45 Odd Places Where Cats Were (But Shouldn’t Be) Found!

By Aileen D

Nothing on this list comes as a surprise, because cats are natural rule breakers. They almost always find a way to squeeze themselves into tight spaces. Sometimes, as in some of these pictures, they hang themselves from the ceiling. Not to worry; none of the cats on this list were harmed in any way. But we can’t say the same for their owners who might have suffered a panic attack. Like us, they were left wondering, how did they get there? In between panicking and answering the mystery, some owners had successfully called their cats to come down. Most hadn’t. Well, it is not like they should worry about these cats’ safety. These felines have at least nine lives to live. What’s one fall for them?

Rule Breaker

Unlike the rest of us, the law doesn’t apply to cats. Just look at this one right here, taunting us all for getting away with breaking the rules. He just chills and takes a nap on the crumbling stairs. What are you going to do about it? That’s right; nothing!

Image Courtesy of busterpkeaton / Reddit

We are certain this furry rebel hadn’t read the sign. He had come from the bottom and slinked his way to the huge red sticker. He scratched at the pavement and then turned his back. Then he laid himself down and waved his tail. What law? I. Am. The law.

Out With the Trash

Mom and her fur child had gotten into a little cat fight. It started out small. But owing to a long day at work, and this kitty’s ill-timed attitude, Mom gave it a cold scolding. I told you not to claw at the leather upholstery! She pointed at the scratches this kitty had inflicted. Look. I said, look! This kitty sprung from the floor and ran off. Guess where?

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

Cats are extremely talented at stirring up drama. This cat hid itself in the trash, and then waited for Mom to come in and apologize. Racked with guilt, Mom begged it to come out of the trash. Come on, now. I’m sorry. This kitty pretended not to hear, and turned away. I can’t. You hurt my feelings. Mom gently prodded: come on; come out of there. Ill fetch you a dish of milk. This kitty’s ears pricked up. Oh, if you say so.

Got an Upgrade

This gamer had scraped up some money for computer upgrades. The day had finally come. He laid the bag of hardware next to his study table, unscrewed the bolts, and then opened the cabinet. Steam blew into his face, and a tangle of wires greeted him. Within a couple of minutes, he had installed all the upgrades.

Image courtesy of cat shouldnt / Twitter

Now, he was certain that this CPU could hold up against a handful of hairballs. He had been concerned that it had been processing slower because of all the grime lodged inside. But with his cat installed, he was sure that its processing speed would quadruple. He was right!

That’s Not Your Bed

How do you greet your new family members? Mom had just gotten these two from the shelter. They don’t look older than a month or two. She gave them a nice bed, big enough for both of them. But it looks like they found the perfect spot on their own.

Image Courtesy of lordbaby1 / Reddit

Now, you can’t blame us for wanting to leave them be. Look at them lying there! It looks like a comfortable nook to sleep in. But we know the dog’s bowl isn’t the safest place for these guys. Let’s wait until they wake up to tell them, though.

Complicated Houseplant

This kitty has a knack for toppling over ceramics and figurines. Mom had had enough. She hung most of these on the wall in her room. That way, this kitty won’t be able to reach them. But owing to its ingenious nature, this kitty climbed this plant stand to take a swing at Mom’s collection.

Image courtesy of cat shouldnt / Twitter

It doesn’t look too comfortable but this kitty isn’t complaining. Her bottom hangs while she hoists her entire body weight on her two hind legs. Not wanting to give Mom any pleasure, she remains seated there for another half hour.

Who Do These Belong To?

Weary-eyed and jetlagged passengers shuffled out of the airport terminals. Some drew back their cuffs to look at their watches. Others walked around to get a good stretch. But all of them grinned at the sight of the luggage rolling out on the conveyor belt.

Image courtesy of cats shouldnt / Twitter

Would you look at that? Who do these three belong to? One woman tried calling out to this trio, but they wouldn’t budge. They only stood up from their seats a couple of feet before the curtains. They slinked back to the front, and then sat there. Can someone check the baggage tags on these guys?

Is This Our Spot?

This pair of siblings found a new spot. The master bedroom was open and the mattress bare, except for this pair of jeans. Look, it’s got two holes! Two holes for the two of us. These two snuck in the tunnel of denim and waited for Mom to come home.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldnt / Twitter

Mom walked in on these two taking a nap in Dad’s pants. The faint sound of her slippers against the floor woke them up. One innocently asked, So, this is our new spot, right? Mom put a hand to her mouth and laughs. Well, for a bit longer. You may look adorable in them but Dad wears them best.

The Four Noble Truths

If you want to live a grounded life, you could always follow the Buddhist’s approach to things. Or, you can follow cat logic. Simply look for the most solid seat around, and claim your spot. An ancient statue should do the trick.

Image Courtesy of Nori 22 / Twitter

This kitty watches you from the safety of the stone hands. It swishes its tail, and it regally lifts its face to sniff at the air. Clearly irritated at being disturbed, it waits for solitude to return to the Zen state of mind.

Time for a Siesta

It seems like this cat has found a new place to spend his late afternoons. Mom had spent a while trying to find him. He was nowhere near his usual spots – the kitchen, by his brother’s bed, or on the living room shelves. This time, she found him tucked away in the handrails.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

This cat laid there, unaware that this ledge overlooks a long drop down the hill. If he did know, he simply didn’t care. So what if I’m this high up? Gravity doesn’t apply to me. So this is what it’s like living life on the edge. You get to sleep all the better for it.

Lifetime Supply of Food

Cats get into all sorts of trouble. That pretty much sums up what you should expect of them. Just look at this troublemaker right here. He not only wanted a taste of his canine brother’s food, he wanted to play in it! What do you think happened to this fur ball the moment he had been caught? Nothing. Like always, he was let loose.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldnt / Twitter

What are you doing there? He was plucked from the container, rather annoyed. This is the best spot, and you’re moving me?! His fur mom shakes her head. Your brother’s food is not your hangout spot! That’s what you think, Mom.

Back to the Pride Land

Owing to his feral nature, this kitty decided to pay the wilderness a visit. He sharpened his claws on his post, and then sprung himself into the wild. He laid next to a moss-covered branch, and waited for a pack of lions to greet him. Meanwhile, this guy came out of nowhere.

Image courtesy of Cat Shouldnt / Twitter

We’re the type to hang around our friends’ cribs, too. But we shouldn’t just roll up and take over half the house! Fortunately this tortoise takes kindly to his unexpected guest. Could it be because he has a home on his back to retreat into?

Thornier Than Cacti

This kitty doesn’t seem to be picky about where to take her naps. Once she feels her lids grow heavy, you can bet she’ll take a snooze on the spot. Her fur mom has found her in the oddest places – in the toilet sink, on top of the kitchen cupboard, and recently, on a bunch of cacti.

Image Courtesy of Cat Shouldn’t / Twitter

Now, this kitty either has a high threshold for pain, or these cacti don’t have the thorns to stir this kitty from her sleep. Mom had to lift her from the plant, and gently shake her to get the thorns off. There wasn’t a single scratch on her. Guess that means she’ll be napping with the cacti again.


This cat’s fur mom went around the grocery store, and then later circled back to buy cat food. There, his fur mom had found him wedged between rows of gourmet cat food. This kitty sure knows how to pick ’em.

Image courtesy of cats shouldnt / Twitter

Can you buy me some, or all, of them? Oh, pretty please. His gave her finger a gentle boop. Okay, how about one? No, not the dry food! That’s it, Mom. He nudges one from the shelf and pushes it to the cashier.

Need To Cool Down

We’ve seen some of the crazy places cats like to hang out and sleep. But, for these two, apparently, the fridge is the best place to get cozy. These cats were looking to have a private chat, and Mom found them chilling with the veggies.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldnt/ Twitter

We can’t possibly guess what they discussed, but it seems it was pretty important. It’s fair to say, though, they’ll need to find more sanitary, and roomy, spots to spend some quality time together. Aren’t they bothered by the cold, anyway?

Someone Beat Me To It

This car owner had gotten into a little accident. Well, at least this cat found a perfect, sunny napping spot. It’s worth it then, right? As long as the kitties are enjoying life, it’s hard to be upset by anything.

Image courtesy of cats shouldnt / Twitter

It didn’t matter that there were shards of glass sticking up from the windshield. What mattered was that this kitty could lay itself down, and mark this piece of junk as its territory. I’m not sure if it ever got fixed, or if the owner did the right thing, and surrendered the whole car to the cat.

On the Go

This kitty gets her love of coffee from her mom. Can’t say we can blame her. Coffee is, basically, liquid heaven. So when this kitty’s fur mom prepped a glass of iced coffee, this cat immediately sprung to the table to get a sip of it. Can I take it on the go?

Image courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

And, in one fell swoop, the iced coffee covered the table, and splashed the wall. Shards of glass spread like confetti on the floor, against a cream canvas. The cat was nowhere to be found. But, there was a trail of footprints leading to the backyard. Quick, catch the culprit!

Going Vegan

This bunch of cats have had it with meat. Wanting a change of diet, they rushed to tell their mom they wanted to go vegan. Their fur parents wouldn’t hear any of it. You won’t last the end of the week! Now, this pack was driven to prove their fur parents wrong, starting with getting a fresh serving of papayas!

Image Courtesy of Cat Shouldn’t / Twitter

Thanks to their scratching post, they had managed to climb quite a ways up this papaya tree. Watch them take a swing at those unripe papaya fruits, endeavoring to make some plop to the ground. Oh, I’ll show Mom. I’ll show her I can go vegan!


Remember the spy movie, Wanted? It was a 2008 action thriller film starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. Angelina’s character teaches James about espionage. In one of the scenes, Jolie teaches McAvoy how to shoot a curving bullet…atop a moving train!

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

Might this kitty be in training to become a spy? We sure hope its claws are sharp. With a train like this moving at top speed, you would need to hang on tightly to the rails, or the roof! Once it comes to a screeching halt, you would need to bear down even harder to keep from getting thrown off. You can do it, kitty!

Call the Purr-ice!

There was news of a theft at the local deli. It seemed the thief had taken a couple of slices of lean meat. Some bystanders had spotted a brown coat and stripes of black. The deli owner hurriedly went to the police. And he had been astonished to find the culprit there.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldnt / Twitter

Specks of deli meat hung from its whiskers. As the deli owner pointed at the evidence, this culprit hurriedly licked his mouth clean. Turkey? Why, that sounds delish. I’ll get right on to it. Now, how about showing me where the crime occurred? By afternoon, more slabs of meat had been taken from the display.

A Glass of Fresh Fluff

We don’t know about you, but we like to get our serving of cuteness fresh from the farm. So when Mom felt her mouth was dry, she went to the refrigerator, took out the fluff jug, and poured herself a glass of creamy goodness. She was kind enough to give us some. Here, have a glass of fresh fluff!

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldnt / Twitter

Mom knew what was going on. She pretended to gulp down her juice. This kitty drew her paws in front of her and gave Mom a kiss. There you are! Now, how about we give you some wet food? Yes, please!

Treating it Like it’s Detention

This little kitty managed to sneak inside this professor’s class, and have a snooze fest. Fortunately, he wasn’t called on in class. Could it be because he slept with his back against the professor, or he was too adorable to be woken up? You decide.

Image Courtesy of Kitty Shouldnt / Twitter

Ugh. Class again. This kitty decided from the start this class was dull. Maybe the notes will transfer to my head via osmosis. That shouldn’t take up much energy. Well, at least this kitty brought a notebook to lay on.

Can I Hang Around?

Dad decided that the shed outside could use some renovating. Every nail, screw, and plyboard for the project was laid out. During lemonade breaks, this cat would come out to check what Dad was doing. It looked to the ceiling and found its new playroom.

Image Courtesy of photoshopbattles / Reddit

Dad entered the room. He felt a pair of eyes on him. He looked around, and saw no one. But, he saw a movement from the corner of his eye. Nothing there. He saw it again and then raised his eyes to look at this guy draped over him. Can I hang around here for a little while?

Cuddly Plants

Without anyone to hang around the house with, this kitty had made a friend out of the houseplants. It’s a pretty great relationship actually. They give her oxygen, while she gives them carbon dioxide in return. During late mornings, you will see this kitty all hunched over one of her friends by the side of the window.

Image Courtesy of Dailymail.co.uk

Wonder why they made such good friends? They have the same love of heights and sunlight. When this kitty is bored, she stands on the plant bed, anchors one of her paws around the strings, and then jumps. After getting snacks, she jumps on the stool and nuzzles her plant friend.

Can’t. Move.

We know cats squeeze themselves into corners and tight spaces. But this one is taking it to the extreme. Mom had a few cases of water bottles delivered to the house. There was a marathon run she would be attending, and she had volunteered to bring some supplies. Meanwhile, this bored cat decided to bring itself to the event.

Image Courtesy of worldwideinterweb.com

After climbing the crate, it slid a paw inside the plastic wrap. Figuring it could fit its entire body in, it forced itself inside the container. Can’t. Move. A little assistance, please? Its eyes blinked at Mom, signaling distress. We hope she had some mercy on her feline.

How Many Rings Can You Count

There are several ways of estimating the age of a tree. You could measure its girth a few feet across. Then, divide the number by 2.5 cm because that’s roughly the increase in girth per year as it ages. Similarly, you can just count the number of rings. How many do you see?

Image Courtesy of bleeding.salamander / Tumblr

We might not be able to count these rings – maybe ever. The hole in this stump is so perfectly cat shaped, it’s certainly the spot for the gang. We can’t help but wonder how they decide whose turn it is.

Wall Climbing

Cats quickly adapt to their environment. Give it a crib to sleep in, and it will conquer your bed. Give one a dish of milk, and it will help itself to a jug if left unattended. Give it some room to play, and you’d better believe it will dig itself holes in the wall for its new hobby: wall climbing.

Image Courtesy of ArifSagar / Reddit

Forget safety precautions. Felines have no need for harnesses, ropes, and carabiners. All they need is a good estimate of the wall they are climbing and eight other lives (granted they haven’t gotten into prior misfortunes). These cats love risks as much as you love filming one-minute Tiktok challenges.

Bowl of Fruifs

Everyone in this house has to have their daily serving of fruits. Mom loves Granny Smiths. Dad likes Fuji apples. The kids prefer bananas. They are quick to offer all of their guests a fresh piece of fruit to snack on.

Image courtesy of redditjwh / BuzzFeed

Well, who wouldn’t want to get a serving of this fruif? It should cleanse the palate with its furry aftertaste. You might gag at first, since whiskers and fur might tickle the lining of your throat, but it will go away eventually.

Emerald Lights

We have always known cats to sneak into web-ridden nooks and crannies, but no one would have expected this cat to climb into the suspended ceiling. That’s right! This cat had followed the maintenance man up the ladder to check the lights.

Image courtesy of blursedimages / Reddit

Nope. No rats here. It surveyed the area once more, looking down on the students’ heads. Okay, maybe I can stay for a little bit. Promise, I won’t make a noise. When the lecture was over, the professor switched on the lights. That’s when they saw this pair of emerald eyes stare at them from the ceiling.

Watch Your Step

Here’s another instance when a cat displayed hostile behavior over its territory. No, it’s not a den or a nook it’s guarding. It’s this truck, driven by none other than it’s owner. Every time Dad stops by a gas station, the two stretch their legs. This kitty had just finished its walk, and stood guard over its truck.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

That’s right. Keep on walking. When Dad buys some snacks for the road, usually this guy keeps diligent watch. Once, someone attempted to climb into the seat. It hissed and said, watch your step, creep, and the stranger sprinted away.

Right This Way, Folks

Every once in a while, someone jumps over these machines, hoping to score a free ride on the subway train. They often do it just before the train comes to a screeching halt. As security runs to apprehends the culprit, the train doors close. So, management thought of a way to deter people from doing it again.

Image courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

They placed this tough critter on the ticket machine. Tickets, please! Tap gently, and go right on through. Tickets, please! What does it do in case you don’t have a ticket? You can bet it will take a swipe at you and direct you to the nearest loading station. Head over there, and buy an actual ticket. That’s a fair warning.

Poor Kitty

Of all the pictures on this list, this seems to be the least funny. No wonder Dad had made a fuss about having a pet in the house. This kitty found herself a warm spot in his car’s tires. That way, she would be free from the hubbub of the city. Good thing this fur dad heard her meowing down there. Distress call sent and received!

Image Courtesy of KediOzelHarecat / Twitter

Now, this dad knew his car engine purred. But this had been a different kind of purr. It sounded very…fur-miliar. He followed the sound to his left front tire, and found a pair of eyes staring at him. He immediately got himself a towel and some gloves, and in a jiffy, he had found a new baby to take into the family home.

Learning to Live With Each Other

Of all her children, this fur mom’s pet is the most ill-tempered. It even beats her youngest child in the number of tantrums thrown every week. Sometimes, her two children get into fights over who gets more attention. So, it came as a surprise to see this furry critter by her sibling’s side. Just what had gotten into it?

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

It is highly likely it’s in a good mood because of the box. In the box, all is calm. With her sister drawing quietly by the side, it closed its eyes, and had a well-deserved nap. Mum thought, so it’s possible that these two can get along well together after all. That’s great news, right?

Who’s That?

There are times you might have looked in the mirror and wondered who it was staring back at you. When this kitty woke up from a restful nap, he was surprised to see an unshaven stranger in Mom’s vanity mirror. Who are you? And how did you get here? His whiskers bristled and he noticed that the stranger’s whiskers had just done the same. Stop it! Copy cat!

Image Courtesy of i8mygoldfish/ Karma Decay

Just in time, this cat hears mum laughing. How could she not? For the first time, she had caught this cat off guard. She hadn’t been able to do so with cucumbers, or other house pets. But she had this time around with a simple vanity mirror. Should she get more of them and place them intentionally around this cat?

Reached Your Limit

It seems like cats serve one purpose, other than making a mess out of your house. It turns out that they’re a good deterrent for withdrawing money from the ATM! Just look at this one, poised to lunge at the next user. Don’t bother trying, pal. You have reached your withdrawal limit.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

His tail swings slowly from side to side. The ATM light blinks behind him, illuminating the flick of his tail. The next user attempts to get the cat off the machine. Here, kitty, kitty. Seeing that that doesn’t work, he walks to the another automated machine. The cat intuitively reads his mind and then follows him. I said, beat it!

Need My Serving of Potassium

With the amount of activity cats engage in everyday, they need to get their potassium from somewhere. Humans are likely to get them from vegetables such as spinach, potatoes, and broccoli. Similarly, you can get your daily supply of it from fruits like dates, apricots, and bananas.

Image Courtesy of zahare / imgur

We can only applaud the sheer amount of ab strength it takes to remain suspended on a bunch of bananas. With all that energy spent, we’re wondering if that amount of fruit is enough to contain this cat’s need for potassium. Not to worry, he can always binge on meat later on – which is just what he will need.

Just A Sip

Your house may look like a jungle, but it’s safer to live in and each area designated. What do we mean by designated? For one, you can designate a place for each person (or animal) in the house. The kids go in separate rooms. The fish go in the aquarium, and the cat sits just beside the aquarium.

Image Courtesy of Rammsteinstochter / imgur

The house is the one place where you should find predators far from prey. But as you can see, this cat has some trouble keeping away from potential snacks. He gently laps at the water from the tank, careful not to arouse suspicion from Mom and Dad. Meanwhile, his tongue is feeling for the sleek scales of fish.

Functions as a Headdress

It was a special occasion. Well, at least for one. The soon-to-be bride chose the cutlery, palette colors, and cake to be used for the wedding. Later on, they held a quick wedding rehearsal. For the big day, the bride-to-be wanted to arrive as a princess sitting on a carriage led by a couple of horses. She and her parents went to the barn to check on them, and saw this.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

It seems like the horse knew that something was up. It wanted to come suitably dressed for the event, and took the effort to wear a headdress. This headdress had a tail that swiped at the air. Oftentimes, it fell too far down the horse’s face and then begrudgingly climbed back up. Let’s just hope that this headdress can attend the big day, too.

Bringing Out the Narcissist in Him

We always thought that narcissism was a character trait. From the looks of this picture, it seems like loving yourself too much can be learned. Just look at this cat’s mom priming him for photoshoot. This cat is ready for its close up!

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

Sadly, Mom just wanted a fur cloth to place her lipstick on. And as it turns out, her cat has nice enough fur for the job. However, it does look like this cat is getting the hang of being a backdrop.

Right Where They Belong

Today, Mom is set to tidy up the place. She starts early, does a couple of stretches, and then carries the laundry basket around the house. She finds a laundry flung around all over the place. From time to time, she will pick up a book or a toy, and place them on a shelf. Now, she heads off to the master bedroom, and finds that some things aren’t where they’re supposed to be.

Image Courtesy of Madina_m / imgur

Dad is sleeping on the floor, right where the cat should be snoozing, while the feline is dozing off on the bed. Just as Mom walks in, her husband turns to look at her, and purrs. He licks a hand, and cleans the back of his ear with it. Got my milk? Meanwhile, the cat lazily turns on its side.

After Coughing Up Hairballs

If you had ever owned a cat, then you would know how much gunk it can cough up from cleaning itself. As much as we love that felines know how to self groom, there’s nothing satisfying about picking up hairballs from the sofa. bed, or, in this case, the saloon floor.

Image courtesy of bygollyyouregorgeous / Tumblr

Isn’t this the last place we would want a cat to be? We don’t need them cleaning up after all the customers. It even looks like this cat has taken more than his fill. He’s laying slumped in the corner with his stomach jutting out. Looks like he’s got more licking (um, cleaning) to do afterwards.

Common Knowledge

Almost everyone knows this: it’s common knowledge that boxes belong to cats. That is one of the fastest ways to get them to come to you. Place a box by your feet, preferably in an area that’s shaded by light, and these little critters will stealthily climb in.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

It doesn’t matter if they don’t fit. They will find a way to squeeze in every inch of fat, muscle, and fur in every nook and cranny of that box. And just when they are riveted by the cramped space, get them to do your bidding, or pose a question. They will almost always answer you truthfully, provided you give them more boxes to fit themselves in.

Mother Hen

To pass the time, Grandma crochets during the afternoons. She had just made this masterpiece and wanted to place it in the living room. It had taken her about a month to make this, and only a couple of seconds for this cat to tear it apart. All this kitty had to do was topple the mother hen. Outta the way!

Image Courtesy of February90 / Reddit

She gingerly placed her feet inside the nest and settled in. Hmm, feels warm. Just how I like it. She looked at the slain hen. But she doesn’t feel an ounce of remorse. This is my spot now. Try doing something about it.

Wrong Seed Packet

This mom thought about growing her own produce. She bought a packet of seeds, some soil, and a great deal of plant boxes. She eagerly poured the potting mix inside the trays, raked the soil, and then, planted the seeds. These things should sprout in a couple weeks’ time. But she was shocked to find that it had sprouted the wrong kinds of plants.

Image Courtesy of TheLukeLSM / Reddit

She looks at the seed packets and cocks her head. How in the world did I grow cats? She nudges the head of one, and then boops the other. Come on. Get off. I just planted these last week. Why don’t you nap somewhere else? Nope. Sorry, not sorry.

Are You Hanging in There?

Believe us, this picture will get your palms sweating. How do you think this kitty felt when it had been taken a few miles off the ground, without a seat belt? It’s a good thing that cats have nine lives, right?

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

Cats have always loved feeling tall, but we’re certain it’s a rare occasion that one had been taken to new, and dangerous, heights. Fortunately, it was able to stay still on those bars the whole time. Wonder if it ever flew again?

Hissing Dirt and Grime

This taxi driver kept his car well-maintained. He would have it checked every couple of months, and clean it almost daily. So, he couldn’t understand why the car would choke every couple minutes or so. It almost sounds like there’s something stuffed inside!

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

Could it be a rat? After all, rats are drawn to dark places. To his surprise, this taxi driver found a cat nestled inside his exhaust pipe. He gently called out to it, but it retreating even further in. Either he scared this critter with a honk, or enticed it with food. Surely, though, the cat got out safely.

Here’s Another Scam

Here’s another scam for you guys. We swear it will make you look twice. The farm hen had just laid a couple of eggs in her nest. She had been diligently guarding them, but had hen duties to attend to. Today, we took a tour around the farm. And we hadn’t expected to chance upon this hen and her lay.

Image courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

Its eyes stared wide. Well, if I don’t move, I bet they wouldn’t notice the lack of feathers. Out of impulse, its whiskers twitched. Darn it. Okay, I should try something else. It heaved, and mustered a clucking sound. We’re sure this little guy was just watching the eggs as a favor for the mother hen.

Not Today

What do we say to Hygieia, the goddess of health and cleanliness? Not today! This cat hissed. We decided this was close enough, and would need a new hand washing station. That’s more like it. Once, you’re done, fetch me a towel, won’t you?

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

This was truly a majestic creature. Its crescent irises turned into two full moons. It yawned, and extended its paws before it. It made a pillow out of those stuffed legs, and then took a nap. It wouldn’t be pretty waking this kitty from its sleep by turning on the faucet. What a mess!

Are We There Yet?

Because of his job, this man has to travel around a lot. He wakes up pretty early, makes himself some breakfast, and then breezes through the rest of the morning routine to make it to his office in time. Without anyone at home, he brings along his pet kitten for the ride. We can’t say his kitten likes it one bit.

Image Courtesy of Cats Shouldn’t / Twitter

Are we there yet? Dad signals a right turn. Instinctively, this kitten takes a swipe at Dad’s finger. Hey, hooman! I asked, are we there yet? This goofball receives a gentle rub on his forehead. We’re almost there, critter. Now how about taking a couple more minutes of sleep?

Melting Temperature

You may not know it, but cats shift from solid to liquid states depending on their mood. Just look at this one right here. It had melted into a mess of goo in the bathroom. It lay suspended in the sink, waiting for someone to completely soak it.

Image Courtesy of EmergencyKittens / Twitter

It probably didn’t know that it was resting just beneath a water spout. Otherwise, it would have chosen another nook to chill in. Imagine how upset it would be if you turned on the faucet. We don’t want to think about it.

Caught One

Cats are attention seekers. We know that, but we hadn’t met one this extra about it. A man had attempted to steal a motorcycle when he was overtaken by a group of policemen. He hadn’t gotten around the corner, when he was arrested and subdued just in front of someone’s driveway. This cat thought it was the perfect time for a photo op.

Image Courtesy of Cat Shouldnt / Twitter

We can hear him claiming all the credit for these policemen’s earnest efforts. Why, I barely raised a claw. All I had to do was hiss at him, and he was down on the ground in a jiffy. That’s when the local police cuffed his hands, and read him his rights. We will take whatever this cat says with a grain of salt.