isn’t the type to read the fine print. So really, he is left with one other option – spend another day printing the hardware.

Every Geek’s Worst Nightmare

Every computer geek has a sanctuary put in place for their desktop PC. With the money that they’re spending, they would go to lengths to protect their hardware. That means no food and drinks within a meter radius, clean hands when touching the keyboard, and a heightened sense of smell for burns and other ungodly things.

Image Courtesy fo Dragon Khan / Reddit

If only this end-user had that last bit, then she wouldn’t have burnt the PC. She had placed a heater right near it and was puzzled at the smell of plastic burning. She hadn’t been flat ironing her hair. So, where could that burn possibly come from? Bet computer geeks would rather that her hair caught on fire.

Your Computer Lightbug

When explaining what keyboard backlighting is too older folks, we tend to characterize it as your neighborhood firefly. It’s supposed to guide your way in the dark. Fill in entry forms and compose text with ease, without having to switch on the room light.

Image courtesy of Silaxs / Reddit

This dad didn’t have any trouble typing. But he had accidentally turned off keyboard backlighting. Being the independent handyman, he thought of writing over the keys so that he can see the keys in the dark. The only thing we would have done differently was to use glow-in-the-dark paint!

Wring It Dry

There seems to be some truth to the belief that women love making men’s lives more difficult. When Reddit user notw86‘s wife scheduled a cleaning spree one afternoon, she had come across his flash drive on his desk. Yuck, she thought as she pried her fingers away from the junk.

Image courtesy of notw86 / reddit

Reddit user notw86 saw the familiar hue of his flash drive foaming under his wife’s fingers. Is that what I think it is? He edges towards his wife. Ah, this, it’s too sticky. So I thought I should clean it. He grabs it from her fingers and tells her that it was a flash drive! That would have been enough for anyone to understand. But his wife simply turned her back on him and returned to rinse the dishes.

Two for One

After buying herself a new phone, this mum knew she had to get herself a screen protector. She had her daughter search for one online and kept the phone in near-sterile conditions to keep it from getting any scratches. When the package arrived, she hurriedly placed the screen protector over it. This was how it looked like afterward.

Image Courtesy of The Pwn Shop / Reddit

It seems like mum had gotten two screen protectors for the price of one! Her daughter had to explain that she had misused the item. Mum had actually used the screen protector’s throwaway film, hence the splotchy images and the need for frequent reapplication. Well, we’re certain mum isn’t the only one to commit this error.

Faulty Charger

If there’s anything we are certain older folks can manage, it’s charging their devices. All they have to do is plug the end bit of the cable into the device port and then plug the pronged-end into the wall socket. It isn’t rocket science. But as in school, some people struggle to follow instructions.

Image Courtesy of Gumball Jones / Reddit

Reddit user Gumball Jones‘ mother-in-law got half of it right. And for that, we should give her half a point. Gumball Jones probably hadn’t explained that she could remove the USB cable and plug in the cable fit for the Kindle tab. Too bad she missed a half day’s reading session.

Need A Copy Of This

Mum needed to save this particular conversation. She couldn’t rely on her faulty memory. So she experimented with the scanner. If she placed it a bit too high, the print was too grainy. If she placed it an inch lower, the picture was too dim. Fortunately, her daughter came to the rescue.

Image Courtesy of Mcgray / Reddit

It’s called a screenshot, mum. It’s easier than it sounds. All you have to do is to press the home button and top button at the same time. There. The conversation is filed away in her gallery. Now, how about you try it? Mum fumbles at first and then gets the hang of it. In a quarter of an hour, she has made a screenshot of the entire conversation.

Ariel Found It

An irate customer walked into the Apple store. She wouldn’t wait for her turn and demanded that the few agents attend to her needs. What had been her concern? She claimed that her phone no longer seemed to work. It seemed sorta fried. As a customary check, the agent asked if she had dropped it in water. No, she forcefully answered. You’d think she was being accused of a crime. He scraped off a smudge of rust on the topside, then unscrewed the case.

Image courtesy of LT Pineapples / Reddit

We don’t think she dropped it. In fact, she might have just swum in the water with it. It would have taken a couple of seconds for the water to seep into this phone unit – what with its superior make. And it would have taken a minute tops for water to coat every single component within. The agent only had one thing to say to the customer – Void warranty. Ariel found it in seawater.

Why He Needs Two Phones

With the advent of dual sims, you wouldn’t have to grapple with two phones. All you have to do is press a couple of buttons to send messages from either sim. But this dad doesn’t believe in that. He asks, how else will I be able to record videos?

Image courtesy of scoliosis is sad / Reddit

To be fair, learning how to use a screen record app can be tricky. You would also need some storage space for the X number of experiments. But dad got the hang of it eventually. He didn’t have to assemble this kit or borrow his kid’s phone anymore.

As Good As The Real Thing

When this dad found out that he got a money-off voucher, the kid in him beamed. He can finally buy the wrench set he had set his sights on. It didn’t matter if he didn’t have the budget for it. He phoned his son to tell him he would be going to the local handyman store. Oh, what wouldn’t we do for discounts?

Image courtesy of o mo chreach / Reddit

To ensure that he would be able to buy the set a pound and a half cheaper, he photocopied his phone showing the bar code. Then he pocketed it. There’s no way the cashier attendant can refuse to apply this discount. When he had come home, not even the gleam of the wrench set could outshine the one that was on his face.

Need Some Light

Reddit user kjb0419 wanted to customize his CPU. He had a couple of programs he needed up and running for work. So he set aside a day for the process. With tools in hand, he carefully unscrewed the hardware. He couldn’t see much in the dim light. So he flicked a lighter and then burnt the small end of a candlewick.

Image Courtesy of kjb0419 / Reddit

We can’t say that things happened according to plan. He probably hadn’t even thought this through when he placed the candle atop the hardware. When he was done with everything, he quizically wondered why he couldn’t boot the CPU. Maybe he should try turning it on and off again?

Designed to Crack

After reading this post, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for this woman. We think she is being too hard on herself. After buying an iPhone 12 Pro, she managed to embellish it with cracks. It hadn’t even been a whole day since she dropped it. It had only been six hours.

Image courtesy of suprenaut / Reddit

There, there. Apple products are meant to break in ordinary conditions. That’s the only way for the company to get people to purchase products in less than a year. So there’s no need to be too harsh on yourself if you find your iPhone riddled with cracks and scratches. Just get a new one!