4 Programming Books For Dummies

By Toby Tunwase

Coding is easy. This statement is not popular among tech enthusiasts, maybe because the claim seems quite difficult to accept. This has caused many to find simplified ways of both teaching and learning how to create software programs. These are called programming for dummies. Here are some of the books to get your hands on to help you learn how to program in a simple easy to understand way.

Image credit: entrepreneur.com

This book by Dan Gookin gives an interesting approach to you seeing the C programming language in a different light. It is an introductory book into what you need to know about C, and yes, your guess is right. It teaches you the introductory aspect with the simplicity needed to grasp the basic concepts in this programming language.

This book by Francis Glassborow with Roberta Allen takes a little different approach from the traditional way of teaching programming. As a C++ guru, he employs the use of more relatable imagery for the average person to grasp basic concepts easily. The book would help guide you in your early days as a C++ enthusiast.

If you need a push to give programming the first trial you have been lingering to give it, this book is readily available for you. Published in 2006, it is just what you need to start off your coding career. The book teaches you the simple way to start coding in PureBasic, a programming language. It is also a good fix for newcomers who are looking to start programming in general. 

This book by Krishna Runpta explains the seemingly difficult and complicated concepts in Python, such as classes, objects, tuples, and strings, in such a simplified manner. This book is basically Python Made Easy. If you want to learn this programming language, you can always try it out with a little assistance.

Wrapping up, programming can be as easy as putting spoon to mouth. These books make it that easy.