Spooky Sights: Unsettling Pictures Of Unworldly Apparitions And Ghosts

By Jhoana C

How often have you taken an innocent photo only to find out that it wasn’t that innocent later? Floating orbs, disembodied hands, spooky faces of the dead, and other things that are more than enough to give you the creeps. If you haven’t had such an experience, you can remain content, but if you have, welcome to the club! You are not alone. Many people have had the same experience, and they are more than willing to share their spooky sightings with other people on the Net. They could result from dust flying in front of the camera while the picture was taken, problems with the lens, or smudges. But they could also be the real deal. Who is to say? No matter what caused these apparitions, prepare to be spooked by these scary pictures.

#1 What’s that hanging from the ceiling?

This photo is horrifying. You’re posing, smiling with the rest of the family while having your picture taken when suddenly a body drops from the ceiling. What do you do? Grin and bear it or dissolve into hysterics and start calling for the cops?

Image courtesy of AllHailTheCATS/Reddit

This 1950s photo of the Cooper family of Texas is what makes up our nightmares. The story goes that the family was shocked when they developed the photo because the body wasn’t there. However, the story behind it was pure fiction, and the photo has been digitally altered.

#2 Please don’t photobomb our picture

A trip to the aquarium is supposed to be fun. You are visiting to marvel at all the fantastic sea creatures and perhaps even discover new ones you haven’t ever seen before. Nobody expects to see ghosts in the aquarium.

Image courtesy of ZypherMyth/Reddit

However, that’s exactly what happened to these friends. They were posing to have their pictures taken, but something joined them in the photo. See that while floating thing on the side? Could it be a trick of the light or something more sinister?

#3 Who’s that taking a peek?

Notice anything unusual about the photo? Nope? You probably need to take a closer and longer look. Some people see the little head with glowing eyes peeking from a room when they look at the photo. However, other people don’t see it right away.

Image courtesy of Beyond Terror/Twitter

It looks like a child who is reluctant to join other people in the home. Frankly, we don’t want that “thing” joining us or anyone else, for that matter. We’d rather that it stays in the Amityville home where it is.

#4 Who’s that sharing the photo with the family?

This is a photo we’d rather not have seen, but, alas, here we are. We are surely going to be sleeping with our lights on tonight. This old family photo should have been sweet and nostalgic. However, the face peering behind the mother and the father has turned it very scary.

Image courtesy of TextReading/Reddit

It looks like an old lady, and from the look on her face, she’s up to something evil. Why is she there? Is she a member of the family who has died during the time the picture was taken? We’d rather not know. The less we know, the better.

#5 Do you see something?

What do you see in the photo? At first glance, it’s just a picture of someone’s living room. Nothing sinister here. But we urge you to take a closer look at the lower left-hand corner of the photo, just behind the couch.

Image courtesy of Grisly Manor PDX/Facebook

Got it? That face peering from behind the pillows is enough to send shivers down your spine. It looks like it’s not happy and has evil designs on its mind. If we lived in this house, we’d quickly vacate it. No point sharing it with someone else.

#6 Aliens among us

It’s not only ghosts and misguided spirits that are scary. Aliens are also frightening. Although they have been portrayed numerous times on television and in movies, it doesn’t make them less horrifying. What if they steal our organs, and what if they perform scientific experiments on us?

Image courtesy of paralemptor/Reddit

You can imagine the horror of the person who happened to stumble at this alien-like structure. It’s a manmade statue in an English park, but they are still freaky. It’s something we don’t want to see when we take a walk through the woods.

#7 We’d rather not buy a baby monitor

Baby monitors are valuable because they help keep an eye on your little one when you’re not in the same room. How would you feel, though, if you looked at the baby monitor at night and saw this image? You’d be alarmed for sure.

Image courtesy of PassionPopSoc/Twitter

Did somebody steal the baby and replace it with something else? This photo was widely circulated on the internet, and people naturally had their theories as to what happened. We have a theory too, and it involves calling a priest to drive away evil spirits.

#8 We’re not going to Fripp Island either

Fripp Island is located in South Carolina, and the place has several stories about ghosts and other notorious hauntings. Information such as this would drive ghost hunters to the area to prove or disprove that ghosts do walk among us.

Image courtesy of kristenc4/BuzzFeed

However, the woman who took the picture was not doing either; she was just there for a visit. When she started taking photos of a marsh from her car window, she saw this image of a dark-haired woman. Life is full of surprises, we say; some of them supernatural.

#9 He’s lucky he didn’t turn his head

Homecoming dances. Who doesn’t like them? We’re pretty sure every teenager looks forward to them and taking the person of their dreams to the dance floor. This young man’s homecoming wasn’t off to a very good start that year.

Image courtesy of kristenc4/BuzzFeed

He was posing with his girlfriend before they left, but somebody decided to photobomb the picture. Perhaps that guy wanted to go to the dance too, but nobody invited him. And so he decided to sneak up on others who were going.

#10 Is that you, Nosferatu?

One of the most iconic characters in horror is Nosferatu. The precursor of the modern Dracula we see in television and movies today, Nosferatu made quite an impression the first time it came out in 1922. Although it was a rip-off of the real deal, we’re thankful people kept copies of the film.

Image courtesy of Harionago/Reddit

But how would you like to see Nosferatu standing in your doorway instead of on the screen? We’d have a heart attack if we’d taken this photo and saw an unwelcome visitor in our home. We might throw our phones at the wall.

#11 Mommy, there’s someone in the house!

We love old houses; they have so much character and a long history, and ghosts! Seriously though, they don’t build houses like they did centuries ago. This house pictured is one of those classics. Anybody who passed by this house would admire it.

Image courtesy of TextReading/Reddit

That is until they look at the window and see someone there, someone who shouldn’t be there. Look at those glowing eyes; it’s as if they’re saying, “Hey there, I see you. Do you see me too? Wanna come in? Our answer is a big NO.

#12 Who said you were alone?

Have you ever gotten so drunk that you find yourself waking up in places you’d never thought you’d spend the night in, such as a cemetery? Well, after this man sees his photo, did he go cold turkey and swear off the booze forever?

Image courtesy of kelseywinecoff/BuzzFeed

Look at him sleeping like a baby on top of someone’s tomb. But he wasn’t alone. Besides his friend taking the photo, he had someone or, more appropriately, something to keep him company. We’re sure he didn’t go back to that cemetery at night again.

#13 Haunted hospital horror

If you want an eventful Halloween, you should go to a haunted hospital, and you’ll be guaranteed a horrific time there. This photo, taken in one abandoned hospital, seems to prove theories that it is the favored abode of other beings.

Image courtesy of mzambrano/BuzzFeed

Someone seems to be looking at the person taking the photo. She is in the doorway, and it almost looks like she’s leaning, relaxed, against the door frame. Perhaps the guy was trespassing in the hospital, and he wasn’t welcome.

#14 Believe the dog

If you ever owned a dog and it senses that something is not right, you better believe it because your life might very well depend on it. Dogs have an acute sense of smell, and they seem to have a hunch if something bad is about to happen.

Image courtesy of aspenduffield/BuzzFeed

This lady’s little pug seems to be focusing on something floating in the living room. Of course, the lady couldn’t see or sense it, but the dog indeed could. We hope that she moved out right away and took the dog with her.

#15 Just when you thought ghosts don’t go to church

Ghosts go to church too, who would have thought? We wouldn’t have believed it if somebody told us that, but we’re convinced after seeing this photo. Most people who go to church are spiritual and believe in the Holy Ghost, but we reckon they don’t believe in actual ghosts.

Image courtesy of Alv0x/Reddit

In the photo, you see parishioners standing up and perhaps saying a prayer or singing. Still, if you look on the side of the wall, you will see a ghostly apparition standing there as if observing everyone in the congregation.

#16 Where did that stain come from?

Purchasing a home from somebody comes with a few risks. You have to be sure that the foundation is solid and intact, or else you will end up wasting your money. Buying a house from someone might also come with a few extras, such as a resident ghost or a dead body.

Image courtesy of Supervisions/Reddit

This guy tried to rip up an old carpet in his newly acquired home, and he saw a dark stain in the shape of a body. It’s as if a body was lying there for a long time before being discovered and removed. He took a photograph as proof, and when he developed the picture, there was a white orb. Scary, right?

#17 Stay away from old jails

We have a tip for everyone using a smartphone right now: do not use the camera’s burst feature. Why? Because you might capture something that you never want to see, such as a ghost. Then you have to live with knowing you were mere feet away from a spooky spirit.

Image courtesy of georgerizz/BuzzFeed

This photo was taken in an old jail in Florida, and the photographer maintains there were no other people around when he took it. On top of that, this ghostly head only appeared in one photo out of series of many.

#18 The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

If you’re someone who likes paranormal stories, you might have already heard or read about The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. After all, she is one of the most infamous ghosts there is. She has been so named because of the brown brocade gown which she is supposed to wear.

Image courtesy of RenamedUser01302013/Wikimedia Commons

The specter gained worldwide notoriety when a photo taken at Raynham Hall was published in Country Life Magazine in 1936. In it, you will see the ghost floating down the stairs. However, a paranormal investigator has stumbled across evidence that it is a hoax.

#19 Is spirit photography real?

Spirit photography, otherwise known as ghost photography, is a type of photography that aims to capture images of spiritual entities and ghosts. It dates back to the 19th century and was pioneered by William Hope, an Englishman. But he was proved to be a fraud.

Image courtesy of National Media Museum/Wikimedia Commons

In February 1922, the Society for Psychical Research demonstrated that Hope was fraudulent, and Hope was found guilty of substituting plates. The photo you see here is of a couple, and a young female spirit is one of the fakes that Hope has produced.

#20 And the dead came back to have his picture taken

Every culture has its kind of funeral ritual for its dead. For some of us in the modern western world, wakes – where people are allowed to view and mourn the dead before the dead body is buried – are perfectly normal.

Image courtesy of Mrkhlopov/Wikimedia Commons

The photo you see above is the funeral of a prominent Englishman named Lord Combermere. Interestingly enough, the Lord himself decided to join in his death celebrations. Freaky is an understatement, and even after a hundred years, this photo still inspires fear.

#21 What is he doing there?

See that ghostly figure standing behind the woman who is having her picture taken? Does he look familiar? That is because he resembles someone very famous. Yup, we see the same thing. He has an uncanny resemblance to Honest Abe himself.

Image courtesy of Mrkhlopov/Wikimedia Commons

Why would he be in the picture? Because the woman on the chair is none other than his wife, Mary Todd. He must have missed her and wanted to ensure she was doing alright. The cool thing? This photo has never been disproved.

#22 Someone is praying along

Ghost or supernatural photos may be questionable most of the time, but nobody can dispute they are super scary and fun to look at. When you see them, the last thing you want to do is turn off the lights; high energy costs be hanged!

Image courtesy of Reverend K. F. Lord/Wikimedia Commons

Location: Newby Church in England in 1963. A few skeptics who have seen this photo declared it a hoax because the ghost is too transparent. The church’s Reverend says otherwise. We don’t know who’s telling the truth, and we don’t care.

#23 Not a ghost but still scary

A walk in the woods is supposed to be reinvigorating, refreshing, and calming. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. A lady taking a walk in the woods came across a doll’s head. It won’t give you nightmares, but it’s enough to send chills down your spine.

Image courtesy of myxomatosist/Reddit

What’s the doll’s story? Who left it there? Parts of the doll’s face have worn off, probably because it’s been left outside to the mercy of the elements for so long. We wouldn’t be surprised if something creepy came out of the doll’s head slowly.

#24 Abandoned escalators in the woods

Who would build escalators in the woods? What is their purpose? Look at all the bushes and vines covering everything. Does it make you ask what could be at the top of the stairs? We’re expecting supernatural beings to start appearing soon.

Image courtesy of Reddit

If you walked through the woods and saw this, would you go to the top? Or would you leave immediately and never look back? Sometimes our curiosity can get the best of us, and we want to find out what’s up there.

#25 Who lives underground?

The woods are a mysterious place, and if you venture far enough, you might discover something unpleasant. The person who submitted this photo was visiting a friend in Germany and said a friend told him about some pipes resembling periscopes that he saw in the woods.

Image courtesy of hellomynameisthatthingfromthewalls/Imgur

The friend said that they played around the area when they were children but were never allowed by their parents to go near the periscopes. It seems that a bunker was built, perhaps for the safety of the inhabitants nearby.

#26 This seems like a cruel thing to do

Creepy things don’t always mean ghosts, witches, or ghouls. Sometimes they can be weird practices that make your hairs stand on end. Nowadays, people believe in the occult and perform bizarre rituals. Such a thing was discovered in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Image courtesy of Justin/Flickr

Brooklyn is part of New York, the metropolitan city that some still consider the world’s capital. In a city that size, crazy things are bound to happen. They discovered 15 cow tongues nailed to trees, and it is believed that it was done to inflict harm on others.

#27 Who was the candle meant for?

How would you feel if you went out exploring with two of your young children and you went into a muddy cave? It’s exciting, right? Who knows what you might discover? Experiences like these will give the little ones memories to last them a lifetime.

Image courtesy of fif’/Wikimedia Commons

However, a father and children were quite surprised and a bit alarmed when they returned to the mouth of the cave and found a single lit candle there. It was a monastery, true. But it still made them feel unsettled.

#28 Who is the strange man in the woods?

During the early 2010s, several people in Switzerland began reporting multiple sightings of a strange man in the woods. He was described as more than 6 feet tall and dressed in a military uniform; he also wore a gas mask and a cape.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

Nobody knew who he was but suffice it to say that it was weird. Although he wasn’t aggressive and he didn’t try to harm people, locals were still alarmed. No one knew what he was going to do or if he had a mission.

#29 How did the bike get up there?

If you have ever read or been to Vashon Island in Washington, you’d know that one of its most famous sights is the lone bicycle that ended up wedged in a large tree trunk. It leads to people scratching their heads and asking, how did that thing get there?

Image courtesy of rev.sherm/Wikimedia Commons

Now old and rusty, nobody knows how long the bike has been up there. People have a variety of wild theories of how the bike got up there. Did E.T. hang it there? Who was the bike’s owner? What happened to them?

#30 Someone wanted to unwind at the pool

This photo looks innocent enough, but if you knew the backstory, we doubt you’d be able to sleep alone tonight. You might ask your roommate if you can sleep in their room with the lights on. See those footprints? Humans didn’t make them.

Image courtesy of PM_ME_YOUR_HANDCUFFS/Reddit

The person who took this photo was locking up the pool for the night when he suddenly heard a splash, wet feet moving about the pavement, and some giggles. You’d think that someone was there playing a prank on them. The most frightful thing was that someone tapped him on the shoulder, but there was no one there when he turned around.

#31 Rusting away at the bottom of the sea

Not a photo of ghosts but things rusting away at the bottom of the sea. These motorcycles go way back to the Second World War, and they were supposed to be transported somewhere aboard a British ship called S.S. Thistlegorm.

image courtesy of jaykirsch/Reddit

The bikes were supposed to help the war efforts, but the ship they were on was attacked by German planes, and it sank to the bottom of the sea with its entire cargo. What a waste, but such things happen during wars.

#32 Who was using this campsite?

Camping is such fun, and it’s something that you must experience at least once in your life. It’s such an adventure to be on a remote site with nothing but your survival instincts and a few basic things to get you by.

Image courtesy of Hushin/YouTube

A trail supervisor was surprised to discover something in the woods he didn’t anticipate. He found an abandoned campsite on a remote trail with plenty of food and the smell of cigarette smoke. There was still gear left, but nobody came back for it.

#33 Still at school

When an old school in a small town was being torn down, one of the volunteers decided to take pictures of the demolition process. What he captured shocked him and those in his community. The photo is grainy, but do you see it?

Image courtesy of izismile.com

It looks like the transparent apparition of a small child is standing in the doorway. From what we can make out of their clothing, this child seems to be dressed in very old-fashioned clothing. The poster claimed no one altered it. Eek!

#34 Care to go to Ellis Cemetery?

Cemeteries are one of the creepiest places. After all, that’s where the dead lay, and how many of us get spooked when we’re in one? If you want to be scared out of your wits, go to the cemetery and spend a night there alone. You’ll be a changed person in the morning, for sure.

Image courtesy of jtc48/Buzzfeed

A group of friends decided to test their courage by going to a cemetery in Massachusetts and taking a few pictures, which resulted in creepy photos! There’s a ghostly figure standing right next to the cemetery sign as if it’s welcoming them.

#35 Is that the swirling portal to hell?

Something as mundane as taking your dogs out for their daily walk can quickly turn into something scary when you come across the swirling portal to hell. At least that’s what this guy thought about this place along a quiet creek.

Image courtesy of OldButHappy/Reddit

In the photo, you will see his two dogs looking at that swirly thing. Perhaps they sensed that something was not right. There are plenty of explanations for this, such as a malfunctioning camera, but we’re sure people would lean towards the supernatural.

#36 The hunchback from the other world?

Ever seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame? We have in the photo a similar hunchback, but we hate to break it to you that he’s not from Notre Dame, and he doesn’t seem so benevolent. He’s likely from another world, judging by his appearance.

Image courtesy of oguz279/Reddit

The photo is dark, so we can’t make out the face, but everyone knows that shape. A guy’s security camera detected this while he was away on a trip, and there was no one at home. This was captured at 3:00 am, and it was the only photo of this strange being.

#37 Do you want to see what’s right in front of you?

If you were on a tour of one of the most haunted places in the world, would you want to know what’s right in front of you when it’s pitch black? We sure wouldn’t. Frankly, the less we know, the better because we’d lose our minds.

Image courtesy of Cheabs33/Reddit

This person couldn’t help his curiosity, so he decided to snap away while they were in room 502. He wanted to get a photo of something supernatural, and the spirits didn’t let him down. When they adjusted the photo’s brightness, they saw something that resembled a face.

#38 Are those spirit fingers?

Schools, especially really old ones, are hotbeds for supernatural activity. A few phenomena have been recorded in schools from all over the world: chairs moving by themselves, books flying off shelves, and deceased students and teachers still attending classes.

Image courtesy of lalosauce/Reddit

This student thought it would be a good idea to take photos around the campus. The stretch of road was empty when she took a picture of her and her friend’s shadows giving peace signs. However, she discovered that they weren’t alone. Ghostly shadows and figures were there too.

#39 Chain smoking ghosts for you

One of the most haunted places in the United States is acknowledged to be Bobby Mackey’s Music World nightclub. Various paranormal experts have investigated it over the years, and although today it is a lively place, it has a sinister past.

Image courtesy of ryanellison1983/Reddit

This photo seems to confirm the presence of ghosts there. All those swirling white smoke looks as if some of the spirits have been chain-smoking in there. if you have a thing for the occult, you should visit at least once.

#40 Can I join the picture?

This is another picture that has led to a lot of debate regarding its authenticity. Some say it’s a real ghost photo, but others say it’s another one of those fakes produced by people who want to gain fame by all means possible.

Image courtesy of Spirit Archive

Shot in the 1920s, here you see a woman mourning her dead husband. Old photos like this are already creepy enough, but the woman’s dead husband decided to join her for the photo, and there you see his floating head.