These People Should Have Thought Twice Before Acting Out

By Karen F

For these unfortunate people, doing some things, even the most mundane of daily tasks, somehow manage to fall beyond common sense. We don’t understand why they put themselves at risk or how they are capable of multitasking. But they have survived well into adulthood. Luckily, they lived to tell the tale of their mistakes. We hope they learn a thing or two from these mishaps before they end up endangering their lives and those of people around them too. Watch as these people fall, stain white clothing, and make brash decisions! Maybe you’ve even found yourself in their shoes in the past, but we would certainly hope that you had better decision-making skills than that, for the sake of us all.

Carried Away

This one is a fall hazard just waiting to happen. We wouldn’t want to stand in line behind this woman even if we were five paces below. Despite this fail, you still have to have some measure of sympathy for her — having this much luggage doesn’t look easy.

Image courtesy of

Someone ought to have called maintenance, or a guard to escort her to the nearest elevator. Or maybe she couldn’t find the directory. Whatever the case, we can only hope for her that there’s no more luggage and that this will be her only fateful trip up the escalator.

Picture Perfect

Angles matter. Between her pose, her duckface, and that spoonful of olive oil seeping through the tablecloth, there’s not much that’s flattering about this picture. What a mess! We hope she left the waiter as much tips as the likes she garnered from this photo.

Image courtesy of Reddit/circuselefante

She must not have seen the spill when she took the picture, or perhaps the photo was taken a second before realizing her discovery. Whatever the story, that seems like an inordinate amount of dressing for a rather small salad.

Company Benefits

One of the perks of bargaining agreements would have to be insurance policies, assuming that these men were even granted any. We guess it comes with the occupational hazards of this particular job to work without harnesses, scaffolding, or frames.

Image courtesy of Quora

Just hold on tight to the quick-dry cement, and tiptoe along on those cables. What’s the worst that could happen? This builder is more than fortunate for the swift reflexes of his co-workers, who have managed to snag him by the collar of his shirt.

5 Minutes Tops

Want to make the perfect eggs? Boil them for 5 minutes at most. If you go any further, you risk breaking the shell and poaching them. But wouldn’t you know it, a crucial component is making sure that there’s heat below in the first place.

Image courtesy of

And by the time they cracked those eggs open, they were in for a gross surprise. What a waste of time. Hopefully the person was able to make a sandwich while his eggs were boiling — or, rather, taking a bath.

Actor, Artist, Realist

Does this guy think that he’ll be falling on a cushion of good intentions and cotton candy with that smile on his face? We sure hope he has a hidden wire under his green vest, because if not then he’s in for one heck of a nosedive.

Image courtesy of Facebook/PfuschAmBauGmbh

He may be painting the Sistine Chapel for all we know, but this isn’t the Renaissance where there weren’t safe resources to use or rely on. Besides, isn’t the object of his attention just within the ledgers of his room? Why is he painting with half his body outside? Couldn’t he do it by sitting by the windowsill?

Clear Visibility

There are several reasons for wearing masks. Sometimes, they are used for anonymity, protection, or both, as in this case. We wouldn’t want to be known on the Internet for failing to take precautionary standards, much less having to resort to asphyxiation to get the job done.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Backrow6

A plastic bag is not the answer. Even if he thinks that will give him clear visibility, those sparks can still easily burn through and strike his skin. Second, how can he manage his breathing? We wouldn’t be able to focus like this.

Three Stooges

We watched them in black and white. Now they can be seen in color, inhabiting the bodies of our middle-aged uncles. Ladies and gentlemen, the always-hilarious Three Stooges, in their modern evolved form, attempting to complete a construction project together.

Image courtesy of Ladder Safety Hub

Now that deserves applause. Uncle shouldn’t be asking for a back massage this evening because of the risk he and his friends put themselves in. No one deserves to be commended for standing as a make-shift platform. Now, get down from there!

Legs On The Wheel

Kids, don’t try this at home. We are wondering how this guy can accelerate, let alone maintain his speed. Don’t highways have minimum speed rates for motorcycles and vehicles? If we had to guess, we’d say he’s probably rocking to AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”.

Image courtesy of Reddit/MrPurpleHaze

He might think he’s cool but this is downright dangerous. Can’t he act like other normal people for once and play it safe? There’s really no obvious impairment that would require him to use his legs. Drive with two hands on the wheel!

Limo In Limbo

Just what was this driver thinking? Was this a simple case of miscalculation, or had he forgotten how long this limo was? Now that he has caused a road blockage, he’s had to gather some assistance from passersby in order to solve the issue.

Image courtesy of

Seems like there’ll be sluggish traffic for a few minutes. A detour might come in handy, because it’s difficult to put leverage under the front tires of this limousine. Hope the passengers had enough sense to get out of the vehicle first.

Lock And Key

Who wouldn’t wish their love life was as utterly inseparable as this? This especially bright person, not wanting to lose that spare key, also managed to lock it in. Yikes. He should have seen that one coming! But honestly, how easy it is to goof up like this.

Image courtesy of Crafty Diply

We’re guessing he had the keys duplicated in order to open the lock, or he could have picked it to save expenses. Maybe he had intended it to be one of those unsolvable puzzles? Whatever the cause, this sure looks frustrating.

Cooking Rice

Wonder how they do it in East Asia? First and foremost, they don’t use a rice cooker. That’s a cheat. Second, we suggest you use the stove or the rice cooker. We don’t use both at the same time to cook rice. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with this.

Image Courtesy of Gallow B***/Reddit

He’s lucky he only ended up with a burnt cooker and one fairly ruined stove top. In the worst-case scenario, someone else may well have wanted a bowl of rice and ended up being kitchen-less, or homeless. Shouldn’t the plastic exterior have been obvious enough to the cook?

Security Men

Is that a mattress? Never mind getting cables to keep it in the pickup truck. The hardware might have run out, so to prepare for this worst-case scenario, they are standing guard to keep that mattress from falling. This situation looks like an absolute nail-biter.

Image courtesy of Gator 426428/Reddit

Between the mattress losing its firmness and you dying, we would have to choose the former. How did no one tell these guys that this is a terrible idea? All it takes is a sharp swerve or hitting the brakes too hard to send them flying.

Refund Please

Sorry dear, but warranties only cover factory defects. This clearly isn’t one. They didn’t pack it in the bag with this cut right through the cable itself. Looks like someone wasn’t even looking when they took to this package with scissors.

Image courtesy of The Vince Gene/Reddit

It’s tricky opening this kind of packaging, but on the other hand, it’s not exactly rocket science. Maybe next time, ask for help to do activities requiring mental processing. It doesn’t hurt to ask a little help from friends sometimes.

Bath Scrub

We’re guessing it’s this feline’s first time taking a bath with her master. And about the same time he took the plunge, she was thoughtful enough to help lather him with soap. So she climbed on up, using those claws like grappling hooks.

Image courtesy of Animal Wised /Reddit

How considerate of her for thinking to help him out with a good scrub. So she’s bared her claws and started working. At least he can disinfect those scratches while in the tub. Soap and water are less painful than alcohol.

Empty Tank

When you see the gas gauge nearing the last marker, you’ll need to park at the nearest gas station. While there, you should probably have your windows and side mirrors cleaned too. This woman has decided to clean her car in…an alternative way.

Image courtesy of Nwktomia/Reddit

Instead of using water, gasoline? That’s a fire hazard to end all fire hazards. We’re praying someone was able to tell her that was a huge mistake. If not then we’re sincerely hoping she got out of there in one piece.

Gadget Use

Tablets are designed to be used for reading. Mobile phones are made for communicating via SMS or chat. But when it comes to calls, you have Bluetooth devices, earphones with microphones, or loudspeaker. This woman decided all of those weren’t complicated enough for her.

Image courtesy of Life Wire

Heads up? Maybe try a direct call with gadgets that are smaller than the width of your face. Our pockets hurt just looking at this picture. If that fell, that’s roughly $100 dollars minimum for repair and equally the same amount for a new tablet.

Stacks Of Liquor

When there’s a deep sense of urgency (for liquor), an alcoholic will resort to whatever means necessary in order to get that fix. Case in point. This guy is not letting anything stand in his way of reaching that bottle.

Image Courtesy of Awesome Inventions

He better have good balance, and a particular body mass index in order to stay aloft. If he doesn’t, it’d be every boozer’s regret to swim in a shallow pool of 8% alcohol and glass shards. Send help to aisle 3, please?

Crotch Protection

Helmets are meant to be worn during hazardous repairs such as this. This man thought he was Superman for the day, and decided to embark on this sketchy task without the proper gear. And it looks like an accident just waiting to happen.

Image courtesy of

Ran out of ideas? That’s not a good enough excuse to use this hand trolley for a ladder. One degree out of line, and he’ll be deep in regret, hunched over and mute for a couple of minutes. Maybe next time try to go for something simpler? It’s sure to be less painful.

Thanking The Delivery Man

They are all responsible, putting in the back-breaking work of loading and unloading packages. They make sure that these arrive on front porches with the package’s integrity intact. We just wanted to thank our delivery man personally, but guess how he repaid our gratitude.

Image courtesy of Sunny Skyz/Reddit

By locking us in our apartment. Anyone would have thought someone pulled a prank on us. No one’s outside to move it aside. We’ve checked the peephole several times. That latch won’t budge. What an embarrassing reason to need to call for help!

Wrong Tool

Was she drag racing for her to think those tires were on fire and in need of some dousing? We don’t see any skid marks, nor a blazing trail left behind by some road antics. So why would she use a fire extinguisher?

Image courtesy of

To be fair, that’s a gauge. It’s just that it is not meant to measure your car’s air pressure. A friendly stranger could act as her mechanic. Hopefully, someone was around to tell her what the fire extinguisher is truly for.

New Heights

Some people are afraid of heights. And then there are some daredevils who seek out peril. Aren’t there scissor lifts available on the market? Just drive that straddle stacker onto its platform, press some buttons, then let the equipment hoist it up to the desired level.

Image courtesy of Aldaron/Reddit

Now we understand why accidents are common in the construction business. For their sake and for everyone else’s, we hope that they took the necessary precautions needed. We wouldn’t want to see any accidents happening in this department — things could get grisly.

Cat On The Roof

This man is a hard worker. He came to his job early, with paint roller and can in hand, then set to work. He was tasked with repainting the rooftop, but now he’s looking for a way back to safe ground.

Image courtesy of Acid 66/Reddit

How did he even get up there in the first place? Like a cat, he seems to have had no trouble climbing up, but didn’t think about how to get down. We hope someone brings him lunch, because it’s going to be a long while before that firetruck comes by. By then that paint will require a recoat.  

Ripe For Picking

Instead of holding him by the ankles, he should be doing a facepalm. Why not use a ladder to stand on in order to screw that in firmly? Does home repair require blood sacrifice to maintain the structural integrity of the house?

Image Courtesy of High Speed Training

Imagine if he has to drill several things in a row. His best buddy would be swinging him like a pendulum. He would also be waxing that rooftop clean. We don’t recommend this at all and highly advise getting a professional for roof repairs.

Quality Control

Units will differ based on the measurement system used. You have miles or kilometers, velocity or speed, and pounds or kilograms. But when we say right or left, it ought to be universally understood. So how did this escape that signage factory’s attention?

Image courtesy of

So should we go its right and our left? That’s the only way we can make sense of it and avert an accident on the road. We hope that people won’t be swayed by the sign and they were able to make it to their destination in peace.

Rough Play

This is the only play where both teams are at a loss. They not only have to compete with each other, but they have to defy gravity. By the end of one match, those glutes and thighs will be burning.

Image courtesy of

Was this field once bare? Is this shift in angle the product of tectonic plates clashing against each other so much that they created a mountain in their wake? Or perhaps, just perhaps, should this country employ better engineers and rural development planners?

Wider Base

When you’re reaching for something, better make sure you have a wide base of support that will keep you from toppling over. But why not just use the ladder? From this picture, it seems like it is tall enough to reach that lantern bulb.

Image courtesy of Reddit/atzeeierkopp

He even used a rocking horse! It could have been a plyboard or a metal sheet, but not a toy that is meant to rock to and fro. Second, that pool is to shallow for him to jump into. If he doesn’t want to end up with a hip or leg fracture, he will have to jump like a starfish.   

Wrong Way

This is what you’d expect if you migrate from a left-driving country to a right-driving one: a road rampage. It doesn’t matter how many cars you encounter, or how many lanes you swerve on. It only matters that you’re rushing towards danger.

Image courtesy of Joliosis/Reddit

We hope the dysfunctional driver isn’t on our side of the road. Otherwise we will just pull over, stay by the shoulders, and wait this one out. It would be a GTA V scenario with roadblocks and a helicopter overhead.

Fire’s Out

When there’s a fire, better call the local fire department, or perhaps ready that bucket of water. Same principle, right? This is just what this guy attempted to do when he saw the transformer alit. He probably wanted to save the whole area from a power outage.

Image Courtesy of Blog Rallison

We hope someone called him out on this or asked him what were the contents of that bucket. A fire extinguisher could have been a good alternative or sand. We pity those who are standing below that power line. Nothing about this situation seems safe.


Let’s assume his GPS might not have been updated. Because 100 yards beforehand, he would have seen that the next lane was under construction. So being the impatient driver that he is, he took a right, straight unto the wet cement.

Image courtesy of Kingwood/Reddit

This charming illustration just goes to show you are truly never too old to inconvenience everyone. Maybe there should have been a sign? We’re flabbergasted by his detour — and his lack of understanding as to why people put cones down on the road in the first place.

Changing Stereo

There’s a reason parents encourage youngsters to ask questions. It would save them time to avert an accident, or in this case, keep the sound system functional. Take, for example, a few delicate questions about how the sound system inside the family car works.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Fandingos

Assuming it fits, then sure, why not try shoving your perfectly sized phone into the car’s cassette player? Not working? Hit eject. Maybe next time, Apple stores will require their customers to have certain IQ scores before handing over the merch. This picture is giving us a migraine.

Checking Out

Are those mannequins in line? Perhaps they needed an outfit for a special occasion. We still don’t understand how this woman could have mistaken them for real people. After all, they look exactly the same and they’re freakishly tall — not to mention they’ve got a snappy sense of fashion!

Image courtesy of Leviathan Chaos/Reddit

Didn’t she wonder how painful it would have been to stand in that position for more than 20 minutes? Didn’t she wonder why the people in front of her in line remained so deathly silent? In her defense, if we stood at a certain height, perhaps we would have fallen for this mistake briefly, too.

No Comprende

Propane exchange? Can we pay with lives? We’ve only got three-quarters to go. We would really like to go out with a bang, possibly bring others with us too. Just kidding. But seriously, lighting up beside a sign like this indicates nothing short of a death wish.

Image Courtesy of Joker-cringeg / Reddit

It is not our fault that those signages were posted on the front. We can’t see those gas tanks when we are too focused on Candy Crush. But to be honest, isn’t the photographer to blame as well? If there truly was a hazard here, he’s in firing range as well!

High-Tolerance Heat

No, ladies and gentlemen, your kitchen’s cutting boards are not meant to go into the oven. We wish this user had known this before re-heating that pizza. It looks like that pie came with a side of extra cheese, but we’re willing to bet it would not taste the same.

Image courtesy of Bveltzeeland/Reddit

Now, how exactly is one supposed to eat that? Should he scrape the toppings off, and the crust that comes with it? Probably just leave the base intact and place the cheese after the baking to prevent a mistake like this from happening again.

Booking A Ride

We think this woman would have been better off asking the delivery man to ship the package. Is she driving the car from the backseat? We hope not. We don’t have a clear vantage point to check the safety of all cars in the lane she’ll be entering on.

Image courtesy of

And we thought people only drove cars like this in the movies. This looks like an accident just waiting to happen, and we’re only hoping that she has a relatively short commute to get home. Until then, this is a hair-raising situation to witness beside you on the open road.

Aesthetic Purposes

There are some people who wear shades just because. And there are others who use their baseball cap simply to root for their team. And then there’s this gentleman, who appears unclear about the concept of either one of these accessories.

Image courtesy of Vejl/Imgur

He probably forgot he was wearing a baseball cap altogether, or he didn’t know how it works. Maybe he wanted to cover the back of his neck because it was that time of day where the sun is bearing down from behind. Either way, this is a goofy move.

Parking Limits

There are always designated parking areas, be it in malls, grocery stores, residences, or even beaches. You wouldn’t want to get too close to entry points because you are not meant to block the passage of people, or in this case, preventing mermaids from walking on land.

Image courtesy of Reddit/MrsOedipus

Of course, because the ocean does not have a bodyguard to enforce the rules of nature, it has sand. We hope that car can transition into a torpedo boat like in Vice City. We reckon they will be having a hard time getting it out and onto the highway when they have to go home.

We Do With What We Have

When we encounter an accident or an unforeseeable circumstance, we make do with what we have, like this guy right here. No emergency signage, no jacks, no problem! We’ll just hoist the car up with a ladder on one side and work on this problem as soon as possible.

Image courtesy of Flickr/Wapster

And we wonder how women outlive men. Well, here’s a perfect example as to why. How many tons do you think can that slab of metal hold, and for how long? We hope that mess was all cleared up and that he got to work on time — let alone intact.

Thin Ice

Even in the winter, the local government makes an effort to clear up the highways or roads into town. You’ll see signage by the side of the road alerting you as to road conditions, and that way, there is no reason to divert from your usual course, unless you are a newcomer.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Neeeechy

We don’t know what’s worse: watching the sunlight slowly disappear from your car as it plunges into those waters, or low temperatures that can shock you into paralysis. It’s a good thing there are footsteps by the side of that hole. At least he got out alive.

Drilling Holes

We are guessing this is a DIY-oriented person, because no professional would get paid if he delivered this quality of work. Mounting the side of the door with the wrong edge on? Now that’s a mistake only a newbie will incur.

Image courtesy of Imgur/sicnarftea

Why bother putting that door in the first place? You’ve still got two inches of a diameter to peek through, so there’s no point in keeping your privacy. Maybe they can place a non-functional knob there, then place a properly functioning one on the opposite end. That would stall anyone from walking in.

Geometry Fail

He might have needed a calculator to measure the surface area, volume, and perimeter of this lofty package before loading it inside the trunk. It would appear there’s a few measurements he might have wanted to make before bringing this particular car to pick it up.

Image courtesy of Acid Cow

Don’t they have home deliveries from the hardware store? That’s a small price to pay compared to the damages he’ll be paying to whatever unfortunate driver is behind him when he hits the brakes too hard. Honestly, how can he expect this to stay stable throughout the ride?

Night’s Watch

This member of the Night’s Watch decided to look out the window and check if the Wildlings have breached the Wall. Unfortunately, rather than discovering his enemy’s advances, he’s discovered icicles massive enough to reach down and tickle his neck with the cold kiss of death.

Image courtesy of Aldaron/Imgur

It looks like those things are sharp enough to impale whatever intruder threatens his kingdom. He’d better duck his head back into the apartment before one of those falls on his neck. Needless to go, it looks like a pretty nasty way to go.

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