Are Advertisers Attempting To Infiltrate Our Dreams?

By Goodness M

The attempt by brewing giants Coors to direct our subconscious minds to thoughts of beer has been met with significant opposition. Scientists have raised the alarm and called for restrictions on targeted dream incubation.

This began when Coors launched an advertising campaign that was aimed at infiltrating people’s dreams. By doing so, people will be programmed to buy and drink Coors beer. According to the company, people were encouraged to watch a short video before sleeping.

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Furthermore, while sleeping, they would play a soundscape that is eight hours long. The primary purpose of this dream incubation is to program an individual to think about how refreshing Coors beer is.

The number of people who participated in this campaign is not clear. However, Bob Stickgold, a cognitive neuroscientist and professor of psychiatry at Harvard medical school, has warned about the dangers that this dream manipulation poses for the future.

This has led to calls for stricter regulation on advertising to prevent the thrusting of products on people’s dreams. Furthermore, the Federal Trade Commission has started to implement restrictions on subliminal advertising. These are popping images or words during TV shows. This is a positive sign that dream manipulation will be stopped in its tracks.

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The FTC is yet to make a ruling on these dream manipulation campaigns. Critics have described them as unfair trade processes. Researchers have revealed that some companies are also considering participating in the dream manipulation campaign. Therefore, a restriction ruling by FTC will ensure that this ends.

Protective policies must be formulated to ensure the safety of our slumber. Stickgold stated that advertisers must be restricted. They try to infiltrate and manipulate one of the remaining refuges of our minds, which is our dreams.