A Car That Purifies The Air And Does Several Other Cool Things

By Toby Tunwase

The Airo Car is supposed to be a car that contributes to sustainability in ways that even Tesla does not. Interestingly, it was designed by Thomas Heatherwick, who had never designed a car before being hired to help develop this new car. However, he and his team designed the Airo car, which theoretically can purify the air as it travels. In April, the design was revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show with great enthusiasm.

Image credit: architecturaldigest.com

The whole p[urpsoe of the design is to ensure the air will be purified by the Airo as it drives along, although its mechanics have not been fully worked out yet. 

Heatherwick said many electric car drivers today feel satisfied because they think they are not harming the environment. But while that’s true, they aren’t doing anything to help either. So in his car design, he aims to do something more meaningful, even if it is small.

His car possesses an air filtration system, such that as the air passes through the car’s undercarriage, the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter system will activate and clean the air. 

The designer also intends the car to serve several other excellent functions, such as providing avenues for working, programming, gaming, eating, talking, and watching videos. In addition, the car’s interior is equipped with a high-performance stereo, comfortable seats, and electrochromic glass, which lets people inside the vehicle see outside without others outside being able to see in.

Image credit: bbc.com

While some experts doubt whether this car can ever become a reality and question its cost, several investors, including Alibaba, support it.