Chemists Propose Keeping Out Plastics From Landfills Through Recycling

By Peter C

Recycling is great for our planet. Plastics are found almost everywhere we go. The impossibility of properly recycling them is a cause of worry for anyone concerned about their effects on the environment.

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We try to make our environment clean by putting plastics in the bin, with a lot of us believing they are kept out of the ocean or landfills. Still, the truth is that one cannot be too careful enough while cleaning and sorting plastics because the trash heap is where most eventually ends up.

In the United States, two types of plastic are mostly recycled. The first is the PET, polyethylene terephthalate, or the plastic soda bottle type. The other is the HDPE, or plastic located in detergent containers and milk jugs (high-density polyethylene).

According to a chemical engineer, Eric Beckman, the difficulties of plastic recycling into something useful for manufacturers are a big issue and a major reason we see too much plastic wasted and littered all around our environment.

To recycle plastic means every material must go through separate processing. Having a ‘useful’ product after the process of recycling plastic involves mixing a brand new plastic with PET gotten from bottles.

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Meanwhile, different approaches have already been adopted to deal with difficulties and bottleneck experiences with recycling plastics. In contrast, others are still being experimented with to ensure the recycling process is easier, and the end products are of higher quality.