45 Times People Realized It Was #TimeToMove

By Abigail T

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon introduced the Hashtags segment to the show years ago. The show takes to Twitter, encouraging people to send in their stories using the specific hashtag for the day. It’s a great way to get the audience at home involved. Jimmy has read out people’s stories hashtagged #CookingFail, #MisheardLyrics, and #WorstFirstDates, among many others. More and more audiences participate each time, and it serves as great entertainment when Jimmy reads the tweets out during the segment. One of the latest hashtag challenges is #TimeToMove. It was so popular that Jimmy actually used the hashtag twice for the segment, once in 2017 and once just three months ago. On this tag, people share the moment they realized it was probably time to move homes. Here are just 45 of the most hilarious entries for #TimeToMove!

Disclaimer: photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not to be associated with the Twitter user, Tweet, or any person(s) being mentioned in the Tweet.

That’s not dirt

Trigger warning: scroll ahead if you hate creepy crawlies! You know it’s bad when the clump of dirt on your window starts moving little by little. It’s even worse when you realize it isn’t dirt. It’s a bunch of baby spiders.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@That1KidYouKno

It looks like a full-on infestation just waiting to happen, so we get it if this Twitter user decided it was time to move. Girl, we’d move too! No one wants to live with a thousand baby spiders crawling on the windows.

Peak laziness

We’ve all had that lazy roommate who leaves the dishes in the sink and only does laundry thrice in a year. But we’ve never had a lazy roommate quite like the one that lived with Twitter user Alex Iseman.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@alpnaemadan; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@alex_iseman

Imagine being too lazy to walk twelve steps to the bathroom. Does this guy just have tons of used water bottles at his disposal? We can’t imagine what his bedroom smells like. If that’s how he urinates, we don’t want to know how he relieves himself from the other end.

Noise complaint

If there are teenagers living next door, you would think that your noise complaint would involve crazy house parties and rowdy games of football in the front yard. But nope. This person’s neighbor just happened to be captain of the marching band.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@_tayloralexis_13; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@toonces_lives

Why couldn’t this kid practice at school? Is there no music room they could rehearse in? Imagine trying to have a quiet afternoon and then getting a blast of horns, drums, and cymbals in your ears. We’d say that’s reason enough to move.

Conspicuous neighbors

No matter how safe the neighborhood is, crime is always likely. It’s always a little concerning when you hear about robberies or people going missing. You can never be too careful to take the necessary precautions and protect yourself.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@simundsky; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@FanofTAN1

Maybe for other people, a neighbor who went missing wouldn’t be reason enough to move. But if another neighbor moves out in the middle of the night, you would be thinking twice. Better get out of there before you’re the one going missing.

The Sixth Sense

It seems no one is exempt from the experience of living with a creepy roommate. Kind of like those few episodes of Friends when Joey moved out, and Chandler lived with a weird guy named Eddie. But we’d take eccentric Eddie over this Twitter user’s roommate.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@theladycateye; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@marriedpoppinss

Okay, they might have been joking. In that case, moving out seems a little extreme of a response. But what if they weren’t kidding? Imagine the things they know, the stories would tell. No thank you! We’d rather not be involved with the dead.

Judgmental parents

When you get to a certain age, you realize that you want a lot more autonomy than what you have when you’re living with your parents. Things like being able to come home late without being lectured. Like being able to eat a whole pizza on your own without being judged for it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@dominospizzacol; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MariaStallman

Honestly, parents should stop judging their kids for what they eat. If they want to treat themselves to an entire pizza after a rough day, let them! The disapproval creates an environment of fear, and that can be really toxic. If it gets too much, then maybe it is #TimeToMove.

Alien abduction

If it’s not weird roommates, it’s weird neighbors. No matter what you believe about aliens and extraterrestrial life, you’re going to think twice if you live in the same neighborhood as this Twitter user. It’s truly a wild time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@urbancityastronomer; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JessZientek

Jess needs to do a follow-up Tweet thread. What happened to him? Did he truly get abducted by aliens? Or did he just leave for a really long vacation? Please, we need to know. This can single-handedly prove the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Borderline stalkerish

There’s a very thin line between being a friendly neighbor and being a creepy stalker. A friendly neighbor greets you as you pass by on your morning run. A creepy stalker greets you right in front of your window as you open your blinds in the morning.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@globalatheart; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JewelsNewland

Once or twice, this behavior can be excusable. But if it keeps happening, it’s definitely cause for concern. We’d be pretty annoyed to find our neighbor by our window every morning, too. No questions asked here. It’s time to move!

No hot water

Hot baths after a long day are important for destressing. But it gets even more stressful if you don’t have hot water for said baths. When you have to boil water in four different pots and then transfer the hot water into your bathtub, you know it’s time for an upgrade.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@lasvegasloopy

Not only is this method time-consuming, but it’s also a safety hazard. Moving a heavy pot filled with water from the kitchen to the bathroom by yourself, there’s definitely a potential for chaos there. Do yourself a favor and move somewhere with hot water.

The shadow on the wall

Despite being aesthetically pleasing, old houses usually come occupied when you move in if you know what we mean. It’s just the way it goes when a place has been empty for so long. When this person saw shadows, he thought he was going crazy.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@castinspiration; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mojojoe7

But nope. If his roommate saw the shadows too, then there’s probably someone, or something else, living in the house with them. Depending on whether it’s a friendly spirit, considering moving out is probably a step in the right direction.

We don’t like your dog

Learning to live with neighbors means also learning to love their pets. No matter how much the dog bothers you with their barking or how often you find the cat wandering into your garden, you just gotta live with it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@redwolf__; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MikeSHubbard

Calling the police on your neighbor’s dog seems a little aggressive, don’t you think? Especially when the dog isn’t actually doing anything but looking at you! Maybe it’s not Mike Hubbard who needs to move; maybe it’s the neighbors!

Closet garden

Coming back to college after the summer is exciting. It’s a new academic year, you get to meet all your friends again, and the parties are bound to be better than before. But sometimes you might be in for a surprise…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@setasmushrooms; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@AmyVelsor

Surprise! There’s a mushroom garden in your closet ready to greet you! This is what could happen when you leave a house empty for the summer with no one to take care of it. It’s time to move, but on the bright side… new school year, new apartment?


Some people take their relationships with their neighbors a little too far. When the neighbors need a house sitter for the weekend, it doesn’t mean you get to throw a pool party in their backyard. That’s just taking advantage of their nice house.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@allie_creations; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KristenRose124

Even if you were going to use the neighbor’s house for your own gain, you probably shouldn’t be posting on Facebook. It’s like you’re asking to be found out. Keep the party on the down low, clean up after yourself, and walk away.

A miscommunication

You ever had a phone call that resulted in something completely unexpected? That’s what this person went through when they called their landlord asking for help with the water heater. As it turned out, their landlord had misheard them over the phone.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ambulancescetam; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RoCKiNG_DeaD

While this is a hilarious miscommunication, it must have been embarrassing to have an ambulance suddenly appear in front of your house! Imagine the conversation. “Ma’am, we got a report that somebody’s water just broke in this house,” says the official. “Excuse me? It’s… my water heater…”

The pillow in the crawlspace

Do you ever get the feeling you’re never really alone in the room? Imagine the surprise when your HVAC guy tells you that you really aren’t. This is either really concerning or really creepy. Om second thoughts, it’s totally both.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@42_underthehammer; Tweet courtesy Twitter/@StopEatingBees

What would you think if you found out the HVAC guy found a pillow in your crawlspace? Is your mind going the horror movie direction, where there’s a ghost in your house? Or the thriller movie direction, where a serial killer is waiting to strike?

Bless you!

College dorms are notorious for the thin walls. You can hear everything through those walls, from what movie your neighbor is watching to the music they’re listening to. And in this instance, this person’s neighbor can hear them sneezing.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ezra.s_mommy_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@_jordanlee_

It might be a little freaky, but it’s actually a sweet gesture from the person next door. It’s just common courtesy to say “bless you” after a sneeze, no matter who it is. Despite the thin walls, this person has pretty nice neighbors.

Bat infestation

No, you didn’t read that wrong. We didn’t mean to say “rat.” This person found bats in the attic. We can’t help but wonder, what kind of middle-of-nowhere horror movie house do they live in? This feels like something that only happens in films.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MissKayEmDee

When you find a bat crawling out of the shower drain, you know for sure it’s time for you to move. No questions asked here. Wherever you move to, just make sure there isn’t an abundance of bats around.

Robber neighbor

If you’re looking for a reason to leave the apartment complex you currently live in, neighbors who rob you is definitely one of them. This person walked into her apartment to find a majority of her stuff gone. Guess where she found them?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@conni.biesalski; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LinzSixMercer

This neighbor doesn’t seem to be a very good robber, to begin with. If they’re going to steal from someone who lives really close by, at least hide all your loot in an unseen corner of the house. Please don’t put it out on display for the owner to see!

Power outage

If you walk in your house from a day out to find that the lights won’t turn on, you’re going to think there’s a power outage. It’s the only logical explanation, right? You’re definitely not going to suspect your neighbors had anything to do with it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@hooligalpdx; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BaseballFan20xx

Well, this person thought twice about that after what happened here. We can’t imagine what drove the neighbors to steal all the lightbulbs. Maybe it would make more sense if one of their bulbs broke and they copped just one lightbulb. But all the bulbs?

Cue intense creepy soundtrack

There are pros and cons to living alone. Pros: no annoying roommates, your own space, having full control of how the place looks. Cons: more expensive rent, it can get lonely, and there’s no one you can turn to at 2 am when there’s music coming from the unplugged organ in the living room.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@turista_vaclav; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JulieKKellogg

If this happened to us, we would be out of the house so quickly. Leave the house, leave the organ, couch surf until we find a new place where no spirits will bother us. This paranormal activity is a definite sign that it’s time to move.


In addition to weird, creepy, and dirty, another type of roommate is the accusatory kind. They’re the ones who would always accuse you when anything goes wrong in the house. Fridge is broken? It was you. Out of milk? You used up too much.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@todayonroute_3; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ladydmcmillan

Left shoe missing? Also you. This person’s roommate took the accusations a little too far and called the cops. Bit dramatic for a missing left shoe, don’t you think? What’s even weirder is where the shoe was found. Maybe this roommate is both the dirty and accusatory type.

Brussel sprouts, I’m out

Brussel sprouts are one of those divisive vegetables. You know, the ones that can really polarize a relationship. People either love it or hate it—kind of like Marmite. When you’re a Brussel sprouts hater living with a Brussel sprouts lover, you’re in for a treat.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@blackinpatagucci; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kittenkrimes

We know Brussel sprouts lovers, but we haven’t heard of anyone who loves the veggie quite like this guy. This roommate loves them so much that he cooked sprouts every day for 15 months. Imagine the smell permeating through the house every night!

Quarantine dorm

It’s hard to imagine a time before the coronavirus hit, but there was the swine flu even before this insane pandemic. People also had to be quarantined for that, including students in university dorms. They would usually dedicate a specific part of the dorms to sequester students who have been infected.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ashleighduval; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@reagan_beavers

It makes sense for this Twitter user to want to leave his first dorm after finding out this information. No amount of disinfectant can completely assure you that the room is clean. If you’re paranoid, you’re paranoid. It’s #TimeToMove.

Noise complaint, part 2

There’s always that one neighbor who blasts music at all hours of the day. It’s fine if they’re just using a small Bluetooth speaker or even a standard soundbar. But it’s a different case if they’re equipped with stereo speakers in their house.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@decibelvibe; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@sarlykhultz

We wonder how many people have moved out of the neighborhood because of this guy’s ungodly decibels. Considering how bad this Twitter user has described it, we’re sure she isn’t the only one. Coachella is great and all, but you wouldn’t want to go every night.

Classic freshman year kitchen fumble

We could write a whole other article about kitchen fails in college dorms. Freshman year is the year everyone discovers who can cook and who should stay out of the kitchen at all costs. For Twitter user @heen420, one student cost the entire dorm their lounge.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@mariasuna_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@heen420

You would think Rice-A-Roni is a pretty simple dish, but you’d be surprised at just how many dumb freshmen there are. From reheating pizza in the pizza box to accidentally burning toast and setting off the smoke detectors, there is no such thing as “simple” for the college freshman.

The newlywed struggle

The romcoms are responsible for making un-ideal living conditions seem romantic. There’s the trope of the newlyweds starting a life together, struggling in their cramped 1-bedroom apartment. They’re miserable, but they have each other, and that’s all that matters. Right?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@camgarrity; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RyanStuller

Wrong. If you’re living in an apartment where you can see your breath inside in the winters, no amount of “having each other” is going to keep you warm. Don’t believe the lies the movie tells you. The only thing to do is to move.

Christmas begins in December

Some people are very particular about when Christmas begins. The date may be December 25th, but some listen to Christmas music year-round. Others don’t even take down the Christmas decorations. This is generally acceptable, but for the Christmas purists out there, this is a big issue.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@bmwphotography; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RiepTide1999

Maybe this person’s neighbors are Australian? If Christmas is in July, putting up Christmas decorations in June isn’t too far of a stretch, right? Maybe you just have to learn to tolerate your neighbors. No need to up and move!

The kitchen fridge

Blessed are they that own to fridges in the house. It makes living with roommates so much easier. There’s much more space to store your food, and it limits the possibility of someone using someone else’s milk or eggs. But…

Photo courtesy of instagram/@aged_teen; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Vicki_Hogarth

These people have two fridges, but only one is usable. First question: why don’t they just throw away the broken fridge? Also, how did the fridge get so moldy that it had to be taped shut? What did they put in there? Ew.

Nosy neighbors

There are curious neighbors, and then there are nosy neighbors. For the person who tweeted this, their neighbor might as well be looking through their window with binoculars. This level of nosy is borderline stalker behavior. Completely unacceptable and a valid reason to move.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@daphwabbit_thecat; Instagram/@missdeeval

It’s not just about the complete invasion of privacy. It’s also about what this neighbor might do with the information he gathers from all of his nosing around. Better move before all your secrets are revealed to the entire neighborhood!

My landlord forgot about me

It’s very common to have a live-in landlord. It can actually serve as a good thing, and you can even befriend your landlord. But sometimes, when your schedules differ greatly, you might end up not seeing each other for a long time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@forest_marble; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@faith_moselle

Sometimes you don’t see each other for so long that you forget the other person lives with you! It’s up to you to decide whether being forgotten by your landlord is reason enough to move. Personally, we think staying is fine.

What’s he looking at?

It’s common knowledge that animals and babies have a sixth sense. If you’re living alone with a pet, this is something you should keep in mind. There’s a possibility that you will be creeped out from time to time.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CatJunction

This cat is exhibiting peak paranormal behavior. Staring off into the distance, catatonic. There’s surely a haunting going on that the owner just isn’t aware of. It may very well be time to move, for your peace of mind and for your cat’s.

The stain under the carpet

Have you ever moved into a previously-occupied space and find something unusual there? It’s basically the first act of a horror movie. You try to ignore it and hope to God it doesn’t mean anything. But then more strange occurrences begin to happen.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@jonnymainframe; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MegLewMet

We are sincerely hoping with this Twitter user that it was indeed just a large ketchup stain. What else could it be, right? Someone spilled a couple of bottles of ketchup on the floor, that’s it. That’s how we’ll treat it, so we don’t scare ourselves out of the house.

The dirty roommate

When you’re living with roommates, there will be multiple times when there are too many dishes in the sink. Obviously, the solution is to immediately wash your dishes right after you use them. But it’s college. Who has time for that?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@worksofhope; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MeeskaMooska

Honestly, this method of washing the dishes is ingenious, especially when you don’t have a dishwasher! As long as you get rid of the food waste in the kitchen bin, it’s effective to wash that many dishes in the shower. But maybe just don’t shower with the plates!

An extra key

Office admins make mistakes sometimes. They’re only human. There’s always a possibility that they meant to write one number but actually wrote another. In the same way, they can get a house number wrong and send a key next door instead of to their employee’s place.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@aleksandras_furniture; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BIGJOEONTHEGO

This neighbor was very nice to come over and notify @BIGJOEONTHEGO about the office’s mistake. It wasn’t very assuring when he said he would keep the key though. If you can’t kindly ask for the key back, then maybe it is time to move before anything goes wrong.

Serial deaths

You can never be too careful. If there’s been suspicious activity in your neighborhood, be sure to report it to the local authorities. If these occurrences persist after enough action to curb them, then maybe it really is time for you to move.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@athenstravel; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@absssolutelynot

Yikes. If this was happening in our neighborhood, we would be packing up too. We gotta beat the serial killer to the punch. Before these deaths start getting too close, we’d be loading up the U-Haul and getting out of there!

They’re all the same

“Is it New Years’ Eve? Because I hear fireworks, but I can’t see them in the sky.” This is probably what this next Twitter user kept thinking during their time in their previous home. It’s slightly concerning when this happens in one’s neighborhood.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@dawncox719; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@tassinfitz

What a scary situation to be living in, never knowing when and how close the next gunshot will go off. You’re kept awake at night, and you can’t walk the streets without being anxious for your safety. In this case, move before you get seriously hurt.

By the funeral home

This particular setting reminds us a lot of the movies My Girl and Nanny McPhee. Living in close proximity to a funeral home comes with its own creepy experiences. Being surrounded by death and grief must take a toll on a person.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@soundside_woodworks; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@OdysseyDirector

For this Twitter user, it wasn’t just the atmosphere that caused a problem. It was also the shared space. Imagine coming downstairs to do your laundry but finding that you can’t. Not because the machines are full, but because there is a literal coffin in the laundry room.


It’s one thing to love your neighbor’s pet as your own. It’s a completely different thing when you abduct their dog and bring it out for a walk without asking for their permission. One behavior is endearing; the other is criminal.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@tucsok18; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Whit_Mom

For the safety of their dog, Twitter user @Whit_Mom considered moving from the neighborhood. We back this decision 100%. We’d be concerned if they didn’t move. Taking someone’s pet out also requires consent from the owner. It’s just common courtesy.

Capitalism at its finest

Whether you’re already established in your career with decent pay, or you’re just starting out, you gotta appreciate the hustle. Anything can be turned into cash if you’re creative enough. For this person’s roommate, this involves exploiting his room.

Photo courtesy of @TheJoshGeorge/Twitter

This guy took it a little too far. Renting out a room is one thing, but renting it out by the hour? First of all, why would anyone pay for a room in a house just for an hour or two? Second of all, how rude!

The stray beer can

You ever find something in your room and wonder how it got there? A left sock, a random pen, an empty beer can under the bed? Sometimes it would just be stuff that you left lying around. But when it’s something you’re sure you didn’t put there, you’d be a little worried.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@sorozdoboz_toposz; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Doofenyoyo

Just because this kid’s parent is the landlord doesn’t mean he gets to come into any room he wants. He certainly shouldn’t be leaving trash around under people’s beds. Do you think this incident is reason enough to move?

The old man in the corner

Remember what we said about babies and pets having a sixth sense? Living with them can instantly creep you out, especially when occurrences like the one below happen. Babies stare into space, but kids often just ask concerning questions.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@jedimasterken; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@_thekatspajamas

Trying to fall asleep must have been a scary affair after hearing what the nephew said. What old man? How long has he been there? Has he always been watching you sleep? If you’re sharing the house with ghosts, we suggest it’s time to move.


There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re moving into a new place. Is the neighborhood child-friendly? How far is it from the local grocery store? Are there good schools for the kids? Is it infested by deadly critters?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JMurphFB

How did these people even sleep at night? How are they still walking barefoot in the house, knowing they might step on a scorpion at any point during the day? If you’re killing one scorpion a day in your house, it may be time to move again.

Reckless roommate

And here we have an example of another type of roommate: the reckless one. Reckless roomies are the ones who would break appliances or cause critical damage and cost you your deposit. They should be avoided at all costs because your money is on the line.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@topplumbing; Tweet courtesy of Twitte/@AmandaC_Young

We don’t even want to know the cost of all the damage that fire did. What baffles us even more, is that this roommate somehow filled the house with smoke and still managed to fall asleep! How he didn’t pass out is beyond us.

Dirty laundry

Let’s be honest. We’ve all let our laundry pile up until we’ve had to do two loads at a time. But at least we end up washing all our clothes eventually, unlike this person’s roommate. They must have a ton of money to be able to replace dirty laundry with new clothes.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@freedommoms; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Helz2Belz

A 5-feet high pile of stinky clothes is something nobody wants in the house. But it isn’t fair for @Helz2Belz if she moved out. The roommate is the one who should move. She should pack up her stuff and her 5-feet laundry pile and say goodbye.

Student shenanigans

You ever get the sudden urge to redecorate or rearrange your room at midnight? That’s what these two students decided to do. Let’s just say things didn’t go according to plan. If anything, the new layout caused a bit of a struggle.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@maggieliston1

They failed to take into consideration the fact that the loft beds mirrored each other. Now their ladders are inaccessible, and getting on their beds is a chore. We would tell them to just move the beds back, but maybe it is just easier to move out.