Future Healthcare Technologies This Year

By Jackie B

The Healthcare industry is constantly evolving alongside technology. Researchers, inventors, and lawmakers are constantly looking forward to new and improved technology to bring efficient, effective, and affordable healthcare to the whole population. These technological advancements can also help healthcare providers and workers ease the challenges of their work and provide optimal care to patients all across the globe. 

Here are some future Healthcare Technologies to watch out for this year.

Virtual Reality and Patient Care

Image Courtesy of Israel21C

Virtual Reality or VR for short is seeing wide use not only in gaming but also in healthcare. Care homes for senior citizens have implemented virtual reality systems to engage and entertain their residents.

VR also helps with memory care for elderly patients; they visit vacation spots such as the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon, view the streets of their childhood homes, or experience the joy of being in nature. Afterwards, they discuss these experiences and can build a sense of connection.

Wearable Healthcare Devices

Wearable devices are becoming more and more widely used. These devices can help monitor and track the patient’s health data, such as glucose levels of diabetics and blood pressure. This helps professional healthcare providers collect huge amounts of data from different kinds of users by using remote monitoring.

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

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Image Courtesy of pxfuel.com

Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) role in the Healthcare industry is increasing day by day. These AI machines can process information faster and provide more accurate data to help improve the diagnosis process.

\Machine learning and algorithm can also be used to explore the interactions between chemical and biological processes safely and effectively, leading to faster drug discovery and release to the market.

These are just some of the future technologies that everyone can expect this year. This will greatly help the health care workers in providing optimal care for the patient. Also, this will somehow allow the accessibility of health care to people living in remote areas or the elderly.