Did You Know That Women’s Voice Changes During Their Menstrual Cycle?

By Letizia L

Many legends and pseudo-scientific facts about menstruations have been fed to us during the years, but many of them are simply untrue. For example, you might have heard that women who live together will end up having their periods on the same days: well, we will amaze you. It is a false myth: there are no studies or evidence that demonstrate that this is scientifically proven.

And what about the myth according to which women crave sweets during their cycle? That’s true! This has to do with the hormonal changes that cause serotonin levels, one of the brain’s main neurotransmitters, to drop.

However, there are many facts about menstruations that are just as true but less widely known. For example, did you know that women’s voice slightly changes during that period of the month?

The voice of women changes during the phases of the menstrual cycle, but in a very light way. The concentration of the female sex hormones present in the blood, estrogen and progesterone, changes during the month.

The variations affect, albeit modestly, also the mucous membrane of the vocal cords, which modifies their elasticity. Singers notice this, because of the vocal fatigue and the loss of voice strength, but the listeners do not perceive significant changes.

Water retention can also affect the voice: during the menstrual flow, the mass of the vocal cords increases, and this can lead to slightly fatigued vocal cords.

However, the voice changes in a much more important way in the course of life: after menopause, for example, the estrogens decrease and the voice tends to become more masculine.