40 Peeved Pets Who Wish Their Owners Would Leave Their Squishable Faces Alone

By Iulia P

For quite a while now, the body positivity movement has been floating all over the internet, and we’re here for it. Even dogs (well, their owners) decided to join in on the trend and expose their perfect imperfection: their folds. While some of the doggos you will see were born with loose skin, some of them gained it after dropping some pounds.

No matter how it happened to them, the effect it has on their humans is the same: a weird desire to stretch it and squish it. We humans can be a bit weird, we agree but seems like, dogs don’t dislike it either. Here are some of the most squishable and stretchable dog flaps dog owners have shared online.

That moment when…

You know that moment when your parents force you to leave your cave, a.k.a your room, to come and greet guests. We might have a new meme layout perfect for that feeling, and the star of it is this bloodhound.

Photo courtesy of Courtney Jones/Facebook

We’ve all been there at least once. The forced smile on this poor pup’s face was the same exact smile we would give to guests we had never met before, though we still greeted them as if it’d been our hundredth meeting.

The selfish one

The doggo pictured below reminds us of that selfish sibling that always hides when they found the cookie jar. They stole all the goodies and won’t share, no matter how much their siblings beg. And what happens when they get caught? Stuff it in their mouth, of course!

Photo courtesy of myotherusernameisbetter_/Instagram

In fact, some of you might relate a little too closely to that. We won’t judge if you were that sibling that stole all the treats. We at least hope that you or your siblings were better at hiding the snacks than this dog.

So fluffy!

When looking at the picture of this Shar Pei pup, what comes to our minds is exactly what Agnes from Despicable Me said when she saw that fluffy unicorn: “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die.” And to be honest, we had the same reaction.

Photo courtesy of bearcoat_tonkey/Instagram

But can you blame us? Just take a look at how fluffy and squishy this guy’s loose skin looks. We would definitely do the same thing his owner does to him in this picture — repeated check squishes. Too bad the pup doesn’t seem to be enjoying it as much.

Floppy jaw giant

We all know Great Danes. They are indeed very imposing and scary-looking dogs, and this is because of their size. Not many know that there is a gentle giant with a teddy bear heart and really floppy jaws behind this façade.

Photo courtesy of myotherusernameisbetter_/Instagram

So floppy that one can actually fit their entire hand underneath them. We’re sure his owner had a good laugh while trying to take this picture. What we’re not sure of is if the lovable doggo understood why his human was laughing.

Labradors can do it, too

Labradors are amazing family dogs — period. They have an awesome personality, and they are good around children. They are just perfect in every way! But if you need another reason to love them, here it is: Labs have loose, stretchy, and very squishy skin.

Photo courtesy of hoppi/Reddit

We were today years old when we learned that Labradors could actually have loose skin, and it’s mainly located around their necks. But if they get a bit chubby and subsequently lose weight, they might develop some stretchy skin on their bellies. How cute is that!

What are you doing, human?

This cute Dalmatian’s owner is just like all of us after reading this article and seeing all the pictures of the pups and their rolls. We’re sure he saw a similar photo and decided to start gently tugging at his dog’s face to see if he had extra skin, too.

Photo courtesy of Johannesdl/Reddit

Needless to say, the pup does not look impressed at all. Although he seems like he is used to it and this is not the first time his owner has done something like this. We wonder what pets think about us humans and our crazy ways of annoying them.

Labradors, again!

Okay, if we did not manage to convince you that Labs are one of the best breeds of dogs before, here is another attempt. Some dogs look totally confused when their owner tries to stretch their skin…and then we have this guy.

Photo courtesy of dylanwelsh86/Instagram

Yes, this smiley doggo looks beyond happy to let his human play with his extra stretchy soft skin. We mean, that genuine smile from ear to ear says it all. Imagine how happy he would be if he knew that not only did he make his owner smile but the whole internet!

Most aggressive breed

You wouldn’t be able to tell that Pitbulls are considered aggressive. Reggie here is one gentle and goofy dog. On top of this, his owner was also blessed to have some squishy, gray skin to pull and take pictures of.

Photo courtesy of reggie_thepig/Instagram

Does he like it? We think so. That’s the face of a dog that enjoys it when his owner messes around with his floppy muzzle and takes pictures doing it. Reggie takes pleasure all the muzzle pulling and stretching, and we love seeing it. He is one cute boy.

Ready to take off

If you’ve ever seen a Basset Hound running, we are sure that you, too, had the same feeling that at one point, they will take off. Those loose jowls of theirs are so big and floppy; they look just like wings.

Photo courtesy of mr.hankthehound/Instagram

They look like some crazy and very hard-to-control wings. And all we can say about it is that we are happy they can’t fly off with them. We can all imagine how odd that would be to see bassets flying around the neighborhood.

It was in that moment…

It was at that moment when Bob realized that this would be his life from that moment on. It’s evident that his owner just discovered how good of a feeling it is to stretch your Labrador’s chubby and stretchy jaws.

Photo courtesy of mavely._.bella/Instagram

And she sure looks like she will not stop doing it any time soon. At least, judging by Bob’s face, he seems like he got used to the idea. He may not like it, but he just lets his owner enjoy it, and for this, we should give him props. Good boy, Bob!

Stretchy Frenchie

Oh, French Bulldogs! Cute and playful piglets trapped in a dog’s body. They’ve got amazing personalities, big bat ears, and some really sloppy and gassy habits. Frenchies come with a bonus: heaps of loose skin, perfect for their human to stretch and play with.

Photo courtesy of skettiosandgoobers/Instagram

These dogs are very aware of their loose skin and body rolls and love when their owners play with them. As cute as having a stretchy Frenchie may be, the loose skin and the rolls need proper care because they are prone to getting an infection.

Summer body

This extra stretchy pup has a bit of a backstory. According to the owner, this poor doggo was sick for a while, and they lost weight. Though their fat and muscle dwindled, there was no shortage of skin. Look at those flabs.

Photo courtesy of skettiosandgoobers/Instagram

But that smile tells us all we need to know: this stretchy dog is now happy and healthy. They run, jump, and play like all the other dogs. The only difference is their extra skin that blows in the breeze.

Gorgeous Goldie

We are not even halfway into our article, and here we have another picture of a Retriever and its long and floppy muzzle. The big smile from ear to ear (literally!) does not surprise us, considering that dogs of this breed are total sweethearts.

Photo courtesy of danielthegoldie/Instagram

They will let their humans get away with just about anything as long as it makes them happy. At this point, if we bump into another Golden Retriever, we will just give this breed the title of “best dog ever.” Seriously, we have no choice!

We need your help!

We really need to know what breed this huge guy pictured below is, and how come the man behind it was not afraid to pull at his loose neck skin. It might just be a mask, we agree, but what if it’s not, and this big boy is exactly what he looks: a little bit ferocious?

Photo courtesy of hankandsasha/Instagram

We can not understand how all these other breeds we have seen until now look so cute and innocent when their owners stretch their loose skin. And then there is this guy who looks exactly the opposite of cute and innocent. But looks can be deceiving, as we all know, and maybe he is just a big cuddle buddy.

Dorothy the Boston Terrier

If you know any Boston Terriers, you know that they are similar to French bulldogs. Their bulbous eyes, bat-like ears, and cute short noses are features that make them look like cousins. What makes them different, though, is their bodies…

Photo courtesy of mareacuda/Reddit

…and the fact that Boston Terriers do not have loose skin on their bodies but only on their beautiful squashed faces. Little sweet Dorothy is no exception. And lucky for her owner, who enjoys stretching her “wrinkles,” she loves it and is a willing participant.

Hold up!

Wait a minute! What is a very tiny Chihuahua doing in this article about loose skin, wrinkles, and stretchiness? We are as confused as you are, but it turns out that some of them do have some extra skin here and there, just waiting to be smooshed.

Photo courtesy of thedailyfritz/Instagram

Granted, it is not as stretchy as some of the other doggos we have seen so far but, judging by the pictures above, he passed the test. And can we take a moment to look at this guy’s facial expressions? He seems to be really digging the attention!

We get it!

The more pictures we see of people gently pulling their dog’s loose muzzles, the more we want to go home to our dogs and do it too. We think it may get a bit annoying at some point for all these fur babies, but we totally understand the obsession.

Photo courtesy of fhosalay/Instagram

This unusual activity of stretching your four-legged buddy’s muzzles and skin looks beyond relaxing. Let’s say it looks as relaxing as the squishy, sensory balls feel when you squeeze them. And trust us, that is the ultimate definition of relaxation.

Another “aggressive” breed…

Here we have another dog of a supposedly aggressive breed (Napolitano Mastiff) that now we cannot take seriously at all. The drool that is not only hanging at the corners of his mouth but is also spread all over his face makes us forget that these dogs can be mean if they want to.

Photo courtesy of chiefthemastiff/Instagram

Besides the drool that is spread all over, what ruins this “bad boy” image are his jowls that make him look like a caricature of Count Dracula. It must be the skin “collar” around his neck that reminds us of the Count, but it could also be the serious look in his eyes. We don’t know…

One happy pup

Up until this point, we saw dogs that seemingly love their owners enough to let them annoyingly pull and stretch their loose skin. Well, now, we have a dog that seems like she asks her owner to do that to her often.

Photo courtesy of loopdeloops/Reddit

You can tell by her smile that she loves getting her face stretched out a bit. We do not know if the owner enjoys doing it, but at this point, it doesn’t even matter. Whatever it takes to make this cutie pie happy, right?

Who knew?!

Who knew that German Shorthair Pointers can have loose skin? Well, it turns out that even if it is not visible when they’re getting gentle scritches, some of them have some extra skin around their necks. But not too much…

Photo courtesy of watsonthewondermutt/Instagram

…but just enough for his human to stretch it and make his dog give the camera this beautiful “good boy” smile. He may not have too much loose skin around his neck, but he clearly enjoys it when his human stretches it.

Okay, hooman, it’s enough!

If being “fed up with something” took the form of a single face, this would definitely be it. Vacant, annoyed look in his eyes, a solemn facial expression, and a relaxed mouth (well, in this case, muzzle) — we can not help but feel bad for this guy.

Photo courtesy of goodboypacino/Instagram

Oh, the things a good loyal dog will do in order to make his owner happy. No wonder dogs have always carried the title of “man’s best friend.” These beings are ready to put up with a lot of irritation in their lives just to see their owners smile.

The eyes never lie

The first thing that we saw when we looked at the picture below were these poor pup’s eyes. It’s crystal clear what he is trying to convey to his owner, who, most likely, has been having a little too much fun by stretching his loose skin.

Photo courtesy of AustinXC/Reddit

Therefore, someone needs to back down for a bit and find another fun activity to do when bored. We understand that the feeling of stretching and squeezing your four-legged buddy’s wrinkles and loose skin is one of the best, but this guy definitely needs a break from it.

Stop it, mom!

This is the face of someone who’s been told one too many times to smile for family photos. After the fifteenth time, it’s all too much and it’s practically impossible to get that person to smile. Well, not without a little help…

Photo courtesy of dunc.thedane/Instagram

Dunc seems all too used to this. Those eyes say, “seriously? We’re doing this again?” and we feel for him. No one likes being forced to smile. But at the same time, we’re loving the extra flappy jowls on this Great Dane.

And then there is this cool guy…

Some of the doggos we have seen up until now were definitely hating the idea of their human playing around with their loose skin and wrinkles. While some of them looked like they were crying for help, some looked like they loved it.

Photo courtesy of caseyfitz26/Instagram

Such as this cool guy in the picture above who looks like he is cool with his owner’s favorite pastime. And not only that, but we have a feeling that this easy-going guy would let his hooman do pretty much anything to him if it meant more playtime together.


This cute Labrador might have found the best way to profit from the “sacrifice” he makes for his human. All his human needs to do for this pup to let him stretch his floppy cheeks is to give him a stick to chew on.

Photo courtesy of mapplekitty2/Reddit

This way, the pup will be busy chomping on the stick while his owner will be busy squeezing, stretching, and playing around with the extra skin his dog was blessed with. Now that is exactly what we call a win-win situation.

Doesn’t work

Looks like someone’s owner saw the pictures of other people playing around with their furbabies’ loose skin and decided to do the same. The only thing is that he may not have the proper “model” to allow him to do so adequately.

Photo courtesy of rowdyreggie/Instagram

At least he tried, but it looks like his dog is not happy. The expression he has on his face is the same expression people have when they say, “I told you so.” Well, we don’t think his human got the hint.

Proud mama

Some dog breeds are inherently squishy. Case in point: Shar Peis! From day one, these pups are loaded with extra rolls. Sure, these are probably very helpful for mom to grab them but the scruff, but humans love them, too.

Photo courtesy of harvey.thesharpei/Instagram

Though, looking at this picture, we are mostly confused about their ability to see. Do they make special headbands for Shar Peis with too much extra skin? Just joking! We love this squishy mother and her three cinnamon roll pups.

After dropping some pounds

Most of these pups we have shown you so far look like they were really chubby, and after a good diet that lasted a fair amount of weeks, they dropped all that extra weight but were left with excess skin.

Photo courtesy of 14636566@N07/flickr

While the extra skin can be an inconvenience for most, some learn to accept it and love it. And it looks like the two doggos pictured above are living their best life with the extra skin that just jiggles all over the place when they run.

Happy or too stretched

Okay, we are confused! We can not understand if the pup below is happy or if he only looks happy because his beloved owner is pulling his cheeks. We will go with the first option because we are optimistic like that.

Photo courtesy of strawhat_harris/Instagram

Who would be this happy if someone pulled on their cheeks like this? We would find this so annoying. We were definitely not happy when we were kids, and someone would pinch and slightly stretch our cheeks without asking permission first.

The Lab strikes again

The Labradors strike again, but this time it’s something we have not seen in the past pictures: loose, stretchy skin on the head. That’s a new one, but we are so here for it because look how funny this guy looks!

Photo courtesy of aylaalyssa_/Instagram

For a moment, we thought about Frankenstein. It’s a weird connection, we admit, but maybe we thought of him because that extra skin of this cute Lab looks just like a forehead, a very tall forehead. And who has a tall forehead besides Rihanna and Tyra Banks? Exactly!

Just smile!

This guy reminds us of something, or rather, someone. We all have that aunt that used to pinch our cheeks and slightly stretch them out just for the fun of it. Do you know what we’re talking about, or did you not have one of those relatives in your family?

Photo courtesy of hoohoo_thebully/Instagram

Jokes aside, to us, this was beyond annoying. And not thinking about it, we will have to give these poor doggos some props for keeping up with their owners and allowing them to do the pulling and stretching, and pinching. You, doggos, are the real MVPs.

Showing some teeth

If you’ve ever gone to the dentist, you’ve probably heard them name some of the teeth. Well, there’s one even we common folk know: canines. Well, those teeth earned their nickname because they look like our four-legged friend’s sharp teeth do.

Photo courtesy of gompey_chomp/Reddit

Unlike cats, though, we don’t get to see those pearly whites bared very often. And when they are on show, you better watch your hands. If it’s playtime, you might get scratched. If they’re not enjoying having their face pulled…get ready to run.

Someone is confused

It looks like Mr. Pug is a bit confused about what his human is doing to him. If this poor pup could speak, he would most likely scream: “What are you doing to my cheeks, human?” We have no doubt about it!

Photo courtesy of frank_fromthehood/Instagram

Oh well, unlucky for him, he was blessed with some squishy rolls and folds. Even unluckier for him, his owner discovered how good it feels to stretch them and play around with them. Looks like someone has to get used to the fact that this will be his life from now on.

“So fluffy I’m gonna die!”…again

Okay, we have seen some fluffy skin up until now, but this one right here is definitely the fluffiest puffiest extra skin ever. Seriously! If the word squishy had an explanatory picture in the dictionary, this picture below would be it.

Photo courtesy of iBovata/Instagram

Meanwhile, the poor pup looks like he has been in this situation multiple times and is now used to the idea that his human will never get the hint. Yeah, it may be annoying for doggo, but with a floof like this, we can not blame the owner.


By the pose this “doguette” decided to do, we can only assume that her human promised her something. We have seen that bribing them in order for them to be okay with you playing with their jaws and cheeks really works wonders.

Photo courtesy of harryq15/Instagram

So we can only assume that the owner promised her either a tasty treat or, even better, a squeaky toy. The picture came out perfect; the owner’s need for stretching the loose skin was satisfied; it’s time for the pup to get her treat, don’t you think?

Visiting the grandparents

Not to perpetuate stereotypes, but there’s something about grandparents that makes them love squishing cheeks. But, up until this point, we thought that was just limited to babies and toddlers. Well, it turns out that dogs are fair game, too…

Photo courtesy of mouthfullofsnakes/Reddit

This pup sure is happy to have all of the attention. And who wouldn’t? A trip to your grandparent’s house means extra sweets, staying up past bed time, and all the attention you could want. Just be ready to have those cheeks pinched.

Plot twist

When you look at the first picture, you get the impression that this pupper is okay with his owner’s bad habit (let’s call it that anyway). He looks like he got used to the idea and that he may even have started to like it a bit.

Photo courtesy of mojiakira/Instagram

But then you see the second picture and all you wanna do is go there and stop his owner from doing it. He clearly stopped having fun somewhere after the umpteenth time. We mean, look at those puppy eyes that he is giving his owner. That is definitely a hint for him to stop it!

Don’t look now

We’re not surprised that another Golden Retriever has made this list. That fur can hide a lot of flappy skin, and they seem to be happy no matter what’s going on around them. This dog doesn’t even need to see what’s going on to agree with their owner…

Photo courtesy of timthetoothninja/Instagram

We know about eye-bombing (when people put googly eyes in random places to make a face), but we didn’t know that on living creatures, right over their eyes, was part of it. We hope that the owner showed this picture to their dog afterward. So cute!

“I’m watching you”

We honestly can’t tell if this extra stretchy dog enjoys having their skin played with. The “blep” tongue sticking out is playful, but the squinty side eye seems like a bit of a warning. What do you think their opinion on the matter is?

Photo courtesy of jessesewell/Reddit

If we didn’t know any better, we’d guess that this person just took two pieces of cardboard and held them up to their pup. That’d a bit too far to go for an internet trend, right? But, nope, that’s just one stretchy dog face!

The award goes to…

The “I hate it so much human, let go of my cheeks right now!” award goes out to (drumroll please) this guy in the picture below. His facial expression is not only very expressive, but it is also beyond funny.

Photo courtesy of carmenabernethy/Instagram

He is clearly done with all the attention his cheeks get, and we are more than sure that it was the first and the last time his owner played around with his loose skin like that. We mean, we hope, for the sake of his human, that it was the last time.