Miners In Uruguay Find A Beautiful Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode

By Stephen M

The symbol for the heart may not resemble the human heart in any way but it has been used in that regard for centuries. As such, we adore anything that comes out in that shape as it represents the heart and love. So when the Uruguay miners found this beautiful heart-shaped amethyst geode, it was all but joy.

The find of the heart-shaped amethyst geode

It was a normal working day for these miners working at the new Uruguay’s Minerals Santa Rosa Mine located in the Catalan area of Artigas. According to Marcos Lorenzelli of Uruguay Mineral, the workers’ main aim was to find as much amethyst stone as possible. He said they were having a tough day since the basalt was hard. “now we have to find some amazing beautiful stones due to the hard work we have to do here,” one joked. Lo and behold, what the miner wished was just some few hours away.

Photo credit Uruguay Minerals

Finding it hard to open the basalt rock, they sent it to an excavator machine to split it open. What they found in the rock after the excavator machine successfully opened it was worth all the hard work. Lorenzelli was grateful to Mother Nature for the rare find after so many years of mining.

Photo credit Uruguay Minerals

He said that, though geodes come in different sizes and shapes, the company has never found one that looks spectacular and unique as this was. After the find, the company shared images of it on their website and social media sites.

People who have seen these photos expressed their surprise and love for the find. The photos have since gone viral on many social media sites, including Reddit.

Photo credit Uruguay Minerals

Uruguay Mineral has decided not to process the mineral but to keep it in its natural form.