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These Tattoo Mistakes Are Cringey Yet Intriguing

Thinking about inking? Nowadays, there are tons of reasons to get tatted. Maybe you want to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you want to remember a special event or person in your life. Or, it could be simple: There’s a design you really dig, and you want it to be a part of you forever. We just hope you thought it through. The internet is full of crappy tattoo mistakes and artist errors. But we don’t want to show you any of that. We’ve collected some very intentional tattoos that are simply cringey. These proud tat owners were hoping to attract attention, and they’re about to get it. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong kind — and it’s permanent! Check out the worst of the worst needlework, next.

Eye See You

Some people just seem to have eyes in the back of their heads. Case in point: This man, right here. He is riding public transportation, and so are you. Although he faces forward, another face is staring at those behind him.

Youdontknowimadog / Reddit

We’re happy to report this isn’t natural. It’s a tattoo, but that’s not obvious right away. He asked for a full face in ink and shaved off his hair, besides eyebrows and a mustache. It’s a bit unnerving, to say the least.

Right Here, Ladies

If you are ambitious, tattoos are a risky choice. You can’t have face art, that’s for sure. And bold designs are distracting on your arms and chest. The solution is a palm tattoo. Get one or two, like this clever guy.


Here, we see he has a message for women. His permanent tat suggests they make bodily contact. We see his hands are the preferred method. That bold request is no surprise in the world of today. But it’s still cringey!

Smells Like Roses

We admit that the human body can be stinky sometimes. We’d like to think we smell like flowers. But hey, sweat and grime have a scent all their own — and the armpits are a prime culprit. This tatted gal is embracing reality.


She decided to get that stink inked. The tattoo choice is an onion. It’s the sweet red kind, not the standard white. But still, this variety makes you cry and smells pungent. We hope her pits are deodorized, at least.

He Touched So Many

Michael Jackson was the King of Pop during his lifetime. He touched our souls and our hearts with his tunes. Allegedly, that’s not all he touched. Mike was controversial. Here, we see a tattoo that missed all that. How is that possible?


Michael has been inked as a simple illustration. The banner underneath his face says he is forever with us, commemorating his legacy. In a quote, it says he touched so many. The irony is boarding on cringe, at this point.

He’s Lovin’ It

When it comes to fast food, one chain is king. No, we’re not talking about Burger King. We mean Mickey D’s, otherwise known as Mcdonald’s. Big Mac, quarter pounder, french fries — they’ve got it all. This man is a fan.


Most people are familiar with the menu. They are content to generally know the offerings. But this passionate diner wants to make sure he never forgets what he ate on one occasion in late March. This tattoo is a receipt!

Cowabunga, Dude

We all loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, back in the day. It was the coolest toon on TV. There were bad guys in the sewer and heroes with half-shells. They all had funny names. Michaelangelo was the one with the orange bandanna.


Here, we see a fan. This proud tattoo owner got Mike all over his nose. And when we say all over, we do mean all over. The entire organ is a cartoon. We have a feeling he may regret this, someday.

Your Exact Self-Worth

Life has its ups and downs, but you always have to remember you’re worth it. The question is, how much are you worth? This tattoo owner went to the store to find out in dollars and cents. There was an exact amount!

Reddit / marajk

When he decided to get a barcode on his wrist, he probably thought it was funny. But it’s not fun and games now. The scanner here says he’s worth less than three bucks. Sometimes, the truth hurts. Even more than the needle!

It’s Your Life, Unfortunately

Not everyone wants a big picture on their body. Some folks actually opt for text. If there is a message you really believe in, your skin can be a canvas for wisdom. Here, one guy decided to honor the great Bon Jovi.


We all remember his greatest hit. Bon Jovi sang: “It’s my life, it’s now or never. But I ain’t gonna live forever. I just want to live while I’m alive.” Clearly, the tattoo artist here didn’t hear the lyrics correctly.

That’s Not Even Required

Traveling from country to country requires documentation. In the old days, you could just sail the seven seas. But now, we know where all the continents are, and nations want paperwork. Who are you and what do you want here?

Noy Alooshe

Usually, a passport will answer that query. But what if you forget your little book? This fellow has the perfect solution. He has all his information on his back. It’s big, it’s hard to miss, and it’s not coming off with soap.

The Affordable Version

The cost of a Rolex is not small change. A timeless timepiece from the brand can range between $6,500 to $75,000. That all depends on materials and the collection’s popularity. But it’s never affordable for most of us, even secondhand.


That’s okay. We would opt for a normal watch. But not everyone is satisfied with the basics. This guy decided to fake it until he makes it. This Rolex tattoo isn’t fooling anyone, in our opinion. And it’s permanently set to 4:20!

Holy Cow Hole

Cows are large pieces of meat that moo and walk around. They give us milk, too. We have nothing but praise for this animal. But we would stop short before tatting them on our bellies. Look at this silly idea!

Instagram / meghandawn19

The worst part of the design is the use of the human belly button. It’s perfectly aligned with the cowpie exit. It’s crude, and it’s rude. Luckily, most shirts will conceal it on the job. All day, he hides a secret.

You Want Fries With That

Mickey D’s has employed an incredible salesman for decades. This is the man who convinces us to eat grease. Ronald McDonald is not the founder of the chain, but he is the beloved mascot. Have you ever wondered where the fries come from?

Reddit / Axayaron

We bet you have. And this tattoo answer that question, once and for all. Here we see Ron in his natural state. He isn’t wearing a short, but he is wearing red undies. In the front, we see the truth about the taters.

Just a Friendly Fan

Drake is a top rapper and songwriter. He’s also an incredible businessman. These days, he’s worth around $260 Million. It’s no surprise that someone out there is a big fan of his work. Case in point: This gal, right here.


We bet she knows all his lyrics by heart. But that wasn’t enough. She got his name tattooed right on her forehead. Now, no one will doubt her love for Drake. But we suspect he’s a bit nervous. Stalker, much?

Turkey Sandwich, Translated

We’re used to English. We have no complaints. But the Chinese alphabet just looks so cool. Plenty of Americans secretly want a reason to use it. Some of them get tattoos. But do they always understand exactly what is written?

Reddit / rebeccalmighty

We think not, and this photo proves it. An app translates these Chinese words to ‘turkey sandwich’. There are unscrupulous artists out there. This is not a wise, ancient saying. It is delicious, though — especially with cranberry jelly and kale.

You Never Go Back

According to the UN, there are 54 countries in Africa today. The borders keep changing, and it’s hard to keep track. For the most part, the continent remains mysterious to outsiders. This American decided to explore. And boy, did she like what she found!

Reddit / Pitboss2k

We don’t know how the friendly locals won her over. Maybe she had a great business trip or found true love on vacation. But we do know how she feels about the issue. Her tattoo explains that once you go black, you never go back.

Maybe It’s a Decoy

There is no sure way to know who’s creeping up behind you. Some assailants are sneaky. But if you’re this guy, you can ward off some with your tattoo. It looks like he’s watching you, but it’s just a terrifying design.

Reddit / Bartjeking

We don’t know if he shaved or if he was already mostly bald. But we can see he left hair growing at the bottom. It looks like a mustache. And the folds in his scalp seem like a mouth. We’d do a double-take!

That’s Not Washable

Vagisil claims to be the product women trust. The makers say they will solve “itching relief, dryness relief, and odor protection.” Doctors say it’s unnecessary. But even if you’ve had a good experience with the brand, would you tell everyone?

Reddit / Streed24

Honestly, few would. But this person is saying it loudly and proudly. They say that our mind process visuals much faster than text. This tattoo is not going to be missed from a mile away. What’s next in this strange world? We suggest Bengay.

All My Children

There’s nothing stronger than the bond between mother and children. Once you give birth, your whole life changes. This mom decided to show off her six children. Her design, however, got the internet cringing. Take a look, and see what we mean.

Reddit / scrotophobia

Bobby, Leila, Silas, Illiana, Riley, and Chase are all represented on her leg. Strangely, they are drawn as brown leaves. Online, observers say these images look like doggie doo-doo. The flies do nothing to convince us otherwise. What was she thinking?

It’s a Slam Dunk

Basketball may just be the most popular sport today. It’s high-energy and players score points left and right. There’s no shortage of action. The hardest move is the dunk. We can’t all do it, and that’s just the way it is.


This fan decided to tattoo the move on his own head. He may not be Michael Jordan. But it doesn’t matter: Now, he will always have a little illustration. A naturally occurring mole serves as the basketball here. What a concept!

Don’t Troll Me, Bro

Troll dolls started as a fad more than half a century ago. Incredibly, the toys still sell well today. Most of us have mixed feelings about them. Yes, they are unique. But they’re a little bit creepy, if we are honest.


This man loves them so much, he got a tattoo on his arm. He used a convenient patch of hair as an embellishment. If you already have a strange fuzz pattern, use it to your advantage. Brainstorm your own hairy tat now!

He Melts in Your Mouth

Rapper Eminem once said: “When you’re a little kid, you don’t see color, and the fact that my friends were black never crossed my mind. It never became an issue until I was a teenager and started trying to rap.”

The_real_geek_strikes_back / Instagram

Maybe he had a tough time being blue in a black neighborhood. We imagine there weren’t many blue kids like him around. Now, he’s famous. Here, we see a fan who accepts him for who he is, blue and all.

Thumbs Down, We Say

It’s sad, but sometimes doctors can’t save you from amputation. Every year, thousands of Americans lose their arms, legs, hands, and feet. Some lose fingers or toes. This fellow decided to make his arm a thumb after he lost his hand.


With the help of an ink artist, he has turned his loss into a gain. With this giant thumb, we can only imagine how many thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs he’s going to give. Because of its size, the message will be powerful.

Mommy Went to Heaven

Beginnings and endings are both a part of life. In a sad, way, experiencing loss helps you grow and appreciate what you have, while you have it. That’s all well and good. But what about when you lose your mom?

Instagram / baldcoded

That’s tough, friends. We are not sure we would ever be the same. There is some chance we would opt for a cringy tattoo in the midst of our pain. This guy did, and we can’t blame him. But yes, we can still cringe.

Yes Sir, You Have

When you’re young, it’s hard to consider the future. Many of us try temporary solutions and create permanent problems. This tattoo illustrates that problem. But it actually shows a little ironic self-awareness. This guy admits he has made some bad decisions.


How do we know that’s how he feels? Why, because that’s what he wrote in big, bold words. He chose red and black in all capital letters. Even across the room, this one is hard to miss. We admire his radical honesty!

Balding No More

Aging men get hair transplants. But that’s just for the vain. If you’re already going bald, why not go bold? This man took that route with a daring ape tattoo. Right in the middle of his patch, he inked a gorilla face.

Reddit / LicketySplitz

If you’ve got a bare spot, there are all sorts of animals that could fit in. Depending on the color of your hair, you could get a lion or a polar bear. A grizzly might work for most brunettes. We predict a trend!

Plan Ahead for Laser

If you’re going to get a hand tattoo, you know that it’s visible. This guy might want to start wearing gloves, though. His idea was to get a tattoo about the virtues of planning. But clearly, he didn’t plan that very well at all.


The letters here do not fit on his ten fingers. Now he knows he would need eleven to get the entire phrase. But it’s much too late for that. Now, everyone will see him as a bad planner. And that’s the truth!

Not Today, Satan

Face tattoos are a problem if you want to find a job. For whatever reason, people keep getting them. We assume they aren’t wealthy. They didn’t think in advance, and then they became unemployable. This guy is definitely an example.


We can’t see him in any front-facing position ever again. It would be one thing if he were actually Satan. But we can see he is an impostor from a mile away. Those horns aren’t real at all. They’re just tattoos!

That’s Some Fancy Footwork

Feet are a great place to get a tattoo, actually. At work, customers and managers will be none the wiser. You can just wear the right attire. No one will see your secret rebellion. This idea is pretty cringe, though.


There is no reason to get a shoe tattoo under your sock and real shoes. Plenty of us had a Converse sneaker phase. They were cool in school. But this brand loyalty is going too far. Way, way too far!

He’s Got a Spirit Animal

You probably don’t think about turtles much. Sea turtles come in many varieties. There’s the leatherback, loggerhead, and Kemp’s ridley. There’s also the green, olive ridley, and the hawksbill. These live all over the world. The flatback is the exception. It only lives around Australia.


Is this the mysterious flatback we’ve heard so much about? No, it’s just an obscure tattoo on a bald man. Turtle shells actually offer protection. But his skull is still vulnerable. Hopefully, no one mistakes him for the real thing.

Your Leg, Now More Terrifying

In The Shining, Jack Nicholson played the character Jack Torrance. The madman had such timeless lines as: “I dreamed that I, that I killed you and Danny. But I didn’t just kill ya. I cut you up in little pieces. Oh my God. I must be losing my mind.”

Thad Jackson / TattooDo

Naturally, someone out there wanted to honor Jack on their leg and ankle. This classic scene has haunted our dreams for decades. And now, it’s walking around in a city near you. It’s incredibly detailed! Whatever you do, don’t look down.