Seven-Year-Old Bears A Dire Warning To The People Of Earth, Courtesy Of His Past Life

By Anni K

Most children cannot speak basic sentences until the age of 2-3 years old or hold their heads up by themselves before 3-4 months — but the parents of Boris Kipriyanovich knew he had something special inside him from the moment he was born. Boris could hold his head high and peer around with interest at only two weeks old, he could speak when he was a few months old and read and write at an astonishing age of 18 months.

Those feats are extraordinary, but there is one creepy thing about this amazing child — he claims to have lived on Mars in his previous life. According to him, he is here to share his secrets and intel on the planet we humans deem impossible to live on without serious intervention of the climate. 

Not A Late Bloomer

Boris was anything but a late bloomer. At two weeks old, he was able to hold his head up. On his own, he was able to look at the world around him. This is highly unusual for babies to do, so Boris’ mother knew she had a special child. 

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Boris, who was born in 1996, could already read and draw at the age of 18 months. At only two years old, Boris was starting kindergarten and excelled at it. He amazed his teachers with his quick ability to learn and understand tricky concepts.

Galactic Genius

What was very interesting to the people around Boris is that he had an extensive knowledge base about the universe, and particularly space — even though he was never specifically taught about space, planets, or stars by anyone before. And yet, he knew so much. 

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He was said to be a child genius due to his incredible knowledge of space, galaxies, and the universe in general. But where would he have gained this knowledge? He made a bold claim by the age of 7 that would stun his parents and the scientific community.

Claims around the Campfire

When Boris was aged a mere seven years old, he went along with his family and his friends on a camping trip. This normal trip turned out to stun everyone that came along on the trip. Boris told everyone to buckle up for a good story. 

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The story didn’t turn out to be a traditional, fictional campfire story, but one he claims is the truth. He told the campers to settle down and listen closely to what he had to say since it would be a tale of apparent truth and extraordinary details. 

“I Am Not From Here”

As you might expect, the adults initially didn’t think quieting down would be needed for a silly story told by a child, but they clearly weren’t ready for what Boris was about to share. Eventually, Boris grabbed the attention of the campers. 

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The campers all settled down and eagerly waited for what Boris wanted to tell them so badly. To everyone’s surprise, Boris didn’t tell a story of monsters and fairytales, but rather that he had descended from Mars and he was here to save the world.

Indigo Kids

As you would expect, everyone was quite shocked at Boris’ claims; it sounded insane. He confidently stated that he was, in fact, a resident of Mars in his previous life. His family was skeptical at first, as were the experts they consulted. 

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Boris said that even though he was from Mars in his previous life, he was born as a human in this life, making him as human as the rest of us. However, Boris is not alone. There are others who share the same experience as Boris; they call themselves the Indigo Children.

Who Were The Indigo Children?

Indigo Children, or Blue children, was a common name for special children. Children were deemed special by their parents, friends, families, or therapists who specialized in the diagnosis of an indigo child. Although, the term is used less often today. 

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The term was given to children some considered special. Some children had learning disabilities, while others were incredibly smart. It was said that these children’s auras were blue and thus very special. A common trait of indigo children was a big sense of curiosity. 

Space Knowledge

Even if the claims Boris makes sound incredibly ridiculous and blatantly false, keep in mind that he had extensive knowledge about the galaxy, space, and Earth — so much that it intrigued scientists. His sense of familiarity and knowledge of the universe at a young age was baffling to most people. 

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As Boris grew up to be a teenager, he reassured everyone about what he claimed when he was younger, particularly about his claims on that camping trip. He did an interview on Russian TV and shared his campfire tale again, and people grew more interested in the young boy’s story. 

Martian Life

Boris had some interesting tales to share about his previous life and experiences on the planet of Mars. One supposed fact about the population of Mars is that they stop aging at the age of 35 years. The reason is interesting. 

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Boris said the main reason for Martians’ lack of aging beyond the age of 35 years is that they breathe carbon dioxide, as opposed to humans, who breathe oxygen. Boris also noted that Martians are quite tall compared to humans.


Boris had a sense of reminiscence when he thought back at his previous life on Mars. He shared the details of his life with a sense of fondness as well and enjoyed the idea of sharing it. However, it wasn’t all good times on Mars. 

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Boris said at the age of 14-15, when he was considered an adult on the planet, the Martians were waging wars with each other. He recalled being included in what he called “air raids” at the time of the wars. He also can recall incredible detail of the friends he had on the battlefield. 

Intergalactic Travelling

Other than wars and fond memories, Boris described how he and his fellow Martians traveled the universe. Their main form of transport was a fleet of disc-shaped spaceships, and they also had some flat triangular spaceships meant for transversing shorter distances. 

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Boris said they could see Earth and that the population thrived on our planet, but the Martian technology was miles ahead of ours. The spaceships’ exteriors consisted of many thin layers that made them suitable and capable of traveling vast distances — a technology not yet available on Earth. 

Smart Martians

Boris described in incredible detail what the technology of the Martians entailed, what its capabilities were, and how they were applied in their everyday life. It was difficult for Boris to compare it to our technology since he had knowledge of Martian technology, not ours. 

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Boris found it difficult to compare it to our technology since he was not given an exceptional amount of training or education on the topic of human technology. All he could do was describe Martian technology in as basic terms as he could, so his eager listeners could understand. 

Nuclear War

As he grasped the attention of his frequent listeners, he told a few horror stories about the wars on Mars. He noted that there were some nuclear wars happening in the galaxy and that it was devastating to his fellow Martians. 

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The advanced technology that Boris described was the same technology the Martians had used to travel the galaxy and bring the galaxy to a halt — at least for the Martians. The technology allowed them to wage nuclear war — one that was the reason their race was eradicated. 

End the Wars

The nuclear war that happened to eradicate most of the Martian race was obviously catastrophic to its environment and race. But how could it have been missed by stargazers on Earth? Surely some person on Earth would have seen a nuclear explosion. 

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Boris said that the war was pending for years, and smaller wars, which were still detrimental to the planet’s wellbeing, happened long before humans lived on the Earth. The nuclear war was the final largest war, leaving only a few survivors behind but ultimately wiping out the race. 

Solar Flares

The Martians’ wars were big, and for a neighboring planet not to notice anything would be suspicious, but Boris has a sound reason for all of this. He said that smaller wars throughout his lifetime brought the race almost to extinction, and the larger wars were often seen as solar flares. 

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Scientists struggled to believe Boris, but he remained confident in his reasoning. He also mentioned that the nuclear war, the final war on Mars, happened in the human’s early lifetime, before we possessed the curiosity and knowledge we have today. 

Noted in History

Boris said that they had occasionally witnessed human life on the planet, but at the time of the largest war, the humans were still in an ancient state, so even if these humans recorded the phenomenon that happened on his planet, they wouldn’t understand it. 

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The Martians that survived some of the wars often noted that humans were far behind on technology but rapidly approaching the state that Mars found itself in since it seemed that power and greed was a trait spotted in early human civilizations, too. 

Same Road of Fate

Boris said that ancient humans were noted to have shown the characteristics rising quickly in modern times, too — greed and the hunger for power. He said it seemed like the human race was going to follow in the footsteps of their intragalactic neighbors.

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The Martians knew they had to get along, but some Martians wanted the planet as their property, while others thought it would be best to share the planet and its resources. You can see the same happening on a smaller scale, across the globe of the Earth, too. 

Power Hungry Earth

Boris said that Earth is full of power-hungry leaders and dictators, always ready and on the verge of starting a war. As history shows, there were plenty of wars in a very short amount of time, and the modern human was at the top of the food chain. 

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Using simple mathematics and recollection of his previous life’s events, Boris became frightful of Earth’s fate and decided it was best to issue us with a clear warning. The warning is that we might just follow in the footsteps of Mars if we do not change our ways. 

There Might Be Hope

While Boris did see the common patterns between Earth and Mars, it was not only bad. We surely will end all of our planet’s intricate life forms should we not decide together to make some drastic and needed changes in our behaviors. 

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Mars is now a sort of wasteland if we look at photos of the red planet, but what we fail to realize, according to Boris, is that we will be following in its footsteps, and there is time to change. Boris said there is just enough time left for us to alter the course that we are on forever. 

Twist in the Tales

Boris not only warned us of the impending war our planet faces if we don’t change our power-hungry and greedy ways, but he also told us exactly how to do it. And it does not just involve a press conference telling the leaders of the world to stop their greedy ways. 

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It involves a familiar monument in a country that holds its own mysterious tales of space. This monument’s name translates from Arabic to “the father of the dread” or even “the terrifying one.” And things will change if we open this monument, according to Boris. 

Sphinx & Pyramid Mystery

The “terrifying one” that Boris is referencing is the monument known all around the world as the Sphinx in Egypt. It, along with the Pyramids of Giza, a famous world wonder, have been involved in conspiracy theories before Boris was born. 

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The pyramids and how they were built remained a mystery for a long time, and people had odd conspiracies about how it was actually built and how the blocks were transported across the desert. The placement of the pyramids is also said to align perfectly with three special stars. 

How They Hold the Key

The pyramids have long been a topic of interest for archeologists and conspiracy theory enthusiasts all over the world. Still, Boris said that we ought to turn our attention to the other large monument next to them — the Sphinx.

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He said he was confident about the mechanism placement on the Sphinx, and that upon opening the monument, we would find the key to avoiding our horrible fate. However, he is not so confident about how to open the Sphinx using this mechanism. 

Egyptian Wonders

Although the Sphinx holds the key to unleashing the secret key to avoiding a fatal war on Earth, Boris vaguely mentioned that the Pyramids of Giza hold secrets to things that go beyond our imaginations, which is in line with some claims made by conspiracy theorists in the past. 

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The curiosity about what is in the pyramids is present in most who love history and archeology. The simple mystery of how they were built is some people’s life dreams to solve, and these people have dedicated their lives to solving it. 

More than Conspiracy

Boris was not familiar with conspiracy theories at the time he made some bold claims about Egypt, yet he was spot on about the fact that the Pyramids line up with three important stars in the Orion’s Belt constellation and that it could not have been such a precise coincidence. 

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He also noted that the blocks used in the building of the pyramids were far too heavy for any person to carry, even several people at once, and that they made use of some more modern technologies to transport the blocks. There are even some primal batteries found inside the Pyramids, which he was correct about. 

We Hear You

No one would take Boris’ claims too close to heart, since they all just sounded similar to the “usual” conspiracy theories. And most didn’t believe that he did not research these claims beforehand, even if some were eerily spot-on with what he said. 

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You can decide for yourself if you believe Boris’ claims at this point, but there is a bit more to his tale than you might think. Just more than a decade after Boris made his exciting claims about the pyramids, some experts finally started investigating the pyramids. 

Deeper Digging

Some experts decided in 2017, that they would explore the pyramids of Giza further than ever before, and they had some modern technology to help them figure out some of the secrets the pyramids held within since they were built.

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While no one initially believed Boris’ wild stories, the experts made some startling discoveries that would prove some of Boris’ claims to be true and factual. A surprising amount of detail was given by Boris and confirmed by the experts. 

Through The Tunnels

The team of experts found a series of tunnels in the pyramids by using newer technology, which was previously not available to them, when scanning the pyramids. They were stunned to see the marvelous structures this ancient civilization had created. 

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They used cosmic ray imaging, among other methods, to discover these tunnels, and they seemed to be about 100 feet long and led to something important. No person building such a significant structure would add a tunnel like this for no reason.

Grand Gallery

No one knew what was in these tunnels specifically, but Boris did. The 100-foot-long tunnel could be filled with traps and unstable passageways that could put these experts in serious danger, but they felt they had to find out what was at the end of the tunnel.

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The tunnel was just above the Grand Gallery in the center of the pyramids. But where did it lead to? Initially, they thought it might be another final resting place for a king or mummified person of interest, but Boris claimed it was not.  

Inside the Heart

The experts set out to find out exactly what was at the end of this tunnel, and some even tried to get more info out of Boris regarding this situation, but he insisted it was secrets we could not yet comprehend or understand the type of technology. 

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In the heart of the Pyramid was nothing more than an empty room that some believed was a simple burial site or preparation room. Some believed it was a room where the mummified people could prepare to re-enter the physical or spiritual world. 

Space Garage

Others say, just like Boris had, that we simply do not understand the technology that the ancient civilizations used when they built the pyramid. Surely they would not have built just a living room for the mummies to be comfortable in, would they?

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It is said that the center room of the pyramids was an ancient garage of sorts to hold spaceships in between long journeys to other planets. They would be able to recharge and refuel at these base points before setting off on another galactic journey. 

Believe it or not?

Boris had some extremely interesting claims about the galaxy and, of course, his “home planet,” Mars. He said he came to give us a warning to avoid us ending up with the same fate as his home planet had a few thousand years ago. How kind of him. 

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The people who interview him remain divided; some believe he has a gift and intelligence we don’t have, and others say he is just a smart kid looking for attention by making up ridiculous stories. Whether it is true or false, it sure remains interesting.