When Giant People Walk The Earth

By Jhoana C

Photos are a great way to capture passing moments and save them for eternity. Photography is also a good way to showcase your creativity. If you’re new to it, it really helps to read up and get some tips that you can use in your craft. Photographers have a bag of camera tricks to make pictures look better, different, and sometimes just downright weird. They also employ software such as Photoshop to put special effects in photos and create optical illusions. Sometimes these illusions are intended, but there are times when it isn’t. The perspective or the angle from where the picture is taken can make a huge difference. It can trick our minds and make us think that we are looking at giants. We’re going to showcase such photos in this list.

#1 Honey I blew up the kid!

Taking care of a toddler can be really hard work, but it can also be really satisfying. It allows you to spend time with your little one, but it also leaves you at the toddler’s mercy. They can cry for no apparent reason and most often ask for things that we just can’t give them.

Image courtesy of Social Trend Chaser

Think of how exponentially hard it can be to take care of a giant toddler. Look at him picking that man up by the head! Bad boy! Let go of his head! It’s going to hurt. Perhaps, this is what happens when you accidentally enlarge your children. Seriously, we have to give props to the person who took the photo. The optical illusion nearly had people running for their lives in fear of a giant child.

#2 What’s the average height of people around here?

The height of an average man is 1.8 meters. However, this man right here looks like a giant. The optical illusion in the photograph makes it look like he’s way taller than he actually is. He must have been feeling really good after seeing this photo.

Image courtesy of emmaensign/Reddit

Seriously though, it must have something to do with the fact that he’s standing on an elevated platform and the other guy isn’t. There are times when you just want to take a photo souvenir, and it ends up being a good example of an optical illusion.

#3 Run for your lives! There’s a giant on the loose!

What would you do if there was a gigantic person on the loose? You’d probably run for your life! First off, you don’t know what that giant’s diet is. For all we know, giants like eating our tiny flesh. Even if they don’t, they could step on us, and we’d end up like mush.

Image courtesy of tomatopickle/Reddit

That’s why we understand why people around the giant are running away from him in all directions. The man is standing on a tight rope, and all the other people are actually behind him. However, the perspective makes him look like he’s bigger than everyone.

#4 A big baby on the way to the store

Going to the grocery is a pleasant activity, and for people nowadays, it’s one of the few things that allows them to get out of the house. What things do you need for your grocery trip? You need your list, of course, you wouldn’t want to forget anything.

Image courtesy of ZeroBugBounce/Reddit

You’ll also need a giant baby, one that scarcely fits in the grocery cart. This regular-sized, 11-month-old baby appears larger than he is because of the miniature shopping carts. Never mind the tiny cart, though. He looks like he’s about to have plenty of fun.

#5 Nothing to see here, just a giant walking in the woods

Walking in the forest has countless benefits. Exposure to forests reduces blood pressure, boosts your mood, increases energy, and promotes a stronger immune system, so you don’t get sick easily. Maybe that’s why this giant is enjoying his time.

Image courtesy of sjm2525/Reddit

We can hear him saying “Fee-fi-fo-fum, I want some humans in my tum-tum.” You better be careful because he’s coming for you. You’ll soon be in his stomach when he sees you. From where their picture was taken, it makes the man look very tall and big.

#6 Look at those tiny people in the background

When we travel and go to places we’ve never been before, the first thing we do is take photos. After all, if there are no photos to prove it, it didn’t happen. That’s why mobile phones today need to have cameras and plenty of storage.

Image courtesy of bradcrc/Reddit

When this guy asked his friend to take a photo, the forced perspective ended up making him look like a giant. Because he’s standing near the camera and there are people behind who are a long way away from him, they look really little.

#7 Look at that little guy

Any day at the beach is a good day. Who doesn’t want sun, sea, sand, and fun? Have you packed all your essentials? Plenty of sunscreen, snacks, drinks, swimwear, and a change of clothes? How about your camera? It’s a good time to take pictures too.

Image courtesy of SarahPalinsBallsack/Reddit

When a group of friends went to the beach, they took some photos and this is what they got. We’re not sure what they did but man, this optical illusion is amazing. It looks like Gulliver went to the beach of the Lilliputians.

#8 Can I get a kiss too?

Being kissed by a girl you like in elementary school can feel like being the luckiest person in the world. It feels better than Christmas morning, especially if that girl is very popular in school and is someone who all the guys like.

Image courtesy of sorryiredditwrong/Reddit

Look at the smug look on this boy’s face. He looks so proud because he got the girl! Well, to be honest, he didn’t. The girl is behind him and is kissing somebody else, but it certainly doesn’t look that way.

#9 Your uncle is a giant!

Tell us, is the one man very tiny, or is the other just really large? Even his head is at least 2 times larger than the other guy’s. Thankfully, the arm of the chair didn’t break under the weight of the giant.

Image courtesy of rex1991/Reddit

The way the other guy is sitting is making him look like a giant, it also has probably something to do with where the person taking the picture is standing from. However, our main concern is that the smaller guy looks like a friendly version of a leprechaun.

#10 Chaos in Angkor Wat

You’ve ever seen all those ubiquitous pictures taken at tourist locations? You know the one where people pose and act as if they’re pushing over the leaning tower of Pisa or kissing the pyramids in Egypt? This one falls in that category.

Image courtesy of skibblez_n_zits/Reddit

The only difference is that one of the most prominent structures in the world is relegated in the background. It doesn’t take center stage. However, this picture definitely belongs here because it has blown up the kid more than a hundred times his original size.

#11 Hanging on for dear life

Most of the time, photos have optical illusions because of some fancy editing techniques that have been made; that means spending minutes, and sometimes even hours on Lightroom or other photo editing software. However, there are no special effects or manipulation done on this photo. This is a result of pure excellent timing.

Image courtesy of basshead541/Reddit

The guy looks like he is hanging on to the waterfall so he won’t, uhm, fall. To come out with this result, he needed to jump to the exact right height when the photo was taken. The shot turned out fantastically, and we are impressed.

#12 Hiking among miniature mountains

We just have one question for this huge guy who is sitting directly on mountain peaks, does it not hurt your backside? Aren’t they sharp? From what we’re seeing, it seems like they are very comfy. We should try this next time we go exploring.

Image courtesy of Pork_9/Reddit

Seriously though, this is a great example of a technique called forced perspective. It employs optical illusion to make an object appear closer, farther away, smaller, or larger than it is. This photo made the peaks appear smaller and the guy larger.

#13 Honey, I forced perspective our kid

This photo reminds us of the movie Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, which was released in 1992. They both also use special visual effects to make things appear differently. With forced perspective, the boy looked smaller, and the tree stumps larger.

Image courtesy of AidenAsh15/Reddit

If you’re going out next time, you should try this photography technique. You don’t even need to buy any special equipment for this. You can just your regular iPhone and come out with this effect with a little practice. See what you can come up with.

#14 The diver in the trees

First of all, why would you go diving in the trees? Shouldn’t that be done in the ocean where you can see different types of sea life? Thankfully this photo is neither of those. It’s a photo of skiers taken at Lake Louise in Canada.

Image courtesy of MalletsDarker/Reddit

After they took the photo, Google offered them this panorama. It looks as if it was edited primarily because the guy’s face blended well into the picture. We have to give kudos to Google Assistant for offering the guy this strange panorama.

#15 A giant leaning on a building

If you also want to have a photo using forced perspective, you need two points of interest that must work together. In this case, it’s the woman and the building. One subject should be in the foreground and another in the background.

Image courtesy of laughingmangivesride/Imgur

The thing you need to ensure with this technique is that everything is sharp from the front to the back. Every visual element has to work together. The perspective on this photo makes the woman look she is a giant leaning on a building.

#16 A giant relaxing in her personal natural jacuzzi

We never knew that giants also enjoyed their jacuzzi, just like regular-sized people do. They aid in relaxation and destressing. They’re especially excellent after a long and arduous week at work or university. Just look at that smile on the giant’s face.

Image courtesy of Ahowardusf/Reddit

A few things are missing from the photo to make a complete optical illusion. It needs little sailboats on the water, a tiny castle in the distance, and perhaps tiny people in the background. She still looks like she’s having a wonderful time even without them.

#17 Can you make my tall friend taller?

This photo reminds us of a genie coming out of a lamp after it was rubbed. Is this what a modern genie looks like? He looks different from what we envisioned him to be.  We thought he’d look more like Genie from Aladdin.

Image courtesy of pixelpoetry/Reddit

This already tall man, already around 7 feet tall, was made even taller by this photo that doubles as an optical illusion. He looks more like the jolly purple giant but look a little closer, and you’ll see that he’s standing on a ledge. The shadow gives it away.

#18 My giant friend let me take her photo

What would you do if you had a giant friend? Take her picture, of course. There has to be proof otherwise no one would believe you that you are friends with a giant and that they didn’t eat you when they had the opportunity.

Image courtesy of Nvr2Much/Reddit

Can you guess what gave this photo an optical illusion and what made the woman look larger than she really is? She must have been sitting on higher ground which explains why the trees in the background look so tiny.

#19 Another thing to thank Google for

You might think that this is a badly photoshopped picture but hold your judgment. You have Google to thank for this. Although this lady looks like she’s not pleased with something that she’s so enraged she wants to destroy the whole metropolis. It isn’t.

Image courtesy of skoser/Reddit

This is the result of Google’s AI technology that offers a panorama view of all the photos you took in one spot. However, most of the time, it fails and puts in other photos that are totally unrelated. This one is a fine example of an AI fail.

#20 Perhaps your brother had too much growth vitamins

Family reunions are something to look forward to, especially if it means being with extended members of the family, such as cousins and nieces. Of course, photos must be taken for posterity. Everyone wants to look back on fun memories.

Image courtesy of josephninety/Reddit

However, this particular picture made the brother of the person taking the photo look as if he’s a giant. He looks way taller than the others. It seems that he is one tall guy. Perhaps we should start calling “Hodor” from now on?

#21 Step off the ledge

There are two main ways to make people appear larger than they are in photos. You either do some fancy editing on Lightroom, Photoshop, or other similar software or use forced perspective. This photo uses the latter. However, to look that large compared to the background, they had to do one thing.

Image courtesy of KidKuiper/Reddit

They had to stand very close to the edge of the ledge. The fall could just be a few feet gentle slope, but it could also be a sharp fall; we may never know for sure. We’re hoping it’s the former because we hate to think what would happen if they fell off the side of a high cliff.

#22 A group of giants

This group of giants seems to be having so much fun that they decided to take a photo of their time together. The person in the front seems to be having the best time, though. Thankfully, they didn’t trample on the trees.

Image courtesy of marcusbrothers/Reddit

How did they achieve this effect? We’re willing to bet our money that they’re using forced perspective, too, because it doesn’t look like a Photoshop job at all. We’re just curious if they took turns lying in front or if that one guy hogged the spotlight.

#23 Miniature toilet?

If you are wondering if this is either a case of a gigantic man or a tiny toilet bowl. It’s the latter. This guy is installing new flooring at a pre-school. The toilet bowl is indeed little, and it doesn’t even reach up to the guy’s knees.

Image courtesy of giceman715/Reddit

We have forgotten just how tiny toddlers can be. Or maybe this guy is lying, and he’s a giant. “I’m not a giant” seems like something they would say in situations like this. We need to place an object next to that toilet bowl to gauge the exact scale.

#24 Nothing to see here, just a giant taking a photo

This is a good demonstration of how you make yourself appear large in a photo. Standing on a ledge makes the background appear smaller than they are, and you in the foreground larger than you are. It’s only about a 10-foot drop, but it’s still dangerous.

Image courtesy of Mrithu/Reddit

The rock is also not substantial enough, and we don’t think we’d be confident enough to stand on it. What if it broke and fell? You’d surely be falling with it too. You may get broken bones, and it could also result in something more serious.

#25 Quick, get out of the pool!

The accidental optical illusion in the photo makes the little girl appear as if she’s sitting on the pool and she’s larger than anyone else. It doesn’t help that the people in the pool seem like they’re scrambling to get out, afraid for their lives.

Image courtesy of therealjshaff/Reddit

We have to give kudos to whoever took this photo. Such great timing! He or she took the photo when the little girl was jumping in the pool and looking as if she’s enjoying every minute of it. We’re just curious what happened to her finger though, why are there only four on her right hand?

#26 The miniature waterfall looks so real

We’re quite sure that this photo would make a lot of people confused. How did they achieve this effect? How did they make the waterfall look so small? Or was the guy in the photo taking a picture of a miniature waterfall?

Image courtesy of RealMCKenzie/Reddit

We think that the waterfall is real and impressive in size, but it is just far off in the distance. The person in the foreground is standing on a ledge while most likely setting up his equipment for his photography session.

#27 This guy has clearly been eating so much

We think this guy who was on vacation in Ireland has been having such a good time and enjoying the local offerings a little too much. He’s grown exponentially since stepping foot on the Emerald Isle. He seriously needs to go on a diet if he’s ever to return to being a normal-sized guy.

Image courtesy of Julius__PleaseHer/Reddit

This photo is another clever example of forced perspective. The guy is of average height and weight, but the POV of the person who took this photo makes the countryside appear tiny. This is because the countryside is at a very far distance.

#28 Giant getting ready to surf

It seems like giants are just like the rest of us. They also enjoy going to the beach, and they also enjoy beach activities such as volleyball, swimming, and in this case, surfing. Just look at this giant woman on her way to enjoying the surf.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

Look at that little man standing right next to her. The truth is, the man is some distance from her, but the woman is nearest to the camera. Hence, she looked larger. Perhaps you should try a shot like this when you’re next at the beach.

#29 Hulk at the beach

We won’t be surprised if this big guy turned green and started smashing things after posing for this photo. Even without effects, you can see that he’s ripped and must probably spend hours at the gym working out and perfecting his physique.

Image courtesy of YourLocalDutchGuy/Reddit

We’re just afraid that he might lose his footing, fall down and injure himself. That spot where he’s standing doesn’t look so safe. We mean, creating optical illusions is great, and we’re all for it. However, safety should always be your priority.

#30 Giants in wedded bliss

Oh, Happy Day. Getting married to your true love is one of the best feelings you can ever have. Not everyone gets that lucky. It’s especially great when there are no meltdowns from the bride or groom, and the festivities go off without a hitch.

Image courtesy of explodingkitteh/Reddit

These newlyweds were enjoying their nuptials in Ireland and commemorated it with a nice photo. This should be something that the couple will look back on for many years to come. We’re not sure if the photographer intended for the photo to end up like this, but it looks like an optical illusion, making the couple look larger than life.

#31 These giant babies are heavy

Now, this photo might seem like an optical illusion, but there isn’t any photo manipulation or forced perspective at play. It is just as it looks. Those babies are huge for their age. Why? Well, you can consider having a Norwegian father as one of the reasons.

Image courtesy of rebekahnator/Reddit

Their dad is descended from the Vikings and is considered the shortest in the family at more than 6 feet tall. The lady in the picture is the baby’s aunt, and she is only 4’11” or 5 feet at the most. He must be so heavy to carry when he is crying.

#32 Should we take a dip?

These children don’t seem like regular-sized kids when you first look at them. They look huge, and the ocean looks tiny next to them. Are they contemplating if they should be taking a dip and if the water is too cold?

Image courtesy of phathiker/Reddit

Or are they wondering why the ocean is tiny? However, we can’t be sure if the person who took this photo just put the children next to a tiny ocean. We need something to convince us, something for scale. A banana would be the perfect addition to the photo to add some comparison.

#33 Just fixing his Xbox

Nothing unusual here, just a man trying to fix his Xbox. However, the perspective of the photo made the man inadvertently look like a giant and that he is in a very small room. Could it be the lens that was used to take the photo?

Image courtesy of Apatrickegan/Reddit

This is a good example of an accidental forced perspective. He is very near to the camera, and it magnified his size. It’s so wonderful to see someone having the time of his life fixing things. Just one look at that huge grin he has on his face says it all!

#34 The thinking giant

Anyone who’s ever dabbled in photography knows that angles have a massive effect on photos. It may be a subtle tool, but it has a significant effect on your final image. The angle used to capture a scene defines the artist’s commentary.

mage courtesy of IlluminatiFetus/Reddit

A low angle makes your subject appear much larger than they are, and this photo is a perfect demonstration of that. If you want someone to look imposing, it’s the best perspective to use. The person who took this photo must have been kneeling and was pointing the camera upwards.

#35 Another optical illusion in the snow

There are many ways to come up with optical illusions such as this one. This photo makes the subject in the foreground look larger than normal. If you also want to take photos like this, there are a few things you can try.

Image courtesy of PabloVermicelli/Reddit

One of the things you should do is to plan each scene for a convincing illusion. This is because every visual element in the picture has to work together. After preparing the background, you should take test shots so you can have a better visualization of your idea.

#36 That’s a huge singer

School talent shows are great opportunities for students to showcase their skills and explore their talents. Of course, pictures must be taken for posterity. But if your photo looked like this, would you be happy or confused by the image?

Image courtesy of mirandaconpete/Reddit

The talent show’s lighting and the angle of the photo accidentally made the singer looked gargantuan. We’re quite sure there’s no student anywhere in the world who is as large as this. She’s like four times the size of a normal person.

#37 Let me admire the view

This man was just sitting on a wall and most likely admiring the view or taking a picture of it. However, from where the photo was taken, he looks like a big fellow that’s sitting at the end of a pier.

Image courtesy of LitZippo/Reddit

Although we can’t tell if the subject in the photo and the person who took the photo were working together, they make a great team. It’s a challenge to do a forced perspective by yourself; you need a partner to help you get the perfect shot.

#38 Was she magnified?

Composition is important if you want to create an optical illusion when taking a photo. It is the most important part of forced perspective shots. You have to put a subject in the exact right spot, or else people will be able to tell the illusion right away.

Image courtesy of speedota/Reddit

In this photo, the woman or the subject is so well-placed that you can’t even tell she’s on the steps unless you take a very long, hard look. The steps blend so well with the ground that you can’t tell where one starts and the other stops.

#39 What a tiny landscape

The only thing missing from this photo is Simba and the rest of the jungle creatures. Seriously though, where did they find such a tiny landscape that made the lady look very large? We have a tip for everyone who wants to come up with photos just like this.

Image courtesy of clarkhodgins/Reddit

If you want something or someone to look bigger, you should put them in the foreground. To make someone or something look smaller, you should put them in the background. You can also zoom in or out whenever necessary.

#40 The child didn’t’ take after his father

The optical illusion in this photo uses the environment to create depth. Some of the most common backgrounds for forced perspective are buildings, streets, and flat surfaces. Flat surfaces work best for big and small illusions.  Sidewalks and streets create an illusion of height or depth.

Image courtesy of ziggystarfist/Reddit

There are many things you can from boardwalks to steps, to trick the viewer’s sense or point of view. It might not seem obvious (which is the point of an optical illusion), but the big guy in the photo is standing on an elevated and much higher platform compared to the child on the side of the road; hence he looks larger.