40 Mythic Creatures That Make Us Want To Sleep With A Night Light

By Luis G

If you’re an avid binge-watcher, then you’ve probably skipped or even planted a toe into the dazzling weirdness that is the CW series Supernatural – A vortex of bat guano shenanigans with all manner of bizarre creatures and spooky “catch you in your sleep and drag you to hell” monsters. What’s interesting about the show’s mythology is its wide embrace of North American legends and folklore. The States might be relatively new compared to its European cousins or Middle Eastern peers, but it has managed to collect a lot for its fledgling years in service. America is brimming with all manner of supernatural baddies, cryptozoological mysteries, and scary hauntings. It’s a land full of imagination and rich cultural heritage — in many cases, one that translates to mythological creatures of all shapes and sizes. Europe might have the Whitechapel Vampire and Frankenstein’s monsters and Prague’s Golem. Still, America, the good old USA – has the Lusca, the Loveland Frogman, the legendary Mothman, and countless other things that go numb in the night. Stay tuned, grab on tight and join the ride as we give you just a taste of what the US is hiding once the lights go down and the creepy crawlers come out to play.

The Loveland Frogman

As part of Ohio folklore, the Loveland frogman is supposed to be a 4-foot tall creature that’s was apparently spotted in the outskirts of a big city. It first drew the attention of the populace in 1972, when a police officer described a chance encounter with the creature.

Image courtesy of Tim Bertelink/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia

The Loveland frog has been compared to other folklore creations like Paul Bunyan. It has been sighted numerous times and even, in 2016, a news station reported that a specimen of the creature was shot and killed by a police officer. 

The Lusca

This creepy crawler has had a rather prestigious outing. Why? It was the main attraction behind one of Jeremy Wade’s popular series River Monster. The Lusca is a mythical creature that’s supposed to attack divers and fishermen and drown them.

Image courtesy of cryptidz.wikia

Said to live inside deep water caverns, the lusca has been described as a sea witch, a lost spirit, and even a Chimera — a mix of two frightening creatures. The most famous description of the creature is that of a monster of half-octopus and half-shark. 

The St. Augustine Monster

At the turn of the 19th century, in St. Augustine, Florida, the remains of a sea creature washed ashore. The media went insane and started to cover the mystery. To this day, no one knows exactly what the sea creature was. 

Image courtesy of mysteriousuniverse.org

The St. Augustine monster is described as a giant octopus, a Kraken, a lusca, or something yet unidentified. It’s become part of Florida’s oral tradition, and in that region, it has obtained legendary status. It’s even become a sort of mascot for St. Augustine.

The Headless Horseman

From Washington Irving’s novel Sleepy Hollow, the legend of the headless horseman is based on “real” accounts. Its rise to fame has only been exasperated by Disney and Tim Burton’s now-classic film. Everyone has heard of the creature that chased poor Ichabod Crane.

Image courtesy of Popsci

The headless horseman is an offshoot of a demonic being from Irish mythology, the Dullahan. It is a vestigial carry-on, something that we brought back from the old country with mass migration. It was first mentioned in American Folklore in 1820. 

The Skinwalker

Part of Navajo belief, the Skin-Walker, or eye naaldlooshii, is a form of a harmful warlock or witch that’s supposed to have the ability to disguise themselves as any sort of animal. It is one of that culture’s worst and most frightening creatures.

Image courtesy of Mystic Politics

Little is known about the legend of the skin-walker outside of Navajo culture. Why? They are reluctant to talk about them to outsiders. In Navajo tradition, when you discuss something, you invite it to make an appearance —The Lord Voldermont rule. 


The Batsquatch is a flying monster or a cryptic that was said to have been released from the bowels of the underworld when Mount St. Helen erupted in the 1980s. It has been sighted numerous times in the state of Washington. 

Image courtesy of karlshuker

The creature is said to have large yellow teeth, bird-like feet, a muzzle, and a massive bat-like wingspan. It is said to haunt and hunt near the volcano from where it spewed. Also, just for kicks, it’s the name of an award-winning beer. 

The Black Demon

“El Demonio Negro” is a huge black shark that is said to haunt the waters of Baja California and the area where that state meets Mexico. In recent years, it has caught the imagination of millions as local fishermen often reported seeing it. 

Image courtesy of yqqlm.com

It is said to either be a Megalodon shark or a new undiscovered species of shark similar to a great white. Not much is known about it, but numerous investigations have been launched to catch photographic proof of its existence. 

The Squonk

One of the most pathetic creatures on this list, this Pennsylvania native is said to be a saggy, round, and dripping wet monstrosity that is constantly ashamed of its appearance. The creature is said to always be crying since it can’t stand what it looks like.

Image courtesy of enkidoublog

The Squonk is said to be covered in warts and pus-filled acne. Its power seems to be its ability to escape any sort of captivity by teleporting away. And how does it do that? By crying itself into a pool of its own tears and sinking into it. 

The Skunk Ape

An Everglades native, the Skunk Ape is Florida’s equivalent of a Sasquatch. The creatures are said to live in a massive national park. Most believe they hunt in packs and have a tribe mentality. They are said to be gentle creatures. 

Image courtesy of discover.hubpages.com

In Florida, the skunk ape has obtained celebrity status. The creature even has a research, museum, and gift shop nestled just on the outskirts of the everglades on the Tamiami Trail. There have been numerous sightings of it across the state.

Fresno Nightcrawler

Also known as the Fresno alien, this cryptid has made numerous appearances in California and Yosemite National Park. The nightcrawler is a pale white humanoid creature that is unworldly. It is said to be very similar to what aliens are supposed to look like. 

Image courtesy of Tumblr

The creature has been videotaped by security cameras and appears to have no ill intentions. Some believe that it is a misidentified deer standing on its hind legs. Others simply believe that it’s more proof the ETs are real. 

Colossal Claude

A sea serpent with the head of a Camel, Claude is said to inhabit the lakes and river bends of Oregon. He has an evil-looking sharp tail and is a fairly docile creature. Many claim that Claude is a descendant of the dinosaurs. 

Image courtesy of cryptidz.fandom

Claude’s biggest crime is that he steals other people’s catches. Fishermen constantly complain that Colossal Claude swims out of nowhere and snatches their halibut right off the line and into his mouth – just a friendly, happy-go-lucky water monster. 

Wood Devils

Wood Devils are said to be denizens of New Hampshire that attack passersby and people who enter their territory. Folks in the area are deathly afraid of them — a cross between an evil spirit, an alien, and a tiger. 

Image courtesy of beforeitsnews

Some eyewitnesses think that they are nothing more than the area’s bigfoot. Others claim that they are creatures summoned from the underworld by some sorcerer or witch to curse the land. Whatever they might be, one thing is for sure, they are terrifying. 

The Wendigo

The Wendigo is a form of cannibalistic spirit that’s supposed to infect humans. It is one of the worst curses that can besiege a human being. It’s a massive hunger that leaves people lipless with intense fangs and a need to devour human flesh. 

Image courtesy of Tumblr

One of the vilest creatures in Algonquian Native Americans, the myth of the Wendigo has haunted the west and serves as a cautionary tale against certain cultural taboos like cannibalism. The wendigo has been featured on multiple films and television specials, even in some of Stephen King’s books.


In 1887, a group of lumberjacks chased a dog into a corner and started beating it with a stick. The creature had stolen their meal, and they wanted it back. Then something shocking occurred. Wait for it. It’s weird.

Image courtesy of dogmanencounters.com

The creature got up on two legs and started bad-mouthing the men. It reached out, snatched the stick, and began giving them a firm lecture. Both men ran away in fear. The dogma is said to roam the woods of Michigan, and to this day, many believe it still resides there. 

The Chupacabra

A relatively new monster, the legend of the Chupacabra started off in the late 1990s. The creature was first spotted in Puerto Rico, but since then, it has migrated into the states, most notably Texas. The Chupacabra is a small vampire-like koala.

Image courtesy of HowStuffWorks

The craze of the Chupacabra is well-known because it was spawned by mass media hysteria. For a whole year, during Clinton’s impeachment, the press went bonkers covering sightings of the “goat sucker.” Many don’t believe in it — others are certain it’s a government experiment gone wrong.

The Vampire of Rhode Island

In the late 19th century, America was seized by Vampire Mania. Witches were no longer being hunted. The big boogeyman folks fear was vampires. One case involved the relatives of George Brown, who simply kept on dying without any explanations.

Image courtesy of stringfixer.com

The town dug them up and was confident that something was amiss. They discovered that young Mercy Brown was perfectly preserved and intact. Despite her body being burned after that, many believe Mercy still haunts the area as a vampire. 

Alkali Lake Monster

The Alkali Lake Monster is said to be a hoax invented by the local newspaper in order to sell more copies. That’s the rational explanation. Other folks in the area aren’t as certain. This creature is said to be a giant alligator over 100-feet long. 

Image courtesy of bestthenews

This monster is said to drag boats down and snack on swimmers that decide to take a dive in his comfort zone. The locals are extremely afraid of it and constantly try to hunt it down. Whatever it is, it certainly has the populace worried. 

The Night Marchers

Considered one of the scariest creatures on the list, the Night Marchers are a horde of zombie-like monsters that are said to prowl the islands of Hawaii. They are so embedded in that culture that people actually stay home to avoid them on certain nights of the year.

Image courtesy of hawaiianatart

They are supposed to be an army of undead warriors such as soldiers, assassins, and fighters from old skirmishes on the island. They are said to walk around on certain nights in huge groups and enter houses looking for food or solace. 

The Snallygaster

This is one of the few creatures on this list that made it into the big leagues. In what way? It actually had a cameo role in the Harry Potter series. The Snallygaster is said to call Virginia its home. It is a huge, nasty-looking creature said to resemble a dragon.

Image courtesy of Virily

The Snallygaster has haunted settlers since the early 20th century. Natives claim that it has been in the area since that period and terrified them every step of the way. It is supposed to have enormous wings, a long pointed beak, and glowing red eyes at the center of its forehead. 


Momo is a fairly harmless monster. It is said to be a big, stinking, and hairy humanoid that stalks the forests of Missouri. Locals and foreigners have described it as a foul-smelling beast with a friendly all-around attitude towards humans. 

Image courtesy of thrillandkill

The creature is said to be attracted by the stench of food and other snacks, who mostly lumbers up to picnics or cars and stealing a sandwich or two. Most people claim that if you encounter Momo, all you have to do is give it a treat, and he’ll be on their way.


Big-Foot, the Yeti, the skunk ape, Sasquatch are by far one of the most famous creatures on this list. They are a phenomenon up north that’s been the inception point of countless TV reality shows and documentaries. 

Image courtesy of Trinity Journal

What exactly are they? These hairy humanoid creatures are thought to be an ancestor of the human species. A branch of ourselves that split off somewhere along with the past and evolved under different, more feral circumstances. A missing link of some sort.

The White Thang

This next creature of Sasquatch has been spotted wandering the countries of Morgan, since the late 1940s. This albino creature is said to have a thick layer of white skin and a ferocious attitude towards men—one of Alabama’s biggest cryptids.

Image courtesy of tripgrab

In reality, most people think the creature, the White Thangs, a white lion, or a bizarre albino bear. Others swear it’s a cousin of big-foot. Still, a few think it’s a kangaroo painted white that escaped from a zoo.

The Jersey Devil

The legend of the Jersey Devil begins in the Pine Barrens of that state. The creature is said to be the cursed 13th child of the Leeds family. It’s a monster said to have been spawned by the devil. 

Image courtesy of weeklyworldnews

During the early 1900s, the Jersey Devil seemed to be everywhere. In 1909, the Federal Government was dispatched to the state in order to trap or kill the creature. Why? It was frightening everyone and hurting livestock. However, no Jersey Devil was ever caught.


This legendary creature is part of West Virginia folklore. The Mothman is said to be a humanoid creature that serves as a herald of doom. John Keel introduced it to a broader audience in his massively successful book, The Mothman Prophecies

Image courtesy of Cathy Wilkins

The story of the Mothman is carefully tied to one of the state’s worst disasters, the collapse of the Silver Bridge and the death of 46 people. Folks claim that the Mothman was, in fact, warning us of that catastrophe. 

The Thunderbird

The Thunderbird is said to live in North Dakota and is the cousin of the Pterodactyl. The creature is part of Native American myth, and some tribes even worship it as a god. It is said to have magical abilities — including the power to create lightning bolts.

Image courtesy of Ancient Origins

Witnesses who have seen the creature describe it as a majestic animal full of raw energy and power, with a red and yellow tint and a massive 12 feet long wingspan. It is supposed to be very friendly and an omen of good luck. 


Known as the Loch Ness Monster of Alaska, the Tizheruk is said to be a giant sea monster in the form of a serpent that is supposed to stalk the waters of that state. It has been caught in grainy video footage by fishermen.

Image courtesy of Fotosearch

Witnesses have reported seeing the 15-foot creature with a massive flipper. The monsters are said to snatch people off piers, docks, and boats. It is so powerful that it can sink ships and drag fishermen and seamen to their death. 


There are various origin tales concerning this Louisiana Native. The Loup-Garou is supposed to be a werewolf that hunts the bayous near New Orleans. It is often described as a massive feral beast with a human body and the head of a wolf.

Image courtesy of newslocker

The Loup-Garou is also known as the Louisiana Rougarou and has been seen in the area for decades now. It has huge glowing red eyes, razor-sharp teeth, and a hunger for human flesh. Few have survived their encounters with it and told the tale. 

The Richmond Vampire

Locals have claimed that the mausoleum of W.W. Pool in Hollywood Cemetery holds a vampire. The man was supposedly a vampire from England that migrated to the state of Virginia in the early 1800s, fleeing persecution and looking for a new hunting ground. 

Image courtesy of RVA all day/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia

The story grows even more bizarre on account of the collapse of the Church Hill Tunnel in 1925. The railroad tunnel came crashing down, trapping countless. A group of men trying to help survivors were attacked by the creature. They chased the vampire and watched as it disappeared into the mausoleum. 

The Dark Watchers

Natives of the Chumash tribe of California have been inhabiting the area for thousands of years, and they’ve constantly cataloged the presence of these mysterious beings. These otherworldly creatures are called the dark watches that lurk in the twilight sky.

Image courtesy of cryptidz.wikia

Also known as the Old Ones, the dark watchers are described as huge bulking beings with flowing cloaks and wide-brimmed hats that haunt the pastures of California. No one really knows what they are, let alone what they want. 

Mogollon Monster

Also known as the Arizona Sasquatch, the Mogollon Monster is an ape-like being that dwells near the Mogollon Rim. The creature is part of the area’s folklore and has been described by numerous natives since the early 19th century. 

Image courtesy of Payson Roundup

Some think that the creature isn’t a bigfoot but something far more violent and insidious — a skinwalker. Musicals have been made around it, and in Arizona, it has become an icon in their battle against contamination and littering. 

Indrid Cold

Also known as the smiling man of the grinning feed, this West Virginia monster is said to be an alien or a creature connected to the Men in Black phenomena. The first sighting of the creature can be dated back to October 16, 1966.

Image courtesy of theconlblog.com

There have been numerous sightings of Indrid Cold, and many believe he’s an alien spiced and not just one entity. That there are multiple Indrid Colds in the world. Some disagree and consider the creature to be a poltergeist or a demon. 

The Cactus Cat

A creature hailing from the American Southwest, the Cactus Cat is a small bobcat-like being that’s native to California, Nevada, and New Mexico. Cowboys and pioneers of the last century have numerous tales and stories concerning these creatures.

Image courtesy of Mythika/Tumblr

Cactus Cats are born from the entrails of a cactus. They are created when someone cuts a cactus — springing from the wound. Pioneers often protect themselves against them by putting out bowls of milk laced with some liquor — intoxicating the creatures. 

The Slide Rock Bolter

A native of Colorado, the Slide-Rock Bolter is said to be a violent and oftentimes predatory monster that resembles a mountain whale. The creature is said to lurk in mining towns has been known for its savage temper against humans. 

Image courtesy of mysteryoftheiniquity

One of the legends surrounding the Slide- Rock Bolter is that it is responsible for the decimation and flattening of the mining town of Rico. Many believed the creature died during that catastrophe hundreds of years ago. Still, others claim it still exists. 

Tree Octopus

One of the most bizarre creatures on this list, the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, is, well, exactly what it sounds like. It is supposed to be an endangered species of cephalon that can live on both land and water. Its stomping ground is in the Olympic National Forest. 

Image courtesy of zapatopi

Its most giant predator is that area’s Sasquatch. Hikers call them Devils of Trees, and in many cases, they have a bad habit of attacking humans that walk by their nest or under the branches they call home. Some people are certain they are a hoax.

Melon Heads

No one really knows what the Melon Heads are. These natives of Fairfield County, Connecticut, are said to haunt the byways and motorways in the region. Some believe they are inbred cannibals, and others are certain they are the offsprings of escaped asylum patients. 

Image courtesy of leclinicum

The Melon Heads are thought to be vicious humanoids with tiny human eyes and huge hearts that lurk in the woods. They tend to attack motorists and bite whoever tries to tread in their territory. They are savage monsters with a less than friendly personalities. 

The Enfield Horror

The Enfield Horror is a native of Illinois. It is said to be a hissing tripod-like monstrosity that can leap over 25 feet in a single bound. Many think it is an evil spirit, others a robot set loose on the town by a mad scientist, while a few are certain it’s an alien. 

Image courtesy of The Cryptozoologist

No one knows what the Enfield Horror is, but the only thing that is certain is that it is not friendly and doesn’t respond well to people encroaching on its territory. The local sheriff even demands that his deputies take an off-the-book course on how to deal with it if they ever encounter the Enfield Horror. 

The Albino Cannibals

This tribe of humanoid monsters is said to live and snatch hikers that trek the dreaded Ghost Mountains of the Upper Bucks. It’s a region full of mystique and mystery. The Ghost Mountains are filled with macabre and ancient stories. 

Image courtesy of cryptidz.fandom

The Albino Cannibals are among just one of the many odd tales this region has to offer. Others include a Wandering Woolly Mammoth, the specter of a hanged man, countless UFO sightings, and even a couple of juvenile Big-Foot sightings along its ridge.

The Beast of Busco

In the 1940s, a phenomenon occurred near the town of Churubusco — Buscomania. Thousands of folks flocked to the area in order to capture a glimpse of the attempted capture of a giant lake monster called the Beast of Busco.  

Image courtesy of drockpress

Hunters jumped on their boats and did everything in their power to capture this elusive creature. Ultimately, their attempts didn’t come to fruition, and no monsters were ever seized. What exactly were they trying to fish? A Volkswagen-size snapping turtle. 

The Dover Demon

The Dover Demons is a small rosy organ creature that travels on all fours and has glowing eyes. It is said to live in the woods of Massachusetts, and in many cases, when spotted, it usually just runs away and hides. 

Image courtesy of cryptidz.wikia

Many are certain that the creature is an escaped science experiment. One of its most interesting powers is its ability to fuse with trees and rocks and teleport away if it ever feels it is in danger. It’s one of the most uncommon mythical creatures on this list. 

The Montauk Monster 

Have you heard of the shaved raccoon, a science experiment gone wrong? Alien? No one knows what the Montauk monster was. This creature washed ashore on the beaches of Rhode Island and was spotted by a pair of runners during their morning exercises.

Image courtesy of slashfilm

What is truly fascinating about the Montauk Monster is that it’s washed ashore a stone’s throw away from one of the Nation’s best-kept secrets; the East’s Area 51 or Plum Island. Plum Island is a conspiracy theorist’s dream. A spooky CDC secret laboratory is said to house all manner of experiments.