Out Of The Box Billboards That Can’t Help But Get One’s Attention

By Karen F

From our bus stops to our buildings, everything is covered in ads of our favorite brands, not to mention some of the ones we’re sick of seeing. It seems as if we’re being bombarded by demands to spend our money, left and right. That being said, when you sift past a lot of the noise, you’ll find that there are some advertisements that are just plain brilliant, not to mention creative. Some of them capture our attention with their lavish images or even just because they were simply smart. In the end, the best ads are those that catch the eye while making the viewer feel an emotion be it happy, sad, angry, or even hungry! From McDonald’s to Coca-Cola, these creative billboards will have you scrambling to buy whatever they’re selling…or at least appreciating the art set out for everyone to see.

You Missed A Spot

BIC hit a home run with this simple but engaging billboard. Considering that grass is like the Earth’s five o’clock shadow, BIC nailed it with this innovative marketing technique. They’ve mowed the lawn perfectly to match up with the razor.

Image courtesy of crookedbrains.net

The grass may be always greener on the other side, but it’s definitely pretty green after BIC’s smooth shave. It shows that you really don’t need much to create the perfect endorsement. Moreover, you can get some household chores done at the same time.

Too Late To Turn Back

As a big fan of road trips, missing the right exit can really hamper your plans. What’s more annoying then being ravenously hungry after an eight-hour drive and missing the exit to a rest stop? Oh, and of course the next rest stop will be like 100 miles away. 

Image courtesy of Imgur/SabuJoseph

The old-time restaurant is here to solve exactly this problem. They made sure that nobody would be able to miss their ad. They brilliantly transformed an entrance to a tunnel into their billboard, showing a woman’s mouth, wide open, and ready to eat. Similar to you, while you’re hauling down the highway with nothing but grub on your mind. 

It’s Time To Pop The Big Question

Not that they are pressuring but it looks like this jewelry store wants to encourage some couples to take the next step, trying to confuse but amuse, with their two-tone message. It’s mixing a firm command with a more relaxed voice, suggesting that you and your fiancé/e can go to the nearest Robbins Brothers branch and pick out that diamond together.

Image courtesy of kulturkonnekt.com

Although this particular billboard isn’t the eye-catcher, it totally sends the right message. You read it and automatically know what’s up. We just wonder how many people needed to get that little push from this message and just go ahead with it already!

Well That’s…Different 

Don’t worry, you’re not hallucinating. What you see here is another one of McDonald’s masterpieces, as once again, they’ve killed it in the advertising department. The McDonald’s creative team took advantage of their surroundings, and transformed a street light into a coffee pot caught mid-pour into a coffee cup. 

Image courtesy of pelfind.net

Some other brands may say that this creative idea is quite simple, but we would have to disagree on that. This billboard is so unique, it is absolutely genius. It’s obvious that other brands are just jealous of the fast-food giant, and righteously so. This one is definitely one for the museums.

The End Of The World

This eerie billboard looks straight out of the Planet of the Apes movie. As an attempt to promote a world disaster movie about climate change, the genius promoters went with the end-of-days billboard. Chucking a movie poster halfway buried in the ocean may look like a mistake.

Image courtesy of batona.net

However, this is marketing creativity at its best. How better to promote a movie about floods and earthquakes? With the endless array of other disaster movies, it’s hard to stand out, but The Day After Tomorrow leaned into their theme. They created not only a brilliant ad but a feeling as if the end of days is here already.

Building Strong Teeth

Admit it! Whenever you can’t open something you use your teeth. That’s what they are for, no? We are all guilty and we’ve all heard someone telling us that it only takes one time to break your tooth on one of these jars, bottles, or whatever else you use your teeth to open.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

The formula promises us that it builds strong teeth, and all we can think of it what took to build this billboard. This billboard is all about execution which they perfected to the absolute T. Unfortunately, it seems like this toothpaste won’t stop us opening things with our teeth.

The Strong Arm Of The Law

Promoting trust in police can be a complicated task, though if done right, it can be super productive for the police department and of course, the citizens. But just how do you do it right, you ask? Well, this South Korean police department has the answer.

Image courtesy of batona.net

Just hunking it up was all they needed. Honestly, is there anything hotter than a jacked dude in uniform helping a little girl swing? Jokes aside, the really awesome thing that they did here was bring joy and play to the city’s children. Of course, we have no issues with putting the muscular boy-in-blue as added value…wink…wink.

Jumbo Muffins…Jumbo Mistake

Who doesn’t just love a fresh-baked blueberry muffin in the morning? Jumbo Muffins went with letting their product lead as their spokesman on this brilliant billboard. Even though we know they’re fake, those muffins look so mouthwateringly delightful. And rest assured, no one stole that missing muffin.

Image courtesy of Imgur/adaddictive

Not to do the same old muffin ad, Jumbo stayed true to their name and landed that lost muffin on the roof of what we hope was a prop wrecked vehicle. They’ve made this billboard not only delicious but added a kick of some needed highway humor.

Nice Word Play

Every one of us wishes we were handier around the house. Having that desire to make furniture or be able to, for once, not have to call the plumber, is what keeps people buying tools. The DIY lifestyle has made a triumphant comeback.

Image courtesy of pelfind.net

And Craftsman knows it! Not only have they created a visually amazing billboard, but they have also used a pretty brilliant play on words, turning attention not only to the man or woman behind the tools, but to the trust in the tools themselves. Nevertheless, for most of us, the DIY life is but a dream, as we only trust our hands to order pizza.

This Won’t End Well

It’s hard not to look at this image and not immediately wonder if they have car insurance. This high-dangling vehicle is a definite ‘call your Allstate agent’ moment, and quick. It’s yet another example of using an extreme incident to scare consumers into buying the promoted product. 

Image courtesy of thechive.com

Well, obviously! That new car of yours was probably expensive. This ad shows that sometimes going extreme is what is needed to get the message through. However, is selling a few extra policies worth the potential risk? That car doesn’t seem to be stable. 

Picking The Right One

Here’s yet another ingenious use of construction equipment as a prop in the endless battle of cola, between Coke and Pepsi. The crane is probably not there solely to perfect the image; however, infusing it into the concept obviously makes for better marketing.

Image courtesy of iaqmex.com

Coke seemingly always hits out of the ballpark with their ads. Using vibrant colors and their signature coke bottle image, this billboard can’t be missed when scouring the city’s view. Though, it’s a bit confusing as no one ever really wins playing ‘the claw’. At least with this, you can feel like a winner.

Thinking Outside The Box

This DHL Express billboard is true to its title, as they have tapped into their inner self as package deliverers for their marketing technique. They’re using a little outside-the-box thinking, only to eventually use the said box for their billboard ad.

Image courtesy of Flickr/brett jordan

Leave it up to the couriers to make something so perfectly simple, yet to the point. It’s hard not to think that sometimes being basic means that you’re ahead of the curve, and this billboard is as basic as it gets. It might not have needed much design work, but this box idea is literally an out of the box idea!

Don’t Forget To Turn Off The Gas

Unless you speak Russian, it’s probably pretty difficult to figure out this gruesome ad. But from the looks of it, we could in all likelihood say that’s it is some kind of public announcement warning about the dangers of forgetting the gas on.

Image courtesy of pelfind.net

Their devastating message is definitely hard to ignore, as their perfect positioning of the ad makes it seem as if the building itself was destroyed. This announcement looks all too real, and we’re definitely going to check the stove twice before we leave home.

Adidas…It Grows On You

This is how advertising is done right. Even looking past the overgrowth of greens, it’s plain to see that we’re looking at an Adidas shoe, as those three stripes are hard to mistake. This clever act of marketing is not only beautiful to look at but fights air-pollution at the same time.

Image courtesy of pelfind.net

This vertical garden idea is pure brilliance, and makes us wish that more companies would invest in more simple, climate change-battling adverts. Green advertising definitely makes for less of an eyesore on our city streets, all while also cleaning our air and making us think about getting some new kicks.

That’s A Really Smart Idea

IBM was really thinking out of the box with this one. Instead of the more common flashy adverts littered with eye-catching celebrities, this major conglomerate decided to go simple and, most importantly, utilitarian. This smart move is not only creative but also helpful for rainy days!

Image courtesy of Pinterest.jp/shinple.com

Using simple and space-saving creativity, not only has IBM successfully created an ad that doesn’t bombard your frontal cortex with useless distractions, but helps you. Giving someone an easy way up the stairs or shelter from the rain really creates a better place for all of us.

Get Big Or Go Home

As they say, ‘go big or go home’, and this gym decided to go really big. They’ve covered the whole front side of the building with a dude who is definitely getting his pump on. But it’s not just the massive bodybuilder poster that astonishes us.

Image courtesy of surfingbird.ru

The true genius here is the placement of the poster. Using the fact that the building is still under construction, notice that it makes it seem like the dude’s shoulder press is lifting the crane. Now if only we could stick to our New Years’ resolutions and finally decide to get in shape.

Raising The Bar

We may not know much about their cellular service itself, but Cingular is definitely ‘raising the bar’ on billboard ads. They literally dropped the ‘call’, or at least used heavy equipment to gently place it on the ground. Great idea, but it might actually be a walking hazard.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

This is using commercial creativity to its fullest. They’re really emphasizing their company message and definitely getting potential consumers to notice it, as well as making for a great photo to post on social media. Now, if only we had enough bars to post it.

Philly Tried For The King

Way back in 2018, LeBron decided to leave Cleveland for greener pastures. Philly was at the peak of its rebuilding with ‘The Process’. That’s when one of the head honchos at a Pennsylvania-based home remodeling company had the idea to entice LeBron to come over to the city of brotherly love. 

Image courtesy of NY Daily News

Inspired by the Oscar-nominated film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the renovation company put up three billboards in Ohio showing LeBron what could be, and displaying Philly pride. Unfortunately, it didn’t work and LeBron went west. But surely after all the free coverage, it wasn’t a total failure.

Big Mac Goes Retro

This chalkboard-style ad comes to us straight out of Poland. Its retro look immediately transports us back to the ’50s, while showing off McDonald’s second-best asset. Because let’s face it: there is nothing better than an order of Micky Dee’s golden French fries.

Image courtesy of thedrum

It seems as though hours of artistic labor have been put into this chalk drawing, perfectly catching the mouthwatering visual of a cartoon hamburger. However, considering that this is Poland, maybe chalk wasn’t the best of ideas, especially for a country that experiences tons of rain and snow. But maybe this was a summer ad?

Hangover Helper

Every one of us knows that feeling of a wrecking ball of a hangover smashing through our skulls, delivering the worst of migraines. We stumble into the bathroom to grab that pill to alleviate some of the pain, which in many cases is Tylenol — or sometimes a really strong coffee.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

The pharmaceutical company has just turned that feeling into an awesome visual. We all suffer from headaches from reason or another, always hiding a pain-relieving pill not far from our person. Tylenol got this visual ad spot-on, perfectly recreating that horrific throbbing migraine feeling.

Whoa! That’s Pretty Cool

The BBC sure got creative with this one. Instead of just of the same old TV show promos, the network got imaginatively dark setting up their Dracula series. At first glance, during daylight, it just looks weird and creepy, which probably fits the dark tone of the show.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

But once it gets darker outside, the true star of the billboard shines. Those stakes, which at first seemed randomly placed, create a shadow of a striking Dracula. Too bad there isn’t a word of appreciation for ‘slow-clap’, because that’s a superlative that these creative bloodsuckers deserve.

All Hail The Marketing Kings

We all know that Coca-Cola is front and centre when it comes to advertising. Without further ado, we present Coca-Cola’s cutting-edge drinkable billboard. This never before-seen billboard is located in New York and was built by Coca-Cola with the help of Ogilvy & Mather. The billboard had a long straw that was shooting soda out of it to a drinking fountain.

Image courtesy of adcnoticias.com

Although this billboard didn’t have the iconic and satisfying “ptssss” sound of opening a Coca-Cola bottle, it surely made people happy. This billboard campaign is a perfect combination of increasing awareness of a new product and taking advantage of your surroundings by using outdoor advertising.

Half Past Cinnamon Bun

It’s cinnamon bun o’clock somewhere, no? McDonald’s does it again with their genius advertising. Somehow, they just hit the jackpot every single time. One thing is for sure: other companies had better get their notepads out and start taking notes because McDonald’s is killing it!

Image courtesy of Imgur/MrGoodEmployee

We would never turn down cinnamon roll hour, and this is exactly why this billboard is so good! They built us a meal schedule all filled with the yumminess of a McDonald’s breakfast menu. It doesn’t matter what time it is and what you are in the mood for, McDonald’s has it and is waiting for you to come and get it!

Way To Make It Simple

IKEA is definitely known for its iconic, supposedly easy to put together furniture. But of course, we all probably have a couple of unfinished IKEA projects lying around, because sometimes those instructions are rather hard to understand, and famously so.

Image courtesy of adsoftheworld.com

Instead of trying to simplify the running joke, the Swedish furniture giant is leaning into it and leaning hard. Not only are their building instructions a headache to figure out, but now they’ve got their billboards in a mess. Thankfully they’re just playing around, as they found a brilliant way to promote their assembly service while indulging some self-deprecating humor.

Lego Rules!

In this reality, everything is made from LEGO. That means you switch and trade any piece that doesn’t fit your liking. Just kidding! This is not some LEGO dystopia, but rather a pretty clever way to engage customers. In some way, we wish we could see an actual LEGO dystopia!

Image courtesy of theultralinx.com

A simple sign made of LEGO can instantly revert us adults back to our childhood. However, this sign works double, because while you’re imagining the good old days of youth, in the meantime your kid is looking at the billboard and adding a few things to his Christmas list.

Safety First! Buckle Up!

Car safety is one of the most important issues we are dealing with. Unfortunately, not all people understand how important and dangerous it can be. Much effort is put in to promote car safety. In order to do so the right way, the ad needs to have a bold, in-your-face message.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

This billboard does exactly that. Looking at the slingshot and the person sitting in the car seat, you can actually feel yourself being thrown in the air. This is the exact feeling they wanted the billboard viewers to feel: scared and understanding how important it is to buckle up, even if you’re sitting in the back seat.


It’s a safe bet that it took you a few seconds to actually see what’s going on with this marketing masterpiece. Anando Milk wanted to boost their profits, deciding to focus their marketing tactic on kids to try and bite into the juice and energy drink market among children.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

Anando Milk went all-in on the health benefits of drinking milk while playing to kids’ vivid imagination. These marketing masters created an amazing optical illusion that makes the city look like a giant Jenga game. The only problem here is that it’s kind of blocking the view for floors 12-16.

Pool Season Is So On

Summer is king for a reason, and that reason has orange floaties. It’s pool time, baby! Excited? So are we! Nothing beats that childlike energy when running around the pool, doing rad dives off the diving board, and of course, clocking how long you can hold your breath underwater.

Image courtesy of adamsoutdoor.com

This pool and spa company cleverly used the awesomeness of summer to get the word out, sending thousands of kids to their hapless parents, begging and screaming for a new pool. Summer is fun and all, but one thing you learn when you get older is that it’s only fun for the kids…parents, not so much.


Constantly being bombarded with advertising is a reality we have all gotten used to. However, when said advertising is done with a pinch of creativity and a little bit of thought, suddenly it takes more of an artistic appeal instead.

Image courtesy of pelfind.net

Siemens nailed it with this enormous ad. Using the advertised mixer in combination with the revolving doors really brings out an art imitating life vibe. It would be cool if the doors were actually mixer-powered, rather than the common assumption of a little monkey running on a wheel.

The Magic Of The Zoo

Although a rapid decline in the world’s wildlife could well be tragically imminent, causing some animals to be found more in captivity than the wild, there are still amazing efforts being made to try and preserve our planet’s wildlife, now matter how big or small these animals are.

Image courtesy of Quora

Those efforts probably all started at a place like the San Francisco Zoo. It’s a place where one can stand mere feet away from an enormous bear, or a pride of majestic lions. The effortless ad tells the beauty of the zoo, a place where amazement means education, and sparks in all of us a natural concern for the animal kingdom.

Junk In The Trunk

This ad looks exactly like everyone’s car from back in college. Someone was bound to have that car where you can find an air-pump under a quilt, next to an expired egg and cheese burrito, some bills, and…well, you get the point.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

That brings us to the geniuses at Honda, who decided that the archetype of the messy car can work in their favor. They’ve essentially built what looks like a giant bong, showing that no matter what useless junk you have lying around, it can definitely fit in this little Honda’s trunk.

The Dangers Of Tailgating

Think this is just another ad for a car company? Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth, and that truth is pretty gruesome. Once the top part of the sign is viciously peeled away, the true message is exposed, showing the devastating reality of the dangers of tailgating.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

This public awareness message will definitely cause you to think twice next time you get behind the wheel. They cleverly used a real-life danger combined with a little dark humor to drive this important message home and hopefully into the minds of everyone.

All Night, Every Night

McDonald’s is at it again with another A-Game marketing campaign. McDonald’s legendary golden arch symbol can be instantly recognized, sometimes from miles away, and here the fast-food giant is playing into that. Their classic signature look cannot be changed, that’s for sure.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliantads

Brilliantly using the projector light at nightfall to create that ever-familiar golden arch, they are leading us like sheep to that mouthwatering Big Mac. The only failure in this ad is that we all knew McDonald’s is open at night; no need to tell us twice.

Sticky Notes Are The Way To Go

It is not an easy task to stand out in the automobile advertising world. Advertisers need to think long and hard about new ways to introduce innovations in the automobile world. With that being said, Mazda definitely found the way to do so. This billboard even won its creator, Ree Nguyen, an OBIE award.

Image courtesy of drivepedia.com

The billboard has two aspects: the actual print on the billboard of a new car model and sticky notes, which actually hide the print. The billboard was covered by yellow post-it notes, and each day a different note was taken down to eventually show off and introduce everyone to the new Mazda-3. Clever!

Good Idea!

Don’t you just wish that during those eureka moments you had an actual light bulb that would pop on just like in the cartoons? Well, The Economist has made that dream a reality. With their inventive light-bulb marketing scheme, no mid-stroll ‘ah-ha’ moments will ever go without the appropriate Edison bulb prop.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/monarchandco

However, the magazine didn’t stop there. Whenever a person stands underneath the bulb, the light actually turns on. Connecting the consumer with the advert in such an elegant and sophisticated way has definitely earned some bonus points for creativity with this ‘good idea’.

Oh Crap!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a strong candidate here for the best billboard ever. We’ve all been there at one point or another, but let’s say there is no need to elaborate on the details. This ingenious use of 3D modeling perfectly paints the dreadful situation that their product comes to fix.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Joyika

Whenever you run out of TP when on the runs, Imodium is there for you. The empty toilet paper roll is something we can all relate to, and the added humor of seeing it while cruising down the highway is only a major plus.

YMCA Got Hoops!

It’s safe to say that even the former NBA man-giant Shaquille O’Neal would be dwarfed by this twenty-foot hoop. It looks like someone read the instructions wrong, as this hoop is way too tall, and what’s more, it’s nowhere near the park.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

But this was no mistake. In an effort to get people to sign up for the Y, they decided to promote their basics. And there’s nothing more enticing then lacing up those Jordans and hitting the court. But good luck getting the ball down if it ever gets stuck.

LEGO Imagination

When advertisements are able to connect to our imagination, it forms an immediate bond with the brand. This is especially true for children, who live in a semi-imaginary world as it is. Just strolling down the street turns into a visual of monsters with the help of LEGO’s marketing creativity.

Image courtesy of trendhunter.com

Imagine being a child who sees this billboard and knows that it’s okay to be imaginative and live in a bit of a fantasy world. This ad obviously targets mostly the younger members of society, because all the adults see after a trip to the LEGO store is their credit card bill.

We’re Gonna Need Some Popcorn, Please

The Calgary Film Festival went all out with their tearful promo posters. They wanted everyone to know that “only the best films make it” and they’re not ashamed of their status. The Canadian film festival came out with a series of these posters featuring various actors crying in the images.

Image courtesy of bobd.cn

However, using actors pretending to cry wasn’t enough emotional setup for the upcoming film-fest. The reason the tears running down the actors’ faces seem so realistic is because they are. Using some kind of crying technology, the creators of this billboard are literally making the ad tear up.

You Had Me At Chocolate

The brilliant minds at Denver’s Nature & Science Museum are in charge of this three-part marketing unveiling. Yes, the same message could have been accomplished by just one billboard, but where’s the fun in that? So, instead they used three different billboards slowly unraveling a chocolate bar with the exhibit’s info.

Image courtesy of trendhunter.com

As if free admission wasn’t enough, it’s a freakin’ exhibit all about everyone’s favorite sugary dessert. The Denver museum hit it spot on with this clever promo, hopefully encouraging people to spend some time indulging their sweet tooth, rather than stuck in front of the TV at home. One thing is for sure: Denver-area dentists are probably happy the exhibit is in town.

Penny For Your Thoughts

The Chevrolet car company is pretty well-known for its marketing shenanigans, constantly pushing the envelope in creative ways to promote their automobiles. So, back in 2008, Chevrolet released its Aveo car line and were looking to try and accentuate the vehicle’s low-cost.

Image courtesy of graphicology.com

They created this interactive billboard of the new car made-up of over 20,000 pennies. Obviously, the pennies were included in the cost, because it didn’t take long for people to realize that they could buy a cup of coffee without ever reaching into their wallets. Hey, if you can spare a penny to encourage someone to purchase a car, that’s a good deal in any book.

Joy For The Holidays

IKEA strikes again. The furniture giant Swedes know how to put that extra bit of joy into holiday shopping, reminding people that the holidays are about happiness, family and of course the all-new ‘Fluborgen’ dining set. We never could understand those IKEA-brand furniture names.

Image courtesy of pelfind.net

IKEA really sold it to us with this one, because few experiences could bring more joy than holiday shopping at IKEA while enjoying those magnificent Swedish meatballs. But with all the joy that comes from buying the furniture, remember the opposite is true for the assembly later.

Someone Got The Short Straw

Can you imagine ever saying no to Coca-Cola? What if they ask you to lend your apartment for the success of their marketing campaign? To be honest, we’re not sure what our answer would be. Maybe if they offered free Coke for life, or something along those lines?

Image courtesy of laurenanderin.com

Coca-Cola is always on the top of its advertising game and this billboard is no different. The billboard catches the viewer’s eye straight away, while making them salivate for that refreshing sugary buzz from a sip of an ice-cold Coke.

Spotify Knows Us Too Well

Do you also feel like Spotify knows you best? Like a best friend that knows all your secret desires? Oh, it’s just us. Anyways, Spotify totally played with our hearts with this billboard. They wanted to show the advert’s viewers that they are just like everybody else. We all listen to sad songs after a breakup and Spotify is there to improve your post-breakup playlist.

Image courtesy of billboard.com

Feeling lonely? Well, don’t. Spotify has your back. The popular music app shows you all the people that saved or liked the same break-up playlist as you. So you’re not alone, you have Spotify and another 671,873 people that may be going through the same feelings. Because who else but the heartbroken actually listen to ‘sad indie’?

The Dunkin’ Countdown

Have you ever found yourself counting the minutes until your next donut and coffee? This is exactly what Dunkin’ Donuts wanted you to feel with their eye-catching billboard. They counted the days until their new branch opened, similar to what goes on in your mind, when the idea of getting those ridiculously delicious sugary dessert bagels gets tossed around.  

Image courtesy of lamar.com

Although we don’t exactly know when this countdown started, we are sure it gave the viewers a sense of hope in their daily commute. What’s a better way to start your morning and end your day, than with a freshly baked doughnut? Dunkin’s always got your back! (Though, not necessarily your waistline…)

Paint The Sky

How original can you be when it comes to advertising paint? The advertising team at Benjamin Moore Paints was thinking the exact same thing. When surprisingly, they found the most original way to promote their brand, and boy did they get the right shade with this one.

Image courtesy of taringa.net

As you come across their billboard it looks like a simple paint sample, but when taking a closer look, you can see that the sample paint is actually a hollow frame sampling the different shades of the sky. Benjamin Moore’s slogan claims that they can match any color. What about sunrise and sunset?

The Smell Of Success

Even in the age of Tinder, finding a date can be quite the challenge. It looks like Axe body spray has the serum. They claim that if you use their deodorant you will have a hard time keeping up with all the girls that will want you. So they are nice and advise you to keep an “Axe calendar”. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest/michelleshia

Although we don’t completely agree with this message, we do understand it! Guys want to buy this deodorant and women want their partner to also smell like the deodorant aisle at the pharmacy. So basically, you can hate or love Axe’s message but secretly (or not) you want their products. 

Living That Cake Life

Apparently baking powder is a must when baking a cake. Or at least, that is what Royal baking powder wants you to think. They want you to crave a piece of an amazing vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. The ad reminds you that the sugary delight can’t turn into reality without one important component: not just any old baking powder, Royal baking powder. 

Image courtesy of hiveminder.com

Being displayed in the middle of the city across a whole building assured the ad would get a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’. It certainly catches the eye of all the pedestrians walking by, their mouths watering thinking about a nice chocolate-covered cake.

Dream Come True

If money was no option, where would you go? We would love to go to the Bahamas, and apparently, Carnival Cruise’s slides go all the way there. This creative team utilized its surroundings, making the fire stairs of the building look like the stairs you need to go up to get to the entrance of a tall slide at the water park.

Image courtesy of adweek.com

This billboard is even more surprising because you usually don’t see this level of creativity from a cruise line company. In the end, all the cruise line companies sell the same thing: a boat ride. So it is definitely a nice change to see a cruise company thinking outside the box and coming up with a creative way to stand out. On that note, we’re packed and ready to go… 

The Elections Are On

It’s been well-documented just how far our political parties will go to show each other up. And that phenomenon goes beyond the usual ridiculous TV ads to this creative but childish billboard. The elephant represents the Republican Party’s intentions to take back power, probably relating to the 2012 elections.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

Though, there’s no denying that this billboard was done by some very creative minds. The realistic 3D elephant really makes the sign pop, giving it almost an artistic value. We all know what was written in the pages of history, but credit is due here for this message’s eye-capturing visuals.

Someone Needs A Trim

Okay, guys, we’ve got a winner. This brilliant idea produced for Panasonic is advertising at its best. Not only does it raise a little giggle, but there’s no doubt about what they’re trying to sell here. The Dalí-esque character definitely needs a little trim, although it’s safe to say that trimming those hairs will end in a bit of a shock. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

Combining the usual eyesore that are the power lines with the eccentric big-nosed character makes for great use of surrounding elements. There’s also the obvious benefit of people taking proper care of their nostril hairs, because some weirdos let those nose hairs get a little out of hand. You know who you are.  

Mi-Ni Phone Home

When the city of Gotham is in danger, the police know to light up the sky calling for Batman…oh, that’s not what this is? Sorry. Instead, this is apparently the call for Mini-man, or maybe the car is turning into a transformer? Okay, okay, back on track. Mini Cooper is known for making those small, compact, but oh-so-cool cars. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

The car may be called Mini, but it’s still a heavy vehicle. Somehow the folks at Mini were able to get a whole entire car a few hundred feet in the air onto the side of a building. The ad screams modernity, and frankly just looks pretty slick. Hopefully, they packed jumper cables as well, because someone forgot the lights on. 

Something Here Doesn’t Belong

Well, that’s definitely something you expect to see driving to work in the morning. However, for the good people in Nairobi, Kenya, this is a new reality for their wildlife, especially following the massive logging industry cutting down trees without thinking about the consequences for the animals.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

Tapping into our emotions, this billboard hits us in the gut and spurs us into conservation action. Using the leopard, who is commonly found in the treetops, only shows the disparity that now the great cat must now chill on highway lamps. Sarova, we’ve got your back in this one, keep up the good fight!

Can’t Beat The Batter

From fried chicken to tasty biscuits, Bojangles knows how to make yummy in our tummy. Their famous biscuits are made to success. While most companies only promote their most famous dishes, Bojangles is ballsy enough to just put the batter of their delicious biscuits, because they know you love the taste of the end result.

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This food joint knows its strengths and they are not afraid to play into them. This kind of ad definitely stands out. The key is their unrivaled pride in their product. With all that said, anyone up for lunch? We happen to have a place in mind.

Someone Really Messed Up

Sometimes in marketing, you really need to make a statement, a campaign or billboard that will blow everyone out of the water, and makes sure that the brand pops. At first look, this seems like an elaborate paint advert, but only at a closer glance do we notice who the true advertiser is. 

Image courtesy of pelfind.net

Nationwide provides insurance for your home and car. Here, the insurance company decided to show the calamities that could come ‘at us fast’, going to the extreme with their paint spill, reminding us of the benefits of their service. Hard to believe they went with bright green, though, considering red is totally in right now.

Time Doesn’t Matter With McDonald’s

Surely we could have made a whole list of all the different genius McDonald’s marketing tactics we’ve seen so far. If we haven’t stated this enough, once again McDonald’s hit a home run here. So in case you’re driving somewhere in the middle of the night and feel that rumbling in your tummy, no worries, McDonald’s has got your back.

Image courtesy of adsoftheworld.com

The advantage of this kind of billboard is that different kinds of people can relate to it in different ways. Maybe you’re not a big fan of McDonald’s, but even the haters get the taste for a Big Mac and fries, every once in a while.

Moving Ain’t Easy

Sometimes pure simplicity is all you need to stand out. A perfect example of this is the billboard by Realty Boxes. Even though this billboard seems confusing, it does leave the viewer to linger with a little taste of mystery. 

Image courtesy of prweb.com

This ad was posted by a company based in Minnesota, which deals in the real estate industry. This creative promotion was a definite outside-the-box idea (pun intended). Even though just the thought of moving has most of us on edge, this billboard makes moving actually look pretty fun…not! 

Stick A Fork In It

We really hope you’re not a vegetarian coming across this road sign. If you are, then maybe you should skip on to the next slide. However, for all of you carnivores, please wipe the drool off your screens and pay attention. This is a meat lover’s paradise. 

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

We wonder how many people actually tried to climb up this billboard and take a bite out of that juicy piece of steak. To be honest, going to one of Bloom’s supermarkets is probably easier than trying to get to a fake piece of meat on top of a billboard. But still, we’re pretty sure someone must have tried. 

The Magic Of Childhood

In case the brand Rama doesn’t ring a bell, we are here to expand your knowledge. Rama is a South African butter company. What’s really cool about this billboard is that it looks like the characters are climbing out of the ad. 

Image courtesy of primediaoutdoor.co.za

Rama succeeded in providing a simple but creative billboard to a pretty “boring” brand. It is probably not easy to promote butter in a creative way, but Rama certainly showed they have some creative minds at the helm. We are not disappointed.

Retro Advertising

We all need a little nostalgia in our lives, right? This is exactly the feeling Oskar Jensen wants to promote when people come across their ad. We all remember that before the internet came along, posting literal paper ads on street posts was the only way to get the word out there.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

What we love about this billboard is not just the nostalgic aspect of it all, but also how simple and accessible it is to everyone. The sign says that they offer great offices, and this billboard makes us trust every word they say. 

Beware Of Thieves

Besides their obvious flair for advertising, McDonald’s knows how to do something in particular so very right: French fries. This billboard makes our tummy growl. Obviously, they know that their global stars are those crispy spuds, and they are not afraid to lean into it. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

Similar to the billboard, we’re pretty sure we would be down to go bungee jumping into a sea of McDonald’s fries. Though, as everyone knows, where the aroma of fries is, there will always be those who ask for one. Stealing fries is just not cool, so please do keep your eyes on your fries.

We See What You Did There

Driving cross country can be a magnificent journey, although a lot of that driving time is spent being entertained by the billboards of the Great American Highway. This crisis center is definitely doing the Lord’s work with their service. Moreover, they’re doing a public service with this clever advert.

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

Using figurative speech and little crafty billboard design, the Colorado Crisis Service has us in awe, not only by way of their committed service to the greater community’s mental health, but by their cheeky charm in which they do it. We salute you! Nice job.

Mission Possible

Saint Luke’s is giving us a lesson in advertising 101, taking advantage of what they have. And what do hospitals have? The option to turn things that are impossible to totally possible. It may be a bit hard to believe, but every company needs advertising, especially hospitals. Advertising a hospital is not an easy task; it needs to be smart, to make people stop, and think. 

Image courtesy of adpulp.com

Saint Luke’s turned it into an announcement filled with hope, reassuring the sick that anything can happen therein. This billboard makes use of everyday medical tools to present something super creative. You never know in which state of your life you will come across an ad like this, but one thing’s for sure, the message is received and the hope continues. 

Every Artist At Your Fingertips

It seems like ages ago we needed to buy both a music listening device as well as a phone. Apple really changed the game with not only the iPod but especially iTunes. Suddenly at the click of a button, you had all the music in the world at your fingertips. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/brilliant_ads

For anyone who grew up with CDs knows the struggle of mastering that perfect playlist, searching frantically for a specific album, spending hours on end, carefully calculating which songs make it in, then having to burn a disc that usually gets scratched within minutes. This billboard sums up that feeling and promotes what Apple is great for…simplicity. 

Disclaimer: This article was first published on Daveswallet.com and is published here with approval.