Current Trends of Artificial Intelligence

By April Q

One of the fastest and most unpredictable industries in this technology-based era is artificial intelligence. Think of all the inconceivable things a few years back; now, with the surge of Artificial Intelligence those mind-blowing and hard-to-believe ideas just became possible. Here are some of the trends that you need to familiarize with in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Machine Learning Optimization

A team of experts from Microsoft India has innovated powerful tree-based models that can run Machine Learning with as little as 2KB RAM devices.

The GBDT or the Gradient Boosted Decision Trees performs quite well. But, it usually slows down or suffers memory issues when the output space becomes sparse and high dimensional. The research team from Microsoft India has come up with a GDBT-Sparse algorithm to manage high dimensional sparse data.

Deep Learning

This is an artificial intelligence firm that develops algorithms known as artificial neural networks that simulate human brain structure and function. This 2020, a lot of areas in Artificial Intelligence techniques such as automatic text generation, autonomous vehicles, computer vision, and the like are the areas where deep learning is at its highest.

Facial Recognition

Another artificial intelligence application form that is on the rise these years is facial recognition. This helps recognize an individual with the patterns of facial features or digital images. This year, facial recognition technology will become more reliable and accurate. With this, facial recognition must be utilized for biometric identification. These are three of the current trends in Artificial Intelligence that you need to look out for. We can’t wait to see how AI will unfold in the years to come.