Wild Animal Mash-Ups Born From Skilled Photoshop Experts

By Arvyn B

If there is one thing that everyone around the world can agree on, it is the fact that animals are so beautiful. Sure, we might each have our own favorites as to which animal is the cutest or most majestic, but we all know that animals are such a wonder to look at! Sometimes, Mother Nature can take things one step further by creating some beautiful hybrid animals. If you did not know what these are, they are animals that have crossed across species. Famous examples include the mule (a donkey and a horse mix) and the liger (a cross between a lion and a tiger). But the internet being the internet has taken things one step further. Many users in the Reddit group “HybridAnimals” have used the power of Photoshop to imagine some pretty crazy hybrids. Check out their creations! Let us know if you have a favorite mash-up.

Bear & Owl

On their own, bears can be pretty terrifying creatures. If you ever come across one in the forest, you should try your hardest to make sure that you do not get noticed by it. But imagine if this thing spotted you!

Damnrooster (Reddit)

We would be so terrified – just what can you do to get away from a bear that can fly?! Perhaps this species would not be aggressive as the “pure” version. Still, we are not taking any chances any time soon.

Eagle & Elephant

Elephants are a species of animal that is admired all over the world, mostly for how majestic and beautiful they are, but also for their empathy and care. There is something so incredible about how something so big can move in such a graceful way.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

However, we think that this addition to this species takes things to the next level. The eagle wings on this elephant’s head make it appear to be utterly incredible! We would be utterly speechless if we saw it in real life.

Dog & Owl

Here we have another bird crossed with an entirely different species – we had no idea that these animals would be so popular! Dogs are the favorite pets of many people and for good reason. There’s something special about coming home after a long day of work and being bowled over by a furry friend.

Dclanger (Reddit)

We have yet to find a dog we don’t like, but crossed with an owl, we might just change our minds. This “dowl” does not look cute at all, but instead, it’s pretty scary. Those eyes look terrifying and terrified, as though the owl just saw this picture.

Fox & Cat

If you live in a country that does not have many foxes, you should count yourself lucky as these creatures can be quite a nuisance! That being said, they can be beautiful, and their soft fur looks very tempting to try to pet.

Pix-cores (Reddit)

Crossed with a cat, this fox seems less irritating and more beautiful. Well, sort of. Cats have their own frustrating behaviors. Whoever made this edit did a great job matching the colors of the cat’s head and the fox’s body.

Chinchilla & Poodle

Most of us would consider chinchillas to be quite an odd pet, as they look a little strange, and care for them includes dust baths in volcanic ash. The opposite of these unique pets are poodles, which are not uncommon to find in someone’s home.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

It is probably one of the craziest hybrid animals – the poochilla! We simply love the expression on its face. It looks so confused! This user did a great job mashing the poodle cut with the natural fluff of the chinchilla.

Ladybug & Goose

Did you know that ladybugs have different names, depending on where in the world you live? If you live in the United States, you’ll know them as “ladybugs.” But in the United Kingdom, they are called “ladybirds.” Usually, we’d be confused by that name, but it seems appropriate for this creature.

Cotaary (Reddit)

This really is a ladybird beetle, don’t you think? Admittedly, we doubt that this picture was involved in naming ladybugs. The duck face makes it seem like it would be perfect for sucking out the nectar of a plant, though.

Flamingo & Horse

Most people think of flamingos as pretty beautiful animals, and we totally agree with this idea. Did you know that they get their distinctive pink coloring from their food? Usually, we wouldn’t find them scary, but this picture says otherwise.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

This hybrid seems like something out of a nightmare. Somehow a majestic horse and an elegant flamingo have been combined into something not beautiful at all! We wonder if this creature would be able to stand on one leg, too.

Dog & Seal

We wouldn’t be surprised if golden retrievers were on the list of the top ten favorite dog breeds. Their fur is so fluffy, and their faces are just so cute! Speaking of dogs, did you know that seals are often called the “dogs of the sea.”

-wienerpoop- (Reddit)

We’re not surprised that this cross of a land dog and a sea dog is utterly adorable. Just look at how fluffy this “dogeal” is. We bet this is one heck of a good boy, and we’d love to pet it!

Duck & Hummingbird

Hummingbirds and ducks may both be avians, but they’re nowhere near the same species, so a hybrid is highly unlikely for several scientific reasons. We wish it were possible, though, just by looking at this picture! The mallard’s color fits so well with a hummingbird.

Cotaary (Reddit)

We had no idea that hummingbirds could look any cuter, but apparently, it is. Just check out that bill and giant eyes – it looks too cute! We would love to see one of these birds flying around, drinking nectar.

Guinea Pig & Bear

What do you get when you cross one of the cutest pets on the Earth with one of the most terrifying? Well, something similar to this “guinea bear,” of course! We certainly hope that this one is a friendly animal…

Kickmurdersquad (Reddit)

…because we want to pet it! Seriously – that fur looks so soft and sweet. We hope that this animal has the personality of its guinea pig half and not the bear half because we do not fancy getting eaten.

Orangutan & Panda

Orangutans and pandas are another two species of animals that are remarkably cute on their own. So far, we haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love either one or both of these adorable animals. Which is your favorite? And what do you think about their hybrid?

Cptsasquatch (Reddit)

We wonder what a species like this would eat. The panda part of the animal would likely want to eat some bamboo. Still, we have a feeling that the orangutan part of the animal probably wants some fruit in its diet.

Flamingo & Tiger

If you thought that the flamingo and horse hybrid earlier was a little scary, then you have no reason to worry about our next hybrid. This flamingo and tiger cross is much more beautiful, and sillier, than that one was!

Ntnthrbllshtaccount (Reddit)

Honestly, this is another one of those species that we wish really existed. Can you imagine seeing something like this, bending its neck towards the trees to eat some leaves? We reckon that it would look super majestic and amazing!

Rabbit & Wallaby

Wallabies are an animal that most of us will never have seen before – unless you live in Australia, of course. They are related to kangaroos but are completely different animals. Wallabies are smaller with shorter legs but are cute in their own right.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

Any species crossing with a rabbit is almost guaranteed to look utterly adorable. This rabbit/wallaby mix is certainly no exception. Just look at those giant ears, cute eyes, and plump body. It is so darn adorable, and we love it!

Dog & Sheep

Sometimes, the internet can take things a little bit too far, and we think this hybrid is a definite example. Sure, a dog and sheep hybrid seems like a rather delightful idea on paper. So, their mash-up is probably cute, right?

Ubermartin86 (Reddit)

Sadly, the reality of this is very different – it looks like a gargoyle instead of a cute little animal! Maybe they should have chosen a different dog. The French bulldog does not seem like a good breed for this mash-up.

Macaque & Moose

Now, we have another species of animal that looks like it came from a horror movie. You should definitely turn the lights on before checking out this hybrid. If you’re anything like us, it will surely give you the creeps.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

Seriously – why would anyone want to create something like this?! We can only thank our lucky stars that this species is not real. Just imagine driving home at night and seeing this on the roadside. It would be utterly terrifying!

Elephant & Chinchilla

We have already mentioned how adorable chinchillas are before. Still, we think that this hybrid takes things to an entirely new level. Just look at that long elephant trunk – it works so well with the chinchilla’s body. It looks so realistic!

In-jail-out-soon (Reddit)

Honestly, we are a little surprised that this animal is not real. This user has done an incredible job of making this picture look like a candid nature picture rather than an edited image. Everything about it looks like something you could find at a zoo.

Snake & Chicken

There is a legendary creature called a “basilisk,” which some of you may have heard of. Apparently, it is born from a chicken egg hatched from under a snake or toad, creating this fearsome beast. Thank goodness it is not real…

Rastroboy (Reddit)

This masterful edit looks like a color rendition of a medieval interpretation of a basilisk. Our biggest question is why someone would want to make something that looks like this. We’re simultaneously horrified and awed by this picture. Just look at the feathery scales!

Deer & Leopard

So far, we have seen quite a few absolutely terrifying animals, but there have also been some entries that look beautiful. To be honest, we’re not sure which category this creature falls into. Scary or not, those horns are incredible!

Dwarf-hybrids (Reddit)

The head of the deer appears to fit perfectly on the body of this leopard, which is not something we ever thought would be possible! We reckon that this animal would be very majestic in real life, graceful yet fearsome as it hunts its prey.

Dog & Penguin

Of course, some animals are the complete opposite of graceful or beautiful. Take a look at this one as an example. Given their popularity, you’d think that a hybrid between a dog and a penguin would be cute. What could go wrong?

Dejman (Reddit)

Well, according to this picture, many things could go wrong. Our first guess would be that they chose the wrong dog for this mash-up. That derpy French bulldog face isn’t suited for a beautiful nature shot. Maybe something like a labrador would have been better.

Skunk & Horse

If you live in a place where skunks are common, then we feel so sorry for you because these animals absolutely stink! Given the instinctive repulsion towards these animals, we’d think that maybe a hybrid would make them look a little bit more approachable.

Dclanger (Reddit)

Even crossing them with a horse does not improve this species in the slightest because a longer face does not help to reduce the stinkiness! We’d hope that the skunk’s “perfume” was left out during the crossover if this were real.

Dog & Pig

Most people think that pigs are disgusting, stupid creatures, but this is actually the complete opposite of the truth. They are actually very intelligent animals, and they keep themselves relatively clean! We are not sure about this hybrid version, though.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

Something tells us that this dog-pig hybrid, known as a “pog,” is nowhere near as clean as the original animal. But that’s okay because it’s ten times cuter than the orignal. Just look at that adorable face with those humungous eyes!

Seagull & Horse

This one is definitely more hilarious than it is cute – those giant teeth are too funny to be adorable. If we saw a creature like this at the beach we’d certainly be very surprised, and a little bit terrified, too.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

Just what on Earth do you feed a creature like this?! We do not know if it would like to feed on some hay like a regular horse or perhaps some bread like a normal seagull. It is truly a very mysterious animal!

Kangaroo & Giraffe

There is really only one way to describe the next hybrid creation on this list, and that is “top-heavy.” Seriously – just look at that neck! It seems way too long and big for the kangaroo’s body, and we are surprised it can hold the head up.

Kookyknut (Reddit)

It almost seems like the creature could collapse at any moment from the weight of that gigantic head. However, we reckon that this animal would go pretty hungry, as it is unlikely that it could reach any trees to eat leaves.

Horse & Cobra

If we have learned one thing so far on this list, then it is the fact that snakes do not mix well with any animal. Even with horses, the hybrid ends up looking absolutely terrifying. Just have a look at this one!

Rastroboy (Reddit)

We are not sure which part is the scariest – the huge fangs sticking out, the fact that this creature has only two legs, or the mane that looks more like a mullet. Just one look, and we’d be sprinting in the opposite direction.

Snake & Duck

Finally, we found a snake that doesn’t look so terrifying. Something about the duck’s head makes this creature look quite friendly if anything. If we saw this perched on a branch next to us, we’d be tempted to try to make friends with it.

Velinder (Reddit)

Sure, some of us would find this thing to be really scary, but there are others who could spend all day watching it slither around. What do you think a creature like this would eat? And what do you think it would sound like?

Secretary Bird & Wolf

If you have not seen a secretary bird before, then where have you been for the last few years?! This animal recently took the internet by storm because of its stunning and stylish appearance. Now, cross that with a wolf…

Dwarf-hybrids (Reddit)

…and then you have a creature that is sure to be the envy of models everywhere! Seriously – has an animal ever looked as magnificent as this one before? Just look at those stunningly long legs and colorful feathers. What a beauty!

Wombat & Bear

It goes without saying that a full-size grizzly bear is quite a scary animal on its own. If you ever see one in the forest, then you should do your best to back away from it quietly and calmly. However, this hybrid does not look scary at all…

Ubermartin86 (Reddit)

If anything, it looks like an adorable teddy bear that has come to life! We reckon that this species of wombat-bear crossover is actually pretty sweet and not at all vicious. It probably eats vegetables and plants instead of meat.

Lion & Monkey

Now it is time for another hilarious hybrid species. If you look into this monkey-lion hybrid’s eyes, it feels like it’s looking into your soul. Either that or it’s seen too many things and knows the secrets of the universe.

Amandaharwal0 (Reddit)

If this creature were real, we can imagine that it would swing from tree to tree in the forest rather than run around the savannah. It would be the scariest animal, with teeth that could tear through anything – how utterly terrifying indeed!

Bear & Alpaca

From what we can tell so far, it seems that bears crossed with most other animal species become absolutely adorable creatures. This next example is certainly no exception! This alpaca and bear mix is an adorable combination that we wish was real.

Daft-Vader (Reddit)

If one alpaca and bear hybrid were not enough, just look at the little cubs, or is it cria, running around the big one – they are so cute! We do hope that it takes after the gentle nature of the alpaca and not the viciousness of the bear.

Sheep & Chicken

We hope you enjoyed the cute alpaca/bear hybrid because we’re back with another creature that seems to have crawled straight out of someone’s nightmare – sheep/chicken hybrid! When they are normal-sized, chickens look pretty funny and kinda cute. But at the size of the sheep…

Ubermartin86 (Reddit)

…they look far scarier instead! We would be terrified of this creature pecking us to death with that giant beak and evil eyes. Can you imagine the size of the eggs that this creature hatches? Do you think they would be bigger or smaller than an ostrich egg?

Frog & Robin

Our next entry on this list is something that we think looks like it could be real and just goes to show how clever some people can be with their photoshop ability. This creature is called a “frobin” and has some pretty cool attributes.

Dwarf-hybrids (Reddit)

To start with, it is able to swim in the water and live on land. If that was not enough, it has wings that give it the ability to fly around, too – what a clever little creature this guy is!

Whale & Manatee

On paper, a cross between a whale and a manatee seems like something that should work quite well. After all, they are both pretty large animals that live in the sea – what could be so bad about a hybrid version?

Kookyknut (Reddit)

Well, it appears that there are many things that make it a bad idea! Those teeth look extra sharp, and the unfocused look in its eyes gives us the creeps. We would swim in the opposite direction if we saw it coming!

Owl & Cat

We have got yet another majestic beauty for you here with this entry. Both cats and owls are utterly breath-taking animals, so it should come as no surprise that a cross between these two would be a marvelous work of nature.

Ubermartin86 (Reddit)

One thing is for sure with this animal – no mouse is going to get away from a creature this powerful! It’s the ultimate predator. We just love how the cat’s neck and head seem to fit so perfectly onto the owl’s body.

Cat & Goat

This is another hybrid creature that sounds pretty strange at first but works surprisingly well when you see it. A cross between a goat and a cat is probably the last thing we expect on this list – check it out below!

Supdog69 (Reddit)

There is something charming about how this goat’s head fits so naturally on top of the cat – even the horns do not look out of place! We think that this creature would make one fluffy addition to any household.

Dog & Giraffe

Another thing that we have learned on this list is that dogs appear to be so hilarious in every form, no matter what species they are crossed with. We would love to meet this greyhound and giraffe breed one day.

Penutbuddha (Reddit)

We reckon that this particular hybrid is probably very playful – just look at its tongue sticking out! There is no way that any animal like this is not a bundle of laughter and joy. What a delight it is!

Snail & Crocodile

Now we are back to those hybrid creatures that look downright horrifying. Can you imagine seeing an animal like this one crawling around? It might be small, but we have a feeling that it could certainly pack a nasty bite!

Dwarf-hybrids (Reddit)

Let us just hope that this particular hybrid’s diet takes after its snail half and it’s a vegetarian. If this thing ate meat, we have no idea what we would do – run away, for starters! Then again, maybe a brisk walk would get us out of danger fast enough.

Robin & Shark

You might think that a cross between a robin and a shark would be something from a nightmare, but it’s surprisingly pretty cute! The robin part of the hybrid goes a long way to offset the stereotype of a scary shark.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

With the flipper/wing outstretched, it looks like an intelligent animal that is about to start talking about the last book it read. One thing is for sure – we wouldn’t be scared of it eating us. Birds stick to worms and seeds, and sharks are friendly to humans who let them do their own thing.

Pig & Gorilla

All over the world, there are legends about a mysterious creature that lives far away from people. Some people call it Sasquatch, some call it the Yeti, and one of the most famous names is Bigfoot. But maybe it is not a legend after all!

Rastroboy (Reddit)

Looking at this picture, it seems that we have the answer to the question – this strange creature is actually a cross between a pig and a gorilla! We love the level of detail on this creation, as the thick eyebrow makes it seem real.

Dog & Monkey

If you look at this creature very quickly, you might not actually notice anything strange about it, as it seems to be pretty realistic. That is just the power of Photoshop because it is a cross between a German Shepherd and a monkey!

Hidreleypanda (Reddit)

Honestly, the monkey’s face on this dog’s body actually looks quite human, which makes us feel a little bit uncomfortable. There seems to be a lot of intelligence in those eyes, and it is quite spooky indeed. What a shocker!

Xenomorph & Horse

Our last entry on this list might not involve a real creature, but that does not make it any less horrifying. A xenomorph is an alien from Ridley Scott’s series of Alien movies. On its own, it is completely terrifying.

Rastroboy (Reddit)

Adding it to the body of a horse does not do it any favors. It looks a little similar to the creature known as a “Thestral” from the Harry Potter series as well. What a frightening figure! It definitely puts the mare in nightmare, don’t you think?