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Meet Low-Cost Cosplay Guy and His Clever Creations

Anucha Saengchart is a cosplay enthusiast from Thailand. He has posted photos of his outfits for years on social media, and millions admire his style. If you’re a part of the cosplay scene, you know that costumes run between $100-$600. That can really add up! But Anucha isn’t spending the big bucks at all. He focuses on low-cost options, and he uses anything and everything to accomplish his brilliant looks. There are live animals and fruits. There are household items we often ignore. No matter the materials, Anucha dazzles the internet. His characters are well-known, but this time, they come with a twist. We think you’ll recognize his clever costumes right away. Check out the absurd and creative concepts, next.

Ursula, But Using a Cat

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel was clearly the star. But we all remember Ursula, the voluptuous villain. She was a fleshy, purple character, half octopus and half woman. Today, she is half cat and half Anucha. This costume is on point!

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

The cosplay process here was simple. First, he painted himself to look like the sea witch. Then, he aligned his cat for a special camera trick. Most of his body was blocked, and then, he snapped. We barely recognize him!

Croissant Cinderella

Poor Cinderella had the classic evil stepmother. We felt her pain, and then we cheered her on when she attended the royal ball. We loved her glamorous dress. It paired well with her updo, accessorized with a headband and pearls.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

In this photo, Anucha looks like the belle of the ball. What was his cheap technique? Using croissants, he created a version of Cindy’s hair. The shape looks very similar to the animation. It’s incredible. And this time, it’s edible.

The Rock as The Toe

Dwayne Johnson got his nickname long ago in wrestling, and boy has it stuck. We will always know him as The Rock, first and foremost. Today, we are seeing a whole new side of the man. Anucha recreated him as a toe.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

This has never been done before or since. First, he put on an old sock. It already had a hole, and it might have been destined for the trash. But fate had other plans. It became an outfit for Dwayne the toe.

Finger Lickin’ Funny

Kentucky Fried Chicken was founded in 1952. We’ve been getting greasy ever since! The man who started it all was Colonel Sanders. He’s long gone, but we bet he’d be impressed by this costume. Silly Anucha has become a chicken wing.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

In its own fuzzy way, it’s honoring his recipe. Anucha curls his body under the blanket. He sprinkles colorful scraps on top to mimic seasoning. Side by side, it’s a perfect match. The idea is as original as the Colonel’s secret recipe. And it’s deliciously funny!

Go Ahead, Scream

Horror movies can be suspenseful, spooky, and scary. We love movies that pull off all three. Think back: You may remember Scream. We certainly do. It was a terrifying experience in the theater or home alone, hiding under the covers.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

What we found most chilling was the mask used in the movie. The killer was a mystery, and that put us on edge. Here, our artist recreates the experience with a shoe and a sharpie. There will be fright all night!

That’s a Spicy Take

When it comes to green ninjas in anime, we don’t know very many. But as an avid toon fan, Anucha found one. Here, he tried to make the character in a healthy cosplay. He transforms using veggies in the kitchen.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

To achieve his green complexion, he laid on dozens f hot peppers. The purple and white turban was made with a head of cabbage. We don’t normally look at these ingredients and make a costume. But we’re not Anucha, are we?

Spooky Sausage Fingers

Wednesday Addams was the dark daughter in The Addams Family. She always had something creepy to communicate. Once, she explained: “If I wanted to kill my husband, I’d do it, and I wouldn’t get caught.” Anucha recreates her charm, here.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Using a package of white meat, he sews long, skinny sausages to a thick sausage. The effect is five fingers attached with stitches, which looks a lot like Wendy’s companion. With a pigtail wig, Anucha totally pulls off the main character.

Voldemort Returns

In Harry Potter world, Lord Voldemort was the villain. He was a creepy guy to begin with, but worse, he wanted to create a pureblood society. No mixing between muggles and wizards would be allowed in his utopia. We know you’re wondering: Did he succeed?

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

We don’t want to spoil the story. But here, Anucha succeeds with a low-cost dark lord. He makes use of his bald head and a towel in the shower. He presses against the glass. And there you have it: He who must not be named!

Noodles Meet K-Pop

When it comes to carbs, we all have a favorite. Some of us prefer bread. Others like rice. On this particular day, Anucha went with a big old bowl of noodles. He dumped them over his head and found an unexpected cosplay concept.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

K-Pop is everywhere, these days. Now, it’s right in the kitchen. These noodles look like blond locks and the bowl looks like a trendy bucket hat. Anucha added red lipstick like a trendy star. He even drew track stripes on his bare shoulders. Very accurate!

Dollar Store Buzz Lightyear

In Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear was a legendary space ranger. Initially, Woody the cowboy had his doubts. But Buzz lead an intergalactic adventure from the toybox. The mission was to beat the evil Zurg and his army. Can you say hero?

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

It’s not easy to be a space ranger. But no, it is easy to cosplay as one. Anucha simply took a lightbulb and used a distance technique. The photo looks like his head is inside a helmet. But it’s not!

The Ghost Burger

You may not realize it, but fast food chains adapt their menus. Your favorite burger is different around the world. In Thailand, this spooky version was served for Halloween. Obviously, Anucha had to recreate it. Using his cat, he makes our mouths water.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

The photo was achieved using careful layers of household items. There are different colored blankets and pillows. He puts his cat on top as the bun. Then, he sprinkles white scraps on top as the seeds. Incredibly, this feline cooperated.

Thomas the Tank Engine

For generations now, Thomas the Tank Engine has been a beloved character. We’ve enjoyed his adventures in books and animation. Millions of toys have been sold in his image. He’s been in your home, at some point. Now, Tom is getting a makeover.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Anucha has created cosplay without any bells or whistles. Nothing about this costume toots or blows. But it is amusing as a photo. After he painted his face silver, he held up a magnifying glass. He looks round, just like Thomas.

Orange is the New Thing

The Thing is a superhero throughout Marvel Comics. You may know him as a founding member of the Fantastic Four. He had a great sense of humor and incredible strength. But his most striking feature is his skin texture. Did it ever remind you of an orange peel?

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Probably not. But that doesn’t mean a true artist wouldn’t notice. Anucha peeled an orange into little pieces. Then, he stuck them on his face. He mimicked The Thing for less than a dollar, all in all. That’s a cosplay record!

Kitchen Table Titanic

Titanic was a big deal in 1998. The movie won 11 of its 14 Oscar nominations. The plot was simple but sad: Seventeen-year-old Rose is a rich girl who is engaged. She boards a luxury cruise and meets Jack, an artist. They fall in love, but the ship sinks.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Anucha creates the magic with a doll and an iron. It was pretty simple and cost nothing. He used the iron as the bow of the ship and cuddled with Rose close behind. The scene is unmistakable. You recognize it, and we recognize it.

Clean, Mean Alien

Continuing the franchise, Alien: Covenant came out in 2017. It was a combo of sci-fi, action, and horror, all in one. Deadly aliens are always terrifying, but the new effects were especially freaky. Here, Anucha recreates the thrill with toothpaste.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

The key to the costume: Anucha chose the charcoal version. He wanted to make the alien dark. It oozes off his brush in a sinister way. We never knew this minty stuff could be so scary. But here it is!

Let’s Explore

Next up, it’s an oldie but a goodie. Internet Explorer was released by Microsoft in 1995. Or should we say, unleashed? Life was never the same, after that. The world wide web became accessible to everyone on our home computers. What fun!

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Since the original debuted, you’ve probably switched over to Chrome or Firefox. Let’s be honest. Explorer isn’t popular, the way it used to be. Maybe Anucha’s cosplay will make it hip again. He’s certainly having fun, as you can see.

Street Fighter Sagat

This fellow should look familiar. But who is he and where is he from? This is Sagat, a fictional character from the old Street Fighter game series. Although he wasn’t playable in the beginning, they eventually made this Muay Thai expert an option.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

His outfit was never complicated in the game. Basically, he wore bottoms and an eye patch. Anucha didn’t even bother buying a patch here. He went low-cost by using a ladle. Conveniently, it was already a part of his kitchen.

Pantyhose Meme Man

Some of us are secret meme lovers. If you are one of them, you probably know about the Stonks man. He stands in front of a board making bad decisions. Finance got funny! The stocks are stonks, in this joke.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

To transform into the meme, Anucha used a pair of pantyhose and a suit. He covered his head and face. Then, he stared proudly forward as he thought about all those incredible stocks. All that’s missing here are the clever words.

The New Namor

In the MCU, Namor is the mutant son of a sea captain and a princess of Atlantis. Most recently, he appeared in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. But he’s not new, actually. His first appearance was all the way back in 1939.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

It’s time for the character’s modern look. Anucha used fresh veggies from the fridge. Carrots, potatoes, and zucchini were chopped into bead shapes. He strung them together and put them on. Side by side, they now look alike. It’s uncanny!

Foamin’ Hulk Hogan

WWE legend Hulk Hogan always had a way with words. In the ring, he referred to his arms as deadly snakes. Fans ate it up! He declared: “God created the Heavens, he created the earth! He created all the Hulkamaniacs! Then, he created a set of 24-inch pythons, brother!”

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

He may be retired now, but he is still recognizable. Hulk would be hard to miss on the street. That’s because his trademark mustache is so distinct. Here, Anucha makes one out of coffee foam. With those shades, it’s a match.

Foot Wars

In the Star Wars franchise, C-3PO was a droid programmed with manners. He always knew the protocol, thanks to Jedi Anakin Skywalker. That’s who built him of course. Here, Anucha has created a concept to let them both pose side by side.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

On the right, he wears a blonde wig. That is a pretty low-cost Jedi. But the biggest savings come from the robot gear. All he did was draw on his painted, gold toe. Few would actually guess that, from afar.

Quickie Pickle Rick

On Rick and Morty, scientist Rick really hates family therapy. To avoid going, he turns himself into a pickle. It was a clever plan. But he didn’t anticipate that he would get popular like that. Many fans prefer him green!

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

It’s possible to buy a pickle costume online. But why buy one when you already own a green sleeping bag? Anucha simply unrolled and popped on some paper. The silyl features weren’t hard to draw. It was simple animation, anyway.

Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian

It was big news when Star Wars was bought by Disney. Ultimately, that merger led to a Disney+ original TV series. You’ve probably seen The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda became wildly popular in no time. Here, we see Anucha’s take on things.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

This one is impressive. To recreate the scene, he wore a metal pot on his head and lids on his shoulders. He wrapped his cat in a towel and placed it in the toilet. Low-cost cosplay can happen anywhere, anytime.

Jurassic Snark

In Jurassic Park, we got scared by a wide variety of dinos. There were raptors that gave us nightmares. There was the T-Rex. But don’t we always overlook the Dilophosaurus? That thing spit venom to paralyze you. And then, you went blind!

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Experts debate if the real dino had those exact powers. Science gets an update, sometimes. Still, we are scared in our imaginations. Anucha used pencil shavings as the lizard’s frill. He roars in the gap and snaps. There’s definitely some resemblance!

Gandalf the Great

In The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf was full of wisdom. He mused about the nature of life, death, and virtue. He was respected by characters of all races. Elves, humans, and dwarves like loved this wizard. We did, too!

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

This low-cost costume was a fan favorite. Anucha drew a horse picture on his leg. Then, he put on a wig and posed with a stick. The angle makes it look like he is riding a white steed. But he never left the couch!

Oh Gee, Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney himself. The character ultimately became the mascot of The Walt Disney Company. As we all know, he wears red shorts, white gloves, and yellow shoes. He’s a great costume for any party.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Today, we see cosplay without leaving the kitchen. Two pans are hung on this wall, side by side. They look like mouse ears. Anucha drew on the character’s face and stood in front of them. It’s like magic, but it’s just magic marker.

The Truth is Out There

Aliens have haunted us forever, but only in our minds. As of now, we have no real evidence of their existence. But that doesn’t stop us from worrying. The fear remains: What is out there in the big black sky?

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

We cannot answer that with accuracy. But we do see an invader on Anucha’s face. He filled in black all over his face and used his nostrils for effect. Now, they are alien eyes. The truth is not out there. It’s right here!

Kaonashi as a Finger

In the Japanese film Spirited Away, Kaonashi was a creepy presence. His name translates to No-Face, and his main trait was having none at all. He ingested others to gain their personalities and physical traits. But that’s hardly the worst part.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

We never like the look of this fellow. His shape was eerie. He looked like a finger, but we couldn’t prove it. Now, Anucha creates him using his own finger. We fear the resemblance is clear. Run, before he steals your soul!

Dry Ice Ninja

These days, ninjas only seem to work in entertainment. Perhaps they were deadly foes, back in the day. But typically, we only encounter them in video games and cartoons. They are a popular cosplay option, too. Look at this low-cost attempt, friends.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Using two black bowls, Anucha holds dry ice. In the process, he covers his eyes. This looks a lot like the ninja on the right. The gas is white hair, in this low-cost cosplay. We see it aligns surprisingly well.

Fanta Meets Anime

If someone says you have a body like a coke bottle, that’s a compliment. But what about Fanta? That’s probably the same concept. Here, we see a low-cost attempt to transform into an anime character. Our artist used an illusion.

Facebook / Lowcostcosplay

Anucha took a bottle and cut off the top. He stood behind it with a wig, headband, and earrings. His body is completely concealed by the Fanta. It’s clever and it’s bubbly. It’s silly and sweet. The red color is perfect, too.