45 Reasons Why Everyone Should Get A Cat

By Larissa C February 21, 2021

Did you know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a pet adoption boom? Many families adopted pets to have company and reduce stress levels and make life more bearable during this difficult time. It’s really not that hard to guess why so many people are adopting dogs and cats — pets are adorable and caring, not to mention that they bring so much joy into our lives! However, adopting a pet is not an easy process, especially when you don’t live alone. Some people prefer cats, some others prefer dogs — and then there are those who don’t like either of them. If you want a pet but someone else in your house doesn’t, it can be pretty difficult to convince them otherwise. If you want to adopt a cat, but your roommate (or whoever it is that you live with) is not up for that, this list will help you greatly. Show them this article, and we’re sure they’ll change their mind in no time: here are 45 reasons why you should have a cat at home!

#1: Cats are great cooks!

Well, that’s obviously not true — but they sure look great wearing a chef’s hat! One of the first things you should know about cats is that they look amazing wearing costumes. And who doesn’t want to have a cat walking around the house looking cute all day long?

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See what we mean? If you bring home a cat, you’re going to have the joy of watching your cat playing around the house wearing a cute costume and looking a hundred times more adorable than they already are!

#2: They’re pocket versions of lions!

You probably already know that felines are all part of the same family. There are felines of all sizes and colors out there —  but if you pay close attention, you’ll see that they all share very similar traits. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Maybe we can even say that lions and cats are cousins! If you disagree with that statement, then consider that cats are like pocket versions of lions! But one thing is for sure: cats look just as adorable as their giant cousins!

#3: Cats have the cutest eyes!

Have you ever watched the movie Shrek? If you have, then you probably remember that iconic scene in which we are introduced to the Puss in Boots. Remember what his trick to distract enemies was? He would use his cute cat eyes!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

A “cute kitten” starter pack would definitely include having a pair of pleading eyes just like the cat in the picture above! We’re certain that if you show this picture to your housemates, they won’t be able to say no to having a cat at home!

#4: Kittens sleep like babies!

We’re sure that this next picture needs no caption. All we’re going to say is that if you think cats look cute when they’re playing around, you’re not ready to see how much cuter they are when they fall asleep!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See? Look at those adorable tiny teeth! Let’s be honest: kittens are just as darling as babies — the only difference is that they won’t wake you up in the middle of the night with their crying! Can you imagine how warm and cozy it will be when your cat falls asleep on your leg like this?

#5: Cats have the funniest facial expressions!

While many people may have told you that cats look serious most of the time, that isn’t necessarily true. Cats can be just as funny as dogs — and you can rest assured that they’ll make your days brighter and funnier!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

This compilation of pictures above should be enough proof. In the first picture on the top left, this cat sticks his tongue out at his owners after being grounded for being naughty. In the other three pictures, a different cat is acting overly dramatic as he’s being dragged to the bathroom to take a bath. Don’t they look hilarious?

#6: They fit anywhere!

If you or your housemate/family are worried that your house/apartment won’t have enough space for a cat — worry no more! Cats enjoy being on their own, and they don’t really require a lot of space to live happily. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See? When a cat feels like taking a nap or just chilling in silence, lack of space should be no problem as they’ll hop inside whatever vase you have at home! By the way, you don’t even have to worry about buying them a fancy bed — if your cat sees a cardboard box lying around, it’ll just lay in it even though they might have their own comfy beds!

#7: Cats manage to look cute even when they make a mess!

Remember how we compared cats and babies in a previous slide? Do you know how babies make a huge mess whenever they’re eating their meals, yet they still manage to look super cute? Well, this is another aspect in which we can compare kittens and babies!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

We’re not here to lie to you: cats love playing with toys, so they’re bound to make a mess around the house at one point or another. But instead of making you mad, their mess will actually make you smile because cats are that adorable!

#8: They can follow you anywhere!

There are two things you should know about cats: they’re small and sneaky! And they enjoy their freedom, which is why they’ll leave the house without their owners even noticing. But being small and sneaky also has its perks: they can follow you anywhere, and no one will notice them!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Well, that’s clearly not the case in this picture! This sneaky cat decided to follow his human into town and hid under her hoodie as if no one would notice him. Looking at this picture, doesn’t it make you want to have a cat? Then you’ll be able to ride the subway looking more stylish than everybody else!

#9: They’ll love you unconditionally!

Look, we’re well aware that there are people who claim that cats are way too independent and that they’re just not that into affection. While that may be true to some cats, it doesn’t necessarily apply to the whole species!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

It’s obvious that your cat will love you and give you affection! Just because they’re not as clingy as dogs, it doesn’t mean that cats are cold and heartless either! If you get a cat, you’ll find out the true meaning of the word ‘love’!

#10: Cats are extremely photogenic!

If you’re into social media and keeping up with digital influencers, you probably know that ‘animal influencers’ are the latest trend. Pets now have their own Instagram pages where their owners post pictures of their cats and dogs going about their routine.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

When you have a cat at home, and you want to share its beauty with the world, creating an official page for your pet is a great idea. See how good the cats in the picture above look? Well, that could be your cat!

#11: They have the cutest toe beans!

Even if you don’t have a cat at home yet, we’re sure that you’ve seen and touched one before. Did you pay attention to the cat’s paws? If you did, you probably noticed that the bottom of their paws is squishy and kind of looks like jelly beans. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See? Hence the adorable nickname “toe beans”! Looking at these pictures alone should be enough reason to encourage you to adopt a cat right now! Their paws are adorable, just like the rest of them — and you’ll love playing with their toe beans for hours on end!

#12: Cats are the sweetest!

Now that you’re thinking of adopting a cat, why don’t you go ahead and adopt two of them? While it’s true that cats don’t mate for life, they’re still affectionate with those that they love. The next picture shows the perfect demonstration of that affection.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

If you adopt two cats, scenes like this one will be common in your life. In other words, having two cats at home will bring you twice as much joy as adopting one cat! And who doesn’t want to be happy and enjoy having two amazing companions around every day?

#13: They’re so well-behaved!

When cats are raised with love and attention, they tend to grow up to be really well-behaved — which is why they’re slightly more popular than dogs among those who live in apartments. Of course, we can’t forget that they’re animals; thus, they’re bound to go a little crazy every once in a while, but they’re generally well-behaved.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See how this cat is such a good boy even when he’s getting a new haircut? If you take good care of your cat, you won’t have to worry about going to work and coming home to a huge mess! 

#14: Cats are so adorable that the more, the merrier!

So far, we’ve given you 13 reasons why you should have a cat at home. If you’re just like us, all you needed was one single reason, and you’re more than ready to adopt a cat. But here’s a thought: if a cat will bring you joy, why don’t you adopt more than just one so you’ll be even more joyful?

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Estimates show that more than 3 million cats enter animal shelters in the United States every single year. It hurts to think of these innocent and vulnerable creatures being abandoned — and that’s why adopting animals is so important. If you have the financial and logistic means of adopting more than one cat, we’re sure you won’t regret it!

#15: Look how fast they are!

A fun fact about cats: they can reach speeds of up to 30 mph (approximately 48,3 km/h) — and that’s even faster than Usain Bolt’s world record of 44,72 km/h! Cats are incredibly fast when they want to catch a mouse, for instance, but there’s also another occasion when they’re the fastest…

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

…and it’s when you call their name! Cats love being on the receiving end of tons of affection — and they would never miss the opportunity of being petted! If you call their name and make beckoning gestures with your hand, this is how high and how fast they’ll jump to get close to you!

#16: Cats can wink!

Did you know that cats can wink? When cats want to tell you that they’re doing okay and that everything is going fine, they sometimes wink at you — that is, winking, for cats, is a means of communicating with their owners!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Scientists say that if a cat winks at you, it’s because they’re not feeling threatened by your presence. Winking means that they feel secure with you — and who wouldn’t love to know that such a perfect creature feels safe around them?

#17: They’ll be with you at all times!

And by that, we really mean that they’ll be by your side at all times — no cap! Cats love being the center of attention, especially when their owners are busy doing something important, such as working or reading a book.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Do you see what we mean? Cats are confident, and they love having eyes on them — but, most of all, they love having the attention of their owners. To them, it doesn’t matter if you’re working on your computer or reading a book before going to bed — they’ll jump on your book or on your computer and demand your attention!

#18: Cats sleep in the cutest way possible!

The tile is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? When cats fall asleep, they usually sleep like regular animals — but sometimes they pull off the craziest poses during their sleep! And just like dogs, cats also have dreams, which is why they sometimes move around when they’re asleep.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

It’s nearly impossible to look at this picture and not feel your heart melting like butter! This adorable cat is sleeping in such a cute way that it makes us want to hug him! Can you imagine having a cat at home and waking up to this image every day of your life? Oh, how lucky!

#19: They have the cutest bellies!

If you give too much food to your pet, they’ll grow chubby in no time. While that’s not necessarily good for their health, cats and dogs look the most adorable when they have a pot belly! Don’t believe us? Take a look at the next picture!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Do you believe us now? We could spend all day gushing over how incredibly cute this cat looks! There are so many details to process in this picture, but what really catches our attention is the way that he’s lying adorably on a bookshelf and how his tummy stands out among everything else!

#20: Cats also get jealous!

If you have children, you know how jealous they can get when you only pay attention to the other child. The thing is that animals feel the same way! If you get more than one cat, please be mindful not to show favoritism to any of them — or they’ll look at you like this:

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

This poor guy just wants some affection — you can feel how upset that cat is just by taking a look into his eyes. We’re pretty sure that now you’re thinking of how much you would love to pet this guy! Go ahead and adopt a cat, and you’ll get to shower one of these precious creatures with all the love in the world!

#21: They look cool in any color!

Cats can be easily considered one of the coolest species in the animal kingdom. Their independence and confidence are admirable, but cats have another characteristic that should be discussed more often: they’re incredibly stylish! Cats look good in any color, and we can prove it:

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See? The cat in the picture above looks more than cool as he sports the colors of the rainbow! This picture is perfect for showing you that fashion won’t be a problem if you have a cat: it’ll rock any look!

#22: Four words — face, nose, teeth, paws!

Did that make sense to you? Well, it will in a minute. Overall, cats are adorable — and we love every single thing about them! However, there are four things about cats that grab our hearts immediately: their face, their nose, their teeth, and their paws!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Take a good look at the picture above. Doesn’t it make you want to adopt a kitten right away so that you can give them a big hug? Their tiny teeth, along with their adorable nose and that serene look on their face when they sleep — that should be more than enough reason for you to have a cat at home!

#23: Cats will cling to you!

Despite what people may tell you, cats are lovable, and they’re loving. If you take great care of them, love them, and raise them in a good environment, they’ll obviously love you — even though there will be moments when they’ll want their space.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Let’s think of it this way: cats enjoy keeping their distance, right? And because of that, every single display of affection that they show you will be special. See how that cat is clinging onto his owner? Well, we’re sure she’ll remember this moment forever!

#24: They love the beach!

It’s a well-known fact that cats aren’t the biggest fans of water. The thing is, they can’t really help it — a cat’s skin is not as “waterproof” as a dog’s; thus, they get much colder when they take a bath! However, hating water doesn’t necessarily mean that cats hate the beach.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See how happy this cat looks as he enjoys a day at the beach? If you live near the beach and you think that having a cat won’t be ideal — don’t worry about that! As long as you don’t take them into the ocean, cats will love to spend the day playing with the sand at the beach!

#25: Cats have the cutest paws!

You’ve probably noticed by now that we love gushing over cats’ paws — and we’re not even slightly ashamed of that! Cats are adorable in every way, and their tiny, squishy paws are even cuter! If you need even more proof of that, check out this next picture!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

In a previous slide, we mentioned that cats feel colder than dogs because their skin is not as “waterproof” — and the same thing applies to snow. Their adorable paws are pretty sensitive to cold temperatures, hence why cats don’t enjoy walking around in the snow.

#26: They love technology!

Well, there’s no way of actually knowing that. But we can definitely confirm that cats look incredibly adorable when they pose for pictures with computers, just like the next photo. Look at this cutie pie’s face as it sits next to a laptop!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Let’s be honest: this picture doesn’t have a lot going on, but it’s more than enough to make you want to have a cat at home, isn’t it? His adorable face makes it look like he was caught playing with the laptop when he wasn’t supposed to — it’s so cute!

#27: Your cat will be your best friend!

Life can be pretty dull when we don’t have friends who we can count on. But do you know who would be your friend? Scratch that — guess who would be your best friend in the entire world? Your cat!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Pets are incredibly loyal to their owners, and they’ll love you and protect you no matter what — not to mention that they’ll never willingly leave you. See the picture above? Well, that could be you, your beloved cat, and your friends!

#28: They’ll reenact movie scenes with you!

Over the course of cinema history, there have been a handful of movies that left a permanent mark in our brains. For instance, James Cameron’s Titanic will forever be remembered thanks to its memorable soundtrack, but also due to the unforgettable scenes between Jack and Rose.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Who doesn’t know this iconic scene from The Lion King? While you can’t have an actual lion at home, you can try to reenact this scene with your cat — though we can’t possibly know if it’ll love it or if it will look as annoyed as the cat in the picture above!

#29: Cats are selfie experts!

If you want to smile whenever you open your photo gallery, you should totally adopt a cat. Why? Because they are the most photogenic creatures ever! If you have a cat at home, you’ll always have cute pictures in your gallery, just like this next photo!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Can you imagine how amazing it must feel to know that you look this good? Oh, to open the frontal camera and be faced with such perfection! If you want tons of pictures like that on your phone, you should get a cat as soon as possible!

#30: They’re even prettier when they’re sleeping!

There are a few things that cats love the most in life, and sleeping is one of them. After spending hours playing with toys or chasing smaller creatures around, cats like to take a good nap. They need to recharge their batteries, after all!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

If you’re still not decided that you should have a cat at home after seeing this picture, we don’t know how else to convince you! Look at how darling that cat looks as he sleeps peacefully under his comfy duvet!

#31: Cats respect safety norms!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing masks when out in public became the new normal. Masks prevent us from contracting the virus through our mouth and/or nose, and that’s why we must always wear them. But who said that animals don’t have to wear masks?

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See how cute this cat looks as he wears a mask? Not only that: he’s rocking this look at the same time that he’s protecting his own health and the health of those around him! Now that’s what we call a good boy!

#32: They have the most adorable yawn!

We feel the most peaceful when we fall asleep, isn’t that right? Sleeping is great not only for our physical health but also for our mental health — and that’s why we have to sleep for at least 6-8 hours every night.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

But did you know that cats love sleeping as well? And, unlike us, they look the cutest when they sleep! However, cats also manage to look incredibly adorable whenever they yawn — as you can see in the picture above. Doesn’t it make you wish you had a cat in front of you right now?

#33: Cats in bunk beds!

Yes, we know that having a pet at home means having extra expenses over the years. However, the companionship, loyalty, and love that come with pets are priceless! Still, if you’re worried about having a cat due to financial reasons, don’t worry: raising a cat is pretty affordable. That’s why we encourage you to adopt more than one cat!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

If you adopt two cats, you could buy them a bunk bed, and they’d sleep just like the two cats in the picture! Don’t they look precious? And the best part is that you can easily find bunk beds for cats and they aren’t that expensive — so what are you waiting for?

#34: A heart of cats!

While we’re still on the topic of adopting more than just one cat, you’ll love this next picture! As we’ve mentioned before, cats can become best friends if you raise them properly and don’t show favoritism to any of your pets. 

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Three cats are sleeping next to each other and forming the shape of a heart — have you ever seen anything like that before? We’re pretty that whoever took this picture felt extremely happy when caught sight of this scene! This picture alone should be enough reason for you to have a cat at home- or three!

#35: They’re squishy!

We’re not sure why, but humans love touching squishy things. When we see a child with chubby cheeks, the first thing we want to do is squeeze their cheeks. With chubby cats, the feeling is the same! Check out this next picture:

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See how adorable that cat looks? Cats have squishy paws (we already gushed over their toe beans in a previous slide), and they have a squishy body that makes us want to hug them all the time! The smile on this cat’s face is more than enough reason to make you want to adopt a cat, isn’t it?

#36: Cats will protect you in your sleep!

We’re aware that cats have quite a reputation. They’re often labeled as selfish, independent, cold, and many other negative adjectives. However, the truth is that cats can be just as loving and affectionate as dogs! In addition to that, they’re also protective of their owners.

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

While this tweet is labeled as ‘paranormal activity’, there’s nothing wrong or spooky with these pictures. They simply depict cats being protective of their owners. See the first picture in the top left? That adorable cat watches over the baby and makes sure that nothing happens to the infant during the night!

#37: They’ll play songs for you!

Do you like listening to Beethoven’s works? Chopin’s? Debussy’s? Or are you more into jazz music? Either way, if you have a cat at home, it’ll play any song for you, just like this cat in the next picture!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Okay, maybe that’s not true. Cats can’t actually become pianists — but that doesn’t mean that they can’t play the piano. We’re pretty sure that this adorable kitten managed to play a note or two on that piano! But what really matters here is how cute he looks in this picture!

#38: Cats will play tricks on you!

Have you ever seen a ‘catgician’? If you don’t know what that word means, we’ll tell you: that’s a cat who’s also a magician! Can you imagine having one of those at home? They surely must make their owner’s life brighter!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Did that picture scare you? As the caption so gracefully says, we almost had a heart attack when we first looked at this photo! This adorable cat sure pulled this prank quite successfully — we can only wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeve!

#39: Paws!

That’s it. That’s the reason. Cats have fluffy paws and squishy toe beans that will make your heart melt just by looking at them. To be honest, we’re sure that you’ll want to leave the house and visit the nearest animal shelter as soon as you see this next picture!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Look how fluffy this cat is! His beautiful white fur makes us think of cotton candy, and we can only imagine how soft it must be. While not all cats are as furry as this one, they all have cute, squishy paws — and that’s a great reason to have a cat at home!

#40: Cats can blend in with things!

Remember that we told you that cats will sleep anywhere? Well, if you’re thinking of getting a cat, one of the first things you should know is that some cats love laying down in the sink. Yes, that’s right — they’re fondly known as ‘sink cats’!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Apparently, the cold surface of a sink’s basin helps cats cool off, and that’s why they love it so much. What’s funny about that is that if you have a white sink and a white cat, it will blend in just like this adorable feline in the picture above!

#41: Some cats have different eye colors!

Heterochromia is a condition that affects both animals and humans — this condition happens when genes prevent melanin from reaching one eye; thus, it causes the person or animal to have different eye colors. White-furred cats are often the ones who can have this condition!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

See this adorable kitten? One of his eyes is blue, and the other is green. But don’t worry, this genetic condition doesn’t really do any harm to the cat — to be honest, it only adds to its exotic beauty!

#42: They look so cute when they’re scared!

Look, we know that some pranks aren’t actually funny — and we also know that people shouldn’t give jumpscares to their pets; after all, who knows what their tiny hearts can handle? However, sometimes we can’t help ourselves, and we pull silly pranks on our cats, just like the family in the next picture:

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

We’re certain that this prank wasn’t as scary as it looked, and that’s what makes this picture so funny. Look at how scared this cat looks over a silly toy! He was so over-dramatic that he could surely win an Academy Award!

#43: Fingers!

We’ve been ranting about cats and the multiple reasons why you should have a cat at home. We’ve talked about their cuteness when they sleep and when they play around…even when they eat! And we’ve told you, and we’ve shown you how cute their paws are — but did we mention their tiny fingers?

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Will you look at that! If having toe beans wasn’t enough, this is how their adorable fingers/toes look like when cats stretch their paws. At this point, we can only wonder if there’s anything about cats that is not super cute!

#44: Their cute tummy!

Do you know how there are pictures that can evoke feelings within us? Well, then we’re pretty sure you’ll feel like hugging a cat as soon as you see these next photos. But more than that, we know that this picture will make you want to have a cat!

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

Looking at this impossibly adorable kitten, doesn’t it make you want to rub his belly? However, you have to be careful: while dogs love belly rubs, cats aren’t as fond of them. Cats are more interested in having their chin scratched — but you can totally train your kitten to enjoy some belly rubs!

#45: You can wear matching clothes with your cat!

We’re finally coming to the end of our article. By now, we’ve given you over 40 reasons why you should have a cat — and that has got to be more than enough to convince you to adopt one of these adorable creatures! However, if you still need one more reason, here it is:

Image courtesy of ShouldHaveCat/Twitter

If you adopt a cat, you’ll get to wear matching clothes with it! You can buy sweaters, hoodies, shirts, socks, and even onesies for your cat! Some shops specialize in manufacturing matching clothes for pets and pet parents — and we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you?