40 Times Civil Engineers Understood The Assignment And Created Innovative Designs

By Sachin P

Humans tend to overlook topics that are directly in front of us, from minor things to the intricate buildings that surround us every day. Your city’s infrastructure is but one scenario. Our environment is the sum total of the nearly unending and intricate web of physical and institutional infrastructure, including roadways and buildings as well as electricity grids and waste disposal sites. All of which improve the quality and safety of our existence.

Fortunately, there is a fantastic forum on Reddit that, by posting gorgeous pictures of excellent infrastructure all over the globe, recognizes this frequently underappreciated component of civilization. For your enjoyment, we’ve compiled a selection of the subreddit’s finest noteworthy instances. You will look at these pictures and realize how easy it is to live alongside nature if you know how to facilitate it.

Sea Cliff Bridge – NSW, Australia

One of the highlights of the 140-kilometer Grand Pacific Drive, which runs out from the Royal National Park near Loftus all the way to Nowra, is the 665-meter-long Sea Cliff Bridge. This scenic overpass yearly welcomes excited travelers towards this scenic coastal road. Most are after that perfect pic!

Image Courtesy of tanmaypandse63 / Reddit

This structure has already evolved into being viewed as a symbol by both the residents of Wollongong and the rest of the world at large. Such a beautiful setting, especially in the evenings when the sun starts to go down and the bridge looks absolutely stunning!

Elevated Highway – Hong Kong

Talk about the ultimate concrete jungle feel when you look at this image right here. Imagine cruising along this highway. Yeah, you heard that right; this is a highway. Not a tram line as you’d been led to believe when hearing about Hong Kong.

Image Courtesy of biwook / Reddit

It’s just there. It’s pretty convenient with the way it snakes through all these high-rise apartment buildings, so it must cut down a lot of distance. But the apparent lack of greenery in the surroundings could make mechanical feelings creep in instead of allowing people to feel nature.

Chiba Urban Monorail – Japan

Although a suspended monorail, the Chiba Urban Monorail’s carriage hangs freely from the rail above, which is fascinating and scary. As the most extended network of its kind anyplace in the world, the network is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Image Courtesy of oddprophet63 / Reddit

The carriage can bounce out significantly against one bend in the rail, giving off the impression that you’re on a (really gentle) roller coaster instead of a train. Despite this, the ride is comfortable. Japan is truly a wonderful country brimming with innovation!

Aquatar Park – Qatar

Leave it to the masters of the desert dunes to create the best structures! Just look at this beast right here. We would literally live here, and even a volunteer job at this place would be most welcome to any of us.

Image Courtesy of Shibaewtwinu / Reddit

Just imagine sliding down one of these tubes into the refreshing pool that awaits at the end. Whoa, Nelly! They even have slanted slides that would propel you against gravity. At least that is what we would very much like to think in this case!

Forth Rail Bridge – Scotland

This was one of the earliest cantilever bridges, and it held the record for the greatest length for a while. It was designed and constructed by architects Benjamin Baker as well as John Fowler throughout the late 1880s. At long last, it opened on March 4, 1890.

Image Courtesy of tanmaypendse63 / Reddit

Upon opening, it sparked debate concerning aesthetic issues. However, as the days progressed, public opinion became significantly more favorable. It looks monumental, for the better use of that particular word. This perspective with the houses manages to capture that sense of grandeur.

Railways and highways – Chongqing

Remember the movie The Fifth Element, starring Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, and the giant of a man, Gary Oldman? Man, the 90s were awesome in terms of cinema! Okay, we feel like we are getting sidetracked here. Let’s get to the point.

Image Courtesy of Blvckshi63 / Reddit

We are pretty sure that the urban planners knew what they were doing here, but did they really? This is why we ranted about The Fifth Element – because this makes the fictional vehicle traffic in that movie pale in comparison!

St. Pancras and King’s Cross Terminals – London, UK

If you have read any of the 56 Sherlock Holmes stories, as well as the four novels, you might have come across this historic place in the works quite often. The St. Pancras terminal, being one of the masterpieces of Victorian craftsmanship, debuted in 1868.

Image Courtesy of Majestic_Trains / Reddit

It is a marvel of gothic style design and is among the most opulent terminals in the entire world, as well as the historic Midland Grand Hotel. The Midland Railway Company (MRC) constructed the terminal to link London with a number of England’s largest cities.

The Big Apple in the mid-60s

From the business people of Madison Avenue toward the intellectuals of the East Village, New York throughout the 1960s was a vibrant and diverse city, even if it was also a tumultuous time. A fresh influx of immigrants began to arrive during the 1960s.

Image Courtesy of Estate of Evelyn Hofer / morganmonroe81 / Reddit

New York became somewhat of a cosmopolitan metropolis unlike any other the world had seen before, as American immigration restrictions loosened and white citizens relocated to the suburbs. That should create some next-level influence on city planning, and many cities try to copy NYC’s architecture.

Yongji Bridge – Liuzhou, China

The Yongji Bridge (also called the ‘Wind and Rain Bridge’) is located within the Chengyang Village. Initially built in 1916, it underwent two reconstructions due to flooding. The present bridge is a reconstruction from 1986. This was after the devastation caused by the 1983 flooding.

Image Courtesy of gill_penney / CC BY 2.0 / Wikimedia Commons

Would you believe us when we say there are no nails in this building? No, sir! Now that is just amazing! Additionally, the kiosks and covered hallways have regionally-inspired artwork. Walking through this place makes one feel like they are a part of a Chinese regency drama.

Boundary Dam – Seattle, USA

The Boundary Hydroelectric Project provides over one-third of Seattle’s electric energy. The project is next to the Pend Oreille River near northeast Washington. If you all head there, you guys should explore this spectacular hydroelectric project. The Selkirk Mountain’s slopes cover the project snugly.

Image Courtesy of lonniewhitmore / Reddit

With the grey mists rolling in, it really looks like something out of a post-apocalyptic novel or a movie. This is the kind of place you would be likely to encounter a monster or lose someone important to the plot. Haunting!

Yuanshan Bridge – Xiamen, China

The picturesque Yuanshan Bridge crosses a busy junction on the Chinese island of Xiamen. The footbridge starts at the pedestrian route out from the southeast, bending gently to accompany Jiahe Road across the intersection before curving towards the east onto Nanshan Road.

Image Courtesy of BlueAlliance / tanmaypendse63 / Reddit

Regional pedestrians can navigate the crossroads freely. All of this is complemented by the bridge connection toward the crossing via two stairs plus elevators. The neighborhood streets, structures, and the nearby metro station are the primary inspiration for this intriguing structure.

Hotan – Ruoqiang Railway – Xinjiang, China

Imagine the whole premise of Snowpiercer but in a desert setting! Well, this would be the best place to shoot that movie. This is the world’s first locomotive circuit encircling a desert! The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous province of northwestern China would be the perfect location for this creation.

Image Courtesy of Yonglimon / Reddit

Upon that southern edge of the Taklimakan Desert is an 825-kilometer railway connecting both towns of Hotan and Ruoqiang throughout the Bayingolin autonomous prefecture. Imagine the fantastic experience of traveling through unending dunes of sand in the comfort of a train!

Friedrich Bayer Bridge – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bayer, the German pharmaceutical giant, has their global headquarters located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, directly in front of the Friedrich Bayer Bridge. The Bayer-commissioned walking and cycling bridge expands the riverside cycle track and gives passengers access to the subway station.

Image Courtesy of Manisha2256 / Reddit

The bridge also manages to connect the two banks of the river. Two circular platforms, or islands resembling waterlilies, provide the bridge’s inspiration and framework. Such a stunning work of design and engineering reinforces the positive stereotype surrounding German engineering.

Wells Street Bridge – Illinois, USA

Another famous landmark in the United States is nicknamed the “Jewel of the Midwest.” The Wells Street Bridge is a well-known example of a lifting bridge. The purpose of a drawbridge is to offer space for marine transportation by constantly balancing a span.

Image Courtesy of morganmonroe81 / Reddit

Or a leaf, during the upward movement of the two parts. It might have a single leaf or two. The French word for weighing balance, which applies the same idea, is the origin of the word ‘bascule,’ as in bascule bridge. One has to admit that this provides for some really eye-catching scenery.

Wheaton Metro Station Escalators – Maryland, USA

The escalator on Montgomery County’s red line is a thrilling ride. It is among the largest single-spanning escalator settings in the Western Hemisphere. On top of that, Wheaton Station also has the steepest escalator in the Washington Metro, which makes it an exceptionally long ride.

Image Courtesy of By Bohemian Baltimore – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

But it’s not the only place that can claim that honor. Notably, the Forest Glen terminal lies 196 feet below the surface. Therefore, high-speed elevators convey people from and to the surface. Hades probably has one of these bad boys in the underworld!

Thyssenkrupp Elevators Test Tower – Guangzhou, China

An eight-hundred-plus feet tall PS5. That’s what this tower looks like! The high-rise happens to have the world’s only rope-less elevator technology, known as MULTI. On this experimental tower, they can also test current high elevator prototypes. The tower incorporates an AMD (Active Mass Damper) mechanism.

Image Courtesy of IanCuttress / Twitter

This technology could considerably lessen the amount of tower swinging induced by weather conditions. It helps engineers to conduct rigorous tests for the strict safety criteria that Thyssenkrupp employs for their products. The building makes for one heck of a base-jumping point!

Floating Solar Power Plant – Ramagundam, India

India’s most extensive floating solar energy facility has now become fully operational. The 100 MW Ramagundam Floating Solar PV Project is located in Ramagundam, Telangana. Furthermore, the floating solar panels slow the pace at which water evaporates from bodies of water.

Image Courtesy of Saatvik Solar

This contributes to conserving water. The panels are known as “floating solar” or “floating photovoltaics” (FPV), sometimes called “floatovoltaics.” These solar cells float on a water body with the aid of structure mounts. An ingenious invention that contributes to the green energy revolution.

Causeway Bay – Hong Kong

This is a picture depicting the Causeway Bay area of Hong Kong. Tung Lo Wan Road symbolizes the area’s former shoreline. This is the reason for the given title Causeway Bay; it’s named after the cove it currently occupies. Colonial inspirations are on highlight quite distinctly here.

Image Courtesy of GlobalImageServiceCat / Imgur

Most notable would be the Noon Day Gun, a bronze sculpture of Queen Victoria, and the 19th-century Tin Hau shrine devoted to the Goddess of the Sea. Put some cartoon vibes on this, and you have a Studio Ghibli movie going!

Arc de Triomphe – Paris, France

Emperor Napoleon issued the directive to build the Arc de Triomphe in 1806 in recognition of the triumphs of his Great Army. This famous landmark commemorates the names of wars, military leaders from the French revolution, and the first Empire.

Image Courtesy of @mikhail-nilov / Pexels

The grand arches of the past inspired this construction. Also, a flame burns each night on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier from WW1. The terrace offers spectacular panoramic views of the city. It’s a compulsory backdrop for many movies, though it causes some of the worst traffic congestions.

Fukashiro Dam – Yamanashi, Japan

What we have here is one fine example of a gravity dam. A gravity dam is a water-retention structure where concrete or stone are the primary materials. It simply uses its own mass and opposition to the base to withstand the lateral water pressure.

Image Courtesy of yfx / archineering / Reddit

Each part of a gravity dam is secure and autonomous from every other part of the dam. With such brilliant landscaping touches, it feels and looks like a scale model more than an accurate scale engineering project. The beauty is just astounding!

Brusio Spiral Viaduct – Switzerland

In Brusio, inside the Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland, there is a solitary stone spiral railway with a nine-arched viaduct known as the Brusio Spiral Viaduct. Like most spiral tracks, the spiral viaduct came into existence to allow locomotives to gain altitude over a short distance.

Image Courtesy of Kabelleger / David Gubler / CC BY 3.0 / Wikimedia Commons

The 110-meter-long spiral viaduct has a total number of nine spans. These spans have a spacing of 10 meters. It also has a level curvature radius of 70 meters. The viaduct raises the train by 20 meters. The Swiss people never fails to impress when it comes to stunning railways.

Ashalim Power Station – Negev Desert, Israel

Ashalim, inaugurated in September 2019, has become the world’s tallest solar energy facility, at 260 meters (853 ft). The Ashalim Power Station employs a system of 56,000 heliostats, also called photovoltaic arrays, positioned all around the structure to reflect light out of the summit.

Image Courtesy of isogonal-conjugate / Reddit

Computer-controlled heliostats track the sun throughout the day as it travels from east to west. The fascinating structure reminds us of the climax from the movie Sahara (2005), where Dirk Pitt battles the Bedouin while trying to rescue Dr. Rojas.

Providence River Pedestrian Bridge – Rhode Island, USA

A curving, tiered, timber-decked pedestrian bridge has been created by US architecture firm Inform Studio in partnership with Buro Happold to connect the two parks near Providence, Rhode Island. The curved shape, supported by a metal superstructure, is covered using modular Wana wood panels.

Image Courtesy of tanmaypendse63 / Reddit

This type of wood is commonly referred to as Red Louro. The architects and engineers chose this South American wood due to its use in shipbuilding, in conjunction with its toughness and resilience to decay, to honor Providence’s extensive maritime background.

Curve at the B31 – Breitnau, Germany

Now, if the guys from Tokyo Drift saw this bend, that would have been epic. Instead of bank heists, submarine chases, and bolting off to space, kicking every known rule of physics in the nards, the franchise could have focused on racing.

Image Courtesy of verfmeer / Reddit

Don’t get us wrong, though—the addition of Dwayne Johnson to lead the franchise into an action-focused series paid off, big time. When it was released, Furious Seven even toppled the charts with the box office earnings. But nobody says no to good old-fashioned drifting!

Cau Vang – Da Nang, Vietnam

The bridge, contrary to its name, doesn’t span any rivers or lakes; instead, it spans the mountain’s center, having two heads located at Thien Thai Garden’s Marseille and Bordeaux Stations. This impressive structure is 1414 meters high with a bent shape similar to an airborne rainbow.

Image Courtesy of @wanderingworthy / Instagram

The Golden Bridge has significantly enhanced the idyllic scenery of the Ba Na Hills thanks to its imposing design, earning it the moniker “stairway to heaven.” It reminds us of how ancient South Asian monks read Ola leaf manuscripts, holding them just like that on their hands.

Bullet Trainyard – Nanjing, China

Have you ever opened a tin box of cookies, hoping it would be filled with actual cookies? If you grew up in an Asian country, that tin box of cookies is designated for keeping sewing material inside. If it’s not sewing stuff, it’s sentimental trinkets.

Image Courtesy of Ninnux / Reddit

This reminds us of the needles one can find in such a box. All are neatly arranged based on their use. If you visit a fish market, you might find rows of eels on display that resemble this bullet trainyard.

Panlong Road – Xinjiang, China

The Panlong Ancient Road, which runs through the Kashgar territory of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, is not recommended for those with weak stomachs or who are susceptible to travel sickness. The winding route lies hidden away inside the Kunlun Mountains.

Image Courtesy of wmdolls / Reddit

This long winding road is also called Wacha Road or Pamir’s Sky Road. Its length is 36 km (22 mi). There are around 208 bends on it, so drive carefully, particularly when making turns in the snow or rain, and watch out for landslides.

Cycling Lane – New Delhi, India

When we read in-depth content about structure, there were some doubts about this project, not for its viability but its integration. However, if properly conducted, the entire project will significantly benefit a country like India, where most people ride bicycles.

Image Courtesy of NotAnotherNortheastern / Hilf4 / Reddit

This design separates the pedestrians and the cycle traffic from the car and motorcycle traffic by placing a row of trees between the primary and secondary roads. This would decrease accident rates as the chances of overlapping traffic are almost nonexistent, as one can see here.

Sart Canal Bridge – La Louviere, Belgium

This is a post-tensioned concrete bridge, which means the concrete is strong against tensile forces. The cross-section features two sloping sidewalls which bear its bottom plate and the load of 4.20 meters of water on the fish-belly transversal girders, which are spaced 4.50 meters apart.

Image Courtesy of rockystl / Reddit

Every 36 meters, circular piles reinforce the bridge and carry heavy loads on unpredictable terrain. The management of the expected settlements required special measures. The decking gradually lowered into position and has an overall mass of 65,000 tons (which is a world record).

Warsaw Subway

The Warsaw metro is pretty new compared to other European metros of its caliber. Based on this fact, it is comparatively clean and among one of Europe’s most pristine. Plus, the overall system looks quite fantastic if we are being honest.

Image Courtesy of Agencja Gazeta / umotex12 / Reddit

Ultimately, it is up to the people to take care of an essential facility like this one and ensure it looks this good for a long time. Like that age-old adage says, if the individual is disciplined, the entire country will see the progress of the discipline.

Åland Islands Highway – Finland

At the southern tip of the Gulf of Bothnia, in southwestern Finland, in the Baltic Sea, lies an archipelago known as the Åland Islands. These beautiful islands have been a self-governing and non-militarized territory of the Republic of Finland for over a century.

Image Courtesy of Racingamer145 / Reddit

Territorially, the Åland Islands are situated in southwest Finland and eastern Sweden and thus are bounded by the Sea of Åland and the Archipelago Sea. Can you imagine the drive through this road? It’s fascinating that you can travel from island to island by car!

Intersection – Zagreb, Croatia

If there were ever a standoff in Zagreb, this would be the ideal place to do it. If you guys have watched The Gray Man, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, you probably understand the advantage of using European backdrops.

Image Courtesy of nixass / Reddit

Location scouts could easily find places like this; all it takes is for the director and scriptwriter to chat about how to incorporate this scenario into a movie. If they vibe, we get a scene like that tram scene in The Gray Man. Nice!

Crab Overpass – Christmas Island, Australia

Among Earth’s most beautiful natural phenomena is the massive exodus of red crabs from Christmas Island. These enormous crabs arise from the forests every year in large groups, rushing over roadways, rivers, boulders, and coastlines as they go to the sea to reproduce.

Image Courtesy of Theweedhacker_420 / Reddit

The first rain of the rainy season marks the beginning of the migration. Although it occasionally happens in December or January, this particular migration typically occurs in October or November. The phases of the moon determine the migration’s correct timing and pace.

Kisha-Michi Bridge Urban Ropeway – Yokohoma, Japan

Now, this would be an ultra-fun way to commute and skip traffic. Provided this mode of transportation doesn’t create significant traffic, it would be a good option if the city has a good influx of tourists. Then it would be perfect!

Image Courtesy of tanmaypendse63 / Reddit

Imagine if this could be incorporated in a place like New York City, above Central Park. Man, that would offer some fantastic views for tourists. Not to mention a newfound appreciation for the Big Apple, one of the most well-known cities in the world!

Baljenac Island

Baljenac Island is surrounded by stone walls stacked atop each other. On an island with a maximum shoreline boundary of 1431 meters, the historical wall complex is 23.357 kilometers long—these defined farming areas shield olive groves and the vines from the winds.

Image Courtesy of el-empty / Reddit

Those were the main reasons why such natural stone walls were erected. The agrarian colonizing of the island is thought to have started in the 19th century with peasants from the nearby island of Kaprije. A giant fingerprint comes to one’s mind after seeing this.

Underground Urban Highway – Tehran, Iran

With the mountains in the back providing the backdrop, it’s hard to believe that this is Tehran. Well, it is Tehran, so you better believe it. It must be surreal driving on those roads with a background like this. How beautiful it looks!

Image Courtesy of biwook / Reddit

Plus, the tunnel is so intricately designed that it must feel like stepping into another version of the current timeline or another dimension. Somewhere that is not as conservative and is free for everyone, hopefully. One can’t help these thoughts upon seeing this.

Land Bridge – Netherlands

There is a reason for this kind of land bridge. There are woodland remnants along both sides of the highway. Highways, as well as roads, frequently split up land or forests. Residing animals like foxes and deer must cross the roadway whenever there are provisions in both areas.

Image Courtesy of lambcasters / Reddit

This situation can be hazardous for both drivers and animals. However, when a safe route connects two areas or woodlands, the wildlife stays in their safe spot. This way, the percentage of roadkill declines while also maintaining healthy wildlife populations.

The Golden Gate Bridge – California, USA

Golden Gate Bridge was the world’s highest and longest suspension bridge when it was finished in 1937. The Golden Gate Bridge became known as a representation of the strength and development of the United States, so it established a standard for suspension-bridge construction worldwide.

Image Courtesy of the Dean W. Kinter collection at the Academy of Sciences Research Library, CA

Nearly every TV series, movie, or documentary may have a brief glimpse of the city of San Francisco; we can be sure to see even a tiny glimpse of the golden gate bridge. It is that iconic and will forever be as such!

Delhi – Dehradun Highway – India

One of the prominent locations of the Delhi-Saharanpur-Dehradun economic zone, which is anticipated to reduce travel time connecting Dehradun and Delhi by four hours, is a 16-kilometer raised route. The purpose of wildlife crossings is to provide local animals with a safe means of crossing highways.

Images Courtesy of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) / Economic Times / India Times

Engineers should aim to make the bridges cheap, so they can build multiple bridges, and natural-looking in order to avoid frightening wildlife in the area. Plus, loads of research done with camera traps show that Bengal tigers walk right under the highway!

Cầu Rồng – Da Nang, Vietnam

It seems like the Dragon Bridge is among the lengthiest bridges on the planet and the longest in Vietnam. In addition to its impressive 666 meters of length, this bridge offers an eye-catching light display. It can alter its hue at night.

Image Courtesy of @ labanne / Instagram

At night, it is highly intriguing to gaze at; hence why it draws tourists from every continent. The middle part of the bridge is shaped like a dragon, which represents wealth and success in Vietnamese culture. This renders crossing the bridge a “fortunate” thing.