Cats And The Odd Places They Decide To Sleep

By Iulia P

If you are a cat owner, you might have already found yourself in the situation of spending a little too much money on your four-legged baby. And we can not judge you for that. It’s normal, and some may say mandatory, to spoil your fur baby. And what is the best way to spoil your cat beside a good can of food? A good comfortable, and quite expensive cat bed. But what if Mr. Whiskers does not appreciate your gift? Or the time and money you put into getting it and chooses to spend his daily 16 hours of sleep in a cardboard box or even on a frying pan that you forgot on the kitchen counter? Here are some of the funniest pictures owners took of their ungrateful cats.

Uhm, mom!

If you look at the picture below, you will notice that there is a sibling rivalry situation going on. It is clear that the big brother wanted to annoy the young brother by invading his “room” and by taking over his “bed.”

Photo courtesy of

Well, whatever reason the big brother might have, we can not ignore the confused face on this fluffy rabbit, who seems like he was asking his human mom for some explanation. We can only hope that their mom managed to solve the situation.

Cup holder hack

Did you know that a cardboard cup holder can be used in many different ways? You can use it while gardening, you can use it for different children’s activities, and your kittens can clearly use it as a bed too.

Photo courtesy of

We’re sure that the owner of these four kittens made sure to get them a very cozy and comfortable bed before they were born. Yet these four little balls of fur find the cup holder more comfortable than their bed.

The face of gratitude

If gratitude were to have a face, the face of this cat pictured below would definitely not be it. Cats can sometimes be weird creatures, but this cat choosing a napkin over that new, comfortable bed is a mystery to us.

Photo courtesy of brick-house34

And not only to us but also to her owner, who seems like she spent quite a lot on that bed. Oh, well, since the cat doesn’t like the bed, we can only hope that her human mom can return it and get a refund.

Simplicity is key

By now, it’s clear that cats are very simple beings, minimalistic, we might say. They would always choose a ball of yarn instead of a fancy pet shop toy, or a cardboard box and even a paper bag instead of a fluffy bed.

Photo courtesy of Mufadal84

We can not get over how fluffy that bed is. That kitty doesn’t know what she’s missing out on. We can only hope that a dog is living in that house which is more appreciative of this cozy bed and uses it.

Bad day

What do normal beings do when they are having a bad day? They go to bed. But this does not apply to this cat pictured below. Poor kitty decided to go and sleep in one of her owner’s baking trays.

Photo courtesy of BasicBanter

Either the tray is really comfortable, or the day this poor cat had was so bad she was just not able to get to her bad. If her day were that awful, a can of cat food or some sardines would make the kitty forget about it and be happy.

Decoration or?

The human eye will perceive the object pictured below as a vase or as a decorative bowl. Well, cats perceive it differently. More exactly, the cat-eye sees it as a very comfortable place to take a well-deserved nap.

Photo courtesy of dandragons

Could it be the shape of the bowl? Could it be the flexibility of the cat? We don’t really know, but it seems to us that this bowl was made especially for her. The ergonomic shape of this bowl makes us want to buy one for our cat too.

Gardening is not easy

If you have never done gardening in your life, let us tell you, it is not an easy job. Sure, for those who have a green thumb and love doing it, it is nothing but pure pleasure, but it is tiring for the rest of us.

Photo courtesy of ofthrees

And it seems like the guy pictured above knows precisely what we’re talking about. We don’t know with certainty what kind of gardening activities he did, but he looks pooped out. So exhausted, in fact, that he just gave up and lay down right on the plants he was supposed to garden.

What’s for diner?

Looks like someone was so tired of waiting for their dinner that they decided to take a nap in the meantime in their human’s wok pan. Instead of rushing to finish cooking, the owner decided to take her time and snap some pictures of her fur baby first.

Photo courtesy of Amyzonian

We can only hope that the owner did not plan to cook with that particular pan because we all know that when a cat goes to sleep, it can sleep for hours. And not only that, but they look so cute sleeping that you don’t have the heart to wake them up.

It’s mine now!

What a brilliant idea this owner had to place her cat’s bed under that shelf. Cats love small, narrow places where they can hide. Cats also love places or objects where they are not allowed to be or to sit.

Photo courtesy of terpsiterps

But do cats care what their owners allow them to do or not? While the answer is clearly NO, please take a look at this cat above who is trying to prove a point to her human by sitting right on their good pants.

Intention matters

Not all cats are ungrateful when it comes to the beds their owners get for them. Some of them are really trying to please their humans by sleeping on the new bed, but some do not know how to use the bed.

Photo courtesy of RegEvrydayNormlFung

This makes us wonder, are the cats really ungrateful when they ignore the beds we buy for them or do they just not know how to use them correctly? This is definitely one of those questions to which we might never find an answer.

Not my type

Imagine taking time from your day off to build a DIY house for your four-legged bestie. Imagine putting a lot of work into cutting the pieces of wood, putting them together, and then painting everything in the right colors.

Photo courtesy of shane_il

Now imagine the feeling of happiness after all the work is done and the project came to life exactly how you envisioned it. Imagine proudly bringing your hand-made gift to your cat to see it, only for your cat to sit and give you this look. His owner’s feelings might have been hurt that day.

Taking over

It is not clear if kitty here is taking over the kitchen in order to prepare breakfast for the household. Or is she is just trying to help her friend out by watching her kids? We are really curious to know.

Photo courtesy of RobertAPetersen

But by looking at her and at how focused she seems to be, we can only assume she was left in charge of trying to get those eggs to hatch! That face is the face we all make when dealing with impossible situations- but her determination gets an A+ for effort from us.

Should we tell him?

It seems like someone does not know which is the toy. Should we tell him, or should we just let him have fun? We are sure that behind that camera, there was an owner who regretted not gifting her cat a plastic bag instead of spending a lot of cash on a brand new, quiet fancy cat toy.

Photo courtesy of bathtime85

Well, at least the cat is happy with his gift. At the end of the day, the bag is part of the gift, too, right? Maybe in time, when he will get tired of playing with the bag, and the actual toy will spark his interest.

Sisal cat house vs Shoe box

If there would be a battle between every cat’s dream tree and a very usual and uninteresting shoebox, which one do you think would win? If you answered the cat tree, then you are wrong, and you will need to try again.

Photo courtesy of

But if you answered the shoe box, it means that you are a cat owner, and you know that cats do no give two tosses about the fancy objects you get them. Instead, they appreciate the simple things in life, such as the shoeboxes we want to throw away.


When looking at the picture below, all we can think about is: ouch! We are more than sure that poor cat woke up with severe back pain because the position she fell asleep in is seriously nothing but a back killer.

Photo courtesy of

Or maybe for cats, it is not as bad as we think it is. It looks like she is having the deepest and most comfortable sleep of her life. The blankets, the cushions, if we think about it, it may not be that bad after all.


Right now, we are confused. You may wonder why. Well, first of all, what is this white ball of fur doing in that pot? And secondly, why is there a pot in the bedroom just casually placed on the bed like it’s meant to be there?

Photo courtesy of

Looks like the cat is confused too that instead of sitting in the pot while the pot is on the kitchen counter, she is sitting on a pot that’s now on the bed. Can someone please explain to us what is happening here?

The young generation

Here is a photo of the young generation learning how to nap and, more importantly, where to nap to best be in a position to get in the way and annoy your owner. How cute! We are sure that they will grow to be champions at napping in all of the wrong and forbidden places.

Photo courtesy of

And we are also sure that their owners will be both annoyed by their choice of bed and mesmerized by how adorable they are while enjoying their naps. Oh well, we guess that this is a cat thing, and people should just get over it. It’s us; we are the “people”!

Instructions manual needed

We were just talking about the assumption that cats avoid their beds because they might not know how to use them. The more pictures of cats sleeping in weird places we see, the more we tend to believe that our assumption is correct.

Photo courtesy of

Take, for example, this confused guy pictured above. Even if the cat igloo’s entrance is as big as can be, the poor boy clearly did not know how to get inside. So instead, he decided to just go on top and nap there. Someone obviously needs an instruction manual…

Make a wish!

After a thousand pictures of a thousand cats and their weird choices of places to nap, we finally have one cat that sleeps where a cat should sleep: in her cat bed. This phenomenon only happens once in several years.

Photo courtesy of

So, when you see this picture, be sure you make a wish. And after you made your wish, have a look at the gray cat’s face that’s sitting on the box. You can tell by her facial expression how badly she was judging her mate for going to sleep in the correct place. It is an act of pure cat defiance!

Tips and tricks

Can we nominate the owner of this cat for the Nobel Prize for the art of negotiating a peace treaty? She came up with the most brilliant idea of how to make her cat use the bed that she got him without forcing him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

Photo courtesy of

All you need to do is to place your cat’s favorite cardboard box right inside her cat bed. It may not be the solution you have imagined but at least both you and your cat will be happy and satisfied.

Whatever floats your boat, kitty!

At this point, we can say that we have seen it all. We will just stop wondering if this cat is comfy or not because she clearly is. And if her napping on the chair’s backrest over her bed is not enough proof for you, then we don’t know what could be.

Photo courtesy of

We are trying so hard to understand how that backrest can be more comfortable for this kitty than the spacious, cozy, and comfy bed that is right next to the chair. It’s impossible! Everyone to his own taste, we guess!

Can someone explain?

On today’s new episode of “cats and their weird places to nap,” we have a cat that chooses to sleep on sandpaper instead of sleeping, like a good cat would, on her cat bed. Which, by the way, looks really comfortable and, most important, smooth and soft.

Photo courtesy of

We know that cats are very mysterious beings, and this picture right here proves the statement. But does someone, by any chance, have an explanation for this? Because the more we try to find one, the more confused we get.

The intruder

Please take a look at the picture below. Can you spot the orange sleeping beauty having what looks like the best sleep and sweetest dreams of her life? This is probably the cutest picture we’ve come across today so far.

Photo courtesy of

While for us this is cuteness overload, we are sure, behind the camera, there is a very angry little lady who wants to play with her dollhouse but can not because of her sleepy cat. Meanwhile, the kitty is napping unbothered.

Relaxation place

This sisal cat castle (let’s call it that anyway) is probably every cat owner’s dream. But is it a cat’s dream too? According to this beautiful Siamese cat owner, she spent 300 dollars on the sisal castle only for her cat to sleep and relax on the packs of bottled water.

Photo courtesy of Jayoheazy

While this picture and the cat’s reaction are really funny, we can only imagine what was in the owner’s heart when she realized she practically threw 300 dollars out the window. Nonetheless, the cat looks like she doesn’t care at all.

Instructions, please!

We keep on laughing at these poor cats for using their beds the wrong way, but can we try to be more sensitive to their struggles and actually try to help them out. Like for example, by trying to give them the instruction manual.

Photo courtesy of muzamirahman

Or maybe show them some Youtube tutorials on how other cats use their beds? That could actually go a long way and serve as an example to your cat to make him or her start sleeping in that expensive sisal castle or that cozy bed you got for them

Uhm, your bed is not that one!

This is probably one of the cutest cat beds we have seen so far. Adorable stuffed toys, Hello Kitty cozy cushion, it sure looks like it’s a very comfortable bed. But it looks like it might not be the kitty’s style.

Photo courtesy of Auxi6

Looks like kitty loves gray more than he loves pink and hard surfaces more than he loves that cozy cushion. While we understand to each his own and believe that everyone is entitled to their own taste, we can not help but wonder how the owner, who clearly put time into making this bed, feels about her cat’s decision.

Cat trap or cat bed?

As much as we want to believe that those are cat beds, we just can not. We have a feeling that those are actually cat traps, and as you can see, they are very effective. We’re really curious who is the owner of those slippers.

Photo courtesy of lemonlimerain

And also how often they wear them and when was the last time they washed those shoes. Because there seems to be something that smells really attractive to those kitties hiding inside, as they are both in there head first.

A cat’s vice

It is widely known that cats are obsessed with cardboard boxes and also plastic bags. And it seems like this little guy is no exception from this rule. It also looks like he is, just like most of the cats we have spoken about, not using his cat bed at all.

Photo courtesy of pagged

Judging by the way this fluffy guy sleeps, the bag might be more comfortable than the bed. Not only that, but we are more than sure that the bag did not cost the owner a fortune as the bed did.

Brand new bed

Imagine leaving work late and rushing to the local pet shop in order to buy your beloved pet baby a very comfortable bed. You get there 20 minutes before the closing time, and you start running around the store on the hunt for the perfect bed.

Photo courtesy of erdington

You run, you get the bed, and run back to the cash register. The cashier puts your bed into a bag, and now, relieved, you head to your car and drive home. You get home all excited to see your cat’s reaction to her new bad, only for her to get more excited about the new bag that you brought than for the actual bed.

Someone needs help!

Looks like someone needs help. We don’t know if this little guy got stuck under the bed or if he got stuck when it comes to knowing how to sleep in his cat bed correctly. Judging by this poor kitty’s face, he needs someone to show him how to enjoy the perfect catnap ASAP.

Photo courtesy of AzuSteve

Either way, we think that the cameraman should put the camera down and help his friend out. His friend is clearly not happy about being laughed at while being in that situation. Can someone show this little one how it is done already?

We’ve told you!

We have told you earlier, and it seemed like you did not really believe us: gardening is not easy. Here is more proof to back our statement. Just look at how tired this kitty is after doing some gardening on only one flower pot.

Photo courtesy of Makaveli1992

He looks exhausted. Poor thing! And when you think that he has other 3 big flower pots to work on. He clearly needs someone to help him. Maybe the other cat we saw earlier sleeping in the flower pot woke up and can come over to lend him a paw.


Tired of her cat not using the beds she got her, this owner was inspired enough to come up with a great idea: putting the bed in a box. This not only managed to spark the cat’s interest but also became the cat’s favorite place.

Photo courtesy of moon_honey

The cat looks really pleased with what her owner decided to do, and we are sure that her owner is pleased too. If you are also dealing with this type of situation, give it a try; it may be the ideal solution for you too.

Two types of cats

By now, you should know that there are two types of cats: those who accept the bed they are given and those who completely ignore it. Well, it turns out that there is another type of cat: the one that loves her bed too much.

Photo courtesy of Annrose18

And by looking at the picture above, it’s evident in what category these two buddies fall into. According to the owner, each cat has her own bed, but both fell in love with this particular bed. There might be something extraordinary about it.

Can someone explain?

We need to understand, again, what exactly motivates cats and drives their decisions? What is the logic behind their actions? What makes them make the choices they make? We really need to know because, at this point, we are more than a little curious.

Photo courtesy of cassilyn76

For example, this Garfield look-alike cat pictured above. There is a comfy cat bed, there is her owner’s bed, and most likely, that house has a sofa and chairs too. And still, this little buddy chooses to sleep like that.

Spoiled cats alert

This picture was posted on Reddit by the owner of these two cats. She was beyond frustrated but amused too by her two pet children’s reaction to their new bed. This might be the cutest refusal we have seen today.

Photo courtesy of BYUNGHU

Since the bed is too big to be able to fit it into that box the two prefer, we can only advise the owner to find a spot in her living room for that chair because it is more probable for her guests to use it than it is that her cats will.

Appreciation 0

This cat’s owner decided to turn that old vintage hatbox into a very fancy cat bed. She recovered it and hung some toys and even a mirror in there, and last but not least, she placed a comfy puffy pouf inside it. We love it!

Photo courtesy of usagisailor

We might love it, but her cat looks like she is not as impressed about it as we are. Look at her being all unimpressed while laying comfortably in her very “comfortable” box. Again, we feel like someone’s feelings were hurt that day.


This guy’s unapologetic-looking face shows just how unphased and unbothered he is that his hooman brought him home an expensive bed that not only matches his coat but looks like a very cozy place to laze about in too.

Photo courtesy of queen_luna_the_scottish_fold

He looks like he is trying to rub salt in his owner’s wounds by laying on the cardboard, looking like he enjoys it far more than he wants the gift he got. What an ungrateful cat. Another bed was ignored, another owner was hurt.

Another solution that works

If your cat does not show any interest in her bed, all you need to do is to bring all her favorite “beds” and place them right on top of the actual bed. This will make you feel like she is using it at least.

Photo courtesy of rachar2187

And even if we don’t know for sure, this might also help your cat get more used to sleeping on her bed. But knowing how stubborn and independent cats are, this would happen only if your cats wants it to happen.

Another gardener…

Here is a picture of another gardening cat that gave up and stopped for a well-deserved nap. He might have been so exhausted that he forgot that he was not supposed to sleep on the flowers he planted, but instead, that he was supposed to water them.

Photo courtesy of

The result of that well-deserved nap?! A very squashed flowerpot whose flowers will most likely never recover and also these adorable pictures the owner was able to take of her pet baby. He may not be a skillful gardener, but he definitely makes a cute photo.

Favorite color

Guess what the favorite color of this adorable cat pictured below is! We can only assume that it is the color red since she decided to choose the red, hard plastic bin over that cat bed that looks pretty plushy and cozy.

Photo courtesy of sadgirl_420

Or maybe she just got it all mixed up, and instead of going to her bed, she went inside the red bin. No matter the reason for her being inside the bin, we have to agree that red is definitely this cat’s color.

Doesn’t work for me, hooman!

The cat’s owner saw a post online and decided to follow the advice given by another cat owner. So she put her cat’s bed into a cardboard box in hopes that her cat will start using it. Her excitement did not last for too long.

Photo courtesy of escapekate

Because her cat clearly hates that bed with a passion since she chose the small, uncomfortable box instead. We know that the owner was not that pleased with her cat’s choice but can someone stay angry with an adorable face like the face kitty has?

Santa knows

Looks like someone was a good boy this past year because Santa brought exactly what he wanted: a brand new shopping bag. White, noisy, and big enough for the cat to fit inside, Santa thought of every little detail.

Photo courtesy of katherinetor

And look how happy and proud he is with his gift from Santa. He was so happy that he forgot about the 80 dollars cat bed his owner gifted him for Christmas. Maybe the owner should try and put the bag on the bed, this way both of them will be happy.


According to Milo’s owner, he was good about sleeping on his bed as long as his blanket was there from when he was a kitten. This was true until his owner bought a new fruit basket for her kitchen counter.

Photo courtesy of DarKliZerPT

Little did she know that she was not the only one who loved the basket; her cat fell in love with it the moment she placed it in her kitchen. Milo likes it so much that he often chooses it over his bed and his blanket. It looks to us that someone decided to grow up and say buh-bye to his kitten times blankie.

I choose the shrimp smelling bed

There is no better reason for this cat to refuse to sleep on her cozy bed than the good smell of shrimp from a ramen noodle box. Compared to the rest of the cats featured in this article, this guy right here is the only one who has a good reason behind his choice.

Photo courtesy of nerdysadgir

Looks like the only way to convince him to hang out on the sisal bed was to put the box with him inside, right on the sisal. He looks a bit bothered, but, oh well, at least his owner was pleased.