Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Bark And Walk On Four Legs

By Jhoana C

More than 50% of households in the US alone have animals at home, and dogs make up more than 60% of these pets. Suffice it to say that most people like dogs, and when you grow up watching classics such as Lassie and Scooby-Doo, you probably have fallen in love with canines. Not only do dogs make great companions, but they are also heroic. They won’t think twice before putting their life on the line for their family. They can be depended upon no matter the circumstance, and they will literally take a bullet for you. Your friends might betray you, but your dog never will. Times may get “ruff, “but your doggo will always stay by your side. To honor all of the loyal, courageous, and heroic dogs out there, we have compiled a list of the most admirable pooches who deserve a lot of love and an extra treat now and then.

#1 Doggo looking out for her little brother

An infant choking is one scary predicament for any family to find themselves in. Fortunately, it’s preventable. Being the lovely small creatures that they are, babies have small airways that can easily get obstructed. Babies also need time to master the skill of chewing and swallowing food properly.

Image courtesy of Perreri?a Top/Facebook

Luckily for Benjamin, when he was choking in his sleep, his big sister Abby was right beside him. She didn’t hesitate for a second and immediately alerted their mom. Benjamin is ok now, but things could’ve been worse if Abby wasn’t there. She deserves the cape she’s wearing.

#2 Heroism that’s deserving of a medal

Believe it or not, dogs have been in the military since 600 BC. According to historians Herodotus and Homer, dogs were present when Xerxes invaded Greece in 479 BC, as well as in 600 BC during the Iron Age.

Image courtesy of Martin Schoeller/National

This beautiful and brave canine hero is a military dog and was awarded a medal when she saved her handler, despite being shot 4 times with an AK-47 at point-blank range. She underwent a grueling seven-hour operation to save her life.

#3 Oh deer!

Everyone meet Storm. This lovely dog didn’t hesitate when he saw a figure drowning at sea. He immediately went into the water, and when he approached, the creature turned out to be a deer. Storm was walking with his human, who immediately started filming.

Image courtesy of Elizabeth/Bored Panda

After getting the deer safely to shore, Storm stayed by her side to make sure she was ok and keep the poor thing warm. Storm and his human waited there until people from Strong Island Animal Rescue arrived. Now that’s a good dog!

#4 Love is the answer

Dogs seem to think that they make everything better, and they’re right. How many times have you gone home after a bad day only to have your dog play with you and lovingly lick your face, and suddenly, like magic, everything suddenly feels ok?

Image courtesy of

This doggo seems to think that his love is the answer when his human is sick. He thinks that he will cure his human by constantly staying by her side and cuddling next to her when she’s not feeling well. Who wouldn’t want this kind of special care when they feel sick?

#5 Searched, Found, and Rescued

It’s not every day that you cross paths with a hero, and when you do, and you get to know their story, the more you are impressed. Not all heroes wear capes; some bark and walk on all fours, like this search and rescue dog.

Image courtesy of Gwyddia/Reddit

He retired after working for 10 years and finding more than 300 children in Pennsylvania. What a career and what a life! Few animals and even fewer humans, for that matter, can boast of such an achievement. She’s entitled to a well-deserved rest.

#6 Saving her tiny pups from a fire

Fires are not only dangerous to people; they’re equally dangerous to animals. Bush fires are particularly sorrowful when you think of all the animals, big and small, that perish in flames. We’re not sure if this dog got caught in a bush fire.

Image courtesy of AmazingWorld246/Twitter

However, not only did she need to keep herself safe, but she also needed to keep her little puppies safe. They couldn’t even run yet. Thankfully she succeeded in saving them from the fire and just to make sure they’re alright, she even put them in the firetruck for safe keeping.

#7 Brave dog saving a boy from a truck

Dogs are very selfless, and they don’t hesitate to risk their lives to save their humans. This puppy named Geo is no different. When his human Charlie was in danger of being hit by a truck, he pushed the boy out of the way and got hit instead.

Image courtesy of Albanpix

Thankfully, he is recuperating from his injuries, as we can tell from the above photo. He was able to survive because his quick thinking family rushed him straight to the vet for treatment. Charlie is very thankful for his dog and is by his side as he recovers. These two are so cute.

#8 Pooch warning his human of a gas leak

When your dogs bark incessantly, often they’re not trying to drive you off your mind by being so annoying. Most of the time, they’re warning you of something or want you to follow them, so it’s good to pay attention and not just shoo them away.

Image courtesy of NobelLandMermaid/Reddit

This canine was barking at his humans for a good thirty minutes as if asking to be taken out of the house, despite just having returned from a walk. It turns out that he was trying to warn them of a gas leak in the apartment and wanted everyone to get out of danger

#9 Blind dog saves a lot of lives

This dog might be blind, but that didn’t stop her from risking her life for that of others. Molly here did the unthinkable in her state. When a fire ravaged the community, she dived right into the catastrophe and ended up becoming a hero.

Image courtesy of smsali005/Reddit

She saved the lives of 2 fellow dogs, 4 cats, and 7 people. The house caught fire in the ungodly hours of the night, so Molly knew that she had to wake everyone up to get them out of the way of the progressing fire.

#10 Save a dog and he’ll return the favor

When you save a dog’s life, he won’t forget it. He’ll forever be grateful to you and will do everything in his power to return the favor to you. That’s is very true of this pitbull. He was supposed to be euthanized, but a woman saved his life.

Image courtesy of Life with Dogs

She brought him home and was happy to see that he was getting along so well with her son. Less than a week after the woman brought him home, the pit bull expressed his gratitude by alerting her to her son, who was barely breathing during the night.

#11 Ready to do everything to save a little girl

This remarkable dog, Lily, was ready to lay her life down for her human, Christine. One night this pooch was out for a walk with her, but Christine tripped on the tracks, fell, and became unconscious. Lily tried everything to pull her human off the tracks. Upon seeing their shadows, the train conductor radioed for the train to stop, but unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time.

Image courtesy of Kate Bratskeir/HuffPost

Instead of leaving her human on the tracks, Lily threw herself over her human and took the brunt of the hit. Although suffering from extreme injuries and ended up needing to get a leg amputated, Lily never left her side.

#12 Dog jumps in to save a cat from coyotes

This kitten and doggo named Jack are very good friends, and they always spend time with each other at home. When the little cat got into trouble, Jack didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the mix to save the cat’s life.

Image courtesy of Kate Bratskeir/HuffPost

2 coyotes were attacking the kitten in the backyard, and they were shaking her by the neck and the tail. Coyotes are known to attack humans and their pets. If the dog hadn’t intervened and fought off the coyotes, the kitten would have been in a dire situation.

#13 Dog saves baby from the cold

There have been incredible stories of dogs saving the lives of children, babies, and adults, and we are thankful for them. They are more than willing to lay their lives on the line to protect humans, and this story is no different.

Image courtesy of Argentina News

This dog named China was recently given an award for her brave maternal instincts. She found an abandoned baby in winter, so she carried it back to her shelter, where she was also looking after her newborn pups. She cuddled up next to the infant, keeping it warm through the night until her human heard the baby’s cries and took the infant to the hospital for medical attention.

#14 A dog that deserves some time off

There’s a saying that goes, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”  This dog’s human is so lucky to have a loyal dog by her side, and she’s not an ordinary dog; she wears many feathers in her hat.

Image courtesy of wolfboss/Imgur.

She has saved her human from dangerous bears, she has volunteered as a therapy dog, she has flown in helicopters, cheered people up when they were down, and many other things. She earned a day off, and she deserves to enjoy the beach.

#15 A hero named Buster

This cuddly pooch is named Buster. He was brought into the family because his human mom was often left alone when her husband needed to travel for work. Soon after he came into their lives, Buster’s dad got sick, and the little doggie made it his life’s mission to ensure his dad was alright.

Image courtesy of My Hero Dog

One time, the usually calm dog suddenly started barking incessantly in the wee hours of the morning. When Buster’s mom came to see what all the fuss was about, she found her husband unconscious on the floor. They immediately brought him to the hospital, and the doctor said if they hadn’t done so, he would have probably died.

#16 A hero dog who deserves an award

9/11 is a day that everyone will remember for all the wrong reasons. Thousands of people lost their lives, and hundreds of others became heroes when trying to save as many people as possible. If you think that only humans risked their lives on that fateful day, you’re mistaken. Some dogs sacrificed their lives. too

Image courtesy of Hero Dog Awards

This Labrador Retriever’s name is Roselle, and he is a guide dog who was working at the World Trade Center when the airplane hit the building. Roselle guided people down the stairwell and traveled down more than a thousand stairs. Roselle remained calm and focused on her job even though debris was falling around them.

#17 Dog who protected the family’s goats and deer

Some dogs make excellent livestock guards for herds, and they are the Akbash, Anatolian Shepherd, Kuvasz, Komondor, and the Great Pyrenees, among others. This is Odin, a Great Pyrenees, and he proved that he is an excellent guard dog.

mage courtesy of Roland Tembo Hendel/Facebook

When the California wildfires were raging and threatening lives and property, he stayed behind to protect the family’s baby deer and eight goats. After the fire, Odin’s parents went back to their property, expecting the worst. Everything was in ruins, but the goats and the baby deer were all safe. However, Odin sustained a few injuries, but he was soon on the mend.

#18 A dog that’s not afraid to fight a bear

Bears are huge and powerful predators. They are highly intelligent and can detect food from great distances. They are also excellent swimmers and fast runners, reaching great speeds in minutes. Bears can pose a great danger to humans and other animals when confronted.

Image courtesy of Margarita_Catherine/Reddit

However, this dog was not intimidated by a powerful bear that threatened to attack her human and the family cat. This hero dog, Abigail, bravely chased off the bear, and here she is, taking a well deserved nap after her brave actions. Such a good dag.

#19 A medical dog

Dogs have been used to sniff out drugs, as well as explosives. They help find criminals, as well as missing children. Nowadays, dogs have expanded their skills, and their heightened olfactory senses have become indispensable in the field of medicine.

Image courtesy of NickelFish/Reddit

This is Cooper, he may not be a trained sniffer dog, but he is a hero who saved his mum from drowning. He also detected his mom’s heart attack before she knew it. Cooper saved her life, and they were inseparable until Cooper passed. Although he is no longer with her, she said she would love him forever.

#20 Dogs chased away fox that tried to grab a little girl

Look at this cute 4-yeard old girl, Angelis, posing with her family’s equally adorable dogs. This picture may look cute, but it doesn’t tell of the danger the little girl was in and the heroism of the family’s two dogs.

Image courtesy of Steve Lanava/Telegram

One day, a fox tried to grab Angelis while she was outside. Fortunately, the family dogs, Abby and Callie, were there, and they quickly chased away the wild animal. The two dogs saved their little owner and were rightfully proud of their deed.

#21 Search and rescue dog getting treated after exhausting days of work

According to reports, 250 to 300 search and rescue dogs, as well as their handlers, were involved in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Staten Island recovery efforts. Without these dogs’ involvement, the number of people who lost their lives would have been even greater.

Image courtesy of Suzanne Plunkett/AP Photo

This is Porkchop; he is one of the search and rescue dogs that helped in the recovery efforts after the 9/11 attacks. He worked for days and had to be given fluids intravenously after getting dehydrated. Here he is getting some comfort from his handler.

#22 Newfoundland Lifesaver

The Newfoundland dog has been known to be brilliant when it comes to lifesaving and water rescues, thanks to their thick double coat, webbed paws, and muscular build. Newfoundlands also have a huge lung capacity, which enables them to swim long distances.

Image courtesy of Newfound Friends

This is Whizz, a Newfoundland that saved nine people and one dog from drowning. He is a hit at the beach not only because he is fluffy, friendly, and adorable but because he is there to ensure that everyone is safe. He was even given a posthumous award for his lifesaving work.

#23 Atlas, the emotional support dog

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects almost 8 million people in the US alone who suffer from it. Although you don’t have to be a trauma victim to suffer from PTSD, most people who have the condition suffered from trauma, such as soldiers who come home from the atrocities of war.

Image courtesy of Hero Dog Awards

This is Atlas, an emotional support dog who’s been a lifesaver to his dad, who has PTSD. His dad was a war veteran who was on a cocktail of 33 pills that often left him lethargic. With Atlas’s love and support, his dad recovered and was able to regain control of his life.

#24 Duke steps in to stop a man trying to break into a car

The coronavirus hasn’t been kind to anyone. Millions of people lost their jobs and had to look for other ways to put food on the table. The number of auto thefts spiked, as well as burglaries, so it’s important to be vigilant.

Image courtesy of Tonks3/Reddit

Luckily for this woman who was about to be a victim of a car break-in, her loyal dog Duke attacked the man. He kept his mother safe, as well as the car and everything in it. He deserves a treat mom, perhaps extra dog food tonight.

#25 Dog saves boy from cougar

Cougars are the fourth largest cats in the world, and they can leap as high as twenty-five feet. Also called the mountain lion, an adult male cougar can weigh as much as 90 kg. Although the cougar’s primary prey is deer, it has also been known to attack humans.

Image courtesy of Grace Hutchinson/Bored Panda

A cougar was charging this 11-yeard old boy in the photo. Fortunately for him, his Golden Retriever dog named Angel was present. He deserves his name because he saved the little boy, and they both lived to tell the tale. Well, for Angel, it’s more like live to bark the tale.

#26 Dog saves a bird and becomes its big brother

Dogs are fiercely loyal to their humans, and they enjoy being showered with attention and cared for. This dog is named Hiro, and aside from being his family’s best friend, he is also a big brother to a bird he rescued. How did that come about?

Image courtesy of Joe Kahlo/Kingdoms TV

One day Hiro was relaxing in the backyard with his mom when he noticed a bird on the grass. It turned out that the bird was a paraplegic and would surely have perished if Hiro hadn’t found her in time. Hiro’s mom took the bird to the vet and decided to adopt it later on. Hiro has designated himself as the bird’s big brother, and nowadays, they’re always together.

#27 Woman suffering from dementia found by a pit bull

Dementia is a term used for the loss of language, memory, problem-solving skills, and other thinking abilities. The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s. There are more than 50 million people worldwide who have dementia. How many times have you heard of people unable to find their way home and can’t even remember who they are?

Image courtesy of Cara Jones/NJ True Jersey

The lady in the photo is Carmen Mitchell, and she has dementia, and on one of her night walks, she couldn’t remember where she lived and what she was doing. Creature, a pit bull, found her and saved her life by informing people of her presence.

#28 Cat and dog best friends

Cats and dogs have always been portrayed as mortal enemies, always at each other’s throats. However, many cats and dogs have become fast friends that rely on each other for comfort, love, and protection. The duo was first spotted together huddled between two portable toilets in Virginia.

Image courtesy of Koe Kahlo/Kingdoms TV

They were reported to the local animal rescue, but it was quite a challenge to get them both as the little chihuahua would start growling every time someone tried to reach for the kitten. We find the chihuahua’s protectiveness quite cute and endearing.  

#29 Dog adopted from a shelter saves the family from a gas leak

If you want to have a dog’s love fill your home, adopt, don’t shop. There are plenty of animals in shelters all over the world that are searching for their forever homes. They make loving pets, too, and they need all the help they can get.

Image courtesy of Michigan Humane Society/CBS Local

A case in point is Hunter, the puppy in the photo. He was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society. During his first few days in his new home, he alerted the entire family of a gas leak in the middle of the night when a burner was accidentally left on.

#30 Dog rescues mom from seizure

Seizures are caused by interruptions in the typical connections between the brain and the nerve cells. Because of the number of people suffering from seizures, service dogs have been trained to assist humans on or after seizure attacks.

Image courtesy of Express

They can naturally detect seizures and are also trained to warn humans of one. The woman in the photo above, was suffering from a seizure in the middle of the night and her dog ran to the other room to wake her husband so he could aid his wife.

#31 Dog dials 911 after dad collapses from a seizure

Lucky is a man who has the loyalty and protection of a dog. Terry McGlade may not be wealthy, but he can count himself lucky to have his dog, Major. McGlade is a US Marine who suffered from a seizure at his home in 2014.

Image courtesy of Bark Post

Major grabbed the phone from his dad’s pocket and stepped on the screen for a few seconds, which automatically dialed 911. Major was not trained to do such a thing, but the amazing pup knew exactly what to do.   

#32 Dog saves a family from toxic smoke

Everyone looks forward to bedtime when you can forget about the day’s troubles and relax your mind and body.  This family was all tucked in for the night when their family’s little dog named Bandit jumped on the mom’s chest and wouldn’t stop barking.

Image courtesy of Press of Atlantic City

This woke the woman up, and she discovered that her husband forgot to turn off the stove with a pot of water. He was trying to sterilize his wife’s hairbrush but forgot to turn it off before going to bed. If it weren’t for the dog, they would have all gone to sleep and suffered from the toxic smoke.

#33 Dog protects kittens from the cold

This is yet more proof that cats and dogs do get along with each other. One cold winter night, a woman was driving home when she spotted a shivering dog on the roadside. The dog wasn’t alone though, with her were four kittens who were also shivering in the cold.

Image courtesy of Joe Kahlo/Kingdoms TV

The Good Samaritan saved the cold animals by taking them to the shelter. Even there, the momma dog wouldn’t stop caring for the kittens and has formed an incredible bond with them. This story is pulling at our heartstrings.

#34 A dog in the service of her country

Dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors, which make their noses highly sensitive. They can detect things through their sense of smell, which humans can’t. The part of the dog’s brain which analyzes smells is also 40 times greater than ours, and these things make dogs very useful when it comes to sniffing out illegal drugs.

Image courtesy of Hero Dog Awards

Ice here was helping investigate an illegal marijuana garden when one of the suspects attempted to flee. He chased after him and held on to him even after the suspect stabbed him twice with a large knife. He didn’t let go until the deputies came. He had to be bandaged and airlifted to the hospital as his wounds needed urgent treatment. Ice survived and is now back at work. What a brave dog!

#35 Little chihuahua to the rescue

Living alone when you’re old is a challenge. You have to prepare your meals and do everything yourself. A companion is a good thing during old age, and bless this woman from Florida who had a loyal and protective chihuahua who kept her company.

Image courtesy of ABC Action News

When 92-year old Marie Alexander fell in her yard, her little chihuahua summoned all her strength to get help for her. Sassy, the chihuahua, ran down the street and barked at every car to get attention, and she did it for five long hours while she kept running back to Marie to comfort her at the same time. Luckily, Sassy’s work paid off when a couple walking by noticed Sassy and her mom, who needed help.

#36 Deaf and partially blind dog keeps missing toddler safe

Few things in the world are comparable to the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog. Max, this deaf and partially blind dog, was accompanying his 3-yeard old human Aurora when they one day wandered off into the bushes.

Image courtesy of Joe Kahlo/Kingdoms TV

It was a cold day, and the little girl was only wearing a thin shirt and pants. When the family noticed Aurora missing, they were naturally in a panic. As soon the little girl was reported missing, the police and volunteers started searching for her. After 15 hours, the girl was finally found when Max showed up, leading the volunteers to Aurora.

#37 Retired dog soldier

Dogs, just like humans, have a chance to become soldiers. This is Adak, a 13-year old German shepherd that has distinguished accomplishments as a dog soldier. He worked for the US State Department in Afghanistan and Iraq as an explosive detection dog.

mage courtesy of Hero Dog Awards

During his more than a decade career, he sniffed out explosives before they harmed people. He assisted in rescuing hostages during terrorist attacks and helped protect dignitaries worldwide. He’s achieved more than the general population. Truly a remarkable canine who has since retired and is living a quiet life.

#38 Franklin, the well-behaved dog

Some dogs achieve great things, such as rescuing people trapped underneath the rubble, while others are quiet and stay at home with their human family, content with watching over the children. Franklin is a dog that belongs to the latter group.

Image courtesy of

He never barks, is normally very well-behaved, is outgoing, and loves people. He’s got a very calm temperament, which makes him an excellent therapy dog. His calm nature helped the family’s cousin when they were going through a particularly difficult time.

#39 Another search and rescue dog that deserves a lot of love

Sometimes when things get too tough for the police, they call on their canine partners. In March 2016, the police force in Fort Worth had difficulties finding a missing man with Alzheimer’s, so they called on Luca, a search and rescue dog, to help them.

Image courtesy of Hero Dog Awards

The 10-year old dog used his skills to search for the missing man, and he was successful in locating him on an opening of brush that led to a steep hill. The man was stuck in waist-high mud. Without Luca’s help, they wouldn’t have been able to save him. A thousand claps for Luca.

#40 Formerly abused dog becomes a hero

Animal cruelty is a sad reality. How many times have we come across videos and photos of animals being treated horribly? We need to keep in mind that just like us, they also feel pain. This little pup, Peanut, arrived at the shelter with broken legs and broken ribs. No one could have known that the abused pup would one day save the life of a little girl.

Image courtesy of Amy Jamieson/People.

One day after being adopted, Peanut wouldn’t stop running up and down the stairs and wanted his new dad to take her outside. When she was finally let out, she went straight to the field behind their house, where a naked and shivering 3-year old girl was curled up in a ball. They covered the girl and got her to the safety of their home, where they waited for responders. The girl would’ve certainly died if it wasn’t for Peanut’s quick thinking.

#41 Pit Bull defends her mom from an attack

Sometimes the best things in life are those with fur and four legs, and by this, we mean dogs. It can be quite baffling sometimes why dogs are very loyal. The simplest explanation for that is you give them food and shelter, and they are grateful for it.

Image courtesy of Atlantic Animal Hospital

Pitbull Lefty showed her loyalty to her mom when she jumped in front of her and took a bullet when they were attacked. She suffered from severe injuries, and one of her legs had to be amputated, but her mother’s love for her has only grown thanks to her selfless actions. Her mom still thinks that Lefty is the most beautiful dog in the whole wide world.

#42 Unwanted dog becomes a service dog that lends support to others

Some shelters usually put down dogs that are considered unadoptable. This is such a sad thing to hear, but it’s reality. This is one of the main reasons why you should always adopt and refrain from shopping for dogs. Peaches was one of the dogs that was supposed to be euthanized.

Image courtesy of Stubby Dog

Luckily someone gave her a chance and adopted her. She went from being an unwanted dog to a service dog who provided relief and emotional support to people. Not only did she comfort the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, but she also became the mascot for the American Pit Bull Foundation. She’s come a long way indeed.

#43 Stubby the sergeant dog

This doggo is Stubby, the official mascot of the 102nd Infantry Regiment of the United States. During his 10-year life, he saved his regiment from surprise mustard gas attacks and even caught a German soldier and held on to him until American soldiers arrived.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

He served in the war for 18 months and was active in the battles at the Western Front. He also comforted the wounded soldiers. He had such a decorated life, and not everyone can say that they could do what Stubby did.

#44 Dog saves another dog with the help of her human

Although it’s a sad thought, there are times when animals are more compassionate than humans. Just listen to the news, and you’ll hear of people treating animals with cruelty. The poor brown dog in the photo was buried up to her head.

Image courtesy of Life with Dogs

Not only was she surrounded with rocks, but whoever left her there made sure she wouldn’t be able to move by attaching a large sack filled with gravel. Fortunately, her angel came in the form of another dog who was out on a walk with his dad. Her dad wondered why he was behaving weirdly, but it soon became apparent when he spotted the dog in trouble. Together, they rescued the poor brown dog. Now look at them all together; we can just tell that they became the best of friends.

#45 Dog saves baby from death

Dogs are so sensitive that they can sense things before they even happen, and most of the time, they have to alert humans to imminent danger. This rescue dog was living his best life with his adoptive family when one night, he jumped on his parents’ bed.

Image courtesy of Bark Post

Duke, the dog, was very scared and was shaking uncontrollably, so his dad decided to check on her 9-week old baby sister, who was in her bassinet. What they discovered horrified them. The baby wasn’t breathing, and if Duke didn’t alert them, the baby could’ve died.