Social Media Account Shares Fun And Fascinating Facts For Every Occasion

By Aakash M

We all have that one friend who is ready for trivia night. No matter the topic, they always seem to have some interesting factoid they’re enthusiastic about sharing. Some people find it annoying, but we love it! We are always eager to learn new things. That’s why, when we stumbled upon Factbytes on Instagram, we had to write an article about it.

This social media account shares a plethora of facts on every topic imaginable. No matter your interest, we’re sure you’ll find something worth learning. When making this article, we struggled to pick our favorites from their 3.5k posts, but we finally settled on these 41. So read on to see why half a million people are following this account.

Mother’s love

Maternal love is consistent throughout the animal kingdom. Our hearts broke when we read that the mother suffered after she lost her cubs. We’re so grateful that some clever animal caretakers thought of a plan to get her out of her funk.

Instagram/ Factbytes

Talk about pigs in a blanket! This is the perfect example of a story with a happy ending. The pigs have a mother that loves them, and the tigress has a litter to take care of. They might not growl like she does, but those oinks are music to her ears.

Let it out

Life is full of ups and down. Unfortunately, we are sometimes told to stay strong and not let it show just how much we are hurting. Though it may be socially acceptable to hold back those tears, that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy choice.

Instagram/ Factbytes and clayleconey/Unsplash

So, always know that it’s alright to let it all out if you feel the tears start to well up. Crying and showing your true emotions is a healthy way to release the stress, anger, fear, and sadness you may be feeling. We’re all human, after all.

About the upper echelons of life

When they say the “average” Bugatti customer, that doesn’t really narrow things down. Unlike other car brands, Bugatti doesn’t have a wide variety of customers. Their clientele is so small and niche, you won’t see commercials for them on TV.

Instagram/ Factbytes

With so many vehicles, we wonder if the “average Bugatti customer” actually drives their Bugatti! We can’t even fathom what it would be like to have so many methods of transportation at our disposal. Given that the cheapest Bugatti costs roughly $1.9 million, we can understand this vehicle lineup.

404 information not found

There is so much information in documented human history. In fact, we’re surprised that schools are even able to narrow down the topics to cover. While it feels like we could supplement our studies with a trip to the library, even that won’t do.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Jannarong/Shutterstock

We always hear about historians and experts in various eras of human history and culture, but the truth is that even they don’t know a fraction of our history. Thinking about the statistics, we wonder if historians and astrophysicists hang out and lament about the lack of knowledge.

Not as bad as you think

Admittedly, we felt somewhat relieved upon reading this fact. But this does make us wonder why it is that so many people have this issue. Well, science is here to give us an answer. Hearing our own voice spoken aloud isn’t jarring, but recorded voices are different.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

When speaking aloud, we are hearing our voices from two sources: biological and “atmospheric.” Think of it as internal and external, where the former is the sound resonating through our bodies and the latter is from the air. In recordings, there is no biological component!


One of the biggest dilemmas of moviegoers is the potty break. Even if you go to the bathroom five times before the film starts, your bladder might decide that mid-film is the perfect time to act up. Fortunately, Switzerland has the perfect solution.

Instagram/ Factbytes

We absolutely love this idea, but it’s not flawless. You’ll miss some of the movie going to and from the restroom. But our biggest question is: how do you watch your movie? Still, they are definitely on to something here.

Straight outta Mars

We are just as surprised as you are. As much as it looks like a plot from a low-budget science fiction B-movie, this actually happened. We can only hope that this was all a joke and that no one really believed it.

Instagram/ Factbytes

Our question to these men is: how did you get here? If they inherited Mars from their ancestors 3000 years ago, what are they doing living on Earth? Over the last 3,000 years, human stories have morphed, but somehow their legal claim on Mars has been passed down exactly. Yeah, not buying it.


We’ve heard about towns so far north that their sense of day and night is thrown off balance with endless days and eternal nights. In one of the northernmost cities in America, for almost two months, the sun never peaks above the horizon.

Instagram/ Factbytes

Adapting to such a long period of darkness must have been difficult for the locals. It must be really weird when you’re at your office desk or in the classroom, you’re looking out the window at 1 PM in the afternoon and it looks the same as it does at 11 pm.

Birthday gift!

Facts don’t always need to be some alarming statistic or little-known fact. Sometimes, it can be a wholesome gesture or a rare picture that is worthy of going viral. Factbytes knows its audience and makes sure to include “facts” like this…

Instagram/ Factbytes

Walruses love fish, which is why this walrus got a fish cake on its birthday! He probably doesn’t know that it’s his birthday, but he certainly appreciates the kind gesture. He’s so happy that he’s blushing, and honestly, there isn’t a cuter picture on the Internet.

A modern solution for a modern problem

Creativity and innovation are two very different things. To put it simply, innovation is implementing those creative ideas. One Australian company came up with an innovative solution to low visibility on roads at night. Forget blinding sporadic lights, there’s a safer way to see the road at night.

Instagram/ Factbytes

Who said that glow-in-the-dark paint was only for little kids? Painting this on the highway solves so many problems. For one, you don’t need to add street lights, which could disrupt wildlife. This also doubles as a cost-saving measure — you don’t need electricity to power these “lights.”

Earth’s beauty at its best

Just when we think we have everything figured out, the Earth reminds us of how small we and our problems are. Compared to the vast planet and the wonders it holds, missing your bus stop doesn’t seem so big of a deal.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Dave Bunnell/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons

The name of this cave is Son Doong, and we have another fact about it. This gigantic cave is estimated to be around 400-450 million years old! We can’t even imagine what history has passed through there. We want to visit just to get the opportunity to breathe in its beauty.


Had it not been for Factbytes, if we saw this picture we would have thought that his baby elephant tripped while running after its mother. We would have been equally amused because there’s something so endearing about toddlers being clumsy.

Instagram/ Factbytes

This is even more adorable than a Dumbo-like elephant stumbling over its own feet. We love that babies of all species have the potential to be silly, uncoordinated, wholesome creatures. Excuse us while we go look up videos of baby elephants drinking water.

Ferocious fashion

Zoos, especially local ones, often struggle to find proper funding, so they need to be creative in their fundraising. If your goal is to help the animals, we’re sure they’d be happy to get involved. Instead of making tiger-print pants, let them design the fabric!

Instagram/ Factbytes

We are offended that fashion designers sell pre-torn clothes, but we’re willing to make an exception in this case. We wonder if the Kamine Zoo lets buyers know who made the piece because there are many talented fashion designers living there.

Unity is strength

It’s common knowledge that wolves are social creatures. In fact, we bet that they’re the first animals that come to mind when you hear the phrase “pack hunters.” We know that they’re good at looking out for one another, but we didn’t reality it went this deep.

Instagram/ Factbytes

Ladies, get you a man that treats you like a male wolf. It’s heartwarming to learn that even the most ferocious animals have a soft spot for their significant other. We can’t even imagine how protective the alpha male is of his female partner.

Almost won

Firstly, congratulations to this fortunate guy for winning such a huge sum of money. It was wise of him to collect the cheque while wearing a mask, much less Ghostface from the Scream franchise, but he still left some tracks.

Instagram/ Factbytes

He might have covered his face, but his name was pretty legible. We’re not sure how common his last name is, but if he’s the sort of lottery player that tells their family that they do it, well, this isn’t a very foolproof plan.

It’s not over yet!

With the mounting dread of student debt, many young adults are turning down the idea of going to college entirely, or are doing so with the weight of future debt that they’ll have to deal with for years to come.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Shekko/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

If you or someone you know is weighing the pros and cons of college, we suggest that you think outside the box. Or, rather, the country! Norway isn’t the only country that offers free tuition, but the fact that it extends to international students is phenomenal.

Watermelon seeds ftw

We don’t need Factbytes to know that watermelon is a good treat. It’s a diet-friendly, refreshing snack that we simply can’t get enough of. Though, thanks to this factoid, we might just seek out more watermelons. Or, more specifically, their seeds…

Instagram/ Factbytes and Thanthima Lim/Shutterstock

These seeds are highly nutritious because of the presence of the nutrients mentioned in the fact, and it gets even better. Watermelon seeds can boost your immune system and your heart health, and they can also control your blood sugar levels.

A story of fire and ice

Thanks to Factbytes, we’re learning that the world is wider, and more bizarre, than what we see in our daily lives. Even the areas that are explored contain oddities that many people don’t know. For example, if you want to cheat the bathroom scale, move to Canada.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Robert St-Coeur/Shutterstock

Since the 1960s, scientists have tried to figure out just what is happening. There are two prevailing theories to explain this, both of which are correct! In short, a combination of convection in the Earth’s mantle and an indent from a melted ice sheet created this phenomenon.


Sharks do not get the respect they deserve. Jaws may have been a good film, but it gave sharks a bad name. They are not actually a threat to humans — in reality, they are the ones that fear us.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Lewis Burnett/Shutterstock

We look to trees and mountains for an insight into the Earth’s past, but we should really be looking under the sea. For millions of years, these fish have been swimming nonstop. Many shark species have to keep swimming to keep the water flowing through their gills, and also to avoid sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Study tips

If you’re struggling to remember the things you study and you wanna score well in your upcoming test, consider trying this trick. But if you do, make sure to use proper gum-chewing etiquette. Aka, no open-mouthed chewing! Oh, and you need to make sure to chew the same flavor.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Lizardflms/Shutterstock

Human beings are all about association. Just think of how many smells and sounds can trigger a memory. That’s what this factoid is all about — using biology to your advantage! Another tip is to study in the same location where you’ll take the test.

Unconditional love

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and it is unconditional. Even if you grew up in a busy household with two working parents, chances are you felt a strong connection towards your mother. Unfortunately, this bond weakens as we grow older and we have our own responsibilities.

Instagram/ Factbytes and InesBazdar/Shutterstock

But it’s important to remember that she will always love you. And Factbytes is here to let us know that there’s no excuse for not calling your mother! Even if you live across the country or even the world, hearing her voice can do wonders for your mental health.

Use your brain

The person who invented this hack is a genius. Having your valuables stolen at the beach is a serious concern, and it’s tricky to avoid, especially if you go to the beach by yourself. And good luck registering a complaint. There’s no real way to track the thief.

Instagram/ Factbytes

Prevention is the best course of action when it comes to protecting your valuables. Human excrement is sure to deter even the most desperate of thieves. To be clear, do not use a used diaper! A clean one, dampened a bit to make it expand, is what you need here.

Invade, conquer, and destroy

Australia is known to be home to all sorts of rare and dangerous animals, but the most threatening of all is the rabbit. That’s right, Australia’s rabbit population came from a bored European colonist. He wanted to go hunting, so he released two dozen rabbits into the outback.

Instagram/ Factbytes and whitejellybeans/Shutterstock

This is the epitome of the phrase “breeding like rabbits.” Without any natural predators, the rabbit population grew unchecked. Now, they’re a bit of a menace as they destroy crops and land, leading to soil erosion. To Australians, bunnies are more dangerous than a blue-ringed octopus.


This fact requires a few re-reads, so don’t feel bad if you don’t understand it at first. Let’s go through this one together. First off, don’t let the technical terms overwhelm you. We all know what it means for something to be 2- or 3-dimensional (2D or 3D).

Instagram/ Factbytes

And the fourth dimension is time. So, keep that in mind and read the fact backward and see if it makes a bit more sense. We might take a page from Factbyte’s book to sound more interesting. By this logic, is a shadow a 2D projection of a 4D object?

Wrong decision

We’ll preface this by saying we’re not life coaches nor are we business advisors. There could have been many factors that led to Ronald’s decision. It might have been the right call at the time, and we can’t help but feel some tangential regret on his behalf.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Ed Uthman, MD/CC BY-SA 2.5/Wikimedia Commons

We do know what the universe would look like if Ronald had kept his shares. Mr. Wayne would be a billionaire by day and a vigilante by night. Sorry, but we had to make the joke. We couldn’t pass up on making a Batman joke.

Fun fact

If we were to answer this question, we’d honestly say that we were “today years old” when we learned about this airplane fact. Maybe engineers and pilots knew this, but we common folk were happily enjoying our sky-high movies without knowing this fact.

Instagram/ Factbytes

We don’t know how to feel about this fact. To be fair, we never really thought about where exactly planes store their fuel. And, since there are no seats on the wings, this is probably the best-case scenario — from a passenger’s point of view.

Helping hand

Let’s take a break from serious and puzzling facts and take a look at another wholesome “fact.” At least Factbytes admits that the fact is how the picture made them feel. And we’re right there with them. Look at these adorable pandas…

Instagram/ Factbytes

This image shows that, sometimes, all it takes is a little boost from a friend to get us where we need to be. In this panda’s case, their goal was a little pat on the head. This picture should be used in motivational posters.

Are you one?

Introverts are, by definition, shy, but they’ll open up to one or two people. But what do you call someone who’s withdrawn in person but is a social butterfly in texts? Yup, it’s time to add a new word to your vocabulary…

Instagram/ Factbytes and G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

Who doesn’t love a good portmanteau? With the increasing social media usage, we’re sure more people are becoming textoverts. While it might be a relief for chronic introverts, we’re hesitant to call it a good thing. There’s no replacement for real-life interactions.

Healthy workspace

There’s always controversy with big-name companies. Specifically, people are concerned about how they treat their workers. With some big tech companies, the engineers are given many perks to make the long hours worth it. But that sentiment doesn’t directly translate to their kids.

Instagram/ Factbytes

What a sweet gesture! Rather than not getting a reply or being granted the one day she requested, this little girl got a whole week! Virtual cookies to Google for giving this sweet girl what she asked for. We’ll stay optimistic and assume that Katie wasn’t coerced by her father to write this letter.

Worse than rabbits

Rabbits are not the only animal capable of multiplying like crazy. Rats, for example, could give bunnies a run for their money. Their high litter size and short gestation periods also have a lot to do with these alarming numbers.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Gallinago_media/Shutterstock

The litter size is around 5-12 and the gestation period is a little more than three weeks. And female rats can produce around 7 litters in a year, which, if you add up, maxes out at around 84. No wonder they can create enough of them to start a civilization in three years.

Rare specimen

Also known as tabby tigers, the “golden” tiger aren’t a different species. The 30 that exist today are all raised in captivity, and in the wild, there are no golden tigers as far as we know. The golden tiger is simply a bengal tiger with a rare genetic anomaly.

Instagram/ Factbytes and Sonpari235/Shutterstock

Although all the golden tigers that we know of are born/raised in captivity, it’s likely that there are wild bengal tigers roaming around that are carriers of this anomaly. Here’s another fun fact: the same gene that causes the light color also makes their fur more soft.

Necessary measure

Trees were here long before humans had carts and cars, so why should they have to be cut down just for our convenience? It turns out that that’s not true everywhere in the world. Every country should do what Japan does.

Instagram/ Factbytes

This is a win-win-win! What people should really take away from this concept is the importance of respecting nature. It’s always sad to see construction workers cut down in a few seconds a tree that took hundreds of years to grow.

Time to put a stop

We’re not ones to interfere in other family matters, but let’s just say that contraception is a great medical advancement. With improved medical technology, people are living longer, which is partially responsible for overpopulation issues. That, and one particular man in India…

Instagram/ Factbytes and nixcreative/Unsplash

India is the seventh largest country in the world, and is the second most populous country…and this man had no small role in the latter. This man basically made a small village out of relatives! We don’t know what’s more shocking: the family size or that they live together.

The adorable illusionist

When you look at this image, what do you see? At first glance, most people see a man dressed in all black running away from the photographer. But if you let your eyes rest on the picture for a few seconds, you’ll see what it really is.

Instagram/ Factbytes

It’s just a cute little pooch running to its owner while the owner is trying to capture this beautiful moment! This is the cuter version of the duck-rabbit optical illusion. This just goes to show how impactful perspective and shading is.

Those days

People always say that life is about perspective, but it can be hard to think of examples when you’re in a sour mood. Thankfully, Factbytes has the perfect example for us: the school bell. The same noise sounds differently at depending on the hour.

Instagram/ Factbytes

Hearing that bell chime to signal the start of the day can be jarring and disappointing. But, fast forward seven hours and the bell — which hasn’t changed in tone, duration, or volume — sounds invigorating. Though, as adults with 9-to-5s and responsibilities, we miss that morning bell.


The author of this book must be a really wise man. According to this book, years of research and tons of interviews were conducted to get a comprehensive insight into a man’s understanding of a woman — basically nothing at all.

Instagram/ Factbytes

This book was published way back in 1988, and a few years ago, a 25th-anniversary edition of this book was also released. It should come as no surprise that the re-release reflects all the things men have learned in the 25 years — nothing!


Have you seen the story about a dog that takes the bus to the dog park by himself? If not, we recommend that you take a minute to look it up. It’s so cute! Though, maybe not as cute as this self-dependent penguin.

Instagram/ Factbytes

We all need someone as responsible and trustworthy as La La in our lives. What really piques our interest here is who La La’s family is and if he goes on this errand for himself or to get enough fish for the whole family.

As young as ever

There are always a few Hollywood stars that fascinate fans with their apparent lack of aging. Paul Rudd, we’re looking at you! Well, it turns out that there’s a word for it. Then again, we should be surprised as it seems there’s an English word for everything.

Instagram/ Factbytes

The word does little to explain how they manage to look so young. Okay, reeling it back, it’s not uncommon for young adults to look like they’re in their teens. We’re still jealous of those whose genetics give them that enterally youthful look.


As most of you know, there has been a lot of tension between India and Pakistan for a long time now. Back in the ’40s, Pakistan was a part of India, but after the British left, Pakistan was separated from India and was now an independent country.

Instagram/ Factbytes and

All in all, there has been a serious amount of border tension between the countries, and this fact pretty much reinforces that point. We hope the monkey was freed because he probably wandered into Pakistan while searching for some food! It’s weird to imagine how they would’ve even gone on with the legal proceedings.


Nowadays, anyone can get clothing in virtually any color. But that wasn’t always the case. In fact, you might have already heard that purple has historically been considered a regal color. But did you know why? Don’t worry, Factbytes has the answer.

Instagram/ Factbytes and U.Name.Me/CC BY-SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons

It’s strange to think of the color purple being derived from a snail. We wonder who figured out that this was even possible in the first place. Poor snails had to suffer for royal clothing. Fortunately, we don’t need this method anymore.

The versatility of a home pregnancy test

A pregnancy test is something you buy for two reasons: either you’ve missed your period and suspect you’re pregnant, or you’re trying to get pregnant and need to do regular testing. However, according to the next fact on our list, this little stick can also spot testicular cancer.

Instagram/ Factbytes and juliafiedler-2466088/Pixabay

A pregnancy test usually detects the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG). Coincidentally, this hormone also becomes elevated when one has some specific types of testicular cancer. However, a positive test doesn’t guarantee that you have it. It just means that you should see a doctor for more tests.