Not All Treasures Stay Buried: 45+ Interesting Finds People Couldn’t Help But Share Online

By Stefan C

As a kid, did you ever wish you unearthed a secret treasure? Okay, that’s a dumb question. All of us, at some point, have dreamed about being explorers. While that naive childhood expectation fades into a fantasy as we grow up, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

After all, the most extraordinary events can occur during the dullest routines in our adult lives. You could be out hiking and come across an interesting fossil, or you might be tending your backyard and come across an antique figure. These kinds of chance finds can serve as keys to the past or provide a window into the life of people who came before us.

So put on your boots and unfold your map because we just discovered some incredible and interesting artifacts and we can’t wait to share them with you.

1. A Little Owl Taking Shelter

Since owls are nocturnal, it’s uncommon to come across one, even if you live somewhere with plenty of these birds. This woman was fetching kindling from outdoors when she stumbled across an owlet in the back of the pile. The cute tiny creature seemed frightened, but it was fine.

Image courtesy of drboggner1/Reddit

Is there anything more adorable than this? We would want one as a companion if it weren’t unlawful and harmful. It seems like it might benefit from a cozy comforter and some TLC, but that could just be us projecting. He is probably alright and is simply taking cover in the woods.

2. Petrified Shells

One of the first memories this individual has is of discovering what they believed to be petrified seashells inside a rock. They held onto it for years, hoping that one day they could glean any information from it. With the help of the Reddit community, they found some answers.

Image courtesy of [deleted user]/Reddit

Some thought it was just asphalt with shells in it, but with the help of some professionals, the user learned that it was indeed a natural formation. However, even the geologist and archeologist in the thread couldn’t agree! We guess that this person will have to settle for “fossiliferous sedimentary rock.”

3. An Old Family Friend

This person was searching through their granny’s photo albums when they saw two of their favorite people: their niece and…Albert Einstein. How would you react if you suddenly found out that your relative was good pals with one of the finest scientists ever?

Image courtesy of SupermAndrew1/Reddit

His name must have been “Uncle Albert” to the youngsters. Perhaps this will spark you to want to investigate your ancestry. You might find some surprising discoveries. It is possible that your forebears had personal relationships with famous people in history, and you might have no idea about it.

4. Roadside Wealth

This runner usually takes the same dirt path every day, and the edge of the route is littered with trash from passing motorists. When he came upon a “new” container, he had to pause. When he got the package inside his house, he discovered currency from 1621.

Image courtesy of follysurfer/Reddit

Most of it was from the 17th, but there were some notes dating to the early 20th century. And, not only was the money from all over the world, but several of the nations represented on them don’t even exist anymore. In a junk heap, he discovered a treasure trove.

5. The Cat Returned With A Note In Her Collar

This cat has thrilling excursions every day, but she always finds her way back home. Her human had no clue where she went, but one day when she returned with a message connected to her leash, they got a clue.

Image courtesy of SliceofToast/Imgur

What a wholesome gesture. The “second family” this cat had found was more than willing to take care of someone else’s pet. We’re sure this person went to work every day with better peace of mind knowing that their beloved cat was safe even during its excursions.

6. Emma Hated Homework

Estate auctions are a great place to uncover some incredible finds. Someone unearthed this one-of-a-kind piece of needlework that a young woman created back in 1877. The comedy is as up-to-date as it has ever been, despite the piece’s age…

Image courtesy of davidmcw/Reddit

Or, maybe it’s too relevant. Shortly after it made its rounds, the internet chimed in and pointed out the inconsistencies in the date and slang. We’d still like to think that this was done by some girl, maybe in 1911 who was fed up with the education system.

7. Antique Murals Beneath A Vineyard

Just outside Verona, Italy, someone uncovered a nearly completely preserved Roman ceramic villa ground. This is a testament to the quality of the work, don’t you think? We have kitchen tiling laid not even ten years ago that look more like ancient discoveries than this real piece of history.

Image courtesy of Comune di Negrar di Valpolicella/

The Romans didn’t take their art lightly, and they were meticulous in their attention to precision. We are curious as to whether or not the presence of the tile altered the growth of the grapes. Hopefully they didn’t use it as an excuse to make their wine more pricey.

8. Sign Your Work

You never know if a piece of furniture you discovered on the curb is junk or a hidden gem. It took this person two years for this person to realize that there was a hidden message on this antique table they discovered by the highway.

Image courtesy of SarahLiora/Reddit

It was created in 1914 by a custodian at the University of Nebraska named T.R. Boone. His skill resulted in a stunning table that has endured the passage of time. These days, our furnishings aren’t built to last, so we doubt that someone in a century will find a table made in 2022.

9. Heart-Shaped Geodes

No, those aren’t oversized friendship charms. Miners in Uruguay came across this uniquely shaped geode. The exquisite icy stillness of the crystal is something we’d love to have in our collection. If given as gifts, we’re sure they’d brighten someone’s day.

Image courtesy of Danny Rosin/Twitter

If we didn’t know any better, we might think that this was some extreme marriage proposal. At least with crystalline hearts that big, we’re sure the men have the same-sized hearts. We feel like that’s a safe assumption just by looking at those bright smiles.

10. An Old Statue Unearthed In A Garden

This figurine was initially discovered by an Italian gardener. After uncovering it, he donated it to a gallery (Parma Museum) that then professionally cleaned and restored it. Experts concluded that it was likely from a burial that occurred three to four thousand years ago.

Image courtesy of lodeluxMealux/Reddit

If someone took something from a graveyard, they could be cursed for doing so. Leaving it alone would’ve been the best option; who knows what sort of protective charms they put on that totem. Perhaps this explains why the past few years have been a disaster… Just kidding!

11. Note For The New Homeowners

Have you ever moved homes and, instead of taking everything, left a little something behind? Perhaps you carved your initials in a corner, or under some old wallpaper. Well, this person went the extra mile and wrote a whole note, detailing the time in which they wrote it.

Image courtesy of perfect_square/Reddit

It took almost half a century for someone to find this note. A couple had recently bought a new house and were renovating it when they found a message from a previous owner. Knowing that it dates back to 1971 is impressive enough, but the reminder that Apollo 14 launched only days prior is incredible.

12. Woodland Creature

Some people find an empty woodland scene to be downright terrifying — horror movies certainly don’t help with that image. However, this individual discovered something far more lovely. While walking near their home, a couple spotted a beautiful fox carving, worthy of display in a gallery.

Image courtesy of DiceELITE/Reddit

Too bad the artist didn’t carve their name alongside the wooden woodland critter. Perhaps if you stroke the fox, you will be showered with good fortune for the next five years. We’re not strong believers in magic, but it’s fun to imagine.

13. A Hummingbird Feather

Hummingbirds flit about with such speed, it’s hard to determine any detailed features. We can easily identify them, but when you try to take a closer look, you blink your eyes, and they’re gone. But, if you’re lucky, they’ll leave behind a little something.

Image courtesy of isaytyler/Reddit

We knew that hummingbirds were tiny, but we had no idea that their feathers wouldn’t even cover our index finger! According to this person, who found the feather in some soil, they were only able to spot the pink feather because it reflected the light.

14. Proof Of Fairies?

While on a hike, this person came across a tiny cottage hidden in a tree stump. Did someone leave a dollhouse in the woods? Or was it a fairy’s dwelling? It looks deserted, but that could just mean the residents are too shy. A quick look at the mailbox will tell you who lives there.

Image courtesy of euphoric_barley/Reddit

The small welcome stones seem a little ominous though. Don’t worry; you can rest easy knowing that there are no mischievous fae living here. In some towns, people set up cottages to make it seem like fairies live in the nearby woods.

15. Old Coat, New Nest

Somebody accidentally left their jacket in the bushes, and the birdies quickly realized it would make a great nesting material. Their eggs are safer as the cover provides extra shelter. Though it’s unfortunate for the person who lost their piece of clothing, the animals benefitted a lot from it.

Image courtesy of golden_blaze/Reddit

Perhaps the individual left the jacket on purpose. They might have realized that the animals could make better use of it than they could. Or, there may be a darker backstory behind it that we’ll never learn. Leaving a jacket and not coming back for it seems inexplicable.

16. A Tiny Gecko

While hanging around in her yard, this woman saw a small gecko with a vivid blue tail. Although it’s so small, the species adds such a stunning aesthetic to the landscape. Naturally, hues of genuine blue like this are very uncommon.

Image courtesy of icantspeakesperanto/Reddit

This small animal really helps gardens out quite a bit since it consumes pest insects. It acts as a little guard to protect your flowers from any danger. They are also rather cute, which is a big check in the plus column.

17. Wrong Teeth

Shell hunters are always on the lookout for the coolest finds. A father was walking along the beach with his daughter; both were digging in the sand to look for shark teeth when they came across a different kind of dentures.

Image courtesy of ProbablyNotDrew/Reddit

The small girl couldn’t contain her glee when she discovered a pair of false teeth. Of course, as grownups, we would find this totally revolting. We can’t help but think that there’s some poor soul out there searching for their lost teeth.

18. Newborn Bunnies Discovered On Easter

These individuals were strolling around their neighborhood on Easter morning when they came across a nest with young rabbits. Fortunately, they brought along a soda can so we could get a good sense of scale. It’s adorable how little and drowsy they are.

Image courtesy of Quest_4_Truth/Reddit

However, the mother probably isn’t too far away. In order to prevent the mother rabbit from abandoning her youngsters, they refrained from touching her kits. Though there was neither candy nor eggs near the perch, it was still the ideal way to celebrate Easter.

19. Familiar-Looking Bowl

This individual is a woodturner whose career path had been greatly influenced by the works of a single artist. Naturally, when they found a unique bowl at a vintage shop, they felt compelled to bring it home. Though there was something particularly striking about the piece…

Image courtesy of DalbergTheKing/Reddit

Since the bowl resembled their idol’s work, this person decided to do some digging. As it turned out, the bowl they held in their hands was the same one that sparked their desire to pursue a career as a woodturner.

20. Some Light Reading

This book-shaped flask’s original title, The Timeless Thirst To Study, is an apt translation. It would be a great addition to a home bar or liquor-themed cookbook collection. Consumers won’t have any trouble reading it, no matter their language comprehension skills.

Image courtesy of ektylu/Reddit

You should probably be wary of somebody who suddenly announces they are heading to the bookstore at 10 pm. Though this would make a good present for the librarian who enjoys a dash of spice in their daily brew. No one would question a vintage book, now would they?

21. Practical Use Of A Carrot

Need an extra set of hands while you’re cooking? Just deploy the convenient vegetable hand next time you prep a meal. If given enough time, it may eventually develop into a fully formed carrot human. To be honest, though, this seems more appropriate in a Stephen King novel.

Image courtesy of Moby-Dickens/Reddit

We could just imagine a horror novel about evil vegetables. But what’s even more disturbing is how this Redditor shared their unique find. At first glance, nothing seems amiss, other than his extra long fingers. The hand-like carrot is reaching uncanny levels of creepiness here.

22. A Good Boy On An Old Game Boy

Kids today will never know the joy of playing with an OG Game Boy. Nonetheless, one father was set on enlightening his kid about the glories of the ’90s gadget. Before he could even get to his Pokemon, he came across a more cherished childhood companion.

Image courtesy of newsilverdad/Reddit

Just by inserting some batteries, the man was transported back to 1999, when the pixellated puppy photo was originally taken. The thought of sharing his affection for that dog with his kid made him emotional. If we had seen this following all these years, we probably would have cried.

23. Smol Frog

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a frog as small as this one. We have two questions here. One, how did this person even spot the frog? And, secondly, just what does that frog’s life look like? Is this an adult? How small are the tadpoles?

Image courtesy of okgodlemmehaveit/Reddit

We still can’t get over how small this frog is. Sadly, the Redditor couldn’t provide a lot of information about where they found this little fella, nor did any professionals weigh in. We’ll just have to live with this unanswered curiosity.

24. Ancient Text?

If you take a walk along the beach, you’re likely to come across all sorts of rocks and shells, some with absolutely exquisite designs. Someone found one such object with what seems like an old writing system imprinted on it.

Image courtesy of Daaabears/Reddit

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a rare archeological find. Humans didn’t write out these symbols; nature did! Whether this was a piece of a shell, or a collection of random geometric patterns remains unclear. Regardless, the likeness to a long-dead language is fascinating enough to earn a spot on our list.

25. Renovations Pay For Themselves

For centuries, humans have wondered what lies just beyond a rainbow. Even though we know it’s just light passing through raindrops, it’s fun to think that it’s something more magical. While doing some remodeling, these homeowners discovered 83 gold pieces buried on their property.

Image courtesy of DiaBoLo73/Reddit

This collection of coins is really impressive, but we have no idea what it’s worth. We’re sure there’s one frustrated individual — leprechaun or human — frantically searching for their treasure. They might have been unlucky, but the folks who discovered it certainly weren’t.

26. Secret Love Letters

Aside from letters from camp or thank you cards, writing a message to someone is unusual nowadays. With the speed and ease of texting, DMs, and emails, hand-written letters have fallen out of favor. That’s why these homeowners’ unique find was a delightful surprise…

Image courtesy of rex2525/Reddit

Hidden in the walls of their home was a stack of secret love letters. This find was definitely cheekier than the other entries on this list — the notes weren’t hidden from thieves; they were kept from the prying eyes of the recipient’s partner.

27. Toy Soldiers Demonstrating Their Yoga Abilities

We all remember Toy Story. Who was your favorite character? We loved Buzz, but we’ve always held a special place in our hearts for those toy soldiers. Something funny was always about to go down when they hobbled on screen.

Image courtesy of CryptoAlca/Reddit

They must have been super stressed from being on guard all the time, hence the mini-yoga session. They could even write it off as training since the flexibility and agility gained through yoga will serve them well on the field. The words “right fellas, it’s time for stretching” are practically audible.

28. Riding The Rails

Since grasshoppers are often this color, we mistook this find for a real insect. Nevertheless, a closer inspection reveals that it is, in fact, a leaf. Somebody was killing time while riding the rails and decided to fold some origami.

Image courtesy of rolandroflz/Reddit

But unfortunately, they forgot it when they stepped off. Or perhaps it was left on purpose in the hopes that the creator’s work would go viral. If that was the goal, then it worked since this picture is now circulating online.

29. Lost Engagement Ring Discovered While Scuba Diving

Have you ever seen one of those rom-coms where the guy gets down on one knee, but before he can slip on the ring, it slips out of his hand and right into the water? Well, it seems like that happened in real life.

Image courtesy of Merman_Mike/Reddit

This guy donned some scuba gear, grabbed a metal detector, and went on a little treasure hunt. Under the water, he found a missing wedding band from 2005, among other treasures. It must have been wonderful to give all these long-lost possessions back to their rightful owners.

30. Time Capsule

Despite the prevalence of time machines in science fiction, the only real way to travel in time is by existing. Perhaps the closest we can get is a time capsule, especially a well-hidden one that will seemingly materialize out of thin air a collection of long-forgotten treasures.

Image courtesy of Gtciem0/Reddit

Someone was digging in their garden and came across a time capsule that was almost a century old. Within the container were: vintage currency, a photograph, an elephant sculpture, and a holiday card. Unsurprisingly, they haven’t yet been able to identify the inheritors of the time capsule.

31. Immigration Documents

While rummaging inside his grandma’s attic, this person discovered his great-great-grandpa’s passport and plane reservations. This paper, which detailed the experience of an Italian man emigrating to the United States in the 1920s, was found to be in pristine shape after 100 years.

Image courtesy of dmikuska12/Reddit

Many families can only trace their origins through old family tales, but this lucky person found concrete evidence to trace their lineage. This is the find of a lifetime for any family looking to learn more about their history.

32. A Pink Mystery

Forget finding a four-leaf clover; spotting a pink katydid is sure to bring you luck! We normally expect insects to be green, as it makes it easier for them to blend in. But not with these guys. Hopefully their predators can’t distinguish pink from brown.

Image courtesy of BreakfastBearz/Reddit

As cool as this is, a hot pink katydid isn’t a super rare find. At least, not in certain parts of North America. in fact, studies have proposed that pink is the natural, dominant color of this particular type of insect.

33. Alligator Skull

Even though it looks like it is the skull of a long-extinct animal, this particular species can still be found in North American waters. There’s a species of fish known as the alligator gar, named so for its reptilian-like mouth.

Image courtesy of Scarfan9/Reddit

We wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of those teeth. Although people haven’t generally been the target of their ire, that could change at any time. Even if you steer clear of them, their eggs are pretty dangerous. Eating that roe will make you sick.

34. A Star Is Born

It seems like the best place to find rare and beautiful objects is the beach. We know, that’s not a revelation, but this list really reminds us just how many cool things you can find by the sea. And, if you’re a regular beach-goer, remember this list next time you’re only looking for shells.

Image courtesy of plwplw/Reddit

This person found a rock and just had to take it home. Imprinted in the rock was a tiny starfish. Poor Patrick Star must’ve gotten lost and found himself imprisoned in a rock. Maybe the person found a single sea sponge floating alongside the stone.

35. Someone Tacked Up Some Artwork In The Forest

The fox carving we saw earlier was truly one-of-a-kind. You don’t usually find artwork in the middle of the woods, right? Well, as it turns out, it’s more common than we realized. Rather than creating a masterpiece, a hiker brought one along…

Image courtesy of George-R-R-Fartin/Reddit

…and tacked it up on a tree. The fox carving was cute and playful, but this painting seems downright sinister. We could imagine this as part of a horror film or video game, where passersby get ensnared in the artwork before being chased away.

36. Lumberjack Finds

Even though most of us haven’t cut firewood or cleared decaying trees in a forest, we all know what a split log should look like. So, imagine this person’s surprise when they split open a log and found a rainbow inside.

Image courtesy of kankelberri/Reddit

It’s not entirely known why this tree had purple streaks hidden inside. Some retired professionals weighed in on Reddit, suggesting that a variation in minerals could cause the surprise this person found. Others theorized that it might be the result of a fungal infection. Perhaps we’ll never truly know the answer.

37. Cast Your Vote

Talk about a relic of the past! This document (a voting ticket) dates back to the 1860s, aka when the American Civil War took place. Someone clearly cared for this book very well if the papers within are still in this condition today.

Image courtesy of _AEthelwulf/Reddit

While paper may last a while, it’s not usually still so legible. One of the most fascinating things about this paper is the thorough list of people running for office. Some names have been repeated in history books, but it’s nice to see some names that have not been lost to time.

38. A Literal Pot Of Gold

Before home alarm systems and thief-proof safes, many people simply stashed away their valuables in order to keep their funds safe. But those people did not always come back to claim their possessions, and it seems not infrequent that those renovating old homes stumble across valuable finds.

Image courtesy of Whiskey___Neat/Reddit

A pair of new homeowners were going through their attic when they came across a tin with a cache of silver dollar coins. Looking through all the entries on this list makes us want to pry up some old floorboards to look for any buried secrets.

39. ET Egg Or Rare Agate?

If you go exploring enough, you’ll probably encounter some things that are simply unidentifiable. Some man was wandering in his yard when he almost tripped on a large rock. Upon picking it up, he realized that it was no ordinary stone.

Image courtesy of Nashquil/Reddit

It might look like an alien hatched from the rock, but he knew it would be something more mundane. After some research, the man learned that what he held in his hands wasn’t as commonplace as he thought. Red fox agate is extremely rare and could be worth a lot of money.

40. Game Over

Even if you’re good at throwing Frisbees — kudos if you are — you know that they don’t always land where you want them to. For example, school roofs and lakes in the park are frequently home to these stray flying discs.

Image courtesy of ForgeMaster00/Reddit

This guy went for a swim in a nearby pond when he lost his own Frisbee. He got a big return on his investments because he didn’t just find his one disc. He returned home with an additional 72 Frisbees!

41. Disappointing Hotel Sheets

When booking a hotel room, no matter how inexpensive or last-minute the reservation was, we expect that the basic amenities will be provided. Shampoo and shower gel if you forgot yours, clean towels, free wifi, and, of course, clean sheets.

Image courtesy of time2fly80/Reddit

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for this person. When turning down their bed, they discovered a note from the previous vacationer. We know that the duvet doesn’t get washed as often, and the floor isn’t spotless, but soiled sheets are unforgivable!

42. Mike Wazowski Lost His Door

This mysterious doorway to nowhere looks like a scene from Monsters, Inc. brought to life. When we first saw the movie, we thought it was unrealistic that there was a door in the Himalayas, but now we’re not so sure how unlikely that would be.

Image courtesy of elastizitat/Reddit

Did Mike and Sully misplace this door during their search for Boo? Even if this was a lost door from Monsters Incorporated, it doesn’t explain the mailbox and small fence. We wonder what the story is behind this little scene.

43. Close Call With This Pearl

It’s widely known pearls have been considered one of the greatest resources for jewelry for centuries, but their true origin isn’t common knowledge. When a mollusk accidentally traps some foreign material, not necessarily sand, it forms a layer of nacre around it.

Image courtesy of aegri_mentis/Reddit

Layer after layer, the mollusk coats the foreign matter until it’s no longer an irritant. So, as beautiful as pearls are, the actual process of creating them isn’t so romantic. Clams don’t like having these beads in their mouths, and this person almost found out why.

44. Elmo Needs A Hug

We can’t even begin to fathom the depths of this child’s despair when they discovered that their beloved Elmo had been lost forever in the forest. We remember how distraught we felt from merely misplacing our favorite stuffed animal in our bedrooms.

Image courtesy of psithurism_daze/Reddit

Judging by the thick layer of moss, he must have been left there a while ago. His once fiery red fur is now a vibrant green. If we didn’t know any better, we might think that Yoshi fell down while going on a hike.

45. The Label Didn’t Lie

There are all sorts of different salts, all of which (supposedly) have their own flavor and use. You’d certainly hate to add table salt to a recipe that calls for sea salt. But how do you know that it’s authentic?

Image courtesy of codmac/Reddit

One way, as this user discovered, is if you find sea shells in your salt! Although some individuals would be put off by the discovery of a little shell in their salt, we would be very interested. We wouldn’t mind it so much as long as there is anything lurking within the hull.

46. Mini Ecosystem

No, there aren’t any extraterrestrial embryos developing in there. It’s just an old beer bottle that was discarded and abandoned on a mountain. When left to the elements, the empty bottle provided the perfect environment for some moss to flourish.

Image courtesy of shiftshayper/Reddit

This is a literal bottle of root beer. We’re no mycologists, so we can’t even begin to guess what type of fungus is growing in there. All we can say is that it looks like the inspiration for War of the Worlds.

47. The Diary Was Connected To Three Syringes Of Blood

We can only speculate as to the nature of the evil magic contained inside this notebook, given that it was discovered with three vials of blood connected to it. We would never have dared to handle this or remove it, lest we become cursed for disturbing it.

Image courtesy of silletrey/Reddit

In movies, anyone walking around with vials of blood is evil and certainly up to no good. Even when the heroes use “blood magic,” that means something serious is about to go down. Let’s leave Van Helsing’s notebook alone for now.