How Sci-Fi Stories Inspired These 3 Real-Life Scientific Innovations

By Martin B

Science fiction has long been a source of inspiration for scientists and inventors looking to push the boundaries of technology. From spaceships to laser guns, the pages of science fiction novels have spawned countless real-world advancements.

Source: @aideal/Unsplash

Here are three scientific advancements that were inspired by science fiction stories.

The Taser

In 1914, Victor Appleton’s novel Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle introduced readers to a fictional weapon that could stun and immobilize a target without killing them. This concept of a non-lethal weapon caught the attention of inventor Jack Cover, who set out to create a real-world version of the electric rifle.

In 1974, he invented the Taser, a device that uses electric shock to temporarily incapacitate a person. Today, Tasers are used by law enforcement agencies around the world as a safer alternative to lethal force.


Jules Verne’s 1886 novel Robur the Conqueror tells the story of a man who invents a flying machine that is part helicopter, part airplane. This idea of a machine that could lift off vertically and hover in mid-air inspired inventors throughout the 20th century.

In 1936, Igor Sikorsky invented the first practical helicopter, which revolutionized aviation and paved the way for modern helicopters used in search and rescue, transportation, and military operations.

Source: @benzel/Unsplash

Humanoid Robots

Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy is a popular Japanese manga and anime series that tells the story of a robot boy with human-like emotions and abilities. First published in 1952, Astro Boy’s popularity inspired a generation of robot enthusiasts and engineers.

Today, researchers are working to create robots that can interact with humans and perform tasks that were previously thought to be the exclusive domain of humans. These humanoid robots are being developed for a variety of applications, from assisting in medical procedures to exploring other planets.

Science fiction has been a fertile ground for inspiration for scientists and inventors. As we continue to explore the boundaries of technology, it’s likely that we will see many more real-world advancements inspired by the imaginations of science fiction writers.