Device To Limit Snoring

By Shane R

(C) Pexels

The FDA has now approved a device that helps to stop sleep apnea and snoring. By just wearing the product for 20 minutes, you will drastically change your outlook for sleeping night after night. This is the first of its kind that found loud snoring was reduced by 20% in 87 of the 115 patients. The option is much better than the C-Pap devices that are quite noisy. Also, C-Pap machines are an extra expense, as well, compared to this new device.

The device is called the eXciteOSA, and it improves the tongue muscles functioning. With the help of electrical stimulation in a mouthpiece, users need 20 minutes with it on. In turn, the tongue will collapse backward, and airflow will never be blocked.

(C) Pexels

Luckily, obstructive sleep apnea is preventable. But, if left unchecked, serious complications can occur. Some include a heart attack, cancer, diabetes, and much, much more. That is why the findings with this device have been so groundbreaking. All 115 patients snored, and 48 of them had at least mild sleep apnea that impacted them through the years.

Howver, there are some minor side effects that you should educate yourself about. Some include extra salivation, tooth discomfort, tingling of the tongue, a metallic taste, and a tight jaw. However, all of these side effects are minimal for what can happen if sleep apnea persists. So, do yourself a favor and check out what this device can do for you. It might change your life and your partner’s life forever and forever.