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45 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The “Dog People Vs Cat People” Debate

Everyone has an argument or debate that they’ll die for. For instance, some people will defend their dark black coffee against the judgment of the sugar and cream-loving folk. There are also those special people who will die before accepting that the Earth isn’t flat despite all the evidence their sphere Earth believing counterparts would give them. No matter how small, all of these issues can actually make or break how two people get along.  As modern society would have it, though, plenty of those petty arguments would have nothing on one certain debate that has never been and probably will never be settled: the dog people vs. cat people debate. Despite all the tension that sometimes arises between the two sides, though, one thing we’re sure of is that this entire debate/ discussion can get pretty hilarious, as proven by these tweets. So roll up your sleeves because things can get a little bit messy. 

Now It’s A Battle Of Intelligence

See, every once in a while, dog owners and cat owners can reach an impasse, a small moment of actual quiet where both sides are bordering on contentment with where they are with each other, and then something like this pops up. 

image courtesy of UberFacts/ Twitter

Tweeting this out to the world is basically just pouring truckloads of gas to the flames while fanning them ever higher. Before, it was just the intelligence of the pets being brought up, and now, their owners’ intelligence is getting dragged in as well, so, of course, what do you expect? We wonder, though, what if you’re both a cat person and a dog person? 

Truly The Only Argument That Matters

Of all things on Earth to fight about, whoever thought it would be a great idea to debate which pet is better? Do we humans just love the competition that much? Both creatures are equally great, and they both make us happy in their own unique and special ways, so why add more division in the first place?

images courtesy of SethEverman/ Twitter and Rizanamhsra/ Reddit

As Seth so dearly pointed out, it doesn’t really matter if you are on team dog or team cat. After all, the bigger argument here is actually one between those who love animals and the people who are uncaring enough to think that they can hurt, exploit, and do whatever they please with animals just because they are bigger. 

The Role Of Man In The Pet’s Life

There are very few things that both cat owners and dog owners agree on. And when they do agree on one thing, it’s usually so painfully accurate that both sides just have to leave it be as it is just like the role that man plays in each pet’s life. 

image courtesy of robicellis/ Twitter

There are exceptions to this, of course, but we can all agree that our place as humans in the household greatly varies by the pets we own. Now, we wonder, how about the other humans who have a pet that isn’t a cat or a dog? What is their place in the hierarchy exactly?

The Real Difference In Perspective

In human society, there are some people that we absolutely want to be best friends with, and there are other people with whom we just want to swap lives with. As it seems, it is no different with our pets, and we absolutely get it. 

images courtesy of simonsinek/ Twitter and nanatalada/ Reddit

Dogs are just so warm and are such a comforting presence to have around in your life. Now, imagine if they could talk, right? On the other hand, cats are such majestic and graceful creatures, and compared to us humans, well, you can say, we’d love to have some of their grace and poise. And who wouldn’t want nine lives?

Just Call It Dog Or Cat

It is weird, and we’re not saying every dog owner is like this, but there are definitely many dog owners who like to be very specific and exact about the breed and pedigree of their dog. Some even regard it as a precious title. 

image courtesy of AGhostlerer/ Twitter

While some cat owners are also like that, it simply doesn’t matter for a lot of them. Sure, theirs might be a little fluffier, a little bigger, or even a little snottier than the rest of the cat population but when you’re a cat owner, you just know. A cat is a cat. 

No Snitches

One of the best things about dogs is how obedient they can be. You can teach them any trick in the book, and you can even train them to do specific tasks. That’s what makes them such great police partners. Unfortunately, it might not be so great if you’re the one the dog is snitching on. 

images courtesy of KivanBay/ Twitter and House_MD_PL/ Twitter

Cats, on the other hand, would make terrible crime fighters. In fact, in the 1960s, the CIA tried to create spy cats in a project called Acoustic Kitty. They implanted a listening device into the kitty for it to record and transmit sounds from its surroundings. Unfortunately, since they can’t really get cats to obey commands and go where they’re told to go, they abandoned the project. 

Ghosts vs Loyal Friend

It’s unfair, but dogs and cats are always portrayed on two different ends of the spectrum in movies. Just look at the Cats vs. Dogs movie. Dogs are always the sweet, cuddly stars of tearjerker movies, while cats are always the harbingers of horrors and bad news. But then again, maybe there is a reason for that. 

image courtesy of Soren_Ltd/ Twitter

Seriously though, cats can be really freaky sometimes. One minute, they’re sleeping in the middle of the night, and then the next, they’re upright and staring and hissing at an empty corner of your room, acting like someone’s standing there. It gives us goosebumps just thinking about it!

Masters of Rejection

Cats are not affectionate in the same way that dogs are. While dogs will gladly shower you with love and affection, cats are more subtle and more choosy on how they show what affection they can muster for their human,s and well, that leaves some people feeling more than a little salty. 

images courtesy of DenisHolton/ Twitter and EthanRhoades/ Reddit

If you live with a cat, you simply have to learn to accept rejection quickly and move on. It’s what you live with every day. On the other hand, it teaches you how to handle the same obstacles in your everyday life as well. Maybe that’s how cats take care of us by teaching us how to survive the world by using themselves as teachers of life’s most valuable lessons. 

Pet CV

When people tell other people about their dogs, it often involves a mix of adorable, funny, and blurry pics, a lot of gushing about how cute they are, and, of course, a lot of declarations of how much you love each other. It’s a bit different when it comes to cats, though. 

image courtesy of imteddybless/ Twitter

While describing your dog might make you seem like a parent describing a toddler you’re very proud of, describing your cat would make you seem like a crazed and obsessed worshipper talking about their god. However, we think cats wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The Bias

Even with people who don’t own any pets, the reputation that both cats and dogs have has been deeply ingrained into them. People will most probably forgive you for saying that you don’t like cats, but god forbid you admit that you don’t like dogs. 

images courtesy of ArchiveStuff/ Twitter and bloopbloopilikesoup/ Reddit

A lot of people consider disliking dogs like some kind of sin and disliking cats a little bit more acceptable. In their pet bible, dogs equal good, and cats equal evil which makes absolutely no sense at all. With the exception of being allergic, many people can’t even give a valid reason as to why they dislike cats in the first place. 

No Need For Fancy Names

According to the World Canine Organization, there are 360 officially recognized dog breeds in the world. That doesn’t even include mixed breeds or designer crossbreeds. As for cats, well, they don’t really have a specific number. Some cat registries list as many as 71 breeds, while some others list only 44. We all know who gets more recognition by breed, though. 

image courtesy of AliKolbert/ Twitter

A dog’s breed is like the Mr. or Ms. before its name. And a lot of people would immediately recognize whatever name of the breed you tell them. When it comes to cats, though, most people are only familiar with Siamese and Tabby, so most of the time, it’s better to simplify it to orange, black, or white. 

The Cycle Of Hate

In this debate, it’s not as simple as dog people and cat people hating each other, no. The cycle of rivalry is a little bit more complicated, and it isn’t always mutual between the two parties, as this tweet has made clear. 

images courtesy of paperbeatstweet/ Twitter and pulchritude022/ Imgur

This is where that personality comparison of the pets to the owners kind of comes into play. Given that dog owners are usually more socially dominant, it makes sense for them to channel their dislike towards the competition, the cats. And for cat owners who are often a little bit more aloof, just like their pets, they simply direct their dislike on anything that would destroy their peace and quiet. 

Kitty Swag

No matter what any team dog person out there would say, cats are trully awesome, okay? They are independent, graceful, and majestic creatures that we can all definitely learn a thing or two from. It’s just not so obvious sometimes. 

image courtesy of PaulDock93/ Twitter

It’s one of the cats’ most charming qualities. One minute, they can be showing off just how awesome they are, reminding you who’s boss and whatnot but then there are moments when their own version of derpy just comes out. 

They Own Us Differently

Both cats and dogs own us. It’s just that with dogs, they don’t seem to realize it, and they don’t rub it in our faces, so even though we’re serving them nonstop, it still looks like we own them. It’s the very opposite of cats. 

images courtesy of GinaValley/ Twitter and lifewithcats.tv

Owning a cat is basically surrendering the title of master of the house. Once they enter your home, there is nothing else you can do but let them take their throne. While you may still keep calling yourself their owner, everybody knows that it’s your cat that owns you. And don’t worry about judgment. Your cat is already doing enough of that for everyone. 

The World Is For Cats

See, this is another reason why we love cats as much as dogs. While dogs give love and affection in bucket loads, cats provide a great role model for everybody. No matter what situation they’re in, cats know their place in the world. 

image courtesy of martin_farley/ Twitter

Cats don’t need humans. They can stand to survive all on their own. We’re simply creatures that make life a little less boring for them and a lot easier in terms of food being brought straight to them. In fact, maybe if we were just a little bit more like cats, we wouldn’t have so many issues with ourselves, and we’d also be able to strut around the world like we own it. 

The Power Of The Cat Purr

Cats are choosy little things. Unlike dogs, you won’t immediately earn the favor of a cat just by giving them a treat. You’ll have to go through some kind of their own initiation process before a cat even willingly comes up to you. That’s why getting a purr out of them is a lifetime achievement. 

images courtesy of justcaem/ Twitter and zubizzles/ Reddit

Getting a purr because of something you’ve done means you’re accepted, you are earning their trust, and you are in the favor of such a grand creature. Nothing compares to the euphoria of it. So if you let one mean cat ruin all cats for you, well, the loss is yours. 

Pets Make Us Go Broke

Getting a pet means being willing to take the risk of going broke in the near future especially if it is a dog. Their food and their grooming bills can already eat away a big chunk of your finances but add in medical bills to that, and you’d probably have to consider selling an arm just to get through it all. 

image courtesy of Affanarchist/ Twitter

Exaggeration aside, though, when you do compare it, having a cat can save you more money at times. Just give some cats an empty cardboard box, and they’re happy. That doesn’t mean that they can’t catch up to dogs, though, when it comes to expenses. However, the bottom line is raising both pets is like raising a child. Not only will they own your home, but they’ll also own your bank account as well. 

Truth Hurts

It’s always fun to see the different conclusions people end up with in the debate of the cat people vs dog people. You get things like dog people are friendly while cat people are neurotic or something like that. And then you also get people who delve a little too deep into it like this. 

images courtesy of hleneeh/ Twitter and organic_earthling/ Reddit

If we’re honest, though, she has an excellent point. We humans think we are the big bosses. If given a chance, we’d probably have every living thing bowing down to us. Cats know who’s the real boss, though, so if your ego can’t handle it, stay clear of the kitties. 

Choose Your Side!

Without warning, this debate has taken on a life of its own throughout the last years because, well, some cat/ dog owners just insist on gathering numbers and adding more supporters to their particular side, even if it means harassing innocent bystanders into joining their team. 

image courtesy of Skoog/ Twitter

If you ask us, though, we just want to live a peaceful life where we can like both cats and dogs. We don’t need to choose sides, and we don’t want to choose sides. It’s just the other humans that are making such a big deal out of it, honestly. 

Common Ground

In every superhero series, there will always be two sides that won’t get along. Then, at the end of the day, when it really matters, they’ll band together, set aside all their differences, and fight against the big bad. As it seems, cat and dog people have the same thing going against the people- people. 

images courtesy of ComedyCentral/ Twitter and Imgur

If there’s one thing cat people and dog people can agree on without hesitation is that their beloved pets are way better than other humans, and on that point, we completely agree. We love dog and cat peace, but we’d rather have the cat and dog drama rather than the people people drama. Thank you very much. 

Psycho Cats

Cats are smaller than us but make no mistake. Those little fluffballs will not hesitate to hurt you if that’s their desire. Whether it’s by physically wounding or by emotionally scarring you, they will make sure you know when you’ve displeased them. But we don’t think they’ll actually murder you, at least we hope not! 

image courtesy of tnwhiskeywoman/ Twitter

Ok, yes, cats can be a little mean sometimes, but we’ve accepted it as part of the bonding process. We also know that cats love being served, which gives them no reason to get rid of us. Who will bring them a heaping bowl of Fancy Feast if they do? So there is really no need to freak out, but thank you for the concern. 

Bold Statement

Some people just like risking it all when putting in their two cents in the cat vs. dog people debate, don’t they? See, this statement here is the kind that can both placate the parties involved or fan the flames ever higher. You’ll just have to decide which one it does for you. 

images courtesy of abbygov/ Twitter and iriishzsoup/ Reddit

This statement might seem like a compliment to both parties at first. But, on the other hand, it also opens up a whole other torrent of other arguments like “Oh, so I can only be cute and not sexy?” or “Why do they have to be sexy? They’re not even sexy.” Frankly, it’s another headache. 

You Can’t Have Both!

Both cat people and dog people have their moments, but sometimes, some dog people can just be a little too aggressive in their beliefs that they absolutely won’t accept anything other than all other people accepting dogs and rejecting everything else. 

image courtesy of itsbinkybee/ Twitter

Yes, we get that their dogs are cute, and they’re really good puppers as well, but liking cats doesn’t exclusively mean that we dislike all the other animals out there. It just means we have bigger hearts for both furballs, unlike some people. 

Fancy Schmancy

When it comes to introducing their pets, normal dog owners will start by name and then sometimes include the breed and gender of their doggo. But then you also have the pretentious pet owner bunch who will present their fur babies along the lines mentioned in the below tweet. 

images courtesy of wokedrugguy/ Twitter and richdogsofig/ Instagram

We don’t care if your dog or cat descends from a long line of royal dogs or eats steak every day. Just let us know if we can pet them, and we’re good. Also, why spend thousands of dollars when you can literally get an equally adorable and way more grateful pet from a shelter? 

They Know

It’s strange, but many people, especially dog people, find it hard to believe that dogs can be even the tiniest bit evil. But come on, all dogs aren’t saints. There are some pretty nasty dogs out there who would readily chomp off a limb. Also, we don’t think showing other people pictures of their cute pup would really heal their trauma. 

image courtesy of tnwhiskeywoman/ Twitter

On the other hand, Cat people have been through it all, and understand the tests and trials of being a cat person, and they can totally relate. They wouldn’t even try to make excuses. They would sit there and agree and sympathize because they accept that cats are not angels and will never be. 

Cats Can Be Sweet Too

Cats are notoriously standoffish. Some cat haters might even say that cats don’t have a single bone of affection in their bodies. But don’t let that fool you. A cat might not wag its tail or jump all over you with joy when you get home, but the love is there. 

images courtesy of ProZD/ Twitter and kirika_ma_cos/ Twitter

If you haven’t ever experienced some serious kitty love, you might not just have worked hard enough for it. Trust us, when a cat starts showing affection, you can never escape it, and you’ll find that they can be quite demanding of it too. 

The Family Roles

At its core, this whole cat people vs. dog people thing is just a bunch of parents arguing over whose child is the best. What they keep forgetting though is that it’s kind of an unfair fight because they’re basically comparing babies to adults. 

image courtesy of clhubes/ Twitter

With dogs, you always have to watch them, care for them, and allot your time and attention to them. They’re the babies you never want to grow up. With cats, they might only need you for something once a day or even every couple of days, and yet you have the peace of mind that they are doing just fine without you. 

Another Valid Point

When cats and dogs are as adorable as they are, it’s so hard to resist the urge to squeeze them, cuddle them, and just endlessly keep them in our arms. Although while dogs bask in it, cats will fight for their space, and well, some people just can’t accept that. 

images courtesy of queensandal/ Twitter and itsmeee_jessica/ Reddit

That statement quite hits the spot, though, doesn’t it? When it comes to raising cats, it’s all about control, boundaries, and generally respecting their wishes. So to the cat haters out there, think about it. Maybe the problem isn’t the cats, after all. 

Love Is Weird

Ah, true love. Even in the pet world, it works in mysterious ways. We will never quite understand why even the stupidest moments or even the meanest moments of our pets make us love them even more. We just do. 

image courtesy of itsmeheythere/ Twitter

Of course, it doesn’t happen to everyone, but no matter their personality quirks, and even if we aren’t really their favorite person in the case of cats, a lot of us are just smitten with them. Maybe it’s one more thing dog people and cat people can agree on. Even if it’s just one-sided, we’ll never ever stop loving our pets. 

Who Is The Culprit?

If you’ve also been invested in this debate like us, don’t you ever contemplate about who started it in the first place? And don’t you ever wonder what made them think that pitting two animals that are clearly very different from each other against each other was a good idea?

images courtesy of JoshuaConkel/ Twitter and TotallyNotJackinI/ Reddit

People with pet bunnies and pet hamsters don’t fight over who has the better pet. And you won’t really hear anyone telling someone that their snake is better than their turtle, right? So, why and what benefit is there really to gain from this entire thing? More than the debate itself, this is what will give us sleepless nights. 

This Is Just How It Works

A lot of dogs come into people’s lives because people go out in search of them. Except for those endearing stories of dogs finding their humans, people usually seek out pups, buy them, and bring them home.  With cats, thats often not the case, as it seems. 

image courtesy of Joaoninguem_art/ Twitter

This also partly answers the who owns whom question, doesn’t it? We own dogs because we choose to bring them into our lives. On the other hand, cats own us because they choose to accept us into their lives. 

Cat People Have Moments Too

Dog people can earn a little too much ire at times. But cat people aren’t exactly so innocent either. They also have their not so gracious moments. And there are times they can get pretty aggressive about their beliefs too. 

images courtesy of stephgeorge23/ Twitter and owurakuwaa/ Twitter

The difference is that while dog people think all people should love all dogs, cat people think that their cats are the one and only best kitty there is in the whole world. And just by looking at this, you can already see the dog vs. the cat personalities shining through. 

That’s The Way To Bring Peace

There are a lot of awesome fur parents out there. You get the people who actively seek out abandoned pets and give them a second chance and a new home. You also get the people who make sure that sick or old pets get to live their happiest lives no matter what. And then, you get the real peacemakers of the game. 

images courtesy of mikememoli and eligit/ Twitter

Rescue dog people and cat people at the same time? We freaking approve as well! They truly deserve to go down in history as some of the best fur parents ever. They’re simply showing us how to love simply and unconditionally without bias. 

Technically, They’re Both True

We just love how cat owners reciprocate both their cat’s affections and hatred. While they’d be begging for their cat’s affections at the end of the day, you’d also hear a lot of cat owners insulting their pets and even calling them names. It’s all very cat-like, just like this person. 

images courtesy of TheBloggess/ Twitter and ApplePancakes / Reddit

To be fair to the dog person spell check, calling your cat an anarchist is still pretty tame and mild. And don’t lie. There are some cats that come straight out of hell, and yes, if you have one of those, you’re basically raising an antichrist. 

The Unbothered

Once you’ve been too deep down the cat people vs. dog people rabbit hole, it can come as a complete and total shock that there are actually people who don’t give one care in the world about such a serious matter. 

image courtesy of AndrewChamings/ Twitter

It doesn’t always mean that they don’t like cats or dogs (only in some cases, perhaps). It just means that they’re a lot saner than the rest of us and know there are more important things in life to argue about. 

Thou Shall Not Ask!

For some people, their lives revolve around their dogs, and for others, it revolves around their cats. However, there is a certain number of people whose lives revolve around both, and asking them to pick one over the other is almost like asking which of their children would they save in an emergency. 

images courtesy of jon_snow_420/ Twitter and BoredPanda

They might secretly have a favorite, but no matter the threat or the circumstance, they will never admit it because they love everyone fully and equally. Plus, you can never ask them to choose between the pets and you because we all know who’s going to be kicked out. Yeah, it’s you for asking such awful questions in the first place!

We Are All Equal

This cat vs. dog thing is just stupid, isn’t it? Here we all are, arguing which breed of creature is better when these very same creatures don’t even know that they’re being pitted against each other and when in reality, we’re actually all fighting the same thing. 

image courtesy of theeyulelord/ Twitter

As much as we love our furballs, all that pet hair is maddening. You have to sacrifice so much like pretty black clothes, your food, and every single second you could have spent relaxing, but you’ve spent on vacuuming or lint rolling for the nth time that day. See? The real enemy here is fur and people people too.

Who’s The Elitist Now?

Dogs have always been known to be man’s best friend. It doesn’t matter what social class you’re in or what kind of life you live, anyone can have a dog in their life. Apparently, people think that cats are the opposite.

images courtesy of ellle_em/ Twitter and thelaughingstork.com

When you think about it, though, isn’t it the posh designer breeds that are elitist? Regardless if they’re a cat or a dog, those rare breeds that cost thousands of dollars are almost always high maintenance and are often used as displays, unlike your common tabby or mutt and rescues. And the thing is, all of these pets can give you the same joy and affection regardless of if they were expensive or not. 

Assuming Is Bad For You

If you’ve seen Garfield, Puss in Boots, The Aristocrats or if you’ve actually seen and interacted with more than two or three cats, you’d know that there are also sweet kitties as much as there are some mean ones. One cat doesn’t dictate the verdict for all of them. 

image courtesy of MelArt2067/ Twitter

It’s pretty hilarious thinking of someone going through cat after cat, though, trying to find that one nice kitty. But in all fairness, this happens with dogs too. People who have been traumatized or people who don’t like dogs’ jolliness might think that all dogs are the same when the truth is, they’re very much like humans, with each having its own distinctive personality. 

Death Everywhere!

It never fails to become funny when dog people overreact to hating cats. You know cats are small, and cats can’t even knock you down, and then you hear people arguing in a similar way to this just because they think cats are scary, and well, it’s hard not to laugh. 

images courtesy of ellaharg/ Twitter and musicsquidge/ Reddit

As far as we know, excluding rabies-related issues and the likes, we have never heard of a house cat killing a human. Sure, their stares sometimes look like they’re plotting to murder you in their head, but that’s about it. And while we’re not putting them down, we can’t, unfortunately, say the same for dogs. 

5-Star vs Canned

Another difference between cats and dogs is while cats are notoriously picky eaters, dogs will eat just about anything and everything you put in front of them. Still, that doesn’t stop dog people from limiting their dog’s diet to 5-star meals and expensive dog food. 

image courtesy of luckycatjo91/ Twitter

For cat owners, it’s a pretty different deal. You don’t just think about the food that won’t make them barf on you, but you also have to think about which food they’ll actually like. Cats have a pretty complicated set of standards and a sophisticated palate when it comes to their food. 

Who’s The Hero?

Everywhere you look, there will always be a story of a heroic dog. They even made a movie about a dog becoming a real superhero caped and all titled The Underdog. And while it’s nice, we do think that cat heroism is also a little bit underappreciated. 

images courtesy of TomKilianArt/ Twitter and IvoryHeket/ Reddit

Our feline friends’ hearts are in the right place. Cats will yowl to the high heavens to wake you up when there’s a fire. Some will even try to save you from the evil water like this guy’s cat. And while they can’t pull you to safety, they will definitely try to warn you. 

I See What Your Agenda Is!

Cats have been getting slack since time immemorial. But really, only their owners have the right to give and receive hate back to them. So maybe it’s time to stand up to that general cat hate once and for all if we are going to do that, though, maybe not in this fashion. 

image courtesy of anne_theriault/ Twitter

As much as we’d love to show the world that cats are just as lovable as dogs, this sounds like it’s coming from a crazy dog person. And if the cat side has taught us anything, it’s that we fight the right (cunning) way. 

The Inner Workings of Cat and Dog People

Even with their interactions with other people on their team, you can always almost discern the cat person and the dog person. It’s fascinating to see and quite amusing, especially when you know how aggressive they can get with each other. 

image courtesy of TheTimmyToes/ Twitter

If we’re going to be honest, though, we all know that we all think that our pets are the best regardless of what kind of canine or feline they are. Even when they end up in stupid situations, we won’t let our pride admit that our pet just isn’t the best. 

The Simple Truth

In reality, cats and dogs don’t have this war going on with each other. They’re just living their best lives as they see fit. Much like every other argument, war, and rivalry in this world, it’s us humans that create this division. 

image courtesy of TheWeirdWorld/ Twitter

It’s like we didn’t already have enough drama in our own human lives, so we decided to drag our pets into it and create their very own rivalry. And the truth is no side is winning. The real winners here are the cats and dogs we love and adore with all our hearts, plain and simple.