Are Online IQ Tests Worth Your Time?

By Toby Tunwase

Knowing how well you fare intellectually is both fascinating and satisfying. For centuries now, intelligence has been one of the major ways of telling where a person stands compared to other humans. So, it’s not surprising that this idea is reinforced from classrooms to recruitments tests. Thanks to Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests, proving how smart you are comes very easy.

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However, there’s a constant rush with IQ tests. Everyone wants to know how well they rank among their colleagues. Due to this scramble, many websites and organizations are out to cash in on your interests for IQ tests. The big question now is, can you trust the numerous IQ tests online?

While there are is no universally accepted IQ test, there are standards every intelligence test must follow. IQ tests measure general intelligence through a series of psychometric questions peculiar to age grades. And that’s where many online tests fall short.

The majority of online IQ tests are merely a set of abstract and numerical questions. They do not accurately measure intelligence according to IQ test standards. Most times, your scores in those online tests are usually how well or how fast you responded to those questions.

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Worse still, those tests lack certification from top psychological agencies such as BMI and HMI. Moreover, nothing comes free. An IQ test you don’t have to pay for will end up being a waste of your time.

Finally, online IQ tests are not the best if you want a standard and accurate measurement of your intellect. But if you must take one on the internet, make sure it’s certified and comes to you at a cost. That way, you can be sure of the value you’re getting.