A Toilet Paper Calculator?

By Shane R

There truly is a calculator for everything, huh? You can use it for math, economics, budgeting, etc. But, did you know there is a toilet calculator? We would never have thought such a thing even possible. But, the pandemic has changed the way life is, huh? Check out this new piece of smarts. You might find it more necessary than you think.

Since the pandemic, toilet paper has been flying off the shelves. Shoppers have been out of luck when it comes to this resource. Stores have tried to limit individuals from buying massive amounts. Still, there are no standards for the industry when it comes to the branding of toilet paper. Ultimately, people do not really know the difference when toilet paper brands use terminology like “super mega,” “ultra,” and “mega.”

Well, you no longer have to live in bewilderment about this topic. The toilet paper calculator pro is the largest database out there, which dives into prices, sheet size, square footage, and sheets per roll for every branded option out there. This way, you can better understand the best value for you to choose, hopefully, now, you have more options since the pandemic hit.

(C) Pexels

Another fun quality this calculator gives is a grade. It will tell you if the toilet paper passes or fails, based on what you want from your purchase. For example, Scott has 1,000 sheets per roll, which means the cost is .01 cents a sheet. This passed with flying colors with an A+.