Opposites Attract: Proof That Cats And Dogs Can Be BFFs

By Liezel L

Cats and dogs have had the longest-running rivalry in the history of the Earth. We all want them to be BFFs, but it’s pretty much hardwired into their brains that they shouldn’t be. Dogs love being in a pack while cats are loners; Cats purr when they’re contented while dogs wag their tails; Dogs are generally expressive by barking and running around while cats are more withdrawn. Simply put, cats and dogs function differently and “speak” different languages. Their only similarity might be that a lot of them love getting food and affection from us humans. However, there are rare instances when doggos and kitties manage to get past their differences. And oftentimes, it results in the most inseparable of friendships. Check out these adorable besties below who make us jealous of their attachment to each other, #friendship goals. 

My Favorite Bed

Cats have an innate instinct to run away from dogs because, for one, they’re bigger. And when something’s bigger, they can either eat them or trample on them. It doesn’t help either that there was one point in time when dogs saw cats as prey. As evolution has had it, though, cats found another way to deal with these bigger creatures. 

image courtesy of NotMyRealName14/ Reddit

Instead of running away, some cats found the courage to stand up to these giant creatures and conquer them. Now, some of these giants are completely submissive to the feline’s demands, even if it means functioning as their two-in-one bed and warmer. 

Matching Beauties

This one reminds us nothing of the age-old feuds between cats and dogs when this pup’s ancestors were still probably chowing down on felines as snacks. As we can see, these two are betraying everything their ancestors stood for. 

image courtesy of cutestpaw.com

Other than that, though, can we talk about how gorgeous these two look and how amazing it is that they’re both rocking the same tricolor fur combination? You could tell us that they came straight out of one of those vivid nature paintings, and we would agree with you. 

Why Me?

Although it’s not exactly what we picture when we like to think of cats and dogs as besties, it is still quite close, except for this kitty’s expression. Apparently, this is still a one-sided relationship with the doggo really taking a liking to this orange tabby. 

image courtesy of TotallyNotJackinIt/ Reddit

Clearly, though, the other member of this party is still in the process of questioning their entire existence and what they did to deserve this dog in their life. Given how closely that doggo is holding the cat, we suspect that it has tried to escape from his embrace numerous times before. There’s nothing to worry about, though, since we’re pretty sure that cat will soon grow to love those doggie cuddles. 

Roles Reversed

To whoever thought it was impossible, this is proof that the predator and prey roles can be reversed given some evolution, a bit of human intervention, and a lot of forced time spent together. Now, this cat is the predator, and this pup is its lucky prey. 

image courtesy of catdumb.com

While in the olden days, this kitty might look like it’s in the beginning stages of enjoying its dinner, we’re pretty sure it’s just showing its best friend just how much it loves him/ her with a little side comment of, “I don’t make friends with dirty creatures. Consider yourself lucky.” 

There’s a Spy!

You better look closely at this one, or you might miss it completely. One of those fuzzy little things is just pretending to be a puppy to gather intel on its future “frienemies.” Unfortunately, it seems to have gotten itself stuck in some sort of a trap. 

image courtesy of ensonhaber.com

Even though their eyes and ears aren’t completely open yet, those pups sure know how to make a new friend comfortable. And by the looks of it, that kitty has completely lost the battle against itself on staying. Who knew spying could be so enjoyable after all?

We’re Just Melting

We all know that our beloved pets don’t have all the emotional complexities that we humans have. And yet, when it comes to love and empathy, we often see that they have just as much if not more than us humans. Just take a look at this. 

image courtesy of pet123.pixnet.net

These 4-month old kitties have taken in this orphaned 2-week old pitbull. And just with one glance, you can immediately see that these three have immediately formed their own little family. Now, for those people out there who say animals don’t care, you can start eating your words now. 

I Keeps You Company

A lot of cats won’t go anywhere near a dog, no matter how small it is. That’s why it’s only fair to assume that no cat in their right mind would actually go into a dog’s crate and subject itself to all the dog’s jolly energy except for this kitty. 

image courtesy of LoriS Snow/BoredPanda

This cat apparently loves keeping the dog company in her crate, and clearly, the dog appreciates having a snuggle buddy to keep him from feeling lonely. We don’t know. Maybe the cat just loves his company, or it could be it just loves the warmth in the crate. Either way, they’re adorable. 

Selfie Buddies

Best friends that mess up selfies together stay together. When you’re best friends with someone, you usually won’t care if they saw you at your worst and derpiest moments. You won’t even care much if the world saw as long as you’re doing it together just like these two. 

image courtesy of skuchnyh.net

We’re pretty sure neither of these two was ready for that pic but judging from their expressions, we’re sure that they’re one fun pair. If we have to guess, we’ll say that one of them is the typical high-energy extroverted friend dragging his little shy buddy who would rather be napping all around the neighborhood. 

Window Buddies

This is another picture we have to look at closely to make sure we see the right things because we can’t almost determine which is the cat and which is the dog here. These best friends are just too alike already. They even have the same little head tilt!

image courtesy of petomorrow.jp

One day, they probably both discovered that the other likes to stare out of the window and spy on the neighbors just as much as the other, and from there started a beautiful friendship between these two old enemies. Who knew spying on neighbors could also bring pets together like that?

Hold Tails

Even with how they use their tails, cats and dogs are extremely different. Dogs swoosh it around with abandon, not caring if it hits you or any other creature to show they’re happy. On the other hand, cats often keep it straight, or they swish it gracefully from side to side, especially when they’re getting ready to pounce or when they’re feeling irritated. For these two, though, it’s a different matter. 

image courtesy of vinfox/ Reddit

Even without making eye contact or with big cuddles, this pair is clearly making each other aware of their presence. They’re like that old married couple who doesn’t need any showy signs of affection to say that they still love each other. 

In Sickness and In Health

Most cats would probably not care at all if the dog gets sick. It just means fewer threats and more attention from the owner, right? Plus, there won’t be any crazy weirdo running around and ruining their peace. For this cat, though, it’s just the opposite. 

image courtesy of kelldog24/ Reddit

While cats aren’t really overly demonstrative in the affection department, this kitty is definitely going over the line and joining her poor friend who’s down and out. As they say, real friends don’t let their friends suffer the cone of shame all on their own. 

Cat Hat

With this pair, we think we might be seeing how Garfield would look if he became best friends with Odie. He would still be the same lasagna-eating lazy chonky cat, but this time, his new lounging spot would be on top of his doggo instead of the couch. 

image courtesy of wikianimal.news

Honestly, though, these two are just hilarious. It looks like the dog is exasperated with his friend saying something like, “For the nth time, Tom, I’m not a pillow. At least cut down on the cat food a little.” On the other hand, the cat looks like it’s saying, “One last time Rover. Just one last time, I swear,” while not exactly meaning it at all. 

Love at First Cuddle

Cat owners would know. Adopting a dog is a precarious move. If the cat is upset about it, not only will you have a kitty that is super annoyed at the dog, but you’ll also have a kitty that will be spiting you and blaming you for bringing that monstrosity into their home. Not a lot of cats are like this sweetie, right here. 

image courtesy of vanessuhhh/ Reddit

Its owners thought their 17 lbs cat would be upset with them rescuing a dog from the local shelter but instead, they found this. The kitty just right out adopted that little white cloud without hesitation. Just look at how precious they are all curled up like that. 

Unlikely Friendship

For some reason, these two reminded us of that popular comic ‘Pixie and Brutus.’ If you’re not familiar with it, you better check it out, but more or less, it tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a huge retired military dog and a tiny innocent little kitten. And these two are just as adorable as them. 

image courtesy of catdumb.com

Even though we don’t exactly have a gruff ex-military dog here, it is clear as day who’s the innocent, sweet, and more affectionate furball in this relationship. And while her pal might not always give anything away, we’re pretty sure he’s also melting inside like us. 

I Don’t Mind At All

We’ve seen a lot of cats and dogs sharing a bed, and while these animals seem to be cohabiting the same space peacefully, there will be times when you see a hint of that old rivalry, like when one of them doesn’t exactly leave the right amount of space for the other. Other times, one might even be slowly but surely be trying to pushing the other off. 

image courtesy of Mplskcid/ Reddit

With these two, we can clearly see who has the upper hand. Anyway, if the dog does fall, the cat can easily just shrug and say, “Oops, sorry mate, didn’t see you there.” Why would the dog think otherwise, right?

Act Normal!

This is the very picture of that phrase “thick as thieves.” With those huge sparkly eyes and adorable faces, these two paint the very picture of innocence, but we won’t be easily fooled not to think that they weren’t planning some kind of mischievous scheme earlier. 

image courtesy of Nummiehz/ Reddit

In fact, these are the faces of guilt. It also looks like there’s some kind of unspoken message being passed between them just saying, “Sshhh, act normal! Act normal! We can’t be caught!” If we were their owners, we’d probably keep an eye on them. 

So Much Love

We’re not crying; really, we’re not. It’s just that we just finished chopping onions, and our eyes watered up while reading about the story behind this picture. This dog has terminal cancer, and since he got sick, the cat has been cuddling more and more with him as if willing him to get better. 

image courtesy of letslivelovelaugh.com

It might be because of their long history of rivalry, or it might just be because there’s just something about seeing two darling creatures come together, but cats and dogs showing up for each other in situations like this really pull at the heartstrings.

David and Goliath

We really got to give points to the owner here for nailing their pets’ names. And if we had to guess, we’d say Goliath is the cat, or at least that’s what we are hoping. Anyhow, who would ever think that this giant and that tiny little creature would be enemies?

image courtesy of ensonhaber.com

Sure, we can imagine the cat giving a small swipe at the big dog out of curiosity or fear, but to imagine the big dog attacking the cat would be a nightmare. He could devour the little kitten if he wanted to in one bite. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be his intention at all, what with his big tongue out like that. The kitten seems a little surprised about it, though. 

Cuddle All Day Everyday

If there’s more than one cat in the house and only one dog, you can expect the cats to, of course, maybe gang up and join sides against their canine enemy. After all, the more, the merrier, right? Apparently, that applies to cuddling as well. 

image courtesy of tazzydw2/ Instagram

The black and white cat looks like the stern older brother who keeps track of the gang’s finances and business, while the dog looks like the easy-going wild card of the gang. And, we all know who’s the real boss of this little crew.

Someone’s Waiting

We admit that in every friendship, there is always one who feels the bond first, even before the other does. Some people just know right away, even if it is their first meeting. As it seems, even with cats and dogs, one would know when they’ve just met their best friend for life. 

image courtesy of toniashley88/ Reddit

Even though this kitten has barely opened its eyes yet, it’s undeniable that this dog is absolutely on top of the world, knowing that its new best friend is finally here. We hope it can wait, though, before it traumatizes that kitty with all his boundless goofy happy energy. 

Lonely No More

When rivals finally become best friends, you can expect the bond to be deep. There’s history between the two that you just can’t find anywhere else. Sadly, the loss of one or the other hit’s a little deeper too. 

image courtesy of JenPhilion/ imgur

We’re not sure about the whole story, but it seems that this pup, Forsberg, lost his old kitty pal. He missed having a cat around the house. Fortunately, his owner had the brilliant idea of bringing home another kitty, and as it seems, the problem has been solved, and a new friendship is blossoming. 

Giddy Up Doggo

We all know cats can be pretty cunning, and while we’re sure some of them have pure intentions of finding a lifelong companion in their canine friends, we kind of doubt that not more of them have ever thought of using those all too eager and friendly dogs to their advantage, after all, cats like to be waited on paw and, well, paw. 

image courtesy of Courtney Merino/BoredPanda

From using them as pillows and beds to riding them around like this, we think cats have ulterior motives as to why some of them finally made peace with dogs. Don’t worry, though. We think they still appreciate their canine pals nevertheless. 

Made New Friends

If it were a titan, King Kong, or Godzilla being all lovey-dovey with a tiny human, we’d be pretty terrified. That’s just for the movies. But when it comes to a huge dog being all lovey-dovey with a tiny little kitten, that’s something we’d love to see more of.  

image courtesy of Wolverinedoge/ Reddit

There is just something endearing about huge, furry animals like dogs being so gentle and caring with their little friends. And it goes the same way for these tiny little creatures treating their bigger pals like they’re the same size. It’s just amusing and heart-melting to no end. 

May We Play Pretty Please?

If we were a cat, we’d probably run away from those hyperactive dogs as well. All that too jolly energy can trample them, you know? That’s probably why some cats love tables. It gives them an upper hand and lets them be the ones to decide whether it’s playtime or not. 

image courtesy of Wolf Dog Blog

As close as they are, some pals will still have certain boundaries. While one wants to play, the other might want to chill and nap. With these two, it looks like the poor husky is trying to give all the reasons it could to convince its friend that it’s time to romp around. We’d absolutely love to know if any of its tactics succeeded or not. 

The Troublemaker and His Friend

At one point or another, many of us would have probably known a friend who is quite the troublemaker and who would often drag us into their mischief and have the ability to then act all innocent in front of others. They’re a blast to be with, and this kitty here looks like that exact kind of friend. 

image courtesy of vinnie3332.wordpress.com

By that smirk and cocky little expression on its face, we already know that this combo right here is one to watch out for. Hilariously enough, according to their owner, that same cat acts like a dog. And we think that would probably make twice the trouble for them. 


Cats have so many weird ways to show their affection, especially when it comes to their canine friends. Some cats rub themselves on their friends. Others allow their doggo friends to tumble around with them. On the other hand, others squish their friends like this.

image courtesy of Acidtwist/Reddit

For some reason, it seems that cats still love always to have the upper hand in the relationship, even though they’re at peace. Nevertheless, no one’s complaining, and it seems that both parties involved in this squash are totally content. 

Tyrion and Cosmo

It doesn’t seem strange when adult dogs adopt kittens because, well, dogs are just nice and nurturing that way. But when adult cats take a liking and adopt puppies, you sort of have to take a second look sometimes because, well, cats are a little more withdrawn and selfish that way, and it’s just a little more unexpected like this pair here, Tyrion the cat and Cosmo the puppy. 

image courtesy of ensonhaber.com

Just with one glance, you can already see that that right there is a look of absolute love from Tyrion. In fact, he looks like a mother who can’t stop staring at her baby as it sleeps because it’s just too adorable. If we were that cat, we’d probably be doing the exact same thing. 

Long Lost Twins

In another life, cats and dogs might have evolved together and avoided all those thousands of years of drama between them to get to where a lot of them are today. Nevertheless, it seems that siblings from another mother still always find each other at the right times. 

image courtesy of jumperposse/ Reddit

These two are almost a replica of each other. Who knows? Maybe they are reincarnations of that other world versions of themselves sent here to serve as an example to the cats and dogs of this earth, to show that peace is possible; they certainly look angelic enough for that mission.

Save Me?

Not all cat and dog relationships are perfect. This dog right here looks like he is ready to get up and go outside to sniff trees, but he is considerate enough not to want to disturb his sleeping pal. Just look into those eyes, and you can clearly see the plea: Help!

image courtesy of jumperposse/ Reddit

Unfortunately for him, it seems that kitty is far too happy in her place and would do everything not to have to move one tiny bit. Just look at its smile! That is the smile of satisfaction that can quickly morph into a snarl of disappointment and maybe a few days of giving him the cold shoulder if the dog dares to move and disturb her. 

True Buddies

If you watched The Lion King 1 ½, you might remember a scene where Pumbaa and Timon decide who will take which bed. Naturally, Pumbaa goes for the larger bed, but since Timon wants it, he settles for the smaller bed that doesn’t fit him anyway. This picture right here somehow reminds us of that. 

image courtesy of Titaniumchic13/ imgur

Who needs a bed anyway when you have your best bud right by your side, right? There’s the floor, and you got a little bit of fluff support. By the look on this doggo’s face, as long as his favorite kitty is comfy, he is all good too. That’s what a real best friend is. 

Who Needs a Blanket Anyway?

When you’re friends with a big old floofball, you got to take advantage of all that floof. You can’t just leave it alone, going to waste on just one creature. They have to share it with you because that’s what friends do. At least, that’s what we think this cat might be thinking. 

image courtesy of Wouter van den Brand/BoredPanda

The cat is really enjoying its spot there and is just soaking up all the warmth, isn’t it? The dog can’t even fit all its limbs onto that chair, and yet the cat has it all. Well, that’s the price of being friends with your old enemy: neverending cuddles. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Onward, My Steed!

We’re not sure if cats and dogs do the storytelling, roleplay kind of thing, but this looks like something like that. The tiny kitten looks like it’s pretending to be the knight in shining armor facing off against the big fire-breathing dragon/ human while sitting on the back of his mighty steed, the big great dog. 

image courtesy of catdumb.com

We can imagine the conversation starting with the dog asking, “Why can’t I be the hero this time? You’re always the hero.” And the kitten will innocently say, “Because you’re the only one who can do the horsy role so well.” And even though he wanted to play the hero that time, the dog will simply accept it as it is. 

Just Doing the Routine

We have probably all heard or seen stories of pets wandering into someone’s house and making it a routine so unexpectedly but have you ever heard of best friends like these two doing it? That’s not their pavement or house, but they still come there and sit like that every day. 

image courtesy of karenforaorsseir/Reddit

If we have to guess, though, we suspect that those two are deliberately hanging out on another human’s front lawn because they needed an undisturbed place where they can plan their daily agenda of mischief away from the prying eyes of their owners.

Snooze Buds

If it were any other situation, this picture wouldn’t look quite so peaceful. These two would literally be on each other’s throats in a different way. However, as it seems, former rivals can also make the best cuddle buddies once a peace treaty has been reached. 

image courtesy of tasvirezendegi.com

Just look at that absolute bliss. Neither of them cares if they drool, sleep open-mouthed, or have some eye boogers. They probably won’t even mind smelling each other’s dog chow and cat food breath as long as they get the snuggles in. 

Chicken Thieves

See, most enemies have so much more in common than they think. And while it’s a great thing to build a deeper bond, it’s not so great when it creates trouble for the humans taking care of them or their neighbors. 

image courtesy of Hiedi H/BoredPanda

These two are Bundy and Sammy, who were branded as chicken thieves. And while we hope that it’s just an affectionate team name for them, we don’t doubt that these two really are capable of such a thing. Just look at those faces. They already look like they’re planning their next chicken heist. 

No Disturbing!

If there is one similarity that the dogs and cats of old might have missed in their old rivalry, it is that both of them are huge lovers of naptime, maybe if they discovered that a little sooner, they could have also resolved some of their differences, and found more common ground a little earlier like these two. 

image courtesy of mdb7v/ Reddit

Unfortunately, it seems that someone disturbed their lovely little nap. We’re looking at you, photograph-taking human. How dare you? Just look at those grumpy expressions. You woke them up right in the middle of wonderful dreams filled with bowls of milk and forests of trees! 

When You Get Conquered by Cats

Getting one dog and one cat to agree with each other is already a very risky and difficult job. But just imagine one side being outnumbered. You can be sure that you won’t make everyone agree to the peace except for these kitties, though. 

image courtesy of The-real-one/ Reddit

By the looks of it, it is a one for all, all for one deal with this dog. We’re not sure if the dog agrees, though, but it seems that the cats’ council overruled him. Just look at his face. He knows he has been conquered.

You Can Count On Me

We said it before, and we’re saying it again, cats and dogs being there for each other in their greatest times of need are just the sweetest. The love and care there is just too pure, and when you look at pictures like this one, how can your heart not just melt?

image courtesy of pinnietans/ Reddit

This kitty apparently hasn’t left the dog’s side the whole time he has been sick. There’s no ulterior motive, there’s no expectation of payment, and there are no conditions. It’s just a pure statement of, “I’m here for you.” Now, if ancient rivals can do that, why can’t we humans learn a thing or two from them?

Armchair Buddies

Some dogs and some cats as well are very territorial. If one plonks himself the other’s favorite sitting spot, you might already hear the little warning growls or mewls saying, “Get your butt off my place buster.” but when it comes to besties, well, sharing is caring. 

image courtesy of shelbobagginses/ Reddit

The funniest thing about this picture is that it’s not even just the cat and the dog who are trying to fit on that whole chair. A human is there too. It seems that none of them wanted to give up their spot, so they just all squished in. We wonder who’s going to fall off first, though.

Little Cat Cap

Sometimes, even when we’re with our best friends, the people we love spending time with, there are moments when we just can’t deal with life at that time. For those who really know you, they’d know precisely what’s needed to be done to help you deal with that funk just like this doggo. 

image courtesy of Tibor09/ Reddit

That little kitten seems so beat, and it just seems to be saying, “Nope. Can’t cat today. Please carry me.” Being the best friend that it is, the big dog, of course, immediately agreed to give his little friend a ride for the day. What’s a kitten on your head anyway, right?

Nappy Pile

Tall friend, short friend, furry friend, chonky friend – no matter what size your friend is, they’re still your friend, and friends are some of the best pillows on Earth. At least, that’s what we think the deal is with these two nap buddies. 

image courtesy of pic.wikianimal.news

It’s amazing how they’re so perfectly piled on top of each other. We’d love to imagine how it would be if it went the other way around, though. Best friends take turns, right? We hope the cat allows it. 


This extremely photogenic pair look like they can dominate any Hollywood movie you put them in. They have all the sophisticated looks and all the grace of legit celebrities, and we are sure that they would definitely outshine their human co-stars. 

image courtesy of ktrstiles/ Reddit

In fact, they could actually be cast in another Cats & Dogs movie if they ever decide to make a live-action version of one of those.  Just put them in little headsets and give them a couple of gadgets to hold on to, and you’ve got the stars of the movie all set!

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

Most people could probably identify if they’re more of a little spoon kind of person or a big spoon. But once every so often, everyone would also want to be the other. Big spoons wish to be cuddled, too, and small spoons also sometimes feel like doing the cuddling. 

image courtesy of JeffHanson368/ Reddit

In most cat and dog cuddling sessions, the cat is almost always wrapped next to the dog or on top of him. And we can understand that given that most dogs are bigger than cats. That’s probably what makes this picture a little bit more precious. Even in sleep, the cat is telling the world what’s his. 


Do you ever wonder if cats and dogs really wanted humans to find out that they can be friends or that some of them are actually best buds? Some of them are definitely sneaky about it like they want to keep fooling us humans into believing that they’re still enemies. These two, for instance, look like they’ve just been busted. 

image courtesy of instiz.net

If you think about it, if we think they’re still enemies, we won’t suspect them of anything. We’ll be so assured that they will never get along that we won’t realize that they’re actually planning various ways to keep getting us to serve them. 

What Is It Again?

We sometimes get protective of our best friends, right? It’s because we love them, and we want good things for them, even if it is as simple as having the best nap in the world. This cat seems to get that. 

image courtesy of sportslife7.blogspot.com

By the stern look on its face, it looks like it’s scolding the human for looking or even attempting to breathe in their direction. Naptime is delicate, and it simply will not allow any human intervention to ruin that of its friend’s.