S.O.S. My Cat Seems To Be Malfunctioning

By Iulia P

There’s no room for discussion when we say that cats are an internet sensation. Yes, dogs are cute, they are loyal, and their love for their humans is unmeasurable, but cats still win the online search contest despite all these characteristics. And if you think about it, it is really ironic. They are aloof when it comes to their owners, lazy, and their bossy attitude could be a real turn-off if they were human. Yet, somehow they manage to twist their owners around their paws and transform him or her into a loyal “servant.” Statistically speaking, in the USA, there are more cat owners than dog owners. And there’s no wonder why. Despite their serious attitude, they are total clowns. Here are some cats that prove our statement.

How many?

We are sure that everybody knows the number of police officers needed in order to change a broken lightbulb. But do you know how many cats are needed to do the same exact thing? If your answer is six, then…

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/icant-chooseone

You should try again because if you bring six cats to change a lightbulb, they will end up staring at it for ages, just like these little fellows above. Instead, it would help if you changed it yourself and not rely on some easily distracted electricians.

Italiano vero

The level of “Italian” in this picture below is definitely 98%. It could have been 100%, but we don’t see any pasta or pizza in the picture. Nonetheless, the hand gesture itself should be enough for this guy to be able to get Italian citizenship.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/fyae

All jokes aside, we are really intrigued. We can not help but wonder what this guy was doing there. Did he catch a bug? Was he looking at a booger? Was he explaining something to someone? We will never know…

Look what I can do!

The person who said that pets are literally like children was right on so many levels. Take, for example, the ball of fur pictured below. This kitten looks like a child that is showing her parents what she learned to do.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Nirami

We have to be honest; our OCD started taking over when we saw that those sharp claws and that heavy ball of fur destroying the curtains. As much as it bothers us, it clearly did not bother the owner, who found taking a picture of his pet kittie more important than saving the curtains.


Imagine coming home from work and looking forward to being greeted by your fur baby. Now imagine the level of disappointment you will feel when this doesn’t happen. The owner of this cat went indeed through some disheartening emotions.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/soccer-law

Only to find his cat having the best nap of his life on top of the kitchen cabinets. Looking at the place he was found in, we can only assume that someone had a delicious lunch. So good he couldn’t make it to the couch to do his duty as a loving pet and rather fell asleep in the kitchen.

Gymnastics cat

For some reason, this fluffy cat pictured below reminds us of Nadia Comaneci, the gymnast that got the first perfect 10 in history. To be honest, if Comaneci were a cat, this cat would definitely be her. She is a talented balancer.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/MyNameGifOreilly

And she definitely knows it because the amount of confidence her face is showing speaks volumes. She knows what she is doing on that coat stand because this is not the first time she has been seen attempting it. She practiced long enough to be able to get a perfect 10 too.


It looks like someone was taken by surprise while she was trying to do something really, really naughty, more precisely when she was trying to break the mosquito net and leave the house without letting her human know about it.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/jasontaken

The person behind the camera is dealing with a mischievous cat. But it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much since she took the time to go get her camera and snap a picture. Maybe this is not the first time kitty is being destructive.


You know that awesome feeling after you place an order online, and you are so excited to receive the parcel that you just go and wait for the delivery guy in front of the window. We have all been there at least once.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/fryingsquirrels

It looks like the delivery man is taking his time and someone got really tired of waiting for him. Waiting can be very tiring; we totally understand why this poor guy gave up and just took a well-deserved nap.

Panoramic view?

After seeing this picture, the first that went through our minds was that it was taken with the panoramic mode. But guess what?! It was not. What we are seeing in the picture below is nothing but a very stretched-out lazy cat.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/solid_static

Yes, exactly. A very big and tired cat that needed a good stretch before going for her second nap in front of the window. Oh, cats! Their life is so easy; all they do is sleep and eat and sleep again. This is literally a fantasy for most of us.

Uhm, privacy!

It looks like someone does not know what the word “privacy” means. And not only does he not know it, but it seems like he doesn’t know that staring at someone while that someone is taking a shower is really weird and just a tad bit creepy, in our opinion.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/s-rizzo

And not only weird and creepy, but really rude too. The good thing about it is that it looks like he is still young. So he still has time to learn what’s rude and what’s not as he grows up and gets some “catiquette.”


If the expression “Chillin like a villain” could be personified and brought to life, it would definitely take the shape of the gray kitty. That cat looks like he found the best spot and the most comfortable position that he could have ever found.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/mobiuschic42

Sure it looks a bit weird for a cat to lay like this, like a human being. But we have to agree that it is adorable how comfortable and cozy he looks while laying on that comfy blankey next to his bestie.

Now that’s a reaction…

Looks like someone is trying to gain something. The photo of this cat below reminds us of those times we were in class, and the teachers would try to crack jokes with us. Obviously, the jokes were so bad that we had to fake laugh so the teachers would not feel embarrassed.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/cutecatsinspace

From that exaggerated facial expression, we can only assume the cat is in the same situation. We can not help but wonder what is it that this kitty is trying to obtain? A longer curfew? A can of tuna? A new toy, maybe?

That’s weird…

Well, we try to be as understanding as we can, but sometimes it’s beyond our powers. This time is one of those times, and we can not help but wonder: what is this little fellow doing in the fridge, acting like it is a totally normal thing to do?

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/friendlynoodless

He decided to sit right in between the bottle of milk and the bottles of beer. Maybe he feels like a glass of something tasty to drink and is trying to give his owner a hint. Well, it looks to us that the owner missed it and is wondering how to keep him out of there.

What is this?

Okay, can somebody please help us out here?! We’ve been looking at this picture below for way too long, and we think we are looking at a cat, but cats are not known to sit the way he is sitting, so we are left wondering what kind of creature is he exactly?…

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/AJf*ckingSucks

We are confused, and we are sure that his owner is too. But according to her, this cute creature sometimes meows, loves playing with yarn balls and sometimes hunts for leaves. So we can only assume it is a cat. But the jury is still out on that one.

Boredom level 100%

Poor guy! Looks like Garfield is bored, and he ran out of ideas of ways to kill time. To be honest, we don’t know if that is his real name, but the resemblance is so striking, it’s a legit name to give him.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Kimmsrevenge

The sisal cat tree he has is so cool, and we are sure it cost his owner a lot of money, yet it looks like Garfield right here is still bored. Hmm, maybe some lasagna would help him lift his spirits up a bit.


While some might have gotten bored of their cat trees (take a look at the previous photo), some are on cloud 9 and above, after their owners got them a new place to scratch, play with, and sleep in.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/loafjunky

And by some, we are definitely referring to this overexcited kitty whose happiness and excitement can be seen all over her face. Seems like someone has been a really good girl if her owner bought her this new toy.

If your girlfriend…

If after a boy’s night out you come home very late and your girlfriend is still awake, waiting for you in the kitchen like this (see photo below), buddy, it’s time for you to run because things are about to go south and go south real quick.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/bajinglez

She might look only a little crazy with her head tilted while displaying a subtle grimace but do not fall for it. We repeat: do not fall for it. It is a trap, and you need to get out of the house as soon as possible, get into the car and maybe even sleep there. Anything that would help you avoid a fight will be well worth it.

Waiting for her next meal like…

If you love watching wildlife documentaries, then we are sure this photo made you think of the big felines that live in the savannas of Africa. This is how they would lay out on a rock after a hard hunt and a good feed with the pride.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/culdesaccolony

While her cousins are out there hunting for their dinner, this cat looks like she just finished that can of Fancy Feast that she loves so much after annoyingly meow-ing to her owner to give it to her. Talk about the good life…

Serf situation

The more we see pictures of cats and the more we see the relationship between cats and their humans, the more we agree with whoever said that cats do not have owners but servants. It could not have been more accurate.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/bubblybeep

And if you refuse to believe it, well, this photo you have just seen might be a good example to prove our point. We do not know for sure why the kitty is so angry, but we can only feel so sad for the poor human who looks like she is treated horribly by her “owner.”

The contortionist cat

We knew that cats are flexible, but we did not know they can be this flexible. We get a sore back just by looking at the photo of this cat who seems to be doing some sort of advanced cat yoga pose. It isn’t very clear.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ryan4637

Let us explain. It is hard for us to understand how her upper body is all twisted and looks like she is relaxing while her lower body is stretched to its limits. Cats are some weird creatures, and nothing can change our opinion about that.

The ancestors are not happy

According to this cat’s owner, her little ball of fur got stuck in between those tree branches while trying to go up in the tree. By the expression on this cat’s face, it looks really angry, or maybe it’s just embarrassed to be caught in a compromising situation and needing help to get down.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/shade-tree_pilot

Yes, kitty looks really annoyed at the human. And we are sure this is the same exact face her ancestors and all her cousins out there in the jungle have when looking at this photo. Someone might have ruined his family’s reputation for being superb tree climbers.

Cozy much?

If you still don’t want to believe us when we say that cats are a bit weird, well, here yet more proof that might convince you. How can she lay up on that drying rack so comfortably like it’s the coziest place ever?!

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/amosab

Seriously now! It’s hard for us to understand, and not only that but just by looking at how her front legs are dangling over that laundry line is causing us major discomfort. She, on the other hand, appears to be perfectly content.

Beyond tired

According to the person who posted this, the picture of the cat below was taken the day she was brought home from the SPCA by her new humans. It turns out that her new mom is obsessed with taking pictures of the addition to the family.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/sacramentoproud13

And it also turns out that kitty was not prepared for being the center of attention and that she is beyond tired of her mom and her camera. Her reaction is all telling, but it seems like her owner did not get the hint.

Hello there, human!

There is a phase in each child’s development when they become really clingy. It turns out that kittens go through this phase too, and like all kids, they are so clingy they feel the need to follow their parents to the toilet.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ThotMyProblem

It can be very unpleasant not to have a moment of privacy but let’s be understanding. This little guy is still young, and he has time to learn some proper manners. But until then, someone has to get used to the idea that he will not be going to the toilet alone for a while.

Winston,is that you?

Call us crazy but the moment we saw this cat’s face the first name that came to our minds was: Winston Churchill. We can not explain exactly what it is but this cat definitely looks like the former British prime minister.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/rztan

Could it be his imposing demeanor or the somber and earnest look on his face? Or even that his “hand” is lifted like he has something significant to say to the rest of the parliament members. Do you see it now?

Kitty eyes

Everybody knows about the puppy eyes technique that dogs use. Some know about it; some have even experienced it. But do you know about the kitten eyes effect? This is a cat’s ace up the sleeve, and it is scientifically proven to be more efficient than puppy eyes.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/thebeastwhatsqueaks

Don’t believe us? Look again at the picture above. Now that you saw it, we are sure you are as mesmerized with those eyes as we are. How can you not give this cat whatever she is asking you to give her?

Trying hard

You know what they say: ” The devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder.” But do you know what works harder than those two combined? This cat, in the following picture, who is trying hard to impress her human with some stair acrobatics.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/nocturnalra

Giving her owner this cute pose to impress him can mean two things: she either wants attention, or she just wants her human to fill that food bowl again and give her a treat or two. Or maybe she just wants both.

Sports Illustrated

Maybe the person who serves this cat saw nothing more than his cat relaxing on a shelf. But what we saw when we first looked at this picture is a potential Sports Illustrated model. A very talented and full of potential cat model.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/pjwesti

And who knows?! Maybe the first-ever cat model to be on the cover of this famous magazine. She has the body; she has an intense look in her eyes, and she is strutting the perfect athletic pose. Kitty can be the perfect fit for it. She is obviously a natural.

Addicted cat

Look at this face right here! This is the face of addiction. This is the face we make when we go to the food court in the mall or when we enter into that cool shoe shop that has fabulous sandals displayed all over the walls.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/HelloYesIAmJess

If for us it’s food and shoes that make us drop to the floor with yearning and desire, for this cat, it’s her special squawky mouse toy. Why special, you may ask? Because according to her owner, the mouse is filled with catnip. It all makes sense now, right?!

Act normal

That moment when the girl you’ve been crushing over for a while now catches you by surprise while she passes by in the hallway. What do you do in this situation? Anything but acting like the cool guy that you are.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/martincgn

We are sure that hiding your head in the watering can is not the correct thing to do in this situation. And because this guy needs an encouraging, confidence-boosting pep talk and some good advice, can someone get on over there and help him out?

-Insert proper caption because we are out of ideas-

We don’t know how to feel about this picture here. This is definitely a beautiful cat, but this is certainly not her best picture. Probably the photographer took her by surprise, or maybe she is just not that photogenic.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/icant-chooseone

Either way, this is not the kind of portrait that one would want to be published online. So we can only hope that this poor un-photogenic cat does not know that her human not only decided to upload it but also made fun of her on the internet.


And the award for the most broken cat out of all of the cats we have seen up until now goes to *drum rolls*: this cute ball of fur whose way of eating her food is beyond our comprehension. How?

Photo courtesy of wholesomeness.com/broken-cats/

And when we said “broken” we meant it. She literally looks like she is broken. We were today years old when we learned that cats can actually stretch their legs sideways without feeling any pain because of it. Mind blown!

Stressed cat

That moment when the final exam is tomorrow, you procrastinated until the last minute, and now you are so stressed that you decide to start studying by taking a break. If you’ve never found yourself in this position, then you’re one of a kind.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/jasontaken

But if you have been there and have done that, this was probably you laying on the floor thinking about all the time you had to study, but you wasted it. Someone will have to give a good explanation to the parents after this one.

Box addiction

It is well known that cats have two addictions: catnip and boxes. Cardboard boxes, all cats love them so much no matter how big, or small these boxes might be, a cat will always say “if i fits, i sits”.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/iknowallmyabc

And this orange cat makes no exception from this. Lucky for her the box is big enough for her to be able to squish herself inside of it. She may not fit properly, but she made it possible by doing what cats do best: contortionism. Good job, kitty!

21st Century cat

Oh, cats nowadays! You expect them to have hunting for mice in their blood. You get them in the hope that they will help you out and catch those little rodents that are chewing on everything that comes their way. But no, not always!

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/bajinglez

Sometimes you end up with a cat that is either scared of mice, loves playing with them, or you may end up with a cat that, instead of hunting for them, hunts for loaves of bread instead, like this confused kitty.

Four legs

We may not have a back story behind this weird picture of a “broken” cat, but it looks like the picture was taken right before kitty lost her balance and fell off the cool cat tree that her human slave got for her.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/somberestofmuffins

If it was a dog in this situation, we would have been worried to our core for its safety, but considering it is a cat, we are not concerned about it at all. After all, cats always land on their feet, right?

Internet trend

Looks like someone is trying to keep up with the internet trends. Lately, it has been all over the web and social media that the Asian squat has a multitude of health benefits, and it seems like kitty wants to benefit them all.

Photo courtesy of wholesomeness.com/broken-cats/

While she is doing that, which by the way, makes her look so darling, let’s take a moment to admire how beautiful this kitty is. From those puffy toes up to her ears, she is pure, undiluted cuteness. And let’s not get started about those eyes…

Someone should tell her

Cuz if not, we will! Kitty, you may think that the pose you did for your human is the best and the angle was just right, but in the name of all our readers, we are here to tell you that it was not doing you any justice at all.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Shana24601

Upside down does not highlight your facial features, and we strongly advise you to change your position into something more suitable for your look. Right side up with a slight downturned chin type pose might work the best for you. You are welcome!

Mom is home

Being a pet is not always fun and games. Being a pet means, most of the time, that your human needs to go to work to make money in order to spoil you with good food, a posh bed and lots of toys.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Lucyloves

It may get a bit lonely and dull during the week while your human is at work but the best moment and maybe the highlight of the day is when mommy or daddy come back home from work. This is how this cat reacted when her owner walked into the room she was whiling away the hours in.

What is this smell?

Have you ever smelled a weird smell, and you did not know where it came from? How annoying is that? This cat in the picture below is going through the same troubles, and the look on her face she has is everything.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Blank_M1nd

Lucky for her, it looks like she found where the weird smell originated from. It was right behind her. And it seems to us like someone needs to urgently go to take a bath before his roommates smell it too.


If you have nightmares quite often or if you are scared of the dark, we strongly advise you not to look at the following picture. We did, and we regret it because now we can barely sleep at night.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/MyNameGifOreill

Okay, we may be being a bit too dramatic, so let’s just assume that in reality, this cat is very lovely and sweet and that the picture above is nothing more than a bad picture. It can happen to any of us, right?!

Creepy cat

Since we started speaking about creepy cats, here is another creepy cat that is probably not aware that it is creepy. According to her human, this cat often sleeps with her eyes open. We know, and as we have already said more than once, it is really creepy.

Photo courtesy of cattybox.com

But, hey! Let’s look at the bright side of it; she is kinda cute doing it. Apparently, kitty is not aware of her habit, so we should try to keep this between us. After all, we all are weird in one way or another.


There is nothing cuter than a cat trying to act like a dog. Charles, the orange boy, pictured below is one of those cats, as her human calls him, a dog trapped in a cat’s body. He loves to do all the things dogs love.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/jasontaken

He was a kitten when he was brought home, and the family’s dog instantly adopted him. He loves playing with little balls, and sometimes he enjoys chewing on the blanket. Charles may meow but the way he fetches sticks cannot compare to any dog.

Relaxing Sunday

There is nothing like a Sunday nap. Nothing compares to the good snooze you take after that epic Sunday lunch you have with your family. The hard week, the good food, and the excitement caused by having the family over will leave you napping deeply.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/11 months ago

Just like this guy in the picture, except for the position of his body. Nobody would ever want to sleep in a position like that because no matter how good the sleep would be, the amount of back pain felt after it would be on another level. Ouch!

Waiting patiently

The award for the most patient cat that is always waiting patiently for her human to open the back door goes to this beautiful kitty. This tiger-looking cat and how she is sitting on her perch just like her human is cuteness overload.

Photo courtesy of wholesomeness.com/broken-cats/

Not only is her position on that sisal chair cute, but can we take a moment to admire how beautiful this cat is? Her coat is perfection, and her jade-colored eyes are mesmerizing. No wonder she has that expensive sisal toy. We would not be able to resist her either.

Just another broken cat

Here we have another cat that may look broken, but like all the others featured in our story, looks can be deceiving. She is just being playful while trying to give her owner a good picture for his photo collection. We just love the fact that she is focused on her mission.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/r/aww/

She gave her best and she nailed this mini, amateur photoshoot that her human made her the star of. Matter of fact we might have to contact her to ask for some advice. Who wouldn’t want such cool pics of themselves?