35 Oversized Objects That Look Extra Big Compared To What’s Average

By Yeshwanth K

Some people take the phrase “the bigger, the better” very seriously. They will use their talents and creativity to create giant versions of everyday items. You might ask why, but we encourage you to think of the talented folks in the article as artists and not question the reasons and motivation behind it all. Some of the things that we are about to see today are so big that they could have been made for giants. These are some of the largest items in the world, some made by man and some made by Mother Nature. So enjoy checking out all that the innovative, bored mind has to offer us by way of comically huge things like video game controllers, keys, and Nerf guns.

Nerf guns aren’t harmful, or are they?

A former engineer at NASA, Mark Rober, got bored with his life after NASA and came up with this idea for a big nerf gun. Not only did Rober build a six-foot Nerf gun, but he also made darts that fit.

Image courtesy: MarkRober/YouTube

Looking at the size of this gun, we can assume that the shots fired from this nerf gun would hurt people., but we also know the creator doesn’t aim it at people. He prefers to target practice on street signs. The darts are actually made of plungers and pool noodles. Genius.

Wetter than usual

We have just discussed the world’s largest Nerf gun, right? Well, the same guy is responsible for this world’s largest water gun too. Mark Rober created this gun, which is seven feet long. Talk about a super soaker! This would be a blast at parties.

Image courtesy: MarkRober/YouTube

The water gun shoots out water at a tremendous force. It has been found that this thing can shoot water at speeds of up to 272 miles per hour, which is not so good if you want to use it at a kid’s pool party.

Basketball? No… It’s a Big Basketball

In Knoxville, Tennessee, you can find this huge Basketball that is considerably larger than you have ever imagined a Basketball to be at about 30 feet. Can you think of making a dunk with a ball of this size? Yeah, it’s near to impossible.

Image courtesy: Brent Moore/Flickr

This ball was after the Baden sports apparel company. You can see this ball perched on a huge basketball goal, and it is known for having 96 thousand dimples. This bad boy is perched on top of the Womens’ Basketball Hall of Fame.

Largest bike

Unlike a lot of the fun things on this list, this motorcycle is actually rideable. This machine is almost 17 feet tall (from the floor to the tips of the handlebars) and 32 feet long. Anyone who rides this is the uncontested king of the road.

Image courtesy: wheelers.me

Fabio Reggiani of Italy, along with his crew of eight other people, spent over seven months constructing the bike. Once it was completed, the master mechanic added stabilizers to avoid falling over so easily. If you see this guy on the road, let him through!

Biggest pair of shoes in the World

Here we go again with something fit only for a giant – and a snazzy giant at that. This pair of shoes still holds the record as the largest in the world, even though they were made 20 years ago.

Image courtesy: hoaxorfact.com

It took the designer a little more than two months to construct these shoes, which are made of real leather. They measure 17.35 feet long, 7.7 wide, and 6.6 tall. This is enough material for 250 pairs of shoes, in case you were wondering.

Biggest KFC bucket

We are not talking about your average big bucket of KFC chicken, but this is actually the biggest bucket of chicken in the world. It was about 8 feet in height and 9 feet in width and weighed over 2,000 pounds. It was record-breaking!

Image courtesy: worldrecordacademy.com

On the seventieth anniversary of KFC, the fast-food chain celebrated by making this. What do you think? What better way to celebrate the success of your fried chicken than with a literal ton of fried chicken? They just needed giant tubs of dips and fries.

Catsup? Yeah, ketchup!!!

This is what you could call a 3D billboard. It was built in the 1940s by a company known as W.E Caldwell as a water tower for their G.S. Suppiger catsup. In 1955, the tower was to be torn down, but city officials decided to leave it as a landmark.

Image courtesy: jb69029/Reddit

Imagine if this tower was a real ketchup bottle. We are guessing that a bottle this size of the delicious stuff would last the city of St. Louis for a whole month. We’re pretty glad they left this up for us to admire.

World’s Largest Watermelon

No doubt that watermelons are one of the largest fruits in the world, but have you ever imagined that they could be this big? In general, they’re pretty heavy, but we can manage them. But this juicy fruit in the picture makes it hard for even two people.

Image courtesy: Biggest Fruit/Facebook

They probably needed more than two people to lift it if the looks on their faces indicate anything. A single regular-sized watermelon is enough to hydrate and satisfy a few people. But this one could provide a nice snack for a whole village!

Biggest KFC Chicken sign

Have you ever seen a big chicken sign mounted right out of a KFC franchise? Well, this is the largest you’ll ever see, and it is located outside of a franchise in Marietta, Georgia. This sign is 56 feet tall. KFC really likes to make statements.

Image courtesy: franchisetimes.com

This sign is the largest that KFC has ever built so far. You may be wondering they made such a huge chicken. Their marketing team is a group of geniuses. We are sure that this attracts more customers than places with puny little signs. You can see this beacon from miles away.

Keys should fit in pockets, dude!

This is the world’s largest truck key, but don’t get excited because no truck needs a key this big. If anyone ever invented a gigantic truck, we would consider giving this key a chance. But there’s still the issue of lifting it.

Image courtesy: thesouthern.com

Another amazing fact about this key is that this is the replica (of course, a huge one) of the artist’s actual truck key. We know you’re asking yourself, “why?” But remember our suggestion not to ask too many questions. Just admire the art.

Largest Radio Flyer in the world

Remember those Radio Flyer wagons? They look cute, right? We loved ours as kids. We had one we could ride in and one our dolls could fit in. In Riverfront Park, Spokane, Washington, you can find a wagon big enough for all your plushies and more.

Image courtesy: blog.radioflyer.com

It’s the largest in the world! Ken Spiering created this huge wagon, which the Jr. League of Spokane commissioned. The handle of this wagon was made from a slide, and it is padded on the inside. This adorable toy is a special attraction of Riverfront Park.

Largest Aircraft Carrier in the world

Aircraft carriers are usually large, but have you ever wondered how big the largest among them could be? The aircraft carrier you see in this picture is the USS Gerald Ford, which was commissioned in 2017. This gigantic ship is the largest in the world, but it is also considered the pride of the US Navy.

Image courtesy: ZackoBear/Reddit

With a length of more than 1,000 feet and a height of 250 feet, this ship effectively carries F-16s and F-35s, among other types of aircraft. In this picture, you can see the huge propellors of this ship, which are indeed massive. One heck of a boat!

No matter what, the ship will halt!

An aircraft carrier as big as the USS Gerald Ford might need a special anchor chain. Take a look at this one. This chain weighs around 30,000 pounds and is 1,440 feet long. Each link of the chain weighs around 136 pounds.

Image courtesy: astrotheastro/Reddit

As you can see, the chain is enough to make the ship halt, and there won’t even be a necessity for an anchor. Imagine the steel and the effort needed to make a chain as big as this. Then picture the ship it will be attached to. Yeah, the one above.

How big can a dump truck be?

Have you ever seen a CAT truck? They’re pretty big, but we’re used to them, but they get even bigger. The vehicle in the picture below is the world’s largest dump truck made by the famous company we all know and love.

Image courtesy: creativebloq.com

The Belaz 75710 can efficiently handle weights of around 496 tons. Also, you can see how small a normal car would look when it is parked beside this monster. Its dimensions are 65ft x 26ft x 22ft. Not exactly a monster truck, but a monster-sized truck.

Heaven for bookworms!

Some people love to read books and always wish to find new pages to get lost in. If you belong to this category, you must definitely visit this library in China. Put it on your bucket list in the top spot.

Image courtesy: husker3in4/Reddit

This library consists of more than 1.2 million books, and the interior design is unbeatable. Being the largest library building in the world, the Tianjin Binhai Library is a heaven for people who love to read and inhale that intoxicating book smell.

World’s Largest Pencil

The world’s largest pencil is 76 feet long and weighs 21 thousand pounds. World-record holder and artist Ashritha Furman created this colossal pencil. The number 76 is significant, so perk up. The giant writing utensil was made to celebrate the life of Sri Chinmoy, who was a spiritual leader.

World's largest pencil
Image courtesy: blog.penvibe.com

We are sure that this is just for display purposes because even if you find a big enough paper for this pencil, who exactly would be able to write with it? We are getting very suspicious that some people are aware of something we are not.

World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube

We’ve all heard of the Rubik’s Cube and tried to solve it once or twice. However, we are not here to talk about your average-sized cube, but the largest in the world. This one measures 6 feet on each side and was created by Tony Fisher.

Image courtesy: news.cgtn.com

Whether it was for the awards or for decorative purposes, this cube sure can’t be used by normal people. At least, you can’t solve it as quickly as you can solve a normal-sized cube. Fun fact: Tony also made the world’s smallest Rubik’s Cube. The guy is clearly a fan.

Your rocking chair doesn’t rock well? This one will!

Rocking chairs are great. You can relax while rocking back and forth, which sort of gives you a feeling that you are in a swing. This one could probably fit all the people in your street at a time, right? Located in Casey, Illinois, this rocking chair weighs about 46,000 pounds and is made entirely of recycled pipe and wood.

Image courtesy: Big Things Small Town/Pinterest

It took around a year to build this, but you know good things take time, right? You’re probably asking whether or not this thing can actually rock. it can, but it takes several beefed-up muscle dudes to get it going.

Largest Bird Cage

If you can guess where this is located, you have been paying close attention. Here again, Casey, Illinois has come at us with a “world’s largest” something, and this time, it’s a birdcage. Well, we know why these caged birds sing!

Image courtesy: Christopher Rowland/Flickr

It is a prime picture spot, and tourists report it is usually unlocked for people to sit inside. We’re not sure what the citizens of Casey love about giant objects, but we’re excited to see what they come up with next.

World’s Largest Waste Basket

This sculpture is located in a garden in China and measures 16 feet in length and 7 feet in width. To make it look more authentic, the wastebasket is filled with some artificial waste, which was made to scale, of course.

Image courtesy: japancheapo.com

It seems like the intention of creating this wastebasket was to make a statement. The creator sure seems to have a lot of creativity for making a simple thing we use every day look so daunting and huge. Really makes you think, right?

Nintendo Gameboy XXL

Some of us are feeling nostalgic just looking at this! How we never thought of this ourselves is a mystery. A few years ago, the giant Gameboy was commissioned for a Belgian festival dedicated to music and Nintendo. Sounds like a fun party.

Image courtesy: hackaday.com

It is not just for display but is a fully functional Gameboy, and you can play all your favorites. However, Gameboys were intended for using compactly, and this, friends, may not be able to fit into your pocket like the classic version could.

Xbox? Or should we say XXXL box?

If you thought that the Gameboy was the only biggest gaming console you would see today, you are mistaken. If you thought your gaming habits were taking up too much space in your room, then feast your eyes and think again.

Image courtesy: soupyhands/Reddit

This enormous Xbox One is the size of several cars. It is an accurate replica of the original Xbox, which was released that day. However, this is yet another item in our list that is not functional, and if it were, we (tiny humans) might not be able to play it.

World’s Largest Video Game Controller

The world loves video games. This NES controller is officially confirmed as the world’s largest of its kind and measures 12 feet in length, 5 feet 3 inches in width, and 1 foot 8 inches in height. And as you can see, it’s functional – with a team!

Image courtesy: Stuff/YouTube

You can play games such as Mario Bros, Galaga, and Pong. Students Ben Allen, Stephen van’t Hof, and Michel Verhulst made this bad boy. These three were studying at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands when they built this.

World’s Largest TV Remote

The TV remote control you see here is about 6 feet in height and 2 feet in width and is completely functional. Imagine the TV size if the remote was built to scale. We’re talking an epic movie theater-sized screen.

Image courtesy: nathanrabin.com

Even if it came with a regular-sized TV, it might be hard to use it to change channels constantly or switch between streaming services. It sure looks cool to have a remote as big as this in your house, though.

Time for the Largest Cell Phone

This is the world’s largest cell phone created so far and measures up to 15 feet in width and 13 feet in height. It was made by Samsung and Cricket and was displayed in Chicago. Another amazing fact about this phone is that it is fully functional, and you can make actual phone calls and send texts.

Image courtesy: mobilehunt.wordpress.com

All the phone calls made and texts sent using this phone were free of cost. However, this huge phone is proof that we love novelty, even when it is completely pointless. But again, that’s kinda the point with these overly large creations.

World’s largest mailbox

Again, the city of Casey, Illinois, makes its third appearance on our list with this gigantic mailbox. It could fit all of your Amazon deliveries for a year. Coming to the measurements, it is 5,743.41 cubic feet. Another amazing fact is that it will soon be used as a museum for mail history.

he world’s largest mailbox in Casey, Illinois, sports a red flag that can be raised when mail is ready to go. At 32 feet tall, the working mailbox towers over downtown Casey, which boasts eight world records. - PHOTO BY BRENT BOHLEN
Image courtesy: Brent Bohlen/illinoistimes.com

Jim Bolin is the genius behind this, and he is set to break more records. If this mailbox is any indicator, Bolin is in it to win it, and we have no doubt we will be hearing more big things happening Casey, Illinios.

Enormous Yo-Yo

This National Yo-Yo Museum is a one-of-a-kind place where you can see various types of yo-yo artifacts, competition-related items, memorabilia, and more. Here, you can see the world’s biggest yo-yo. Try walking that think around the block!

Image courtesy: rollerbaggoddess.com

It weighs around 256 pounds and has a height of fifty inches (a little more than four feet). Even though nobody could use it, this can be an excellent toy for giant children if giants ever inherit the earth. We’re prepared for them!

World’s Largest Statue

Until a few years ago, the world’s largest statue used to be the Spring Temple Buddha in China. However, the Statue of Unity (in India) now holds the title with a height of 182 meters (597 feet). Over 3,000 workers and 300 engineers worked hard for three and a half years to build this masterpiece.

Image courtesy: Abhinay6597/GODL-India/Wikimedia Commons

More than 129 tons of iron were obtained from 100 million farmers living across 169,000 villages in India. Not only that but the statue is said to withstand earthquakes and winds up to 100km per second. We think this will stay in the first place of the world’s largest statues considering the amount of time and effort taken to build this.

World’s largest sinkhole

When there is a collapse in the earth’s surface area, sinkholes are formed. Usually, they aren’t too big. However, the sinkhole is in Berezniki, Russia is the largest sinkhole in the world. Around 150 smaller sinkholes surround it, which probably makes it the place with the most sinkholes (of considerable size).

Image courtesy: russiatrek.org

This city was built on a potash mine (containing potassium salts). In 2006, a freshwater spring flowed into these springs dissolving the layers holding the surface together. This led to sinkholes appearing all over the place. However, because of the flooding, there are no mines left, which means there is no possibility for more sinkholes.

Largest Wind Chime

Here we have the largest wind chime globally, located in Casey, Illinois (this is one of 8 giant items they have there). The town is small, but holds so many big attractions. The tubes are suspended 48 feet above the ground, and it was built in 2011.

Image courtesy: thewalkingtourists.com

We are sure, but we imagine the chimes that pour out of this thing can be heard for miles. We thought church bells were loud! At least they only sound on the hour, unlike this thing. But we bet the sound is lovely.

World’s largest goldfish

In this picture, you can see a goldfish that is bigger than your average cat or dog. This is very unusual as most people may not come across this kind of fish every day. It almost looks like a movie prop!

Image courtesy: KoiQuestion/Flickr

This fish is over 3 feet long and is not actually a goldfish (it just looks like one). There are some other allegations saying that it is actually an aquatic animal that belongs to the common carp or koi family.

World’s largest fishing lure

We’re continuing our aquatic theme. Have you ever seen a big fishing lure? But we bet you have never seen one this big. This lure is 24 inches long and weighs 8 pounds. What were they trying to catch with that thing?

Image courtesy: Doug Wegner Fishing/YouTube

The crew went out on a cold day to catch a big one. The woman helps give us an idea of how big the lure is, and we would wonder if they were whaling if they weren’t on a lake in a tiny fishing boat.

World’s Largest Cow

The ginormous cow that you are seeing in this picture is Knickers, who is a Holstein Friesian. He is 6 feet, 4 inches, and towers above the rest of the herd in Myalup, Western Australia. This breed usually grows to just over 5 feet tall.

Image courtesy: thesun.co.uk

Companies that produce beef would profit a lot from cows of this size, but the irony is that this giant is too big for the slaughterhouses! As of now, he is still hanging out with his friends on the farm.

Probably as large as dinosaurs (or even larger)

Do you think a T-Rex was big? Or an Argentinosaurus? Well, here is an animal that is much bigger than both, and we are not talking about something extinct. The Blue Whale is much bigger than most of the dinosaurs. They can grow as large as 82 feet and weigh up to 150,000 kgs (150 tons, i.e., 30 times an average elephant).

Image courtesy: Chase Dekker/Shutterstock

In terms you understand, these whales can grow up to as large as a jumbo jet such as Lockheed c-130 Hercules. Thank God these creatures don’t eat humans because if they did, they would be the apex predators in the world as nothing can hunt them (other than Killer whales that attack their babies).

Largest Reptile

Yeah, alligators are huge, but crocodiles have them beat in terms of their size. The second-largest reptile in the world is the Nile Crocodile. And the largest reptile in the world? The mighty Saltwater Crocodile is the king of scaly things.

Image courtesy: brighthumanity.me

Saltwater crocodiles can grow up to as large as 17 feet in length and weigh up to 2,200 pounds. While considering the facts, this guy can consume whatever it wants and even survive a long time when there is no food available.