40 Wild, Wacky, And Weird Photos Captured By Google Earth

By Jishnu B

You may say the world is small, but we will argue that it’s too big. One life isn’t enough to explore all the joy and wonder the Earth has to offer. The average human’s lifespan is just 72 years, yet there is 510.1 million km² worth of Earth’s surface to explore. We may not be blessed with time or resources to discover the wonders of the Earth — however, we are most definitely blessed with superior satellite technology.

With Google Earth, you can look into 97% of the Earth with just the power of the internet. It’s basically an unlimited globetrotter pass for the poor. However, you sometimes catch some unexplainable things on this tour. The website weirdgoogleearth.com — and Twitter account “Weird Google Earth” — is devoted to sharing some of these weird situations caught on Google’s radar.

All images in this article are courtesy of weirdgoogleearth.com and wrd_googleearth/Twitter.

Oversized Pink Bunny From Prata Nevoso, Italy

This one will make you wonder what goes through the minds of artists. Why would anyone make a 200-foot bunny and leave it out in the wilderness? Well, that’s exactly what happened in Italy. The art group Gelitin made a giant macabre rabbit and placed it in the northern mountains.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Gelatin wanted the tourists to enjoy climbing and cuddling the humongous plush toy. The bunny was placed in the countryside back in 2005. The artists’ estimated their creation to last till 2025, but unfortunately, it disintegrated in 2015. Currently, only the cottony remains of the rabbit are found on the mountainside.

The Swedish Spiderman And Superman

Absolute joyful chaos — that’s what this picture is. The superhero cosplay of these dads was so perfect that the TV station sent a reporter and a cameraman to interrogate them. Spider-Man was throwing a rock hand sign and Superman seemed to be dancing. Their dad-bod physique somehow makes things funnier.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

This low-budget cosplay might be the closest thing MCU and DC fans get to a collaboration of their favorite superheroes. So, savor it to the fullest! They are probably dressing up for Halloween. If not, maybe it’s for a birthday. We will never know. All we can do is enjoy it and speculate.

The Ultimate “Bagel Man” From Old City, Jerusalem

There are various ethnicities claiming to be the originator of bagels, but Jerusalem undoubtedly has one of the best bagel recipes in the world. It looks quite different from the typical round, donut-lookalike bagels in New Jersey and New York. The Israeli bagels are bigger and have a more oval shape.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

The man in the photo is selling bagels, which is nothing uncommon in Israel. They are sold in food carts. However, the most impressive thing is the sheer balance this bagel man has. He has a humongous tray of baked treats on his head. Yet he is casually walking as if it’s a Sunday stroll.

It’s Never Late for Party in Dublin

Morning walks had never been more glamorous. While the ladies look oddly like Teletubby cosplayers, you have to admit that they are rocking those skin-tight red suits. Their costumes are so shiny that you could probably see your reflection in there. The more you look at the photo, the funnier it gets.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

The green scenery full of plants and flowers behind the ladies creates a strange contrast. There is no doubt the photo was taken in the morning. They are probably coming back from a fun costume party. We applaud them for their confidence.

Aliens Invading Turkish Households

Aliens had finally asserted their dominance on Earth, and Turkey seems to be the first tile of the domino line. One of the xenomorph aliens is seen crawling up the walls in a terrifying manner. Meanwhile, its companion is already on top and planting a flag to establish its presence.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

This Turkish house would definitely win a Halloween decoration competition — had it been in the western territories. We must applaud the owner and the designer of the house. The xenomorph-type aliens are stunningly “realistic” looking. If they have more architectural fun like this, we hope more aliens will establish colonies on Earth.

Stairway to Heaven From Oklahoma

You might want to look away if you suffer from anxiety. The concept of a perron — an external staircase — is quite scary to those with acrophobia. The fact that this one is spiral-shaped makes matters worse and takes the cake for being the most confusing and anxiety-inducing.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

We do not know where exactly these stairs might lead you. However, we will make a wild guess and say you’ll end up in the hospital, or worse — the morgue. Save yourself and stay away from these stairs. If you don’t, you’ll likely reach the upstairs (by upstairs, we mean heaven).

The Pigeon Folks From Japan

This might be the closest thing you’ll find to experiencing fever dreams in real life. Maybe they are waiting for the bagel man from Jerusalem. The more you look at the photo, the wilder it gets. The people in bird masks are standing in perfect symmetry. It’s as if they knew they’d be internet famous.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

There are various theories regarding this mind-boggling phenomenon. However, the most popular one insists that these people in pigeon masks are art students from the University of Tokyo. They somehow got the word that Google Street View cameras were coming to their neighborhood, so they sprung into action to pose for this iconic photo.

Canadian Pennywise

Clowns are the most terrifying entities in the universe, and we will happily die on that hill. There is no way anyone finds them remotely funny. If you are also a fellow coulrophobe, it is highly suggested that you skip this photo. Spoiler warning: there is a creepy clown hiding in the shade.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

It’s probably just a Halloween decoration, but that doesn’t make it any better. It could also be a person dressed as a clown — who waited for the right moment when the Street View passed by. However, Pennywise belongs in the sewer, and seeing him above the surface doesn’t bring us any comfort.

Archery From Connecticut

Fellas, the Google cams may have just recorded a homicide. It’s quite like one of those scenes you see in the movie. The evil tyrant would put an apple on the head of a poor soul, which he uses as target practice. In this case, the same thing is happening in a Connecticut suburb.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Let’s pray the arrows are fake. If it’s indeed real, there is no way it would end nicely. Sadly, we have no way of knowing how the face-off actually ended. We sincerely hope this was all a joke. If not, perhaps the cops could use this to ID the killer.

Roof Chair From North Macedonia

We have no clue how that grand-looking chair ended up on the roof. It looks unsafe as the roof has a downward slope. The chair resembles one of those that you see your grandma chilling in. However, nobody seems to know how they managed to drag that heavy furniture up there.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

You have to admit — despite the danger of falling off, the chair is the perfect place to relax. Just imagine: you are sitting in that chair in the afternoon; the cooling breeze flows by you as you enjoy the scenic beauty of Macedonia. If your neighbors are fighting, you could enjoy the spectacle.

BMW in The Netherlands

Customization is a hobby of many car owners. Many say that cars are a reflection of our personality. In that case, this particular BMW owner has quite a unique personality. BMWs are usually sleek and classy, but the spray-painted name is the only way we can determine the brand.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

The car is very fashionable in a unique way. There are radioactive skulls hanging off the front. The neon orange paint of the vehicle makes it stand out more. Granted, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, we can guarantee that this car owner would be the most successful in trick and treating during Halloween.

Casper The Friendly Ghost In Nauru

Everyone deserves to enjoy a nice tan in the summer — even Casper The Friendly Ghost is no exception. Just because you are dead doesn’t mean you cannot appreciate a sunny day at the beach. Therefore, let’s not discriminate against the dead just because we find them terrifying.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Jokes aside, there are many internet theories regarding this particular snap. Some claim that this is fake and nothing but Photoshop. Others think that Google was responsible. In place of the silhouette, many suspect there was originally a naked child. Google didn’t want nudity in their system. Thus, they censored the kid.

Pranking God In Dixon, Illinois

We do not know who came up with the design of this church, nor do we know whether this was intentional or not. However, you are seeing what we are seeing, right? The Dixon Church looks like oversized male genitalia from above.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Many have claimed this was an elaborate prank done by the church’s architect. Others argued that this was merely a coincidence. Whether it was intentional or not, it does not matter. While the male reproductive organs have a bad rep, it’s also a creation of the lord.

Balloon Bikers From Navotas, Philippines

Looks like someone saw a Troom Troom lifehack and took it too seriously. Motorcycle manufacturers don’t provide you with an airbag? Do it yourself! Surround your bike with air balloons and pray for the best. Hopefully, the lack of vision won’t get you killed and send you to the graveyard instead of a birthday party.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

On a serious note, this is actually quite dangerous. You shouldn’t pull a stunt like this, even on an empty street. These ignorant souls on the bike are thankfully wearing helmets. However, it’s not only about you — you should also think of the pedestrians who might get run over due to the lack of vision.


Special moments of life should be framed and put on a pedestal. Sometimes, people take that statement too literally — just like these two specimens. However, we cannot deny it. They look absolutely adorable, posing as a monument on that high pedestal. It’s a mystery how they even got up there.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Netizens suspect that these two fine gentlemen are a father and son. They probably heard that Google Street View would capture photos of their neighborhood. Thus, the father picked up his son and gave him a piggyback on the pedestal. Perhaps, Google is the universal family photographer of the 21st century.

Bike On a Pole

This is yet another photo that sends your imagination into a spiral. How on Earth do bicycles get stuck on poles? The photo’s location is unknown, so it is hard to research and unveil the truth hidden behind it. It most certainly is a mind-boggling phenomenon.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Mysterious events spark theories on the internet, and this one is no exception. Some accounts say the bicycles were swept up in a tornado and somehow got stuck on the pole. Others had theorized that the photo is from a professional cycle racing site, and this is just decoration.

Paper walls From England

This is an unsettling picture, to be completely honest. Watching a concrete wall peeling off like a sticker is quite uncomfortable, especially since most of us reading this are in a solid establishment at the moment. Even the glass windows are flexible as if it’s fabric.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Thankfully, this particular house is not an actual residence. Instead, it’s an art project by British sculptor Alex Chinneck. He titled the creation “From the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes” for some odd reason. He used a house on the verge of demolition for the project.

Un-Bear-ble Cuteness From Romania

We apologize for the disastrous pun in the title. It was hard to resist after witnessing the chunky brown bear crouching on the Romanian highway. Fun fact: Romania actually retains 60% of all the bears in Europe. The Carpathian Mountains has one of the largest bear populations in the world.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

However, despite the cuddly appearance of the bears, it is highly advised that you maintain distance from them. Always remember that they are wild animals. Instead, we should admire them from a safe distance. However, doing that might be a problem in Romania as bears are abundant and have become a national “pest.”

Cocktail Of Mysteries From South Carolina

It is such a small photo, yet there is so much to unpack from here. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a detail that makes no sense. It almost feels as if you are experiencing a fever dream. First, there’s the scarecrow hanging off an electric pole.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Then, there’s an airplane that looks as if it crash-landed on a tree. If you look closer, you’ll notice the white pickup truck dragging a bicycle with its rear. Nothing makes any sense. Maybe they were swept away by a tornado and hazardously landed in random places. Perhaps they are just questionable Halloween decorations.

Mannequin Garden From Latvia

Gardens are supposed to be pretty and calming, right? If that’s the case, what went wrong here in this particular one in Latvia? This one isn’t just confusing; it’s downright horrifying. This garden will very likely rank high on our list of “Places that we’re never traveling to, even if we’re offered a million dollars.”

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

However, we acknowledge that many others don’t squirm at the sight of creepy, life-size dolls. Thousands of horror-loving tourists travel to this location each year. This doll garden from Sabile contains more than 200 straw dolls of various professions. They all have eerie smiles painted on their faces.

Just Another Day In Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the most well-known parts of the USA. It is in the most densely populated county in NYC, and it’s culturally diverse. However, Brooklyn is also notorious for some of the weirdest occurrences. This Google snap, in particular, will raise many questions. However, we doubt there will be any answers.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

The borough that has a literal church for robots seems to have more surprises to offer. Hopefully, Brooklyners can provide an explanation for what’s going on here. How did a person with no head, legs, or hands end up in the middle of the city? Moreover, why is there a UFO behind this limbless figurine?

That’s One Big Fish

Questionable and creepy architecture is a common theme of this list. However, this one takes the cake (and the fish). Maybe fishes from the shack got tired of being eaten by the humans. Perhaps that’s why the designer of the structure avenged the fishes by letting humans enter their belly.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

We don’t think the sign saying “Big Fish” at the rear of the giant gar is justified. That’s not a big fish. That’s a humongous fish — large enough to rival a whale. You have to admit that this is a wonderful marketing tactic. Nothing says it’s a fish shack like a humongous maw.

The Best Headstand From Oklahoma

Someone please put this truck in a cheer team. Headstands this glorious should never go unappreciated. This is also a very efficient way of parking vehicles. No need to fight others for parking spots — simply follow the lead of this truck and land your automobile facefirst. That way, everyone will have plenty of space.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Jokes aside, this is not a car crash. The truck didn’t get into an accident and flip on its head. Instead, this is an advertisement for a truck shop. If you look closer, the trunk of the truck says the shop’s name. We give this one a solid 10/10 for creative marketing.

Axe Murder From Mexico

God bless Google Earth. Now that we know that there is a masked murderer roaming the streets of Turicachi in broad daylight. You’ll never catch us going in that direction. Just look at this guy. He looks ready to throw an ax at your face at any moment.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Just imagine seeing this fellow on a night drive. We would book a flight and leave Mexico (that is, if we survive). No one can tell if this was a Halloween prank or not. However, we sincerely hope it is. You simply don’t want to mess with this guy.

Just Another Day In Florida

Of course, it’s good ol’ Florida. Where else would bizarre things like this happen? It looks as if someone punched a hole through the beautiful afternoon sky. Those who have seen Jim Carrey’s 1998 movie The Truman Show can probably see the resemblance between the film and the photo.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Various netizens have come up with numerous theories regarding this anomaly. Some say it’s a glitch in the matrix; others say it’s a spy drone or a UFO. However, the most popular and reasonable theory claims it’s simply a faulty camera. The shutter of the camera probably created the black hole impression.

Zoom In For Consistent Nightmares

Ignorance is bliss. The more you see this photo, the more you’ll understand the value of that statement. We could have lived the rest of our lives peacefully without seeing this abomination. However, this Estonian house won’t grant us such comfort. First, Latvia; now it’s Estonia. The Baltic States seem to have a knack for horror.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

It’s probably just a freaky-looking mannequin. Perhaps, it’s another Halloween decoration. It’s also possible that the house owner got into a fight with the neighbors and placed the creepy doll at the window to terrorize them. Sadly, it’s not just the neighbors. We also feel intimidated.

Miyoshi Doll Village

Sadly, Japan had also joined the Baltic nations in their effort to spread fear among innocent souls. Just look at these things! You mean to tell us you won’t run in the opposite direction if you ever see this? They even managed to make the telephone pole look creepy.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

This doll village, however, has quite a tragic history. People of the Iya Valley were rapidly leaving their homes for cities. One of the last inhabitants, Tsukimi Ayano, started making life-sized dolls to fill up the solitude of the deserted valley. Currently, the village has more than 400 dolls — making it a tourist attraction.

The Car That Disney Rejected

We don’t know about the kids these days, however, had we been given that car when we were a kid, we can guarantee we would have run for the hills. Those teeth; we will probably see them in our latest nightmares.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

While shaming people for their looks is frowned upon, we wouldn’t hesitate to berate this vehicle of terror. This car should have been cast in Disney’s Cars franchise. However, it ended up in some Australian backyard after being rejected. We wonder why that happened (hint: it’s because of the creepy face).

The Perfect Security Guard

This listing had already displayed several questionable and frankly creepy home decorations. We won’t lie — this one freaks us out just as much. However, we cannot but acknowledge its brilliance. When you think about it, this mannequin is the perfect pest prevention and peacekeeper.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

This fellow is the perfect front-yard decoration for introverts. Those of us that hate being bothered should definitely invest in this. One sight of this fella and your neighbor’s pesky kid will stay away from your territory. The agent who wants to inform you about your car’s extended warranty will also maintain their distance.

Everyone Gets A Parking Spot In Germany

Isn’t this beautiful? Everyone is treated equally in Germany. Look how they park all sorts of vehicles in the same parking lot. If this isn’t the perfect picture of equality, we don’t know what is. Look how polite the pilot is. He followed the parking rules and placed the airplane perfectly within the white rectangles.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Yes, the wings of the plane took up more space than they were allocated, but that’s not the point. Everyone deserves a break during long drives. If cars can stop at the supermarket to grab some snacks, plane owners are also allowed to do the same.

Dinosaur Skeleton From California

This is the perfect way to assert your dominance in the neighborhood. Is Joshua from next door acting smug again because he has a strong pitbull? Is Margaret flexing her overpriced purebred cat in your face yet again? You can do better. Throw all competition out of the water by installing a dino skeleton.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

How could fluffy animals ever compete with a prehistoric, extinct beast? Get yourself a dino skeleton to guard your yard and make sure it’s bigger than your house. That way, your neighbors would never dare to question your dominance ever again. You’ll thank us one day for this amazing life hack.

The Generous Ghost

What a gentleman. Everyone should aspire to be employed, even non-human entities. We should aspire to be like this fellow. Look how dedicated he is to his gardening gig. Inflation made things financially harder for all of us these days. Therefore, we all have to hustle to survive in this economy.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

It’s so good to see this creature doing their part and contributing to society. We must say they look fabulous working hard with their trusty lawn mower. Husbands should learn how to participate in house maintenance from this gorgeous gentleman. Jokes aside, it’s probably a human wearing a costume (we hope it’s a human).

Skiing In the Alps

This might be quite hard to believe, but this wasn’t a professionally captured photograph. This person lucked out in the best way possible. Imagine you are doing the sickest backflip, yet there is no one to record the moment. It would be a bummer, right? Thankfully, this person found the most unlikely ally in Google.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

No one would ever imagine the satellite taking photos of your best moments while you are hundreds of feet above sea level. Yet, this man was lucky. As he was doing a mighty flip, Google captured the right moment. His friends cheering him on makes the shot even more perfect.

La Cueva Del Diablo

“La Cueva Del Diablo” literally means “The Devil’s Cave.” Do what you will with that information. Unlike most other images in this list, this isn’t some dumb phenomenon. This particular cave from Bolivia has historical significance. For Christians, especially, this is an important site.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

The cave is right below The Chapel of San Bartolomé. It’s a 100 meters deep ravine. Lucifer, the morning star, had apparently left claw marks in the mouth of the cave. For hundreds of years, it was said that the ravine had a malicious demonic presence. Jesuits had supposedly exorcized the location from the devil.

Africa On Suburban Frontyard

Someone seems to have taken the 2011 movie We Bought a Zoo a little too seriously. This house owner is determined to outshine the Californian home with the dino skeleton. At this rate, they just might win this race. Just look at the spread of animals in the backyard.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

There is a giraffe peeking its head over the wall. An ostrich seems to be doing the same, but with more difficulty. A gazelle is also frolicking in the background. We are sorry to say this, but it seems the dinosaur might no longer be the alpha of the neighborhood.

The Biggest Box Of Mandarin Oranges

We are all familiar with the Halos oranges. Whenever we go to the grocery store, we will most likely encounter blue carts filled with vibrant Halos oranges. Now imagine the same blue box, but make it a million times bigger. By “bigger,” we mean the size of a factory.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

Halos had already made that imagination come true. They grow in citrus farms in the San Joaquin Valley of California, but they package the fruits in Delano county. Thus, they modified the factory to look like one of their packs of mandarin oranges. We will give them 11/10 for creativity.

Bear House From Brazil

Unlike the bears of Romania, we have nothing nice to say about this one. This Brazilian house could have been so much more attractive with the simple architecture and the bright red paint job. Instead, they put an oversized bear and an ugly fake tree in the front entrance.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

The fact that people have to enter the building through the bear’s stomach somehow makes the experience worse. If the bear sculpture was even mildly adorable, we wouldn’t complain and rant as much. Just look at its face. It looks like it recently got a bad lip filler.

Whooo Is That? 

We apologize yet again for our bad puns. This one will be the last one — hopefully. Instead, why don’t you wash off that pun memory with this joyful snap. Look how happy these two gentlemen are. It’s almost as if they knew they would be captured by Google’s camera.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

They probably did know. Judging from how they are making direct eye contact, they were possibly informed of Google’s arrival in their neighborhood. The man in an owl mask is swinging his arms happily while his friend stands by his side in exasperation. That’s what happens universally when extroverts and introverts become friends.

Glitch In The Matrix

We have literally no clue as to what this photo could be. It just looks like some dense glitches, just like you in when your TV screen gets damaged. Just like Elon Musk, those who think the world is nothing but a simulation might say that this is a glitch in the matrix.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

There are various possible theories about this photograph. If you look closer, you’ll notice some fading numbers in the middle portion of the photo. So far, we could only make out NM-52. Many say that it might be a plane or a weather balloon. Some even suspected it was a spy drone.

Shark On Land

It’s okay. It’s safe to hug this shark (with consent, of course). Unlike the ones in the ocean, this one won’t kill you — hopefully. However, please do not sing the “Baby Shark” song and annoy the person under the costume. Minimum wage workers are already suffering enough. No need to make their lives harder.

Image Credit: @wrd_googleearth/ twitter

The person in the costume is probably advertising for the Thai massage parlor in the background. Many businesses hire cosplayers to attract new customers. If you want to take a picture with them, just ask nicely. If they say no, politely walk away. Do offer them some water. It must be very warm underneath.