40 Scary Photos That Make Us Rethink Taking A Dip In The Ocean

By Anthony K

The ocean is full of great adventures and beautiful creatures. Take a dive next to a coral reef, and you’ll see what we are talking about. Nonetheless, the dangers are as numerous as the advantages. When you’re paddling out into the ocean, you may not know for sure what animal territory you might be venturing into. Many ocean creatures do not react well whenever they feel threatened by something foreign, and the last thing we want when exploring the deep blue is to fall prey to an unforgiving predator. Here is a list of some images that might make you reconsider whether taking part in a sea experience is worth it. You will see some of the scariest creatures that are lurking under the water as we speak.

The Deeper You Go

While discovering the hidden treasures beneath the sea can be exciting, entering an underwater cave can be frightening. Humans are just minute creatures prone to get lost underneath the ocean’s surface waves, especially when a cave is involved.

Photo Credits: troab.com

Year after year, many brave divers become famous for risking their lives for the thrill of adventure in the sea. Despite how appealing this may seem to them, the act of it is pretty scary and demanding. However, there remain numerous undiscovered landmasses and treasures beneath the ocean.

Peace of Mind

Some people find the ocean to be a relaxing place. This woman is trying to be zen next to this gigantic manta ray. We have to say, it is quite unclear how she finds peace instead of terror. Most people will be frightened at the sight of such a creature.

Photo Credits: beforeitsnews.com

Despite being peaceful beings, it does not mean that they can’t be ferocious at times. When disturbed, these creatures are known to become violent and aggressive. Hopefully, the woman is enjoying her experience and will surface with more peace of mind.

Cave Dive

This next lady has a high affinity for risks. She decides to take a quick cave dive during her casual ocean swim. In addition to lacking full diving gear like an oxygen tank, this daring lady is just in a bikini. Although proving her prowess, there are multiple dangers involved, even for an adrenaline junkie.

Photo Credits: touristikosodigos.com

As scary as the thought of diving might be for many people, going to such incredible depths like this is a whole different ball game. During such times, one can only ask themselves how far they are willing to swim without breathing equipment which can be risky and frightening.

Look, I Have a Tail

Most individuals are thrilled by the idea of renting a kayak and exploring the sea. This activity appears fun, exciting, and even counts as a good idea for a workout. Although it may sound captivating and safe, occasionally, you might experience an unexpected turn of events, like discovering a gigantic shark trailing behind the kayak.

Photo Credits: wisepeak.net

It is by far one of the scariest things you will experience while paddling in a kayak in the middle of the ocean. If it happens while you are alone and far away from the shore, the best thing to do is stay calm and try to get to a safe place.

Not a Good Idea for Snorkeling

Occasionally, your refreshing swim can be entirely disrupted when you encounter such a beast. An invigorating swim or a relaxing adventure might quickly become terrifying when a whale shark like the one below comes within your proximity.

Photo Credits: worldwildlife.org

A whale shark is the largest non-cetacean creature, with an adult male measuring about 32 feet and weighing up to 20,000 pounds. It would be wise to avoid this creature at all costs due to its scary features, including a 5-feet wide mouth containing 350 sharp teeth.

Beware of Warning Signs

Although some people tend to ignore signs, you should be wise to stay away should you encounter a sign like the one below. If words alone are unable to convince you, then perhaps the grim reaper holding a scythe and introducing a few of his victims will.

Photo Credits: slightlywarped.com

Although some daredevils out there believe they are untouchable, this sign clearly outlines the number of people who have perished after exploring beyond this sign, which should be enough to keep you away. Stubbornness might lead to you experiencing the same brutal fate.

Scary Whales

Should you come face to face with a humpback whale, you might want to say your last prayers. There is little that we can do to protect and save you from this creature. It weighs several tons and can destroy us, tiny humans, with its tail alone.

Photo Credits: ebaumsworld.com

Despite our high intelligence, there is not much you can do when you are underwater, and by slim chance, you encounter such a creature. Your life can end in a matter of minutes, leaving no traces of your existence. Let this be a warning to you all.

Are Cages Safe?

Shark diving has been regarded as a safe and exciting tourist activity for many years. Adventure seekers get the chance to get up close and personal with sharks in the vicinity when descending in the water with full scuba gear.

Photo Credits: pensandpatron.com

Divers can be secured in a cage that is meant to separate people from the creatures. That notwithstanding, things can sometimes go wrong whenever a great shark manages to force itself inside the cage. You might not want to be around should this happen.

Getting Stung

When you encounter a jellyfish rolling around, it would be wise that you get out of its vicinity immediately if you seek to escape any unwanted and painful stings. Whereas some might say they have felt the pain of getting stung by a jellyfish, we don’t think many could say they encountered one like this.

Photo credits: scubaverse.com

On the bright side, it is fortunate that your sting came from a tiny jellyfish. It is out of sheer luck that the jellyfish was moderate in size. If you encounter a creature like the one above, you are least likely to live to tell the tale. If you survive, you might be wary the next time you venture into the oceans’ depths.

Into the Abyss

Jacob’s Well in Texas is a hotspot for countless visitors each year, with many divers risking their lives to get in on the action in this cave. While these daredevils would never consider peering over the brink of a cliff on land, there’s something about the prospect of reaching the bottom of this abyss that makes them consider diving in.

Photo Credits: yaplakal.com

Eight individuals died tragically while exploring this cave, which is up to 4,500 feet below the surface. A higher number of individuals have lived to tell the tale. Before considering such encounters, ensure you are wary of the variables involved in undertaking such risks.

Slimy Sea Plant

Considering that there is a whole other universe and different forms of life underneath the surface, it’s no surprise that when we’re swimming, our response is to jump at even the slightest sensation against our leg. It occurs to us that it may be a jellyfish, an eel, or, in the worst-case scenario, a shark.

Photo Credits: ricklaxpresents.com

Occasionally, however, it’s simply some harmless algae-covered seaweed. While it isn’t hazardous, the sight of this slime is enough to make you want to jump out of the water right away. It is always good to assume the worst and be alert when underwater, but take time to understand your environment.

Great Catch

Nothing delights a fisherman more than exploring the seas and securing an unexpected catch. With such a lucrative job, this fisherman was overjoyed at the end of his day at sea. However, we are unable to comprehend the thrill surrounding such a catch, which appears to be nothing more than a scary, enormous centipede.

Photo Credits: killsometime.com

We’re glad we weren’t the ones capturing such a critter on a day out fishing. However, fishing can be a relaxing sport. You might never know the value of some sea animals, but always remember that they can be aggressive or poisonous when they feel threatened.

Scary Creatures

While you may believe that this isn’t true, we advise you to reconsider. The thing that makes nightmares come true may be found in the sea. For understandable reasons, this monster is known as the Vampire Squid, and you can only find it in incredibly deep seawater, which means you’re unlikely to see one when swimming close to the beach.

Photo Credits: buzzfeed.com

Even though the monster is not generally deadly to people, we hope we never encounter one, even in our nightmares. Knowing about these creatures will have you on high alert whenever you explore the ocean. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Surf Dangers

Any surfer is ecstatic when he sees a great wave and immediately heads for the water. A wave containing a shark’s shadow, on the other hand, will not have the same impact. Occasionally, sharks swim alongside humans with no fuss. However, this does not mean they might not attack.

Photo Credits: jornalciencia.com

This poor surfer received the shock of his life while looking to capture some waves in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nigeria. While he may have made it back to shore alive, this is a very shark-infested area, so he’d best be extra cautious.

Jaws of Death

Anyone setting out to the sea will try to avoid encountering any dreadful ocean dwellers, particularly a shark. Although this picture looks like it was photoshopped, it happens to be real. It was posted in the National Geographic magazine.

Photo Credits: flatbottomboatworld.com

The publication further reveals that the pictured individual is a proficient surfer and manages to get back on land safe and secure. If this ever happens to you, you might want to reconsider renting a kayak shortly after surviving such a risky ordeal.

Bird’s Eye View

When viewing the sea while standing on the beach, we see little activity in terms of what is happening in the underwater environment. This aerial view is an impression of precisely how majorly and quickly an ocean’s landscape can change.

Photo Credits: earthporm.com

All we can do is hope we never encounter such steep a drop when swimming. Imagine the dangers of getting trapped when venturing out to sea. You never know what sort of animals might be lurking underneath. It is a fate far worse than what you probably anticipated.

Signs of Tsunami

When a tsunami occurs, it happens to be among the deadliest disasters on the planet. Nothing is safe, whether inland or in water. Nonetheless, some areas are more vulnerable than others. These gigantic waves of destruction tend to erase entire villages. It’s a result of shifting tectonic plates on the ocean floor.

Photo Credits: earthquakesaustralia101.weebly.com

It is said that the pressure of waves amounting to thousands of pounds is something that is hard to even fathom, and even its prevention or management is impossible. Sadly, this translates to many people suffering whenever a tsunami like this strikes.

Hang On!

There is nothing as scary as trying to catch some great ocean waves, and suddenly a shark appears to halt all the excitement you had. Surfboards resemble seals, one of the shark’s favorite meals. For this reason, they tend to end up biting surfers. 

Photo Credits: livingmgz.com

These surfers seem to have noticed the unwanted creature lurking beneath the waters near them. However, when the one surfer started riding the wave, he could only hope that the shark was not in an aggressive mood. Thankfully, he escaped.

Eyes at the Front

We’ve already seen the dread photo of the kayaker in the vicinity of a shark, but this goes way beyond that. The man in the picture, Mick Fanning, is a professional surfer from Australia. In this photo, he was competing in an international championship in South Africa.

Photo Credits: nbcnews.com

In the middle of the competition, a shark saw it fit to circle him. Saying this experience is nerve-wracking is an understatement. Additionally, Mick had suffered minor injuries from a shark attack two years earlier. Luckily, he was brought to safety before anything tragic occurred.

Well, Hello There

On a clear sunny day while out in the ocean, you may often get a glimpse of your likeness in the waters. Nonetheless, sometimes you may not discover beyond what you expected to see. Imagine a strange-looking creature looking back at you instead of your reflection.

Photo Credits: ebaumsworld.com

Its razor-sharp teeth will appear disturbing to every man. As it is known, a great white shark is perhaps one of the most dangerous creatures you might cross paths with while underwater. Dwelling just underneath the surface, the deadly predator seems to be just waiting for its next meal.

Eel Habitat

Eels to the ocean are tantamount to snakes. These underwater beings are just as slithery, slimy, and scary as their companions we see on grass. An adult eel can weigh close to 55 pounds and reach up to several feet in length. After seeing this photo, you might want to take extra care before jumping into the depths.

Photo Credits: nice-flowers.com

It is no secret that you shouldn’t mess with these sea creatures. The picture above is proof that your situation can take a turn for the worst should you encounter these frightening eels. You definitely would hate to end up in this eel garden while out exploring the sea.

Deadly Hurricane

Similar to tsunamis and earthquakes, hurricanes too are just as destructive on everything it touches on the planet. Heavy seawater gets blasted to great heights and can prompt severe damage, all resulting from destructive high winds.

Photo Credits: newsobserver.com

These 40-feet waves were captured off the coast of Outer Banks, North Carolina, during a hurricane. Against mother nature, man-made structures do not stand a chance. A hurricane can sweep an entire neighborhood, which may take years to recover.

Real-Life Events

A tidal wave once hit the Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The photo below was taken right before the disaster. Although such sights might be aesthetic in horror movies, this real event occurred in 2018, with waves reaching up to 30 feet high.

Photo Credits: worldemand.com

There is nothing to be done with such high waves and immense strength. Furthermore, there is nothing that can avert severe destruction and chaos in such a location. In times of such dangerous natural disasters, all we can do is be is grateful for not being in the area.


In 2004, the world recorded one of the most significant natural disasters after an enormous underwater 9.1 magnitude earthquake started on the seafloor. This earthquake later came to be known as the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Its effects were felt from Somalia to Asia.

Photo Credits: scmp.com

Thailand was among the first countries to suffer the blows. Almost 170,000 residents from the village depicted in the photograph died from the Tsunami incident. To this date, this natural disaster continues to be the deadliest calamity to occur on our planet.

You are a Long Way from Home

Some occurrences are difficult to comprehend. For instance, seeing ancient ruins prove to be a sight to behold. It is hard to explain how some massive statues and other ancient ruins keep their shape at the bottom of the ocean floor for many years.

Photo Credits: pensandpatron.com

Although this statue appears religious by nature, it would not be odd to interpret the stretched arms as a symbolic call for help. Such relics are famous for existing below the ocean floors, and one must dive deep to see it with their own eyes.

Nobody will Hear Your Screams

While it is a fact that nobody can hear you scream while in space, the same is true much closer to home. When you get left behind by your crew, know there is not so much you can do in terms of sending distress signals.

Photo Credits: chillingcrimes.com

In the picture above, a scuba diver is sightseeing the impressive mysteries of the deep ocean when he faces complications. On the other end, his friends seem to be on their own adventure. It is near impossible to hear screams from anyone while underwater.

Just Out of this World

Even though humans consider outer space as the ultimate frontier, it is also true that humans are yet to explore the ocean’s vastness. There is an entirely distinct world occurring beneath the surface waves. There is no limit to the imagination as to what could be happening underneath.

Photo Credits: acidcow.com

Owing to impressive technology, it is worth concluding that there might be an array of peculiar creatures dwelling down below that we don’t have the slightest idea about. Above is an example of an unknown creature that occasionally gets washed ashore.

Straight from Your Nightmares

Remember the creepy creature from the scariest scene of Finding Nemo? Believe it or not, it is a real animal. Anglerfish are among the scariest-looking creatures found on earth. Fortunately, it is improbable that you will encounter them while taking a regular dip in the water.

Photo Credits: earth.com

Their unique nature is because these organisms thrive exclusively on or very close to the ocean floor. Its scary appearance results from the fact that the fish evolved to contain a small light that aids it to hunt prey.

Curiosity Might Get You Killed

Sightings of odd ocean creatures are quite normal, especially in Mexico. In the image below, the fisherman struggles to keep his cool, even though a gigantic creature seems to be studying his movements closely. Such sightings will have your heart racing.

Photo Credits: pensandpatron.com

Lucky for him, this happens to be a particular type of giant whale that is known to be docile to humans. Friendly as it may be, it is best to remember that one brief flip of its tail might effortlessly destroy this feeble boat, leading to catastrophic results such as death.

What is That?

While it may seem like an impressive catch, it is hard to know for certain the identity of this creature. Additionally, we are willing to wager that the responsible fisherman does not know either. What is evident is that the creature is a bloodthirsty predator that one would be safe to stay away from while in the water.

Photo Credits: fox6now.com

Looking at its face, the creature resembles the Velociraptor dinosaur and judging from its razor-sharp teeth, this animal is as deadly as it is ugly. It would be a sad sight to make acquaintance with such a deadly creature when swimming or exploring the water.

Into Oblivion

According to Nietzsche, one who fights monsters should ensure he himself does not become one of them. He also adds that, should you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss gazes right back. Many meanings can surface from these words.

Photo credits: naturenurture.com.tr

One of the several meanings is that if you focus too much on something you despise, you might end up losing yourself. A daring diver can be seen preparing himself to dive into an abyss in the image above. Nobody knows what could be in store for him. Not even the risk-taker.

I Got My Eyes on You

This next predator is frightening, resembling a big cat. But how can a cat live in water, you wonder? Known as a leopard seal, this creature is identical to its Sahara counterparts. The thought of staring such a creature in the eye is enough to make a grown man dread the ocean.

Photo Credits: nationalgeographic.com

Judging from the looks, it’s a deadly carnivore getting ready to capture its next meal. Its mouth comprises razor-sharp iron teeth, resembling a lion’s or tigers. What’s strange is the fact that this animal can reach 13 feet in length. It is no doubt that a human stands a tiny chance of survival coming in contact with this beast.


Considering how popular skydiving is, it is fair to conclude that some people live life for the adrenaline rush. Truthfully, free diving in open water is way riskier. Contrary to skydiving, there is no equivalent of a parachute to come to your aid suppose things take an unexpected turn.

Photo Credits: nationalhealthexecutive.com

Year after year, many skydivers get more than what they bargained for and end up losing their lives in an attempt to live in the moment. Other risks include multiple injuries, with most of them being life-changing because of oxygen deprivation.

No Safety Gear

After encountering a great white shark, the stupidest thing one can do is stop in front of it to take a picture. Being among the most horrifying creatures under the sun, the wise thing to do is to find a way of getting to the shore safe and secure.

Photo Credits: lifehacker.com.au

Although sharks are not famous for hunting human beings, an estimated 139 shark deaths are a result of Great White Shark attacks in the last two decades. To avoid inclusion in this statistic, it is best to be wary of your environment when swimming and avoid unnecessary risks.

Size Matters

Coming to terms with how helpless and small we really are is a harsh reality to come to terms with. For instance, most individuals get apprehensive when standing in a tall building’s observation deck and noticing how the people beneath appear to be the size of an ant.

Photo Credits: wallpaperaccess.com

For similar reasons, people sometimes fear looking outside the window during a flight. The picture above illustrates our lack of control in the presence of beasts that are almost twenty times the size of an average human being. 

Eight-Armed Enemy

Although scuba diving might sound like an amazing opportunity for you to explore the little-known creatures dwelling beneath the sea, there are some underwater monsters you might want to avoid at all costs. Among them is the dreadful giant octopus.

Photo Credits: dailymotion.com

With its eight long arms, this creature can leave you vulnerable by simply ripping off your oxygen pack from your back, causing a lack of air whilst too far from land. Although octopuses can be gentle, they can frustrate the diver if they feel their life is in danger.

Charging Bull

When you are gentle with whales, they reciprocate the gesture. However, things will change suppose they feel tense or suspect their babies are in danger. During such instances, they will not hesitate to react with violence. It is almost impossible to emerge a winner when competing against such gigantic beasts.

Photo Credits: theatlantic.com

It was such a scary sight when this whale swam full force towards a small fishing boat nearby. Its cause of anger was unknown, but judging from the appearance, it seems to be certain of causing terror and damage by impact alone.

A Nightmare

While you may not have encountered it before, this is indeed a real-life animal dwelling somewhere in the ocean depths. Luckily, this ghastly being prefers staying away from light and far from human beings. That is to say, you may not be fortunate enough to see one such creature throughout your life.

Photo Credits: pensandpatron.com

However, the thought that such a ghastly creature exists on our planet is proof enough that there are more animals beyond the scope of our imagination living within the seas. However, it is likely that whoever encountered such a creature and went to the trouble of capturing it on camera must be having nightmares to date.

Venomous Eel

Some time ago, an Australian businessman wanted to explore the ocean when he had a harrowing ordeal with a massive eel. Besides biting the side of his mouth and creating a massive hole in his face, bubbles started leaking from his tank, and the Australian national was losing more and more oxygen.

Photo Credits: journalistate.com

With much trouble, the diver stood his ground and was able to get himself to a secure place. After being taken to the hospital and having reconstructive surgery to address the hole in his face, the businessman promised never to dive again, and with good reason.

Did You See That?

We’d leave the city for good if we peered over the bridge during our trip through town and saw this beast hiding in the water. Despite the efforts of marine biologists and scientists to learn more about the ocean’s foreign world, there are many other puzzles to be solved.

Photo Credits: diamond-hoo-ha-man.tumblr.com

As a result, this is most likely a case of something appearing without cause, and we’d rather not be around the creature if it takes another unforeseen turn. When living near water bodies, knowing the regular creatures cruising your shores can be helpful.