Google Plays its Part in the Midst of Coronavirus Epidemic

By Jhene A

In a bid to do its part to ease the crisis that has besieged the globe due to the novel COVID-19, Google has announced an incentive for G-Suite that will be extremely beneficial for small businesses and educational institutes.

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Google says that it is going to give free access to all education and G Suite customers until the first of July this year. 

This extension is a huge boon for the industry since it would now allow G Suite Education and G Suite Basic users access to the company’s Enterprise features which also permits 250 individuals to participate in a conference call, ability to record and save meetings while also live streaming content for viewers. 

Perhaps coronavirus has added a new dimension to workplace productivity? 

Since the emergence of coronavirus, the greatest impact has been on businesses and educational institutions. Several high profile companies such as Twitter and Apple have implored their employees to work remotely. 

Hence, in order to be part of a solution that would add some much stability to what is already a volatile environment, Google has ensured that business owners and educational institutes don’t face the devastating consequences of the contagion. 

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Since the outbreak, a lot of businesses in the United States are now trying to figure out ways to maintain productivity which has given a huge boost to workplace productivity platforms such as Slack and Zoom whose stock prices have also risen in the last few weeks.