40+ Nightmare-Inducing Photos That Make Us Feel Anxious

By Aakash M

There is a subreddit group that puts a whole other spin on the word “curiosity” in the most morbid way possible, and we’re talking about the group WTF. If you have been following The Rocket Science for a while now, you would know we have a soft spot for all the freaky and nightmarish photos.

This subreddit group has cornered the market for uncanny photos because some of the pictures you might stumble upon are enough to make us say, “What the f*** is going on here!?” That shots are truly ridiculous, but we can’t seem to look away.

With over 6 million members, we had a variety of photos to choose from. On that note, we have put together a few of the most bizarre images we could find. So, fasten your seat belts, get ready to have your minds blown, and take a look at these images!

First thoughts?

Before beginning, ophidiophobia alert. If you have a fear of snakes, it’s better to skip this one! There are certain species that form something called a mating or breeding ball. It sounds like it’s some fancy dance event, but nope. Not even close.

Image credits; Reddit/ devdevo19

It’s just a lot of male snakes swarming over the same female snake in an attempt to mate with her. We know it sounds disgusting, but that’s true. This mating ball is of garter snakes, and it was taken in Manitoba, Canada.

A creature in a creature

This image is gross, so it could make you feel queasy. This fish is called a Ling Cod. The fish does look ugly, but it’s a popular dish, and it is said to taste amazing. Anyways, these guys caught one of them while they were fishing.

Image credits: Reddit / indelibleice

Upon catching it, they discovered something while its mouth was opened. As you can see, the fish does have some sharp teeth. But that’s a whole octopus inside its mouth! We think it had just gone on a hunting spree before being caught.


Horrifying. That was literally the first word that came out of our mouths as soon as we saw this image. We believe many of you must have felt similarly upon coming across this monstrosity. Let us tell you an interesting thing about it.

Image credits: Reddit / MrGaash

This whole thing has been made out of cat hair. Whoever made this utilized their free time pretty well. It is oddly creative, with the large cat-man-like thing grabbing the little cat, while the both of them, although not real cats, are made out of cat hair.


What you are about to see is something nobody would wish for, even their worst enemies. We’re serious. This image was taken after this person bought a tin of peas and opened it. That’s absolutely terrifying. Can you guess what that is?

Image credits: Reddit / ID6WU

That’s a caterpillar that doesn’t look so hungry. Because if it were, it would’ve eaten right through the peas. But again, it drowned in the oil, so even worse, that’s a dead caterpillar. To everybody reading this who’s going to have peas for lunch or dinner, we apologize.

A nerve-wracking experience

Can you take a guess about what this thing could be? We seriously have no idea. Our closest guess was a scarecrow, but we know that’s not even close. It’s just too scary to be a scarecrow. Either way, it looks really eerie.

Image credits: Reddit/ FesteringDarkness

People are already scared of the dark. This thing just might send somebody into a different kind of panic zone. Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night to get some water from the fridge, and the moment you open the fridge, you see this. We just made it worse.


We feel pity for the yacht because the two heavy-looking sea lions on top of it aren’t of any good help to the yacht. We don’t know if it’s just the angle or if the yacht is small, but these animals look humongous on the boat.

Image credits: Reddit / KillerBunnyFamily

We think the animals are mating here, and adding to that, the top of a sinking yacht is quite a strange place. It’s good that it’s being lifted up, but what about the sea lions in that case? Male sea lions can weigh up to 2,200 pounds!

Quite bizarre

This image looks confusing, but we’ll clear that up in a moment. All the contents you see were found inside a Dollar Tree in Sacramento, California. Looking at the syringe and other stuff, it looks terrible. The person who took this could have Facetimed.

Image credits: Reddit / Firstworldreality

All of it is just a vast puzzle. That probably looks like a quarter pounder or any other simple burger, but what is the point of planting dandelions on it? Those items contain latex. Also, what business does the syringe have here? Is this art?

Built different

This shark has really got a hunch. It’s not old, nor does it have any other problems. We just had to put the generic guesses out of the way. As far as we can tell, this shark has a spinal condition called Kyphosis.

image credits: Reddit / SurvivalGrid

Well, it’s more like a spinal abnormality. It basically means that it has a bent spine. The term would have been lordosis if the spine were bent upward and scoliosis if it were sideways. Either way, it’s really, really painful, as you can see.

Bat problems

Even looking at this image gives us the chills. Anyways, this guy was just working at his early in the morning and was about to put his headset on. When he finally put it on his head, he felt something furry in his ear. Wow, that’s too much already.

Image credits: Reddit / soulhacler

It turns out that there was a bat in his headset! That could freak anyone out now. But where does this guy work? As far as we know, bats ending up in the headphones of people working in offices isn’t such a common thing.

Temporary stay

Look at this cow posing for the camera. What happened here is that a small herd of cows found their way into this newly-built Montana home. They ended up making it their humble abode for about a month. How resourceful!

Image credits: Reddit / asadali0786

We only believe something like that would’ve been possible if this newly built house was uninhabited. Anyways, the owners only noticed after a month, and although we can only see half a room in the image, we can only imagine the mess they’ve created.

Chilling around

Cat’s can get you all freaked out at times. The things that they do or end up doing are simply unbelievable. They’re flexible animals, and here’s a surprising fact about them. They’ll still land on all fours if they jump from a high point.

Image credits: Reddit / wirpvp

Maybe this cat knows that fact. Therefore, it knows its capabilities, which is why it thought of sitting in such a risky position, freaking the living daylights out of its owners. They took a photo of it, so maybe they weren’t so shocked.

Lurking in the woods

This photo was taken by a person who was skiing cross-country. Well, the best thing about this image is that it was taken in broad daylight. We can pretty much tell that things would’ve been really different if they took it at night.

Image credits: Reddit / Dronas

We can clearly see that it’s a tree, but the way it has grown makes it looks like a huge human-shaped figure that runs around the woods at night, scaring people. It resembles a figure that’s facing the other side. We hope it doesn’t turn around.

That’s gotta hurt

We felt the pain while looking at this image. That’s how bad it looks. On the bright side, this photo is an old one. So, the person with those marks has probably healed by now. This guy had fallen on that thing, which is called a gusset plate.

image credits: Reddit / mithrilbong

A gusset plate is a metal plate that is mainly used for connecting beams and girders to columns. These things are usually connected with the help of bolts, rivets, or welding. So, maybe this guy was about to commit to this endeavor, and then, boom.

Never again

This one is gonna get you guys excited. Arachnophobia alert, just so you have been warned. Firstly, that’s a lot of spiders. The people would’ve been rattled if they were in the tent, irrespective of whether they were arachnophobic or not.

Image credits: Reddit / whoanellie418

These things are called the Grand-Daddy-Long-Leg spider, and contrary to the myth, they’re pretty much harmless, but there’s a twist. These little guys are venomous. They have the most poisonous venom in the world, but their jaws are too small to bite you!

We’re occupied

Imagine you’re walking back home on a typical day, and you hear some noises. When you try to find out what’s happening, you come across this. That looks like at least 20-30 raccoons all cramped up in that small dumpster.

Image credits: Reddit / VerySlump

Unless they’re all injured, which doesn’t seem to be the case, they can all get out of there just fine. So, that’s not an issue. But how did they end up there? And if they ended up there by themselves, why? We can’t deny they look cute.

Free cleaning

Let us tell you what happened here. This person was chilling on his porch at night and decided to leave his shoes outside. The following day, he forgot about them and went to work. When he came back home, he found something extraordinary.

Image credits: Reddit / megawaveoven

We know that looks bad, but it’s not all that terrible. The slugs are probably cleaning his shoes, that too, for no additional costs. It’s free as long as they don’t stay and make a life there, in which case, it would be a problem.

The amount of confusion

This image confuses us a lot. What’s that thing in the first place? What’s it doing there, and why does it look so weird? It looks like no animal on this Earth, so it would leave anybody clueless and wondering about what it is.

Image credits: Reddit / V8TITAN

We have a guess, though, and it’s as close as it can get. That’s probably the behind of a deer that someone hung up in this shop. It has been modified to look like a weird face, but the guy did a lousy job. It just looks gross.


That dress looks nice, and we’re sure that it would make a little girl look like a cute and graceful princess. But, the mannequin’s face and body do not match at all! Well, that’s pretty obvious from the image.

Image credits: Reddit / Drumslover

It looks so horrifying that people would instead not buy the dress than look at the mannequin and go through the procedure. Honestly, we think that the mannequin would look much better without the face of a grown man!

Modified skeleton

When you look at this skeleton from a considerable distance, you won’t spot anything different about it. But, as you come closer, you’ll notice that there’s something seriously wrong with it. The skeleton has fur. A lot of fur!

Image credits: Reddit / BigDaddyCocoNutS

We wonder how this person made this thing, and honestly, this skeleton would look scarier than the normal one if you were to come across one of these in a dark alley. Also, doesn’t it look like some sort of a disease-ridden Bigfoot?

Life hacks

That’s quite the hot water hack over there. But, of course, we have many questions after looking at this rather-different technology. The first and the biggest question we have is, how would anybody pour hot water from it?

Image credits: Reddit / SHQUAK

Next, that’s not the most helpful water hack as well. We can suggest a simpler alternative, which would be to walk to the appliance, heat the water up, and pour it. That’s less time-consuming than building a whole rig network just to avoid a few steps.


Everybody wants a house upgrade, and when people get one, they also want to upgrade different areas of the house. Some people want a kitchen upgrade, while some want a closet makeover. Speaking of closet upgrades, what do you know!

Image credits: Reddit / KerbalEngineer

That’s probably the weirdest and most non-sensical closet upgrade we have ever come across. A sink and a urinal inside a closet. Who would’ve ever thought of it, and most of all, who is ever going to need that stuff?

Can’t be excused

The person who posted this image on the subreddit said that he found this glove on Facebook. Let us tell you what’s unique about the glove here. It’s a chicken glove, which means that it’s made out of chicken skin.

Image credits: Reddit / Sufficient-Ad-4091

We wonder if it’s edible? That would be gross, but again, you never know what could happen because even our perceptions and expectations have changed after looking at so many bizarre images. Anyways, wearing a chicken glove seems utterly disgusting.

Not this!

There you go. Pokemon has been ruined. We’ll always cherish the special memories, though. This is the exact moment where we feel like saying, “Pikachu, No!” We know you all agree with us on this one. But we can’t help it.

Image credits: Reddit / warragle

The damage has been done, and to be honest, it’s just too late for any of that to be done now. So, it will be in the best interest of all of us if we just move on and simply accept things for how they are as of now.

Why? Just why?

If we had an option to unsee any image out of all the previous and upcoming images, we’d honestly choose to unsee this image because we just can’t take this one. That looks like a car seat but look closely. It’s a theater seat.

Image credits: Reddit / rollabladess

You can’t even bring a lot of stuff to the theaters, so you don’t have the best chance of cleaning this mess up unless you call the staff. If you do that during the movie, it’s gonna cause a lot of problems for you and other people! Plus, how random!!

Hangout spot

This person’s refrigerator stopped working. Precisely, it stopped getting cold. So, he called the technicians, who arrived shortly. Upon a bit of investigation, they found out these guys were hanging around in the back of the fridge. Yes. They’re all ants.

Image credits: Reddit / GoodGuyPedo

Ants, although most of them harmless, can get quite annoying in such situations. There are just a lot of them, and they never seem to go! But, the key here is to get the nest. If you don’t do that, they’ll keep on coming!

Moments before disaster?

This image was taken moments before a disaster. But, the only question is, how many moments ago? We can only hope that this issue would’ve been fixed by now. There’s not that much happening in this image, but it’s certainly terrifying.

Image credits: Reddit / HattoriHanzo983

On the bright side, this problem can be fixed with ease. All they need to do is grab some duct tape, zip ties, and spray foam. We know it’s a little big, but it would work, right? Obviously, that would hold up for maybe five minutes.


The person who posted this image captioned it by saying that they had a lot of questions. We’d second that because we’re equally curious about what is exactly happening in this image. Gladly, we also found a few logical answers.

Image credits: Reddit / MrDiou

Either the house is about to be loaded on a flatbed to move it to a new location, or it was just moved to this place from someplace else. The people might have replaced the foundation of the house while lifting it to put in the new one.


Ladies and gents, behold the strangest advertisement of all time. We aren’t only calling it strange because it looks so, but also because it makes no sense at all. We have read this thing like 50 times, and it still doesn’t make sense.

Image credits: Reddit / Maddybear167

Firstly, it talks about pledging some sort of allegiance to “strange,” if that’s even a thing. Next, it asks you to ask (ask whom, though?) how to become “the friend with benefits.” Then there’s a really strange blob-like figure drinking boba tea. If you like the feeling of a headache, consider reading it.

An unusual one

Could we call this one a reverse Jack-O-Lantern, considering that they’re usually carved in a different way? Well, we don’t think that’s the perfect thing to do because that black stuff is the mold growing from within. That’s gross.

Image credits: Reddit / B-L-O-C-K-S

Anyways, it’s not like the mold has been growing that way. The person behind it has obviously been shaping and trimming it so that it would look like some sort of a sick Jack-O-Lantern, and to that, we’d say, mission accomplished. It’s creative.

As random as it can get

Let us tell you that this image is not from a video game that’s in its developmental stage because maybe we can add whatever we want over there. It is all happening in real life, and we are just as confused as you are.

Image credits: Reddit / B-L-O-C-K-S

That fish is either not real, or it fell on this car from a transportation truck. As much as we can think, these two are quite the logical explanations for it. Do you have anything in mind about what could’ve possibly happened here?

Is that a demon?

Looking at this poster gives us the creeps. In reality, the person who posted this image lives near an optometrist’s practice. The place has a huge poster outside their office for advertising their contact lenses, as you can see in the image below.

Reddit/ philosophyfirst1989

That poster has become a bit old and vintage by now, so instead of looking like a neat advertisement for contact lenses, it looks like something else completely. It looks like a ghost is looking at you through the window or something.

A big prank

No offense to the motel owners, but when you see a sign that says, “CLOWN MOTEL,” and it has that image on it, you should get the heck out of dodge! Better, you should steer clear of that place. The person who took this photo had guts.

Image credits: Reddit / DiosMioMan63

That sign looks like it could fall anytime. Maybe that itself is a prank, and it actually won’t fall, but again, you never know what could happen next when you see something like that. Either way, it looks dangerous, and it’s better to stay away.


The person who shared this image on the subreddit captioned it by saying, “I wish this weren’t real.” Well, that makes many of us. We also bet that mushrooms randomly sprouting out of the ground and making their way through the house was the last thing the owners wanted.

Reddit/ HelloAvram

Figuring which mushroom would be right to eat and which mushroom would be quite difficult, too. One could taste good in a soup, one could make you see different things, and one could maybe kill you. You never know what powers they hold.

Just a regular day at work

Is that a pet Komodo Dragon, or is that a wild Komodo Dragon that has broken out from the zoo and is now wreaking havoc? That’s a lame question, but hey, it looks like a pet Komodo Dragon that’s just hanging out at the store.

Image credits: Reddit/ This monitor lizard

This one simply wandered into the store one day because he was hungry. Also, if these things were there, there would never be a rodent problem. Come to think of it, even people wouldn’t come to the store if this guy were there, let alone rodents.


In the introduction, we told you we’d be showing you photos that would make you rethink stuff. It is the kind of stuff that you see in nightmares. This image is exactly that. When you think of nightmares, things like this is what you see.

Image credits: Reddit / madethisjustforpewds

You see a snake trying to break into your house through a broken part of the ceiling. If that’s not a nightmare, we don’t know what is. That’s going to be a massive problem for the house owners. Let’s not forget how dangerous the whole situation could also be for the snake.

New residence

Here’s what happened in this image. This office mainly had been empty for the whole of 2020 and 2021. But, this person decided to go to his office one day. While he was there, he thought of brewing some coffee. After brewing, he lifted the pump lever where he found this web.

Image credits: Reddit / F4L2OYD13

Well, it’s true. You can do most things on the web, but not coffee. Just kidding! We think that things like these are among the main reasons why remote workers would rather quit their jobs than have to go to the office every day.

Do not try these at home

That’s not just a funny title for what you’re about to see. That’s actually a legitimate warning for the monstrous creations in this image. Try not to puke or switch off your phones out of disgust because such things could occur.

Image credits: Reddit / iRottenEgg

Well, there you have it. It’s simply unbearable. Bizarre foods are different things, and eating two different food items is also a different thing, like chicken and chocolate (ew.) But what’s this? The makers really went through all the effort of manufacturing hundreds of butter soda bottles?

The devil?

Has the devil come down to Earth? After taking a gander at this image, we could only think about the Netflix show Lucifer. It turns out that these people are buying souls. We can only wonder what happens when you dial the number.

Image credits: Reddit / element13th

We did a bit of research on it, and it turns out that the phone number code is for Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles, among other parts of LA. Who knows what’s actually going down over there? Just kidding!


The only reasonable explanation behind this knock-off of Ronald McDonald is that the whole thing is a fraud. Whoever made this has done quite a terrible job at imitating the mascot that sits outside every McDonald’s. It looks nightmarish.

Image credits: Reddit / RecycledDonuts

The only thing that resembles the mascot here is the color and the outfit. If you count those two factors out, the thing basically looks like a three-legged spider-clown version of Pinocchio. We know that’s not even a thing, but that’s how confusing it looks.

Totally safe

Let us tell you what this image is. It is literally everything but safe. First of all, how is the driver even carrying all that? Didn’t he think what would happen if those things came falling down while he was on the road?

Image credits: Reddit / alleavel

Even if it did fall down on the road, there would be no harm for him, but it would cause a great deal of damage to other cars within at least a 100-200 meter distance of the truck (from behind). Secondly, there’s no safety at the back!

A lot of hair

We have a genuine question here. What on Earth is going on with this guy’s hair? Well, um… great texture, great thickness, but overall, it’s all peculiar! Perhaps a haircut would’ve made things better. At least that’s what we think.

Image credits: Reddit / Miinka

That, over there, is what you call a “Beaver’s Tail.” That thing basically ends up forming by itself, and all you need to do for it is nothing. Don’t wash your hair, don’t brush your hair, and don’t even put water on it. Just let it be. It will end up looking like this thick mat.

Surprise surprise

The person who shared this image could have had a really painful experience, but they were vigilant enough to save themselves. The image is that of a lush bath bomb. It’s the things you put in your bathtub while taking a bath.

Image credits: Reddit / Stranger-Than-Vixen

Now, not every bath bomb is like this one. There’s a lot of good about it, and there’s a reason why so many people are crazy about it. This guy must have been unlucky to get one of those defective pieces, or maybe the brand itself wasn’t good.

Regular office day

This is what a regular day for a fiber technician at the office looks like. Well, that’s the official day for at least this fiber technician, according to his caption. If we’d judge from the first looks, that looks like a pretty tough day for a fiber technician.

Image credits: Reddit / SpeedX21

There’s gonna be a lot of bugs in there (puns intended). It looks really scary, and if we were there, we’d never even think of poking our hands in there. That looks like a fine and cozy condo where wasps would reside.

A place to rest

Take a look at this image. Now, tell us what you think about the thing near the cat. Can you guess what that ball even is? It could take some time because it could get really confusing. That’s a cat bed!

Image credits: Reddit/ Gunnrhildr

First of all, it looks bizarre, but that’s a creative idea. Who would’ve thought of that kind of a design for a cat bed? Anyways, we can only wonder what would happen if anybody came across this cat bed during the night when the lights were off.

Fashion sense

What would we name this fashion style? It’s obviously a really new concept as far as we have seen, so we’ll give that to the guy. But, we think it would at least take a few hundred years for something like this to be normalized.

Image credits: Reddit/ TooHigh2Die420

Anyways, this guy could either be going for some kind of a shoot or fancy dress competition. He looks an awful lot like Jack Sparrow, so we’ll give him that as well. We also love how everybody minds their own business, and nobody’s curious about his fashion statement!

A day in the life of a makeup artist

Ever wondered how films like It and Predator were able to create such memorable monsters that still keep us up at night? Well, it’s all thanks to SFX makeup. This kind of makeup takes a lot of time and requires a lot of skill but the result is usually quite impressive.

Image credits: aminoapps.com

For example, when we first saw this picture, it made our skin crawl. What was this supposed to be? It looks like a hand that was bitten by a mysterious creature with hundreds of tiny vicious teeth! Whatever it was, the artist definitely understood the assignment. Would you have this done to your hand?