Intriguing Predictions On The Future Of Soccer

By Anthony K

Soccer is a popular sport among many. However, an important question that we ought to ask ourselves is, What future does it hold? Factors such as changing demographics will force federations to effect some changes. Below are some exciting predictions on the future of soccer.

Image: Shutterstock

It’ll go green

Soccer will play an essential role in supporting and promoting sustainability. Some of the fundamental driving forces will be regulators, consumers, and influencers. The target will be achieving a neutral footprint through the sport. This means that the new stadiums to be built will recycle waste and generate their energy in an environmentally friendly way. They have to be carbon neutral. Future stadiums will also have alternate routes to and from the stadiums. This will mean having fewer spots for parking fueled cars, having bicycle lanes to the stadium, electric transportation, and trains and trams.

Artificial Intelligence

FC Midtjylland is a small Danish football club that you may have heard of. It has an analytical and data-driven approach, making it become Danish Champion in just a short period. Steve Benham, a professional gambler, took the club’s reins in 2014, introducing math to the cub, and it paid off. In the future of soccer, artificial intelligence will be a crucial factor, particularly as far as learning is concerned.

Broadcasting landscape

Image: Shutterstock

This is becoming clear even at the moment; there will be a change in the media landscape. Traditional TV networks will lose share. One of the vital features in the soccer revenue mix is media income. Therefore, to whom media rights will belong at last is an important question. Some of the probabilities include: clubs, leagues, and sports federation might start their own platforms, live sports events by social media platforms might also attract views, among others.

 Above is what the future for soccer holds.