40 Photos Of Mega Objects That Will Bring Out The Megalophobia In All Of Us

By Arvyn B

We have all heard of different phobias. There’s arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, and hemophobia, which is the fear of blood. These phobias are pretty common and usually have some link to our instinct for survival. Then, there are some of the more bizarre phobias, like megalophobia. Megalophobia is the fear of large things. This fear can be of anything that is naturally big, like waterfalls and cliffs. It also includes things on the large side that people have made, including cruise ships, statues, or even towers. People with megalophobia feel scared or anxious when they see these vast objects. The internet has gone crazy for these gigantic things. Many dedicated communities regularly post pictures to make megalophobes feel chills. Here are just some of the best ones we’ve come across.

No-la No-la

The Mola Mola fish, also known as the ocean sunfish, is the world’s largest fish with bones. They can grow up to 11 feet (3.35 meters) long. Looking at this picture, the name “ocean sunfish” seems a little too kind for this huge animal.

Image Source: cryptomelane/Reddit

The heaviest Mola Mola recorded weighed a whopping 5071 pounds (2.3 metric tons). Luckily for us, the Mola Mola prefers to eat jellyfish, though they sometimes eat other small fish and forms of algae. Humans are thankfully off the menu!

It’s bigger than you think…

It’s easy to forget just how big these supercarriers actually are, and this picture is a good reminder of that. What is even scarier is the fact that a huge amount of the ship is actually under the water.

Image Source: SquealTeam10/Reddit

The ship measures about 1092 feet (333 meters) long and weighs approximately 97,000 tons (87 997 metric tons) when it is fully loaded. It’s essentially a small city with the firepower of 12 navies floating on the sea. Scary stuff!

The squid of the sky

If we saw this massive thing floating in the sky, we’d be terrified. Thankfully, this is just a kite in the shape of a squid that somebody made. It looks a lot like a Dementor from Harry Potter, though.

Image Source: @DREAMINGINPINK/Twitter

Looking at this picture, it is easy to see why some people have megalophobia. Imagine this thing floating above your house without knowing what it is! It’s proof that sometimes, people can make the scariest things on this planet.

Godzilla? More like nope-zilla

Based on one of the most famous monster movies of all time, a museum dedicated to Godzilla recently opened in Japan. Anyone brave enough can try flying into a replica of Godzilla’s mouth. We’re going to have to pass on that one.

Image Source: @davidscottjafe/Twitter

It’s a mystery to us why anyone would want to do this. The scariest part? This statue is just phase two of the museum’s opening. Can you imagine what terrors they have lined up for phase three? It’s not worth thinking about.

Fallen Giant

So far, we’ve seen quite a few examples of man’s power to create gigantic structures. Now, it’s Mother Nature’s turn. This enormous tree was found on a beach. It likely fell from a cliff and was carried by the water.

Image Source: MrDootil/Reddit

This picture looks like it could come from a movie about giants, not from La Push Beach in Washington. The beach is full of these humungous trees. Unfortunately, there’s no Edward Cullen or Jacob Blacks to save you here!

The Statue of Liberty’s younger but bigger brother

This huge structure makes the Statue of Liberty look like a child in comparison. Known as the “Statue of Unity,” this 600 feet (182 meters) tall structure was built in 2018 in India. It’s currently the largest statue in the world.

Image Source: WarriorX-1/Reddit

The architects built it to remember Vallabhbhai Patel, India’s first home minister, when they became independent from British rule. Looking at this gigantic statue’s size, there’s absolutely no way we would be able to forget the guy. Jut look at the size of his feet!

The edge of reality

At first glance, this picture seems to be of a huge hole in the ground. In reality, it’s an open pit created as a diamond mine in Mirny, Russia. The town that is pictured surrounds the monstrous pit. Wouldn’t want to play a game next to this monstrous thing!

Image Source: Bunnystrawberry/Reddit

We can’t even begin to imagine how terrifying it must be to live so close to the edge of something like this. If the sight alone wasn’t enough to scare you, imagine the creepy sounds that this pit makes all the time.

The power of wind

You might need to take some time to look at this picture. Look at the wind turbines on the right-hand side. Now, look at the tornado on the left. It’s a fact – whoever took this photograph is braver than us.

Image Source: MinaaBlack/Reddit

The average wind turbine is about 280 feet (80 meters) high. It’s easy to think that humans are the mightiest force on the planet, but pictures like this just show you how brutal and intense Mother Nature can be.

The tip of the iceberg

Anyone with thalassophobia (fear of the ocean) should probably look away now. This picture is of a massive iceberg as it floats past a house in Greenland. The home at the front of the picture puts the size of this thing into perspective.

Image Source: BigOldQueer/Reddit

The scariest part about it? This is just the tip or the piece that floats above the water. The rest of the iceberg that is underwater is probably twice as big as this. We definitely wouldn’t want to live here.

It’s abandoned for a reason

Whenever a movie is made, film studios don’t usually want just to throw away the props. These things cost a lot of time and money to make. Unfortunately, that is exactly what the studio behind Redwood did with this prop.

Image Source: jdeadmeatsloanz/Reddit

If you don’t fancy sleeping at night, you can take a visit to Maciejowa to see this structure at Emil Becker’s mausoleum. We have no idea why anyone would want to build this, let alone keep it. This kind of stuff is fuel for nightmares!

Terrifying tornado

This is another natural disaster picture. This time, it’s of a tornado that’s a mere 1 mile away. Only someone with a death wish could be brave enough to stand so close to something so enormous. We hope she was okay!

Image Source: reallyreallyspicy/Reddit

For the record, this tornado was an F1 on the Enhanced Fujita scale. This scale measures the strength of a tornado’s wind speed. So, this one was blowing at roughly 86 to 110 miles (138 to 177 km) per hour.

Out of this world

You might be mistaken for thinking that this is a picture of something under the microscope. That tiny black dot is the planet Mercury, which is in front of the Sun. This just shows the scale of our star.

Image Source: Riki1996/Reddit

What is the creepiest part? In space terms, the sun is a pretty small star. Some (or probably a lot) of stars are even bigger than our sun out there. Some of them would make our sun look like Mercury in this picture!

Drifting around

For many of us, the thought of space travel is something we can only dream of. But looking at this picture, it seems more of a nightmare. Drifting all alone in the darkness of space… it doesn’t bear thinking about it.

Image Source: Lilacrain331/Reddit

Bruce McCandless II is the astronaut pictured in the photo. He is the first person in history to float away untethered from his shuttle. The only thing keeping alive is his spacesuit. This is a world record that we don’t fancy breaking.

Spine-chilling skeletons

We all know that whales are massive – in fact, they’re the biggest animals on the Earth. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand how big they are. This picture manages to make that fact very real and, rather, quite scary.

Image Source: Calu_T/Reddit

These whale bones are probably a little too big for this dog to take home! If you stumbled on these bones while on a walk, it would put things into perspective. These huge creatures are something to be respected by us humans.

In the shadow of a giant

This photo looks like it belongs in a futuristic movie, or it looks like it could be photoshopped. However, this mountain is genuine, and it’s called Mount Fuji, located in Japan. Its peak stands at a whopping 3,776 meters.

Image Source: david_bueno2/Reddit

It’s hard to imagine not being in a constant state of awe living so close to the mountain. And yet, some Japanese people have done it! Visiting this city would be an amazing trip, though we’re not sure we would stay too long.

Amazing anchors

As we’ve seen already, some ships are enormous. Because they are so big, the equipment used on these ships is massive, too. It makes sense, right? Take a look at this picture of these anchor chains if you don’t believe us.

Image Source: astrotheastro/Reddit

The men in the picture look like dolls – but they’re not. Sailors use these massive chains to anchor ships in the sea. Without them, boats would drift aimlessly. So while we’re thankful, that doesn’t stop them from being any less terrifying!

The almighty Redwood

If you’re lucky enough to live near Muir Woods, you’ll be very familiar with these gigantic redwood trees. If not – here you go—a picture for scale. The woman and car near the tree put the size of the tree into scale.

Image Source: gxyspam/Reddit

We are not too sure how this woman appears to be so calm next to this gigantic tree. We certainly wouldn’t feel this way! Many animal species call this giant their home in these woods, including deer, elk, bobcats, and owls.

Fright in the frog

Looking at this picture, you might think that it is a poster for a new horror film. Unfortunately, it is very real, and very frightening too! There’s something about the fog that makes the ship look even creepier like we are only catching a glimpse of it.

Image Source: Janowsk/Reddit

It’s a fact – ships are terrifying. The biggest ship in the world was the Seawise Giant, which measured a whopping 458 meters (1504 feet). The name is truly fitting! The Seawise Giant would make the Titanic look like a toy.

Underground terrors

Take a trip to Slanic Prahova in Romania, and you can visit this massive salt mine which is buried more than 200 meters (656 feet) underground. The ceiling alone measures roughly 55 meters (180 feet). Just don’t lick the walls!

Image Source: Pipinpadiloxacopolis/Reddit

Do you see those tiny little figures in the bottom left corner? Those are people. This photo looks almost unbelievable, but it is very real. The biggest salt mine in the world is in Ontario, Canada, and measures 2.7 square miles.

Between the ocean and the sky

It’s a little difficult to understand this picture at first. It seems like it’s a tsunami photograph, but it is a picture of a gigantic mountain in Kazbeghi, Georgia. The mountain is over 5000 meters high, or 5 kilometers.

Image Source: RealLifeMTG/Reddit

The picture looks like something from the movie 2012. Luckily, this is not a tsunami but ‘just’ a mountain instead. Still, it’s not much comfort. Can you imagine being in that castle and seeing this view in real life?

The Bagger 288

This next picture is of the Bagger 288, which was the largest and heaviest land vehicle in the world. Originally built in Germany for strip mining, it measures around 220 meters (721 feet). Just look at how small the people are in front!

Image Source: FunCage

Creating this huge structure took over ten years – 5 years to design and five years to assemble. The total cost of building it was $100 million. We’d be happy to spend our money on something a little smaller, to be honest.

School bus vs. haul trucks

As a kid, everything in the world seems gigantic. A school bus feels like a cruise ship. But imagine seeing this picture as a child. The haul trucks next to the school bus make it look like a model bus.

Image Source: waltreeky/Reddit

Even the tires of these haul trucks are larger than the bus! A field trip to a mine would be very fun but seeing things this big would give us a heart attack. We’d much rather go on a visit to the zoo.

Rising up

These hands rising out of the water look super creepy. They were temporary sculptures created by Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn in Venice. They were made to teach people about climate change and how Venice is becoming lost under rising sea levels.

Image Source: kaille0n/Reddit

As statements go, there are probably less creepy-looking ways to get the point across about climate change. Luckily for the residents of Venice, the art fixture was only temporary. We can’t imagine how scared we would be to live there.

Rapunzel’s Tower

You might mistake this picture to be from a fairytale, as it looks a lot like Rapunzel’s tower. It’s King Albert’s Tower in Somerset, England. Just look at the person at the bottom for the scale of it, and your jaw will drop.

Image Source: SYLOH/Reddit

The tower is roughly 49 meters tall (161 feet) and was built in the early 1770s. It was designed to celebrate the end of the Seven Years’ War. This is one celebration that we wouldn’t like to be part of.

Killer kangaroo

We all like to think of kangaroos as cute, bouncing animals with a little pouch to keep their babies safe. That could not be further from the truth when you look at this next picture! This kangaroo is a gigantic 2 meters tall (6.5 feet).

Image Source: Daily Mail

It is bigger than a man! The size of this beast is scary alone, but the fact that it is stalking the people of this town is horrifying. If we lived there, we would be on the first train out.

The eruption of Mount Saint Helens

When the volcano Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, it broke several world records and hugely affected the world’s climate. It created the largest landslide ever recorded and an ash cloud over 15 miles (80000 feet) high. It was definitely a force of nature.

Image Source: maxkmiller

It was also the most destructive volcanic eruption in US history and led to 57 human deaths. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. The explosion completely changed our understanding of volcanoes and how to predict when they erupt.

Views from New Jersey

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous symbols of America and the city of New York. However, this picture of the skyscraper from New Jersey makes it seem a lot creepier. Look at those dollhouses below it!

Image Source: tapiture.com

What’s even scarier about this is that it’s not the world’s tallest skyscraper. That award goes to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, 828 meters (2717 feet) tall. The Empire State Building is a little more than half that size!

The underwater horror

Here’s some more nightmare fuel. This is a picture of a real monster called the Japanese spider crab. They can grow up to 3.7 meters (12 feet) across and weigh 44 pounds (19 kilograms). It’s a nope from us.

Image Source: MakeMeSuffer/Reddit

Unfortunately, this species of crab has become endangered because of overfishing. They are eaten in many places in Japan. Here’s a fun fact for you – Japanese spider crabs will eat almost anything, including corpses, but they are not hunters.

This is the Dragon’s Eye stone mine, which is located in Lancashire, England. It’s not hard to see where it gets its name from, as it looks like something from a fantasy book. Imagine seeing this every day at work!

Image Source: sticcboi/Reddit

The only way to access the site is through a window on the floor because nearby residents protect it. Its exact location in Lancashire is unknown, but we are not too sad about that since we will never place to take a trip here!

An underwater terror

Here’s another picture for the thalassophobes! Gorgeous and terrifying, this is a picture from the island country Mauritius. It looks more like a Salvador Dali painting than a real place. We will skip going on vacation to this beach.

Image Source: OBUDingusKhan/Reddit

It’s lucky then that this picture is an optical illusion even though it definitely looks like it’s not. The underwater ‘waterfall’ that you can see is just salt and silt deposits. The water is only a few meters deep and perfectly safe for swimming.

Scary Scotland

Scotland is known for its rolling hills and beautiful scenery. Though, this mountain is a little more scary than beautiful. Known as “Lochaber,” this is part of the Scottish Highlands and is popular for its peacefulness and stunning landscape.

Image Source: @mhgphotograph/Twitter

Thankfully, there is no Loch Ness Monster to be spotted here – just several enormous mountains instead. The photo looks more like a snapshot of the moon than somewhere on Earth. It’s crazy to think that some people live nearby.

Hide and seek

Another outer space pic, this time of the planet Saturn hiding behind our moon. For comparison, Saturn is 20 times larger but is approximately 3000 times further away from us than the moon. And yet, it still looks this colossal!

Image Source: highitsben

This picture shows us just how tiny and insignificant we are, compared to the rest of the universe. Take a trip to Jupiter, and you’ll see storms that are about the same size as our entire planet. No thanks!

Incy Wincy Spider

Do you know what’s scarier than a tornado? A water tornado, also known as a waterspout! This brave photographer snapped this picture in Clearwater, Florida. Incy Wincy spider should probably avoid this waterspout unless it has a death wish.

Image Source: Joey Mole

Waterspouts are very common to people living in the Florida Keys or southeastern coast of Florida, especially in the rainy season. Luckily, they don’t usually cause too much trouble for people since they are so far away from the shore.

We have questions

There are so many things that we would like to ask Home Depot about their giant skeleton. The most important one being – why?! We can’t think of any sensible reasons why they would want to create this monstrosity.

Image Source: SubtleOrange/Reddit

In a year filled with issues, we’re not sure that we would be too thankful for this giant skeleton in 2021. It would make a killer Halloween decoration, though. Imagine driving with this on your car like the first picture on the left!


Take a look at this picture of a sand dune in Deadvlei, Namibia. It’s a popular site for photographers – and it’s not hard to see why. Deadvlei is often said to have the tallest sand dunes in the world.

Image Source: cdubose/Reddit

The sand dunes at this site in Namibia can reach up to 400 meters (1312 feet). The biggest of these dunes is called “Big Daddy” and measures an enormous 350 meters or 1148 feet. The names are very fitting!

A giant’s palms

Take a trip to Vietnam, and you might want to check out the breathtaking Golden Bridge near Da Nang. The structure was only recently opened in 2018 and was designed by TA Landscape Architecture. Thank you for the nightmares!

Image Source: next****inglevel/Reddit

If you want to visit the Golden Bridge, you’ll have to take a cable car ride up the top. Just take a look at the “big” building next to it on the left for a real comparison. However, it’s certainly a beautiful structure.

The fifth-largest statue

We are back in Japan now to have a look at the Sendai Daikannon, which is in Sendai, Japan. It is over 100 meters tall (330 feet) and is the largest statue of a goddess in Japan. Scary stuff!

Image Source: Dutch_Midget/Redit

The statue itself is only the fifth-largest statue in the entire world. Can you imagine driving past this every day on your commute to work? We couldn’t do it. The sheer size of this statue is too hard to even think about.

Brutus the Croc

We’d love to tell you that this picture is photoshopped. Unfortunately, it’s not. This is Brutus, the giant crocodile from Australia. Brutus is over 80 years old and has become a local celebrity because of his huge size. This picture definitely puts his size to scale.

Image Source: BuRgErKIngFooTMaN/Reddit

Crocodiles as a whole species were alive before the dinosaurs. Sixty-five million years later, they still exist. Looking at the size of this thing, it’s not too difficult to see why. Take extra care when swimming in the water, folks.

Floodwater Cathedral

This underground cathedral was designed to protect the city of Tokyo in Japan from floods. The waterways and rivers usually overflow in the rainy season, so the flood tunnels are a great defense against that. However, this is not on our bucket list.

Image Source: SailoreC/Reddit

Even though it’s not an actual cathedral, it definitely looks like one when you look at the large structure, arched ceiling, and massive poles. People are always a good way to prove the size of something when put side-by-side, and this one takes the cake when you compare.

Power plant art

At least someone tried to make this building look a little more cheerful by adding some color! You can find the abandoned Orlando Power Station in Soweto in Johannesburg. It has become a popular tourist spot for BASE and bungee jumpers.

Image Source: fightersguildrecruit/Reddit

We don’t think that we’d ever be in the mood to try bungee swinging or jumping from here. Still, you have to appreciate the beauty of the artwork on these cooling towers. However, we’ll stick to using paper and paint.

One Picture only

This picture looks like it’s two joined together by photoshop. The top half is of a ship, and the bottom half is a few buildings and greenery. The scary thing is that it is just one picture. Yes, some ships can be that big.

Image Source: fatalattempt

The boat is called the Pasha Bulker, and the picture was taken in Newcastle, Australia. If we were the people in this photograph, we would be more than a little terrified from seeing this monstrosity. The Pasha Bulker is still sailing today!

Bottom of the iceberg

We’ve seen the tip of the iceberg, now have a look all way to the bottom. The clear water in the river allowed this user to snap a picture to see almost to the bottom of the iceberg. However, it looks like it continues for miles.

Image Source: henrispc019/Reddit

Creepy clouds

Just imagine sailing your boat when you see this in the sky. It’s enough to give you nightmares and put you off sailing ever again. Some things in life are better not knowing – this is undoubtedly one of those times.

Image Source: Lunar877/Reddit

These clouds are terrifying, primarily because of how strange they look. Couple that with the sheer size of them, and you have a super creepy sky up above. They were only classified as a new kind of cloud in 2017.

Please don’t come-ts

This one is a little different because it is photoshopped. That giant rock in the picture is comet 67P, the first comet that robots have landed on. The city in the front is Los Angeles, if you couldn’t tell.

Image Source: hestebid

It’s crazy to think that this thing is currently orbiting around our solar system, right now. The chances of it hitting our planet are almost 0%. The scariest part is that it’s too small to be a planet destroyer.