For The Good Of Science

By Shane R

Many say that the next generation is young adults in our world today. But, they are currently the present, as they look to volunteer in the fight against COVID-19. Here is how they are doing it.

What researchers are doing is exposing young volunteers to the new strains of COVID-19. This is the first challenge of its kind across the globe, and it is happening in the United Kingdom. On February 17, the government approved the model after a lengthy ethics and design debate. Researchers are trying to figure out how much of the virus people need to have before the infection is kick-started. Another question that might come up is will a variety of new, up-and-coming vaccines work against this variant.

(C) Pexels

This will take place by injecting volunteers with the COVID-19 germ. Then, the progression of the disease will be monitored. After data has been gathered on when people got the infection and how much of the virus it took, then comparisons and contrasts will be examined from all the volunteers. Even though young adults experience lower risks of severe issues, some have developed quite lengthy and dangerous illnesses. Others have died.

But, this group of individuals wants to be a part of a greater cause than just themselves. The total amount of volunteers will be 90, and they will range from 18 to 30-years-old. Expect the data of this 24/7 monitoring system to be extensive and full of exciting new information to combat the illness moving forward.