Are There Traces Of Life On Mars?

By Letizia L

According to a recent study, some structures observed by NASA’s Curiosity rover are signs of Martian fossil life. The photos show some sticks: millimetric in size and apparently rocky; they could be traces of Martian fossil life, developed billions of years ago on the Red Planet.

In size, shape, and other characteristics, these structures resemble something that is also found on Earth, the so-called ichnofossils, which are left by simple life forms in the soil in which they develop.

There is no shortage of alternative explanations, such as erosion related to water or wind, which may have left some parts of the rocks that were more resistant than others. Others argue that the structures observed may be crystals that formed after a lake evaporated.

Even though it is still a hypothesis, this could potentially be revolutionary.

The study took into consideration some images taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover, of rocks that are thought to come from rivers, and which therefore could support the idea of some simple life form.

They were found in the Martian region called Vera Rubin Ridge, inside the Gale crater, where the rover is located. According to most scientists, until about 3 billion years ago, the whole area of ​​the crater was immersed in water, forming a large lake, within which life could have developed.

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