Peculiar Beach Finds: When The Ocean Washes Up More Than Shells On To The Sea Shore

By Sachin P

In its darkest regions, the ocean harbors a variety of mysteries, including shipwrecks and long-lost man-made artifacts. It’s a really strange environment, and the majority of us can only speculate about what lurks below the ocean’s calm surface.

However, the hidden marvels of the ocean are not limited to its depths. Some of what was once buried beneath the seas will make its way above water again. So why not take a stroll down the closest beach if you’re hunting for some once-hidden treasures or pieces of ancient history? You can discover a shockingly large number of interesting objects, just like each and every one of these people managed to do. Scroll through to see what the ocean returned to humanity after years in the murky depths.

Dentures at the beach

The most appropriate response to finding a set of broken dentures on a beach should be along the lines of “ew!” But this kid’s curiosity and humor were in effect here and she couldn’t contain a bought of laughter at finding the wrong kind of teeth at the beach.

ProbablyNotDrew / Reddit

We hope that she retained that inquisitiveness. Because when they’re older, they will learn how to channel that curiosity to uncover greater things. Though, we feel bad for whoever it is that lost their dentures. These things can be pretty costly.

Psychedelic chess

This is a perfect example of the sheer power of the elements. When sands freeze due to subzero conditions and are exposed to strong winds, this is the end result. It’s almost like someone took a hammer and a chisel and just went wild.

Mike_ZzZzZ / Reddit

Also, it kind of looks like a psychedelic chess set. We can imagine a multi-dimensional being playing chess here. It could also be the golden trio, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, trying to figure their way out of an unusual chess trap.

“I got a jar of dirt”

We think it’s safe to assume that most of you people have seen Pirates of the Caribbean. In Dead Man’s Chest, we know that it’s Davy Jones’s heart that’s inside that chest. Davy Jones cut a hole in his chest after betraying the sea goddess Calypso.

Cascading-hearts98 / Reddit

Then after, she abandoned him. He removed the heart as he no longer wished to be plagued by feelings of remorse and anguish over the treachery as well as any form of attachment. Now tell us if this doesn’t look like a calcified heart!

Billowing cloud formation

A Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud, also referred to as a “billow cloud,” resembles rising ocean waves throughout the heavens. They are created in the air whenever two air currents of different speeds collide. Lord Kelvin as well as Hermann von Helmholtz are honored in the names of the clouds.

99999999 / Reddit

The two physicists investigated the disruption brought on by the velocities of two fluids. In both the water and also the atmosphere, the ensuing volatility is what leads to the broken wave creation. Billow clouds are also created by gravity waves.

Botanical Beach at Vancouver Island

Especially at low tide, the botanical beach at Vancouver Island is among the most spectacular locations on the western seaboard. At this time, tourists can traverse level sandstone as well as granite outcrops, which can be seen for a considerable distance.

unaviable / Reddit

These tidal pools are brimming with vibrant aquatic life-like gem boxes. The variety of intertidal species that flourish here is represented by sea urchins and purple, red, and orange starfish, white gooseneck barnacles, turquoise mussel shells, green sea anemones, and sea cucumbers.


What a magnificent piece of artwork that seems like a bald eagle…with rocks! If you wonder why the bald eagle is so dear to Americans, let us tell you why. On June 20, 1782, the bald eagle was selected as the national emblem of the United States.

greengiantsbaby / Reddit

After the American Revolution, the bald eagle was chosen as the country’s national bird due to its immense strength, elegant appearance, and long lifespan. The bald eagle had been picked for another reason — it is a native species of North America.

Freakin’ Ninja

There’s no better place to let your beer cool than the ocean itself. Those who know it know that when the time is right in the clear ocean waters, one can feel a delicious amount of cold that is tolerable and preferable.

waswerte / Reddit

It looks like it’s something even a cephalopod like this octopus also agrees upon. Look at it sneakily trying to snatch a brewski so it can open a cold one with its octoboys. Nothing like a cold one at the end of a good day, right?

“Why so serious?”

This is nothing short of amazing! Actually, “amazing” won’t cut it here. This is just pure talent, right here. Look at the clean cuts this artist has managed on this sand sculpture. It’s like these two are in between dimensions!

agtmikescarn / Reddit

Plus, this also expertly captures the dynamic between these two legendary characters. Batman symbolizes order, and the Joker, represents pure chaos. Neither can live while the other survives, but in the other’s death, the other might lose all purpose, because all meaning lingers on their connection.

Octopus eggs

The phenomenon of an octopus egg hatching is so bizarrely gorgeous that it seems unearthly. Maybe this is due to the fact that octopus mating occurs in a few of the planet’s most enigmatic settings. Male octopuses reproduce via a unique arm.

rockyroo529 / Reddit

In certain instances, the male sheds the arm after inserting it into the oviduct of the female, who then keeps it till she releases eggs. One of the most demanding and lengthy tasks performed by animals is the procedure of egg-laying, egg-care, and egg-hatching.

Magneto, much?

There are iron fillings on beaches such as Ocean Beach and some other San Francisco beaches, such as Fort Funston as well as Baker Beach. You can tell because of the frequent black sand present there. As it seems, the sands are mostly made up of magnetite…

DragonFawns / Reddit

…which is an extremely magnetic iron ore. It came about as a result of igneous rocks inside the Sierra Nevadas eroding. As awesome as it looks, can be a bit of pain when it comes to getting them off your jewelry.

Yooperlites galore!

Because of the Yooperlites as well as Petoskey Stones, rock seekers adore Michigan’s coastline. Unique and distinctive rocks get pulled up by the current from the Great Lakes’ bottom and dumped on the beach for anyone to discover. And boy oh boy, what a discovery it is!

Qu33nme / Reddit

They are mostly composed of syenite rock, which resembles granite and has a similar appearance to certain other darkish stones or common gray rock. However, there is a twist. Fluorescent sodalite, which shines vividly orange and yellow beneath ultraviolet light, is abundant in Yooperlites.

This has our SEAL of approval

The classic carnival creature, which obediently jumps through rings and balances a ball on its snout, is usually the California sea lion. However, this same California sea lion is indeed a svelte creature and the fastest sea lion or seal in the wild.

melodylee515 / Reddit

The top speed of these seals is around 25 miles per hour. California sea lions don’t really have manes resembling lions, in contrast to other sea lion species. But this cutie (we mean the sea lion. Or do we?) really takes the cake at being graceful.

Forbidden Ice Cream

Who spilled iced coffee on the floor like this? If you talk about sights that fill you with anger and grief, this could be among the top five. Such a waste, isn’t it? Well, the snag is that this isn’t really spilled coffee.

ty6557 / Reddit

Or spilled ice cream, for that matter. This is what is to be expected when snow mixes with the wet sand on a beach. Surreal, isn’t it? We hope they will make an ice cream swirl based on this aesthetic given by nature.

An adventure 65 million years in the making

This is not the kind of silhouette you would want to see highlighted by the fog! Although the dinosaurs depicted in Jurassic Park are actually based on Deinonychus and what is now known as the Utahraptor, the name “raptor” was developed by reducing the genus name Velociraptor.

tyeranitar / Reddit

The term “raptor” is now frequently used to describe small and medium-sized dinosaurs that resemble modern birds. Plumes, three-fingered hands, reasonably large brains, and sizable “death claws” on its hind feet are just a few of the traits they have in common.

Take your duck for a walk

Ducks can be reared as amusing and delightful pets, in addition to being raised as food and egg species on farms or even in huge back gardens. Owners do not demand them to act like just a pet shop bird off all things.

Fero_Zucks / Reddit

These charming poultry animals can make fantastic pets. Just look at this cute couple, parading their duck with such swagger. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to pull off the task of having a duck as a pet.

World in my hand

We have to share the backstory behind this amazing find with you all. The OP and their wife found this glass sphere while walking on the beach in Hawaii. What an interesting start/finish to a perfect walk on the beach. One can only hope.

Tio76 / Reddit

Also, we hope that this is nothing other than a glass sphere. It could also be a container for a malignant spirit — who knows! Many cultures have gripping stories about trapping spirits in glass vessels and dumping them in the ocean.

Sandy the sand cow

This cutie sure wears the whole outfit with such aplomb, doesn’t it? Look at the matching hat and the bandana, complementing the oceanic background that it is masquerading in. It’s a proper fashion icon, even though it is a cow.

coronaboi78 / Reddit

This is the kind of swagger that we would expect from most of you. Be proud of how you look, for it will grant you the confidence to face your day. It is easier said than done, but with a little effort, you can make it happen!

La Push, Washington

Look at the size of that driftwood log! If we are to guess the height of the woman in this picture, we’d assume she’s a little over five feet. But the tree is almost 10 feet in diameter. If properly compartmentalized, one can live inside that dead tree.

MDL_Reddit / Reddit

Finding something as gargantuan as this would surely make any beachgoer’s day, that’s for sure. There’s something about the sense of scale that messes with us humans. You can read about it in a book, but seeing it for real with your eyes can warp your perception.

Ancient gods

What an interesting find! This seems to be a statue of Olokun. Olokun is regarded as among the most imposing Orishas throughout the Yoruba faith of West Africa. Orishas are higher beings that are generally referred to as gods in the Yoruba religion.

Saaintt / Reddit

In actuality, they are ethereal beings or avatars of the ultimate being Olodumare. She can assume any form as she’s an androgynous Orisha. Olokun, the master of the waters and all of their riches, is the keeper of the deepest parts of the sea.

Stepping on a LEGO doesn’t seem that bad

The entire beach is filled mostly with auger snail shells, if we are to guess. The augers, who are related to the cone snails, may have a poisonous stinger that resembles a javelin. There isn’t much information about the implications of auger venom’s effect on people.

Knedl87 / Reddit

Also, the local species don’t have this stinger, so you must always be cautious. Regardless of the type, never handle a live auger snail. They might possibly have toxic tissue so having them as a delicacy is out of the question.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…target drone

Unmanned aerial targets, sometimes known as target drones, can be used for researching and developing military technology, educating servicemen on threat recognition, and conducting destruction testing on both manned combat aircraft and anti-aircraft systems. These autonomous vehicles mimic the actions of actual airborne threats.

coolmanjack / Reddit

These aircraft must achieve very high velocities for that reason. A top-notch flight management system is necessary to function well in these circumstances. So imagine the look on the people who found this machine, when they came across it on a beach, of all places.

Sweet! A pufferfish skeleton!

Pufferfish have an inflatable property that they can use to elude and escape predators. These awkward swimmers, often known as blowfish, inflate themselves to many times their usual size by pumping a lot of water (and occasionally air) into their elastic stomachs.

Wolfbater / Reddit

Additionally, certain species of pufferfish have spikes on their epidermis to fend off predators. Even when a predator eats a puffer before everything expands, it won’t take pleasure in the meal. The majority of pufferfish carry a toxin that gives them a bad taste.

Whale vertebra

Now would you look at this right here! This, ladies and gentlemen, is a vertebra from a species of whale. The OP, without planning to, has used his own Border Terrier as a sense of scale. This shows you how big it really is.

stellar6388 / Reddit

If you guys wonder what that hole in the middle is, that’s where the spinal cord is housed. Together with the vertebrae and the spinal cord, it’s called the spinal column. Any damage to this would be catastrophic in the long run.

Where’s the gold?

In Irish legend, a petite representative of the fairy group known as the leprechaun conceals a pot containing gold just at the end of the rainbow. Leprechauns have the magical power to vanish, so even if humans are fortunate enough to locate one by tracing the rainbow…

SomeoneFromGalar / Reddit

…those who do might still have trouble picking up the leprechaun. Plus, if you have read Harry Potter, you might know that leprechaun gold has the tendency to vanish after some time, unlike conventional gold. It must be what has happened here…

Rock on!

When chalcedony, a microcrystalline type of quartz, has supplanted a fossil, the process is known as “agatization.” Permineralization is a phenomenon that happens when mineral-rich groundwater creeps in there and substitutes the organic tissue of both the plants and animals with silica.

tyler_tloc / Reddit

This creates a crystal cast, which in turn becomes an agate. Almost all petrified timber is created by this method of fossilization, which is fairly frequent. This interesting phenomenon occurs over a long period of time. Nature sure is amazing, isn’t it?

Wave motion

Now would you look at this right here? This is what happens when a solid object is subjected to continuous, varied friction by ocean waves for a long period of time. It takes a bit of time for us to wrap our heads around this.

TheCorpseOfMarx / Reddit

Just look at it. It looks like a badly done graphic render. Or you know how some people are talented enough to bake cakes that look like anything? This looks like one of those things. It gets more surreal the more you look at it.

Coquina clams

Donax variabilis, also known as the coquina clam, is a frequent visitor to Florida’s sandy beaches. Coquinas, which are distinguished by their very diverse, eye-catching color combinations, are discovered mostly in the swash zone, the wave-washed section of the shoreline.

Jinora888 / Reddit

Fish, crabs, and shorebirds depend on all these algae filter-feeders as a major source of nutrition. Coquina clams are an important indicator species for biologists. Indicator species can serve as an early alert system due to their sensitivity to environmental changes.

Petoskey Stones

This is a coral rock! It’s aesthetically pleasing to look at. Plus, as a construction material, it has paid its due in longevity. It was a favorite building material of the Dutch when they were building new financial and commercial hubs in their colonies.

rejectedtuna / Reddit

Especially in Sri Lanka, during the late 17th century and throughout the 18th century. The use of coral rock made the bastions and parapet walls so sturdy that when the tsunami hit in 2004, the Dutch fort in Galle was among the few buildings still standing.

Whale of a time

We are quite positive about the fact that this is a whale skull. Though, we’re not sure if this skull in question is from a blue whale or a baleen whale. We’re a bit on the fence while leaning towards the former.

worldastronaut / Reddit

Looking at the skull, we wonder how weird the mouth looks. Their mouths have a highly unique anatomy. Their lower jaw may be moved out of place, allowing them to expand their mouths nearly 90 degrees. The bottom of their mouth may expand up to four times its regular size.

Barnacle Croc

Anyone who has ever managed a sailboat understands how much work it takes to get rid of barnacles. Because of this, some mariners refer to them as “crusty foulers,” with such a tensile strength of 5,000 pounds per square inch.

llamabeanbags / Reddit

Also, the adhesive strength is about 22 to 60 pounds per square inch. Barnacles excrete a fast-curing adhesive that is one of the strongest established biological glues. It is so powerful that researchers are attempting to determine how the adhesive may be utilized commercially.

Haunting tunes

Oh, look! Davy Jones left his piano on the beach! Would playing it mean that one can summon the Flying Dutchman? That seems too rad to not try doing — a very sound alternative to placing one’s own heart in a chest.

SurferinaNecktie / Reddit

We would love to see what kind of haunting tunes this can churn out. Place a talented pianist at the helm, and he’ll key out some fire tunes that will bring even Cthulu to the beach. It’s all about believing in yourself.

That’s it! Bide your time!

The Portuguese man-of-war, which is frequently mistaken for a jellyfish, is actually a type of siphonophore — a family of creatures related to jellyfish. A siphonophore is unique in that it is made up of a group of diverse, genetically similar individuals known as zooids.

Sirnando138 / Reddit

Also known as clones, these have different shapes and tasks yet collaborate as a single unit. A man-of-war’s four specialized parts, which include those for floating, catching prey, feeding, and reproduction, are each in charge of carrying out a particular duty.

Minecraft block?

Certain minerals are known to have perfect geometrical edges, but this looks artificial to us. Heck, even wombat poop can be somewhat perfectly cubic, but this is a far cry from that. Now that we’ve piqued your curiosity, let’s see why wombat poop is cubic.

kharingin / Reddit

According to the scientists, the colon’s hardening of the feces plus muscular movements, which give the poop its homogeneous structure and edges, are what give wombat poop its peculiar cube shape. Plus, they supposedly use it as a method of communication.

Ermygerd! It’s Treebeard!

Ents are the first thing that springs to mind when we see this! Ents were an ancient race in Middle-earth, sometimes referred upon by the Elves as Onodrim (Tree-host). They evolved into “shepherds” of the woods, guarding particular woodlands against dangers like Orcs.

Oolican / Reddit

Even though the Ents were sentient entities, the Elves were said to have educated them on how to speak because they had stories about educating the trees as well as the Ents to communicate. What talent! Also, just in time for the Rings of Power series!

Stranger Things

What in the name of sci-fi is this? It looks like the kind of spores you would find in a sentient being plagued by an extraterrestrial virus. Hollywood directors would readily jump to the idea of having this as a movie concept.

SamMcGroovy / Reddit

But, like with most things in life, truth is stranger than fiction. In this case, these oozy, alien-looking wounds are actually anemones. During low tide, they curl up inside like a puckered lip until the water level comes back to normal.

Blistering Barnacles!

Any solid surface with somewhat of a flat surface will hold barnacles. They don’t pursue vessels, don’t comprehend what vessels are, and therefore have no concept of what they’ve been attached to. The heads of barnacle larvae are adhesive. Superglue ain’t got nothing on these guys.

catnappedgathy / Reddit

They circle till they run into anything (a rock, a whale, or in this case, a shoe), at which point they anchor. Then, they develop a tough casing over themselves and stick their “legs” out to capture tiny bits of food like phytoplankton.

My, what sharp teeth you have!

We got curious and dug around and found that these are the teeth of a Tautog. Tautog is a type of fish with big lips as well as a snub nose. They have a single, lengthy dorsal fin, and both of their pelvic fins contain sharp spines.

SirHermiOdle / Reddit

Tautog possesses flat crushing teeth at the rear of its mouths but also huge pointy teeth in front. On their dorsal side, they vary in color between dark green to black, with mottling extending to something like a paler underbelly as well as a white chin.

Importance of seaweeds

Other marine organisms can find food, shelter, and safety in seaweed. It also purifies the sea by attracting most of those diatoms and planktons that harm the environment. And it stops the cliffs from eroding. The entire process of photosynthesis includes seaweed.

dascasi / Reddit

Seaweeds are algae, not plants. By collecting the gases into its fronds, seaweed also eliminates gases from the marine environment. Seas with many kelp forests are pristine and healthy. As a result, the animals that live there are likewise in good health.

Popcorn corals

Tourists admire Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, because of its incredible surf and moderate climate throughout the year. The Playa de Majanicho is often known as the “Popcorn Beach” because of Popcorn corals. Popcorn corals are a typical occurrence here.

JonathanRune / Reddit

Corals are constantly being broken up and crushed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is still unknown why they developed the shape of popcorn. It’s worth noting that close to 10 tons of these coral fragments are taken home by tourists every year.

Thanos! Use a tissue next time!

What looks like an ugly piece of booger from Thanos’s nostril could be a sea anemone during low tide. Just look at the elasticity and the overall gooeyness on this thing. We know Nickelodeon would be happy to develop slime like this.

oneweirdglobe / Reddit

Taken out of context, it kind of looks like a grape starburst. It might make us want to crave a Ribena. Just look at the luster and the sheen on this thing. Nature sure is an amazing designer, no doubt about it.

Part of a chain shot

Remember that chain shot that’s used to separate the interlocked masts of the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman? Yes, it’s a bit obscure, and you have to pay close attention to even notice it. Well, his reminds us of that contraption.

SweetTaterette / Reddit

A cannon shot known as a “chain shot” is comprised of two half-balls or sub-caliber balls connected simultaneously. In the days of sailing vessels with black powder cannons, they were employed to blast masts or to sever any other rigging on a targeted ship, including shrouds.

Pencil Urchin

Pencil sea urchins are among the most impressive creatures on the entire globe. As you can see, they are enormous, have broad, very massive spines, are often found on reefs, are frequently encountered by divers and other people like our OP here, and are extremely well-known.

BigVariation3 / Reddit

Science is aware of two types. The first was documented by Linnaeus, the inventor of taxonomy, and the other by Lamarck, the pioneer of invertebrate zoology. But like LEGOs, they’re not the friendliest thing to step on with your bare feet.

Empty whelk egg cases

Late spring is when mature whelks lay their eggs in a linked row of 50–175 disc-shaped pods. Each disc of the chain of pods, which could be more than 2 feet long, could hold 200 eggs. These intriguing discoveries are known as “mermaid’s necklaces.”

satiredun / Reddit

These are referred to as such because of their lengthy, curving shape. Most of the time, only some of the eggs within every pod develop. The eggs develop through all of their larval stages while they are inside the capsules. Sometimes you can see things moving in an unbroken pod!

Squid eggs

Squid pregnancy is a complicated method that demands fertilization after the transport of a male squid’s sperm into a female’s primary mantle cavity enabling fertilization. The sperm are packaged into a singular bundle called a spermatophore, where it awaits fertilization.

Fishtails / Reddit

In many shallow-water species, the gonoduct is short, and the male inserts the spermatophore into the female’s cavity with a particularly designed arm. Special glands inside the female help produce nutrients and create the shells of the freshly fertilized eggs.


In reality, the MagSafe technology actually segregated the sand from the iron, giving the impression that now the sand is magnetic. In addition to MagSafe, the remainder of the iPhone is loaded with magnets, including those between both the speakers as well as the camera image stabilizers.

bopete1313 / Reddit

Regular contact with sand would therefore damage the display, harm the telephoto lenses, and harm the device’s rear glass. It looks really neat; there is no denying that. But your phone looks cool too, so much better care is demanded from you.